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BMSlnMa Offic«..«.».»««,«ifBit*« tt 
Orcaiatloii . . . •«^«B««««9(«^9«; 
Job Frliitlag*«««««««»»a«^*««» %91 
Editorial Rm^«'«*«.**«»4'«*«'« at 
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Attempt of Capt. Poorer to Widen Door for Orien- 
i^l Voters Is Defcated--Mr. Fielclinje:'^ Proposed 
Amendrtient Respecting Qioice of Returning 
Officers Voted Down. 



CyiTAWA^ AfiHt i9;-^Fdr a ihonient or two the House tonight 
sat in ttie dark. All day the Franchise. Bill had been discussed^. As 
comment ebbed and flowed half the lights went out. 

" There were outcries, but the House continued its work. Then, 
without a flicker, the remaining lights went out. Vague forms of pro- 
tection were-sHhoyetted against the doorways. Quebec members 
chanted the old French chanson: 

"Au Claire de la Lune. Ma chandelle est morte." 

And not to be outdone, members of EnglisH speech joined with 
"Jn the Evening, by the Moonlight.' ' 

There was a hurrying around of ofiicials till the lights again 
flashed on, then singing ceased and the House discussed the. Franchise 


BERLIN, April 29.— The Al- 
lied reparation cotnmissidn has 
refused Germany's recent re- 
ques| not to be "deprived of its 
last ships," and pointed oat that 
•Ithottgh It hat been three 
months since the treaty became 
cffeetiirc not a vessel has been 
delivered and that the com- 
missioners cannot possibly con- 
sider further proposals until a 
satisfactory quanuty of tonnage 
is nrmi^ffcrcd. 


Say Their Army Operating 
Against Bolshevik! in South 
Has Taken Important Places 
and Controls Railways 



VANCOUVRR. April 29.— A dis- 
patch from Uttawa today says that 
foUowtng a confercnr^e with the Min- 
ister of Railways and Minister of 
Justice. Mayor (J.ilc of Vancouver 
announced that the Railway Act 
passed at the last MMlon of Parlia- 
ment would be amended ip aa to 
restore frovlnclai JlirMksUon over 
the B. C. Eleotrie Railway. 

Hon. Dr. R«ttf, -Minister of KaU- 
ways, last ntirbt »ave notice of a bill 
to "provide that the provisions of 
tkjs i< s1 aase shall be deemed not 

During the day the debate turned on the clause in the Franchise 
Bill relating to the appointment of returning ofticers. It is the clause 
which frevJousIy aroused discussion, and which Hon. W. S. Fielding 
sought l(^flijleud~'witlHl sttputatlon »that fiftif nfn]f olTrcerFsRair~ be 
selected from certain specified provincial an3 municipal officials. 

In committee today, Mr. Fielding's amendment was defeated by 
81 to 49, a Government majority of 32. The cross-benchers voted 
With the Government, among them being Angus MacDonald. re- 
cently elected member for Temisliaming. It was Mr. McDonald's 
first vote, for he tooltTlilS seat in the House only today. Subsequently 
the clause carried. 

QMBtion of Orientals 

Capt^ Power, of Quebec South, sub- 
sequently submitted on amendment to 
enfranchise those who had Kcrvod In 
the naval, military or ulr forces of 
Great Britain -or the Alllco. The bill, 
as It stood, enfranchised those who 
had served In tbe Canadian .forces. 
The point tum«4 .in«tol|r oa the Ori- 
ental. Tbe Oriental who YukU served 
In tb*' Ciinadlan toroes would vote 
under the bin whether disfranehleed 
under provincial statutes or not.. By 
Capt. Power's iimi rulment the Orien- 
tal resident In Canada who had eerve^d 
in the Allies' armies would likewise 
vote. Capt. Power's amendment was 
rejected without a division.' 
^go mmlttee discussion on the b: 
«Hl l)e rcsume4tJMXfc,llM!,it. 
i tHMp«*i Pvoitranimo 
AnsweiMH^ Ron. W. L. Mackensie 
'iClng. Sir Oeorve Foster said that out- 
side the budget there was no very 
contentious leslnlation to In- intrc - 
diiced during the remainder of the 
present session. There were amend- 
lAB hills on bankruptcy. Immlcratlon. 
Itlrlgatlon. Inland revenue, poet office 
aiail. providlnc for retirement of cer- 
tain c^vU, gervunts, amendnents to 
tbe raihr*y aet, and probably some 
liVtolatton *H«lnv from the report of 
tbe special committee now -Bitting on 
pensions and returned soldier re- 
€8tttl»ll8hnient. Thfre wa» also pros- 
pect of a bill to amend the commer- 
cial foodstuffs act and anolhe^c to 
amend the Yukon placer mlnlntt a6t. 

Amid loud applause from tbe Na- 
tional Progressives.. Ansus MeOoaatd, 
.i<«e«|Rtlir elected member for Tenia* 
komlDV. took }U« Mai in tbe House 
thta aftemedti. He was introduced 
by J. W. tCennedy (Olcngarry) und 
3S«Jor Andrews (Winnipeg Centre). 
Mr. McDonald afterwards took hfs 
place in the far front row of the Na- 
tional Progressive party. 

H. A. Mackle (Edmonton East) In- 
troduced a bill to amend the Mar- 
riage Aot' Tl^i bUl seeks to l^sallie 
tbc QisrrliiM, M a woman wltb mt 
deceased husWnd'a brotber. < 



OTTAWA, April 39.-- T'he action of 
United at«t«« railroads in *»ffi»n4ing 
pre^anmnt of frelybt ehargea on 
•htpaiMtar from the United States to 
Canad* baa not yet come under the 
official notice of the Canadian Rail- 
way Commission. It Is understood 
that Canadian importers will protest 
to that body. Several representatives 
of Canadian Importers are expected 
in the capital today, and they will 
seek a oonference with the tallway 

The matter of prepayment of 
freight charges has become a vital 
one to both shippers and carriers, 
because of the advt rse exchange situ- 
ation. Recently, when the Canadian 
ro^ds sought to prevent Canadian 
shippers preiiaylng charges on goods 
to th » Unti ed g t tt t ee — Mie — railway 

commission found that 
Interfere in the matter. 

It could not 


U.S. Chamber of Commerce 
and Bankers' Association 
Executive Declare Delay Is 
Against Interests of Country 

Many Caught in East India 
; Train Wreck Slowly Over- 
come by Flames. — List of 
; Dead Ha^Now Reached 150 

to have applied nor to apl^ly to any 
street railway, electric suburban rail- 
way or tramway constructed under 
the authority of a Provincial Legis- 
lature, and which has not been de- 
clared to he a public work for the 
general advantace «t Canada other- 
wise than by the f^Mt<rffik INM&ons 
of this clause." 

The above applies to clause "C" of 
secUon • of the Act, ami when 
passed efrectually ends federal con- 
trol of the B. C. wactrte, 

DaniMb Wireless Commission 
NEW YORK. April 29.— Five mem- 
bers of a Oiinish commission to in- 
A-ostlgate the possibilities of estab- 
lishing direct wlr^Iiiiss comnfunication 
between t>enm#rk and the United 
States, arrived ftOdaST on the iteamehlp 
Manefaurlf. ^ 

Tx>ndon Wool Sales 
LONDON. April 29 — At the wool 
auction today 9.800 bales were of- 
fered. Greasy merinos were firm. 
Sydneys realized seven shUllnn three- 
pence. Interior grades were WMk. 

ATLANTIC CFTT. N.J.. April 29. — 
Joseph H. Defrecfi, of Chicago, to- 
night was elecled president of the 
Chamber of Commerce of the United 

The Chamber, at the closing ses- 
sion of its eighth annual convention 
here tonight, went on record in favor 
of a "constructive Americanism," 
U rged th»t a ,t»eaty of peace "shoHld 

be piaoiirp iiSst-Hr^ctlbiir fOHhar 
daiayV'vi W 1 j i ^j l »t|4 > # fMwliiUon op. 
.■0QMnt>. eaah bontts for soUMem, hut 

favoring Immediate provision for 
disabled o^ sick soldiers or their 

PINBHUR8T. N.C.. Apr» 29,— De- 
lay In concluding a traati^ oC- peace, 
either for Individual . or pollileal rea- 
sons, wae char»otertaed as "a crime 
against clvtUaatton" In reiolutlons 
adopted by the executive council, 
American Bankers' Association. 

The bankers declared that the fu- 
ture well-bclnff of the United Htate.o 
jSS well as the welfare of the woi'ld, 
depended on the resumption. With 
all possible speed, of peaos tHhe^ 
conditions, which cannot be aceem 
pushed MittUl terms of the - treaty 
have been agreed upon. 

Dear Sugar In Chicago 
CHICACO, April 29. ~ Sugar 
reached the highest price on record- 
In Chicago today, according to com 
mission men. A one-thousand pound 
lot sold for It cents a pound whole- 
sale. Buyers attempted to buy more 
by offering tS eenU. but there was 
aene' fbr aalc. 



'Moscow Report Represents 
Reds as Victorious on Long 
Front— Revolution in Re- 
public of Azerbaidjan 

WAKtAW, April 29. — General Pll- 
aUdakl. as commander-in-chief. Is 
leading the Polish army in Its drive 
toward the Dnieper River, which be- 
gan last Monday. By the capture of 
Owrucz, Zhitomir and other railroad 
ct-ntres the Poles control the tWO tOiatn 
lines leading to Kiev. 

Zhitomir was taken after a brief 
but fierce fight. The Pole* announce 
that the Bolshevlkl KSth Infantry and 
17th cavalry divisions were destroyed. 
— Th e Bols h e vlkl 'th e n l> eg ft H a g en- 
eral retreat, offering retiistance at 
only a few scattered poinLt. Many 
prisoners and much material, includ- 
ing 16 locomotives and 2,000 railway 
cars, were taken. The Kosciusko 
squadron, composed of American 
aviators, is taking part in the advance 
into Ukralnla, notwlthatandtaf the 
unfavorable weather. 

LONDON. April 2 9— An official 
statement from the Soviet Govern- 
ment received by wireleRs from Mos- 
cow today, but bearing Wednesday's 
date, claims the advantage in the 
fighting along ibe Polish front was 
with th9 Red forces. The atateiaeat 
reads: y 
"W«.vletbrlougly repulsed an en- 
emir «aenslve #Uong the whole front 
frdiM Koroston to Mohilev. I'odolia," 
WARSAW, April 27. — It la under- 
Stood that the treaty with Ukralnla 
has been signed, but the provisions 
have not boon made public for stra- 
tegic reasons. However, it was an- 
nounced previously that the F'olish 
army would .support the Ukrainians 
in an effort to wrest from the Reds 
territory as far as the Dnelper. 

LONDON. ApHl *».— A rWOltttlon 
has occurred In the republla.of Ager- 
baidjan and tbe 0I4 Muoavnt party 
government baa b««n overthrown, 
0aya a iflmlagg 4b9»teh trom M^e- 

' ThgHltt^eb jigls matTWwer^ Is 
now In the handi of the Aserbaldjan 
provlalonal military revolutionary 
committee, that Baku appears to be 
In Its hands, and that the committee 
appealed to Moscow for assistance 
against the. AUles. i 




My. Q eaip g MoOMcor Oflhsn tt» 
•a* Briar iaanloli aaa aty 

An offer of his services as mediator 
in the dispute with the city over the 
Klk Lake a«;reement was made to the 
tteanich Council last night by ex- 
Reeve George McGregor, wbe waa 
present at the CounoU <aMettac M a 
member of n lMrg«. daiagatfaai ln»m 
the Vletorln nnd IgMad m^vtJ^pmMt 

"I would he delighted to do any- 
thing I can to bring Baanlcb and the 
City together." 

"Thut'a deftd easy." repU«d the 

Mr. McGregor thought the city and 
the surrounding municipalities should 
be close together. 

"But not too closet" interposed 
Coiineiilor Plm. 

The Rocvc told Mr. McGregor that 
he would never stand for It being oald 
that Haanich had caused the break, 
but "today we did start to draw thO 
w^dge. ' he adde^ 

Mr. McGregor's offer was appreci- 
ated, but the Council did not feel thiit 
a mediator was necessary. 


Work ii> Liverpool Is Not Sus- 
pended at Their Behest- 
Home Secretary Writes to 
Lord Mayor ♦ 

Believes Sah Ijtemo Conference Marks Distinct 
Stage in Process of Convalescence— Declares 
All Misiw<lp.r$t^ii4w«s AmonK Allies Have , 
* Been Removed at Gatherinie: 


Armenian Mandate and Other Matters Arising 
From Turkish Treaty Present Hard Problems — 
League of Nations Not in Form ,to Take 
on Settlement of International Affairs 

LONDON, April 29. — "The gaping wounds of Europe are grad- 
ually healing, and the San Rcnio conference marks a distinct stage 
in its convalescence," said Premier Lloyd George, in closing his 
speech In thft Hoiwf. nf flnmmnns today, detallins the results of what 

Takes Up 
erisation Plans 

Recommendations Made by Committee Appointed 
to Deal With Subject— Wide Expansion of the 
Compensation Principle Suggested — Con- 
trol of Factories Is Dealt With . 

BOMBAY, April Extremely die* 
tleealny and pathetle eeenea were en- 
•#tal la the trnln wTMh on the Oudh 
«|d Hobtlkhand Railway, «est of Delhi, 
■fturday, when 1 50 TuiMi<>nc<!rn were 
.eiMMtr killed or burned to <}«ath. 
'^ly a few of the lerif" number of 
W»|neu and ehildran'on the trains ea> 
eitttA bumlAc. while (here were only 
tftree tnnrlyoM mt ikrm tOndn aMurface 

Am a rneiiU of th« colllKion. the K»f< 
inala^latlon causht nr«. and th« namee 
afiread rapidly. The uninjured Indian* 
Md Mrror««trMkf» to'tlte JwngleL Thoae 
t«MdahMr «n«eM Mfleaaly wMle tbe 
eereamlttff Tiettnia alowir voMtad ta 
d«a\b. Several ^rlUeh nboard eeeaped 

\Aft»r the accldrnt poote of moltrn 
allvrr wrr* found In tbe vielnlty. re- 
•qltlnc from the meltlns Of Ul% heaM* 
of mpeee many Indiana enrry nhawt 

_ . fyw to Be Doportrd 
NVW TOItK. April S». — Only 99 
atleced extremlote finally Have been 
held for deportation at Kllta tatond 
•trt of coe rounded up In mMe by the 
|l»fnfftment of Justtco lent Janoary, 
aWMrdteiff to a auuentent todny bsr 
M\nf nn^f Wales, eo^aael far many of 
.th«n). Uvarfntfe In nil tlieta> eaeea had 

OTTAWA. April 39.— Recommend- 
ationii deniirn^d to promote uniformity 
In laws reepectlnc worltmen'a com- 
p«n5ation and control of factories 
were made to the royal commission 
on unification of labor laws at the 
meeting today. These matters bad 
been referred to two committees, 
whicD s0ent the wbeUe of Wfdneaday 
In their cenalderatlon. 

The reoommendatlons regarding 
' workmen's conpensatlon number 19, 
and one of them is to the effect that 
all Provinces adopt the idea of ex- 
clusive state Innurance to be admin* 
istered by a board. It in also recom- 
mended that all employees of Pro- 
vincial novernnierita and Of munlci- 
palitien. Including poUoe *nd firemen, 
be included- within the aoopt trork- 
men'f ennipfjattwi. 

With regmr« to tbe Faetoriee Act. 
the oommlttoe recenmends Inspec- 
tion of an factories. 

The rccommendutionM as finally 
adopted were mn follown: 

1. That all Provinces adopt the 
U^a of exclusive iitnte Insuraaoa to 
be administered by a board. 

1. That lOI workmen, not especially 
exentpted uhder the act. who work In 
bn Industry which comes within the 
•cops of tb» Mt ahnu bo vafier the 
not r eip r i M ni t the mmovm •( their 

t. Thnt an nm yl erein •# PM^timi 
Oofvemnnata nad e< mnnlelpaMttes. 
laeludlne pollee and firemen, be in- 
ohided within the scop^ of the act. 

4. That the scope of comp«>nsallon 
aots be extended as tar liS practicable 
to include Induetrtes covered 
kf the bet ' --j^: 

6. That In all Provlnoea oontrlbu. 
tions to the aoddMt ftuid ahall be 
borne esoiuslv«|y by Om employer. 

6. Vtukt all medleal, surgloal and 
hospital attention be aupplied In oaaea 
of Injury or induatrlai diseasea. 

7. That m every Province there 
should be a time limit within which 
cialma f<N> cbmpenaatMMi' ahould be 
filed. . ' 

8. That, except Fh special cases, 
payment of oompenaatfon fhajl be 
made periodically direct to Um elalm- 
ant by the board*. 

9. That InJurlea due to .tisease 
or aeeldent arlslny out of, and in 
the course of employment, should be 
considered as comtny urltMh the 
ecope of the Act. 

10. That the coat of admlaiatratlon 
of workmen^e cQinpensatlon in oach 
Province be borne by tha Ctotem- 
ment of that Provlnoa. 

11. That miee and revulatlons for 
prevention of aceldeots be made by 
the board In. each Province, and 
safety committees, composed of em- 
ployers and employees, be esUbllshed 
In the various pktces of employment, 
and. further, that first aid appUaneeb 
be installed at the various planta,all 
the foreffoins to ba undar tha.ditea* 
ilon of the -board. 

It. Where, under a compensation 
net. the employer has the rl«ht to 
brine his employees under the .ict 
by election, the empl«iiy«efl ahould 

hitvr th«. maxnt, rtcht Where a ma- 
jority no decide. 

U. That in rase of death Of to. 
Jury, all province* ahould adopt a 

Committee's Task is Nq^ to 
Review Statements and 
Suggestions of Witnesses— 
Re-establishment Question 

OTTAWA, April 99.-^e pensions 
inverfticatlon now under way by the 
special committee on pensions and re- 
establlstament has been practically 
cleaned up. Al| that remains for the 
committee Is to review the evidence al- 
ready heard and' deelde Wbethcfr wit- 
neesees need to be called to clear up 
««rtaln matter*. If tba oommitUe d«- 
cl d sa It h b* eill W e i e n t evidence before It 
to warifanc a decision on whatfivnr 
cbanffen In the i>en!«lon law are noces- 
sary. it in po.««slbIe tha^t a series of 
closed mcetlriKs will toe Iptld, When the 
facts will be gaa* over and the main 
features of a report to the Hobae de- 
cided upon. 

There Is a move on \f oot amonit a cer. 
tain section of the eommlttee to have 
the pensions matter disposed of be- 
fore ukinc up the fb>e«|abiUshment of 

the inventivatlon. ^ 

This Is finding many backera. If 
It Is decided to thresh out tha pen- 
sions matters hi private, thpre will 
be a lapse of several days before any 
more evldnnee is beard, it is expected. 

Today was bpfnt on- an , esamlna- 
tlpn 9f the prepoMUn af tha Oreat 
War Veterana and the pansiona Com- 

Hume Cronyn. chairman, read a 
tele^am from J. Willing, of the Im- 
perial Veterans. WlnnlpelT. protesUnc 
against the failure of the committee 
to call witneseeo on their behalf. They 
deserved a hoarinK "In all Justice and 
falrn««a to Imperial men." They had 
several mattem to'brftiff before the 
committee which the Oreat War Vet., 
crans' Association recommandatlon 
did not cover. 

W. Neabm said Mr.* W1Me^r. of 
Wlnnlpev. had hut year pmtontad the 
Whole ease, and the oommiCtM oonid 
Judce from UmL . 

J!2!25f "2!^ ^^^^ re. 

esUbmhhwm^H bates taken 

LIVKP^POOL. April 2!).— An at- 
tempt by the Irish eection of the 
doek workers to oarry out their threat 
to hold up trafBc if the hunger etriko 
prisoners were not releoHcd from the 
Wormwood Scrubs prison ha« failed. 
More than 80 per cent of the men re- 
turned to work this afternoon, and 
therp were plenty of anbsiitutes Xvt 
th« IriahmeA wtio did beabi work: 

T»J* l»54>?«Uj:««' •* Uvwrpool. Wr- 
ton tv.*151tIi, Todby oommunicated to 
a deputation from the Irish Self-De- 
terminatlon League a telerram he had 
received from Bdward ShOrtt, Sec- 
retary for Home Affairs, with resard 
to the treatment of Irish prlsonai^ Itt 
the Wormwood Ckrubs Jail. 

"The deputation you received yes- 
terday," the telegram says, "is mis- 
informed regardinff the Irish prison- 
ers In Wormwood Scrubs. Their cus- 
tody is legal and their treatment hu- 
mane. Those who, by their refusal 
of food, are ondansering their lives, 
are being carefully tended and. If 
neoeesary.w IH be removed to a hoa. 

"The detention of these mm had 
been rendered necessary by the atro- 
cious murders which prevail in Ire- 
laiid. and a sy.Mtem which prevents 
the trial of the murderers." 

he described as "the most Femarkable conference in every respect held 
since the armistice." 

The Premier's statement was most optimistic, settinj? forth the 
claim that the conference had removed all misunderstandings be- 
tween France and England, and that the Allies were in complete 
agreement, not only to enforce the treaty, especially the disannatneht 
clauses, but against any French annexation of German territory. 

He expressed the belief that the people of neither Germany nor 
France wanted militarism. Dealing with tbe Turkish treaty, he added 
little to what is already known from M. Millerand's speech, and de- 
clared that neither Great Britain, France nor Italy was able to under- 
take the mandate for Ariaeiikiai for tha^ mnv^ have involved military 
resources for a great conquest, if the A^pptfliilt i^ 
thjing more than a "paper Armenia." '-4 - 

He confessed that the British mandate would include Mosul and 
that the conference had reaffirmed its decision to open trade relations 
with I^iifli^. 

If the United States found it impossible to undertake the re- 

s;3onsibllity of Armenia, the whole position, the Premier said, would 
require reconsideration, and England would have to like a share in 
helping the Armienfkhs to equip themselves for Incir dIfTicult and 

rcrilouy task » * 

1 • .J ■ 

Lsacu* TNoo NehaiMip mans Informed that the moment the 

— Replying to Vord Robert C*oiK»4. SSaPW >nK>re|i inthe Ruhr district 
contenj^on ih&t thfr ^ague ot tfk- reduced to'Tinr#r»fr6ftlohs fixed 

tlons akottldi spandUy supereade the A"'** August, the Trtnoh 

' troops would be wlthdfMr* UOM 

Frankfort and Darmstadt. 

The Premier asserted that the ndi- 
understahdladr of Franee concerning 
Oreat Britain's IntepUons regardhig 
revlaion of the treaty had been re- 
moved. He . said he had made it 
clear, that Oreat Britain did not de- 
flire revision of the trjeaty. which 
must be made the basis of policy of 
the Allies, and that Great Britain 
would act with France and tkf vOMt 
AUies in Us performan'^. "^T 

up by 



NEW YORK, .\prll 29.— OfneAtI 
imwovemerit in bualneai oendltlons 
lii Japbn were l^porteid In cable ad- 
vices received here today by Mitsui 
& Co.. iapanbsit export and import 
house. 1 

The Bank of Japan has suppll^ 
$60,000,000 In funds to the JapaiiM^ 
Foreign Exchange, stock and slfk 
markets., the advices stated, and call 
money now can be proebrsd In Tokio 
at alighUy less than t per cent, in 
contrist with recent ratee as 'high as 
111 par eent 

Amundsen's Party Dispersing 
CHR18TIANIA, April S»._The 
Dagsbladet says the members of the 
Arctic expedition of Roald Amund- 
sen, which landed recently in North- 
ern Siberia, are disperUng, and that 
Amundsen's report wlU be publlehed 

suprMiie:^vh«il, Mr. Ubyd Oeol^e 
argdbd 'that" th< l^Ague had not 
madbriaUsed sufBetently, and for the 
piTMMnt the Whole fabric of Europe 
restbd upon the three great and solid 
powers In tbe West. To transfer the 
responsibility now to anybody lack- 
ing the necessary force or organiza- 
tion would . be disastrous for the 
peace of Europe. He spoke as a 
friend of and a believer In the league 
when he said the time was not ripe 
to disperse the supreme counciL 

Looking ai all the exploalve mato> 
rial In tbe world, he could see no 
hope exeept in aifedaration of na- 
tions. , 

In opcping. the Premier said before 
the conference there had been some 
inisunderMtandinga, aerious enough in 
thcmbelvcH. but made grave by delib- 
erate fomenting on tbe part of very 
reckless pbrions. 

"Bttt,r ha Mntinnsd. "I am glad to 
say that the akjr te onea more clear. 
Ho far as I can see. everyone la sat- 
isfied with what happened at jdan 

The Premier declared the confer 
enco had been the most remarital)le 
one In every respect held since the 
armistice. It dispelled all suspicion 
that the treaty of Versailles was not 
to ha aafdiroed, ha sMd. 
Qass t len off Met hod 

Mr. Lloyd Oeorgo said tiiere had 
been no difTerciice of opinion between 
the Allies as to enforcement of the 
treaty. A misunderstanding arose, 
he declared, over the question aa to 
who ahould put down the disturb- 
ance In the Ruhr district, which 
threatapad the peace not only of 
Oemuuiy, but of Europe. The French 
thought it eufht to b^ suppreaeed by 
tha Alllbs. tha PreMiiar asserted, but 
all thb dthers believed It should be 
left to the Oermans. 

This difference bad been settleO. 
Mr. Lloyd Oeorge aald. und the Oer- 

Say French Strike 
Means Finish Fight 

* ■» 

Labor Leaders Declare That Aption of Geaerftl 
Federation of Labor in Backing Up Railway 
Workers Is Opening of Revoliitiofiar^y Struj^-* 
^e— Aiming at Nationalizatip^^ > 

PARW. April 3».— A general stHfce 
of fVench labor was called today to 
take •1Ue% May 1. The can waa 4e- 

«n wrj,_ - otded apcy hp the Oensvai fMera- 

* .. rr tlon of Labor of Prnnae. whan it 

■r..rr,?lnT VnhJalmur found its hands had beea famed by 

fif*!!l arrlvM the actkm of tha Ranway Federation 

•ere, tagay an. thh. alsamar at. Paul. I in calling a general railway stHke for 

May Day. Thus, against what le 'de- 

2?^ WWI a plan 

to tay the Ar«t1a food reeerves. to r^ 
»m the world shortage, and en- 
deavored to prranixe an expedition to 
farther that project. He said 
stable food in unlimited quantity 
availably la the ArrtJ*. 

10 A4di 

1»WVJ»«AU April Sb.r-^3enetal 
ITMFWhend wui speah hspa htCagp tbi 



clared to t>e tbe will and Judgment of 
tbc Important labor leaders, tbe long- 
expected definite Issue b«twe<>n or- 
gnnlfsd bibar and the OawenuBant 
•soma ahoai ta ha f oh«ht act 

The aeenmpllshed faet. of the rall- 
waymen's action was tbe premJIlnc 
argument In th^ two d^ys' dieeiiselon 
Which preceded th^ ^r meral etrike 
deeUuvtien. TMi Mnalty won over 

been lb pattpana the revolutionary 
Mrumfla. Xdbr. llp^aipe-, m the words 
of proallaant lafler lexers, the tcm- 
eral strike order mesne a "nght to a 
finish, for the realisation of the gen- 
oral political alms of l^neh labor." 
with the nationalisation of public 

brMh tiM traappoitathm 
and tlataphla sttvlita. 

. ^•f!^ <%ir| Wl l i fct Issned by the 
Labor Fadermtta* this evening saie: 

"Tbe rallmaa i|eb engaged in the 
betUe with the pdh>uee ofi»bitw, for 
tbe people pn—sss l on of the rallroade 
In order to Insure (^tr exphHtaflen la 
the Interest of aU. ta fwnad/ *ff» 
It diserganlantlmi, eecTMse the 
off ttfing - "~ 

hf Bnuwe 

Oreat Britain had also made ^ 
dear. Mr. Lloyd Oeorge continued, 
that «h« would not sanction any poU 
Icy of annexation ijy France in Ger- 
many. It wan impossible, dechuad 
the Premier, to have apothar A^iitooa- 
Lorralne. Such a policy, ha said 
had be^n a^voeatad by same power-' 
ful par«ottacig and journalists in 
France. « 

"I hardly need assure the Hou#e." 
Moyd George said, "that M. Mlller- 
nnd and his associates readily and sin- 
cerely gave assurance that the vMmt 
majority of the people of Francs 
were Just as much opposed to a 
policy of that kind aa the people * 
of • Ofbat Britain, i attach enor- 
mabs importance to that." 

Another misunderstanding that h^d 
been removed, the Premier went on, 
was that on the part of the French, 
who, no doubt, thought Oreat Britain 
did not mean to antoroa tlka traaty 
with regard to ' reparbtlen and As. 
armament. There was na differenra 
of opinion on dlaai-mament, h« san. 
When 'it oama to ordering disarraa- 
Ihent there was no one in Germany 
Who seemed lo have the power, ri 
enforce the decree, and that wa« 
one of the greatest Mt0tt»Htm tha 
Alliea bod to face. 

"■rtielr fuarantees iii4 aaeaptanaa 
we mpst gat." Mr. U«yd OsorgaMM. 
"That is essential. We cannot atlbw 
these terrific weapons of lyar to be 
lefl "lying atwut Begardlng repara- 
tion, we want to know what pro. 
poeuls Germany is able to make fo- 
Uquldatlng her liabilities. 

"We know perfectly well that In 
her present condlt^n she oaanat u±v 
but wa want to sea iliMt 

' — - Oarmaa# 
MhUr «cknowladgeff her lUbllltlas. 
end thai she Is thlnkiav about the 
method. Of Ihiuldating tham. Let a 
Oarmen minister come to Mpa with 
wma deflntt.; propomi regarding the 
sum ebe ran pay and the metho<l 
In wMeb she proposes to pay, or aiv 
other suggestion for ths llnnl^tSlI 
of her ifakbiiiues." .t7S^- 

Tummg agsia to the dmMr af 
aisarmattiaiM!, #r Clermany. Mr. Uoyd 
ha had heard from the 
British officer in charge o* tbe da« 
stroetlon of weapons, that tAeOar* 
mans had faithfully gfren an aa* 
count of all tbeh- g«na, "RataMlna 
rlflas." tbe PrenUsf half. *>srr fveat 
diffteully le being esperlanoad. Tha 
men have not fiven tHem m, and 
th«fc; tea danger, not only u the 
«('«aropa. bM ta tha Matnal 
peace of Germany." 

The Premier referred to the Oar* 
man OovemnMni's difficulty |n gut- 
ting its dec^oes obeyed. aa« evH 
phaalsed (bat tbe Oarmaag mmm, *% 
broken-ha«hs4 psapits." #hMa%MMlp 
were oonwMve/ 4 
. ••We h«ps UtfbMftai flraa jMt- 
M off b eiwr h* immmM, *«fl|»t 
■ mine -111 tlm land and that 
in«n> t><.opic g«t a tmri af the 

« Iff*' 



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OTTAWA. April at*-— Major Beelf 
D. Hobbs, D.B.O., whose home 1« in 
Kault 8te. Marie, has been awarded 
a prise bounty of ninety pounds ater- 
llns for the destruction of a German 
•iSbmarine, the U>C-S. whksh wae 
eaak while he was in oommand of 
an Amerlean eeai^lane. 

Tha announcement of the award 
was made In the recent list otaiml- 
lar prises which had l>een imucd by 
t^, ppipe court of the BrlUah Ad- 

HorllcMi tbtprUM 
Malted Milk. Avoid 


—The most common defect in the 
eye. It is often unnoticed for a lonf 
time, but gives rise to other, ills. 

Phone for an SppoiBt|8t^;M «eoM 


miraity. The ettbndarlae was eArr7- 
ing a crew of IS men when she was 
destroyed, aad the award waa mad« 
on the baais ©f five pauMta fleiraaeh 

member aboard her. 

Major Hobba la ohe of the Cana- 
dtaas who became famouu while 
■enrtng overseaa with the Royal Air 
Sareiee, and, in addition to the 
Bttbmarlne for whloh thia award was 
ymade. he \r~ credited with the de- 
RtraeUon of others as well as that of 
a ZepiAUn. 

OTn4WA»^A»rll Advices here 
ladieate that tha health of Sir Robert 
Borden in steadily Improving, sir 
Robert haa not Indicated the date of 
hia return, but, with the steady Im. 
provement In his health, it la likely 
that he will remain In the aoutll for 
a week or two longar t]MUl waa drici. 
nally Intended, and M taek shot^ 
before prorogation. 

SI Ar(««» MMIas. PWa* Sll 

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%nm SHOES 

OHM.-' ^ ' 

CUMmi'. Plttllt Muy Juk SUppcti, one or two straps 

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•pMlal S1.7S, S2.60, «2.2S 


Welcome Opportunity to Send 
Representatives to Spa Con- 
ference — Anxiotrs to Co- 
operate in Reconstruction 

BBBUN, April St.— Or. Adolf 
Koaater. Mlnlatar of Foreign Affairs, 
fa an IntMrftoi^; pahUabad by The 
.Alltenseia/ lipittiitf. aald lia weV 
^oaiad tha Bntante's Imrttatloa to 
Omnany to send representatives to 
tha conference at Spa. 

"We presume," he added, "that the 
nerotlations will be between two 
partners eaoally convinced of the 
peeeseity of llrmly reeonatnictlng Eu- 
rope, and we h<>pe to show our for- 
mer eppoaents llpat we have tlM 
aameat wMi tei faUin tha peaoa 
treaty to tha otmoal limit of our 

Dr. Koaster resretted that the 
statement of the Allied Governments 
did not mention the occupation of 
Frankfort and the Main district, since 
tbe aomber of Qerman troops in the 
neutral aone wea now only ST.tlHI. 
whleta waa allowed \if IM ascaametii 
of itlf. *- T 

'"In these circumatatieee," he con> 
tinued. "the ■' occupation of the Main 
diiitrlct is euperfluouH. Cofiaeauently 
we have inutructed the president of 
the German peace conference delesa- 
tlon to ask the ambaBBadors' confer- 
ence when ttve UleRal occupation of 
the Main district .will terminate." 

The invitation extended by the 
Supreme Council to the German Gov- 
ernment to send representatives to 
the conference i« viewed by George 
Bernhard, in The VoBsiche Zeltungr, 
as a signal Improvement in <>er- 
niany'8 diplomatic position. "Ger- 
many thernhy being delivered from 
the shackles of Its enforced Ispla- 
tJfttt " Jeelayee- • 

The co-operation of Germany, Bel- 
grlum and France will form the nu- 
cleus of a new active policy to work 
out a European confraternity, he 

The^ seml-'OfBelal AUgameiaa Zel* 

tuns, discussing the destruction of 
war material under the trbaty In state 
arsenals and about 26.000 private 
wtfrkshlps, expresses the hope that 
the Entente may relax its demands 
for the surrender of all resulting 
waste metal, which now consti- 
tutes virtually the sole raw material 
for keplng tha Iron ^d steel foun- 
drlea la oparittofi, atnea tha auppllea 
of ore from I«rralne. Irtutembursi luifl 
other places have oaaaad. 



ANCHORAGE, Alaska. April 29.— 
Three men were killed and six 
' allgfaitly InJuMd ■ 'When a snowslide 
liite yesterday oraahad Into • worK- 
Ing party on the . Oovajniment rail- 
road ' At Mile Savanty-Slx, between 
Anchorage and Seward, sweeping 
sccgres of men Into the ice-filled wa- 
ters of the Turnagain Arm. Prompt 
work with ropes and improvised raftjs 
effected the rescue of all but three. 
tVo bodies were recovered. 

The dead: Pete Bgalseal, John 
Nndeen. R. Romero. 

The Injured are hahiff eare4 for at 

■\ hospital ^ere. ' 

, — • ; *v 



ROTORUA, N.Z., April %\. — The 
picturesque celebration arranged by 
the Maori tribesmen, enemies of the 
Brltlah In the Maori War, In honor, 
of the Prince of WaM. on the shores 
of Rotorua Lake today, furnished 
one of the striking features of the 
Prince's tour. A thousand native war-' 
rlors clad only in loincloths and 
armed wltl> opeara. performed fierce 
war 'dances while a thousand graceful 
Maori maidens in brilliant Maori 
dress, dlf ' their langaraue daneee to 
life accompaniment of soft native 
muele^ . 

The address of welcome to the 
Pr^ce in the quaint Maori language 
began: "Yc who nlcop the long last 
sleep arine and stand forth to give 
welcome, for lo! the first born non 
of the royal line draws near. ^The son 
of our lord .'la welcome.", 
r.-^e ett^a of Uie looemoClva an- 
0neert and firamen contlnuee, and 
the Prlneot Urtth hie party, has ar- 
ranged to retui4i to Auckland tonight 
Instead of continuing to Wellington 
by raiL 



NBW TOBK. Al^rll St.— >l*he eyes 
of lieW' Tork aocla^ wera foouead to- 
day on the wedding In 0t. Thomas' 
Church of Miss Baehael Uttleton. 
daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. 
Thomas J. Uttleton. of Chattanooga, 
Tenn., to Cornelius Vanderbllt, Jr. 

Five thousand Invitations were Is- 
sued r to frianda andj.reiatfy«a, Inolud- 
UIV 4eip«|»>uMreC.fariril«f 9oaci^. 
boys who served with young VfmdHsr- 
bllt In France Vlth Jtha STth Dtvlatoa. 
A wedding eakek eald t« ke the larg- 
est In th4«|rorld,.waHi lirMMgd tor the 

Gifts valued at nearly a itWIttm, 

dollars have been received. 

- - ■ 

v ■ 

To Place ForelgB Secarltles. 
NEW YORK. April S».— Formation 
of the Overseas Securities Corpora- 
tion, with an authorised capitalisation 
of iS.OOO.oee. t* plaea foreign securi- 
ties la tlta AflBartaan market iff Cana- 
•in an* New Tork^ Otty flnuMlaka. 

gm^aneed yeatarday. It alma to 
laM' Mrantage of the opiMrtanlty 
provldad by the great deprselatton 
In foraign axeliange. Frederick Walk- 
er, agent of the Royal Bank of Can- 
ada. New York City. Is a* dirsctor. 
being connected only as an Individ- 
ual member of the corpoKatioa. 

Gaa for Tlsaanknppi m 
OTTAWA, April St. — Use of gaa to 
combat th« graeaheppar plagiie In tha 
Wcat la to be triad aftaf all. It la 
naaaead today, o. R. Ogvlt; mm 
bar for Assthlbola, haa been emgred 
by tbo MiaMar eg Agrlealtwfo 
by tka Papaiimem at ■eHnmis Ra- 
geaMh tk«i teata will be mads, Oaa 
a( a y e ilRii; tka atraagth or that uaed 
In ttM l iii al ii e WIB ba tried out. TMa 
rould ha«« IUtl4> 
belagsi. It Was stated 

The Bfst 

Olive Oil 

BeauiartiB Braid.. 

Is acknowlsdgcd to b« the purest 
Olive Oil on the market. We 
have Just received a fresh shlp- 

mant of this fsmoas •II. 
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Tree Settvaary 
■stsft Sleek 
Janee Bay Flion% 
Juaetloa Pbaae. 
Oak Bar Phone, 


Barracks Attadced and Ser- 
geant Killed Near Dublin- 
Mai^ Train RobBed Near 
Corf^— BanH Looting Affair 

DUBLIN, Aprtl tt.— The Rush po- 
Hoe barraoks. tan miles from Dub- 
lin, were atUeked t»y an attned band 
this morning. Thle la tho first inci- 
dent of the kind 80 near thg eapi- 
jar • 

The attack was prepared Tn IBe 
usual way by felling trees to block 
the read and disabling telegrapbls 
communlaatlen. Even the Junction 
of the telegl«ph system of th e V^^f f^ 
Northern Railroad was cut Avail- 
able Information shows that the ser> 
geant In charge of ihe barracks re- 
ceived fatal injuries and other po- 
licemen were wounded, while' the 
roof of the barracks was blown off. 

CORK. April St.— A Urge party, of 
armed masked men' held mir the noa^l 
fcraln from Cork fot Bantry t^le 
morning at Klneale Junction. Two 
mall bags were taken. This In the 
third time tho triln has been robbed 
of mall matter at the same spot. 

DUBZ4N. April %t.— It U, #taiad 
that the eta paiaMia arreeM^/ gi^ly 
Sunday morning la Mlllstraat, Cotm- 
ty Cork, on suspicion of being Im^l- 
:ntej m the holdup of bank offiuicls 
last November, when £ IS. 000 was 
Htolen. were tried by a Sinn Fein 
court and found guilty. Following 
the trial, representatives of the re- 
publican, army en Tuesday visited 
the Uumdtt- and laslaeter Bank at 
cork, and aiae tha National Bank, 
and offered to haott over the prleon- 
ers and furnish evidence of their 
guilt under certain conditions. 

-IQie bank offioUls. it is said, re- 
fused these conditions fr to deal 
with the. Bltuatipn except - tbravgh 
the xionstltuted authorities. 

BELFAST, April 2». — Sixty hun- 
ger strikers were transferred last 
night frona the Belfast jail to de- 
stroyers for conveyance to England. 
It la believed they wlU be lodged in 
the warmw e ed ateraka priaiMk 

tirinni^g May Day Parade 
WINNIPSQ, ApHi 29.— An omcial 
permit for the holding of the May 
Day protest parade wsalmit the con* 
'Vietldn and Imprisonment nf the strike 
leadere was granted today. James 
Law, secretary of the Winnipeg de- 
fence eommlCCee, received the permit 
from fchlef of Polled Newton, which 
stated that the marchers will be glveh 
right of way as far as possible. 


Federation of Labor Oeci.des to 
Support Railwaymen's Or- 
ganization — Latter Aims at 
Forcing of Nationalization- 

PARIS. April 1». — The general 
Federation of Labor of France to- 
day daeUled to eappan.tha ^aUway- 
mea'a Fedamtlmi by e f ^a rlm ; agaa* 
erai atrika to..,begUi at mldglght aa 
May 1. 

The strike is not for the purpose 
of obtaining a salary increase, it is 
announced, but has for its object 
the nationalisation of all the trans- 
port eervlces. 

Orders for a general railroad strike 
icBued by the executive committee of 
the Railroad Federation on Tae^y. 
calling for- a Walkout at midnight 
Friday, ware Issued oondltlonslly and 
were to become effective la casottia 
general labor federation gave tell 
support to the movement. 

Extremists who have gained con- 
trol Of tha Railroad Workers' Feder- 
ation are attempting to make tha 
May Day strike a atartlng point tor 
an unllmitad general atrika lor tha 
nationalization of public uttUtlea. |n 
the past plans for the day have eon?, 
tempiated a mere demongUwtloa by 

The strike notice was made sub- 

>Ject to the approval of the General 
Labor Federation, because the execu- 
tive committee of the Railroad Fed- 
eration did not wish to risk failure 
owing to lack of support from the 
parent organisation. 

The walls of Paris are plastered 
with appealH and manifestos. One 
appeal- concluded with a bit of un- 
conscious humor: "Do not work on 
May 1." it said, "so that the maxlAi, 
'he who will eat. must produce.' may 
be applied." . 



CksM's OtstRMiit wm rMmn yea at •net ana 
as wrtaihlr euM yes. Sts a bw; all dMlcn, 
VCdmaiwon. Batas A O*.. UmH»i. TorontA. 

Oe MS anKat 
•nothar day 

witb Itebinc, 
Blccdiiur, or 
PilM. Meaaro 


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Kodak. Our stoclc is 
^ campus 

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Wiper's Candies are the 
purest Quality backed 
by 14 Gold and Silver 
Medals and nugierous 


CHICAGO. April 29. — The National 
Labor Party convention will be held 
in Chicago on July 11, 12 and IS to 
nominate candidataa for President 
&nd Vice-President and ' dn£(t a plat- 
form. It was anpoonoed todso^ 1^ 
Frgnk X; Ssper. nationat secretary. 

Every labor and farm organiza- 
tion in the country wUl be InvHed 
to Bond one delegate for each BOO 
members. Esper predicted that 6,000 
delegates ' would attend. 

Nationalization of all eMentlal In- 
dustrjes. « 

• - NatloiM&izatlon of < uaueail lands, 
i '""'A 'league of workess' to "destroy 
autocracy, militarism and economic 
Imperialism and bring about world- 
wide disarmament.'* • 

Repeal of the espionage law. 

Equal suffrage and equal pay for 
men and women in Industry. 

Abolition of the lujanetlon power 
of Judges in labor dlapates. 

Indorsement of the Plumb plan 
for tripartite railroad control. 

Steeply graduated income and in- 
heritance taxes. 

A national budget system. 

Limitation of the power of the 
Suprema Court t6 "veto" .legislation. 

AboUtlan of - tiie tTnlted Btatea 


LONDON, April 29. — ^The Royal 
Commission which haa been Inquir- 
ing into the question, has decided 
against the adoption of the decimal 
system of coinage by thla country. 
^An alteration of the estabUehed 
system.' It is pointed out, oouldl not 
be made as an experiment. 

"In our opinion," the majority of 
thf» commissioners say, largs part. 
Including the least Instructed portion 
of the .community, reckons its in* 
come In tarma of shillings mw| 
pence, and we are aatlafied ft M 
Idle to expoct that the public weuld 
accept the disturbance created by the. 
Interference of their habits and the* 
basis of their established notions of 
value by a change for which they 
have expressed no desire, and which 
will not benefit them except insofar 
as they keap accounts." 


.. , IN. 

LAMBMTOW, Minn., April 2».— 
Five persons were killed and twelve 
Injured when two passenger trsilns 
on the Chicago and Northwestern 
Railroad iiie*: In a head«Ott aoUISton 
near he.-e early today. 

The accident is said to ba/a b<»*-n 
caused by mlsinterpretAUoa of . or* 
ders. whereby the teaina weim smp- 
posed to pasa at Ctohom instead of 
Lamberton ... 

Four oara Were wreaked, and both 

The dead are: Ed. Clark, conduc- 
tor of Train No. ftlCt Winona. 

Xj. 8. Puller, engifioer of III, Wi- 

B. c. Xiaraeh, llremaa oa tit, 

A. P^lta, ea^ repairer, Tiraey. Ittmi. 
tL W. Augwtlae, Plonaer. Ohio. 


PARIS. April St Importotlona of 
on would be eobjeetad to Oovam- 
mept eantroi, and oil woaMr ka sold 
In Fraaoe at prieee flsed by the 
Cabinet under the terms of a sec- 
tion of tha tax bill being eonsldaasd 
in the Chamber of I>epaties. 

The limited monopoly in oil now 
held by the Oovemment would be 
axtandad until the flret of nest year. 

Discu ssi o n of the proposal haa 
braaght oat tlm grata daagei Cvr- 
iag tha war gf faeMg a akartaglg of 
faal and labrlcating aOa, and that 
Piramler ClemeooMHi had to appeal 
directly te praaMant Wlleea tw» 
oeeaaions. ^ 

There was sharp criticism of the 
Mansard 0» €t mmm in oeanaetlMi 
with PffMttg.4|MMb wa.-. 

Browns, sreenl, 
freys, dsrk nlxturct. 

PHcet, 180.00 to . 


MMi'a, Youtha* and Bofg' Oolfilten 

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PARIS. April St.^rrlees 
firm on the Bonrse today, Three per 
cent rentes ST franee aad II eenthnea. 
Baehaage on London. dS fraaaa dg 
pew tha— ■ The goiisr was 4Mtat at 
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content with selling the best. Terms or cash. 
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I«H9y LeMano as .Witness 

MONTRBAL., April 2».— Lady Le- 
blanc. widow Of Sir Pierre Kvarleto 
Leblanc. fdrmer Lieutenant-Qovernor 
of Quet>^9, waa present In the pollca 
oourt /eaterday aa a witneea In the 
case against Leon Fogmler, her 
chauffeur, duloed with ataalhig ap 
automobila^gM ita oamante, inetodiac 
a grey fox robe valued at over a 
thouHand dollars. The charge was 
la|# by Capt. Leblanc, tf.tLO., aon Of 
the late Lleutenant-Ooyemor. 

Decoration Day and the Fourth of 
July aiwiys eema oh, th« aame day 
of the week. 

Missionary BIsbop of ITtah 
LAWRENCE, Mass.. April St.-— 
Rev. Arthur Wheelook Moulton, for IP 
^l^taJTs reetpr of Orsoe Bpisoopal 
Church, waa . eonaecratad bishep of 
the mlaelonary jorledletloa of Utah 

Cuttcura Soap 

—The HMUhy— — 

Shttvloil Sbop 

at the 
New England 

Fre« JNiveiy to AO Partp ef tiie Gtj 

Shooldgrg ol M ittton 


•wott PictiOd HMm 
Purg Ltsi, ptr tb. ^ 

Pot Roasts af M€% Jtt 



Ox Hearta 
Lege Park ... 
MtKign itaw 

Alberta Creamery Bvtler. p«r 

lb., 7lc{ or J Ibe. for......«t.tB 

Tht Qiwi Iff 

llfc » 1 1 1 ■ IS s Sf^^^ 


New Eaa^aad Market 

^MMHIt 1221 




$3^000 • Qiambf Bufalow - $3^000 

r contAlna •ntraiw 
-In '^'J^,'^ •"'^ 

M doMta; bathivei 

Xo. I70t Bay fltraet. ThU attractive bungalow contain* antranc* 
hall, pftnattotf. arohway l«a4lBC to Itvlna room. l>uUt-ln fMturaa, ■lldtns 
door to. dinlns room. buUt-tu china cabinet, buffet, high damUIos. pl»t« 

rail: p%m paatry. bullt-ia faiturca: kluhao; rear l|*U w1 ^ 

cloMt and d#awera: two alM brlgbt bodrooana. olowaa doaeta; baUir»eia 
ttnUbad in White enamel: full elsed baeemant. laundry tub*, and plpod lor 
t\wwmo%. Qoe^ ktutoan la^dfn. T«nM cm b« •nrMa«4> UMd> 




Elk Xake Fndt Farm 

Six Acre#, all under cultivation; comfortable house; 175 
bearing l#<Ses, UjOOO strawberry plants; one acre potatoes; 
grain, small fruits, ttc. Outbuildings, garage. Ai a going 
concern. $8»000 

Bciisteriiiiiiit FanMan * Co* 


Modern $even*rpomed House, in good locality. Furnace. 
Brcplace in ]|iving:-room. Newly painted and kalsomined. 

Close to Oak Bay Avenue. 

$4,000. One-third cash. Balance arranged. 



Flloiie 3Q . ' 630 Fprt Street 


Messrs, Hanna and Dalrymple 
on Board of Company to 
Guard Railway Interests — 
Othsr Questions in House 

Oak Bay Sont^Biiiicalow 

■tx-'BeoaMd, Hoc era, Mil ■■■■rilnw— BuUt-ln fc^ittiren. panelled walln 
and beamed colling: flreplace In living room; V.>c roomR are all a Kood 
tilze and briRht: a well ahelved pantry; bathroom flnlshed In white 
enamel, full-sized cem^int 'baaement, furnace and laundry tu-ba; a nl<'e, 
large driveway to a well-built garage. The lot la high and dry, and 
the whole commanda a very tlno view of the sea. On terms, 

Xo SaBt— 8«ven-roofnea Itouae, in very fine district, has Ju»t been paperad 
and kalsomlnad. Gara<«. 

CUHeipie, Jiarf & T«Mld, Ltd. 

lasartnce. Ftnanciai 
Telephone 2040 

Bond* Boaght and Sold 
711 Port Street. Victoria 


, nil good land, very nicely treed; aunMMUM fprUiM aa^iocit, 
goiMl beach, close to city and on good road, _ 
TbUi ^roparty !• iddU tor a country homo and^ li » 'good, buy at ff(Ma, 


14 AOMBB, 6 cleared and cultivated In wheat, oata, grass, etc.; balaMO 
paatura and light doarlnf; good water. 4-reem housa In good iwfpHri-) 
Ghlekan bouses, good bam for lO head. Prlo« tMOO. Terms. ^ 


T-\ ■• (Saecdtsorf to Currie ac Power) 

Two PlliBiM% 1466 and 6514 

1214 D#iii^ ^iNir| 

$3,800.00 — Burnside Road, Just outside city limits. 5 -Room Bun (alow, 
lar(e lot, 60x160; fireplace in dining-room; furnace. Taxes about 
: 9.t^.00 per year. .f-. ,' • . 

MiOOO.OA— Robert Street. 7 rooms, 4 bedrooms, parlor, dinlng>rooin 
Jy^'^"* '■^ consexvatory attached; about yi^xtiOl'lttuL 3b 
friUl^rie^' 11,900.00 cMk, Milled arraitgM. * 9*'/^«>»~ 

618 Broughton St 

Phone 74 


<94M IB all) will porchase !• acres •t floe fruit or farm laad wMeb wkea 


will brtag la the retwma, 


wbea ran ara In arrears U interest chargM. raxMSi.-STS. Uj 

iMMa are mad* tirraiigh thia ikroperty and It it n»r i ranafw>r»>tij>. ..... 

thara are soheela. •»orj«. p. O etc/. alTeady lor.tld Vthe pro^?r»C'*"*^ 
Call In and InvesUgaU and gat fre« literature and maps. 

Vancomrcr Island FruU Iiands. Ltd. 

Maaacrr. AUrw* 

It* People's 6f ocerteria 

749*751 YatM StTMt 

Real Money-Saving Bargains 

h AD Depvtnents fer Friday and Satanhy 

Sobio Hood Rolled Oot>, 20.1b. sacks, regular price $1.58 ; 
special at — - yitSB 

Dominion Vegetable Soup, per tin 

Whit* Stewtof FIga. per lb. 

Pfeah Broken Biscuits, per Ih 

Liquid Ve|Mcr» regular 25c and 50c. Our price. 20c and 

jfffyr Bio o oM , f«0»|or 75c d^n ; spedoHoday 

and Saturday, per doken, 50c and 44^! 

Extra Lorn Na^l Oranges, regular 85c doxen ; specid 
at, per docen .......».....^...^^...^.. . j. 1 , i, . . . . . , , ^ . . .TB^ 

Nowljr Made Oraaa Buttar, extr» choice, lb.. 75c ; 3 lbs 
Sogar Cored (UaMoohed) fklile Haaa, per lb 

» . .J 'I *l J ' " , . Il>* 

^s ••■'Ma«4««» 

Pur* Leaf Lord, today and Saturday. lbs. for Rl.OO 
Flok* Wliit*,.«6day and Saturday. 3 lbs. for .f 1.00 

OTTAWA, April 29.— In answer to 
a questlpn uskod recently in u debate 
on shipping. Hir Qeorge Fuster today 
Informed the House that D. B. Hann«. 
ohalna^n of the board of manage- 
mailt of the Canadian National Ratl- 
wayft wua a meiriber of tlid board of 
dlraaton of tiio Canada Of mrttp 
Uneik Mr. Hanaa wae appolhted 
•ome year* aao to the l>oard to repre- 
■dnt the Canadian Northern Railway 
and prot«ct t|ie intareau of that rail* 
road In o««Mial naitan eg lake taaf* 

J. B. Dalrymple, president of the 
O. T. R.. waa also a member of the 
Steamship Linea directorate in a 
similar capacity. Neither gentleman, 
said Sir George, had any financial In- 
terest In the Itmnsbip |4nea Their 
pair reason 'torHMnir mi the board 
^hm to. OefoiMt the tnteresta of the 
nUlroade as Joint carriers in lake und 
rail traffic. 

Dr. Michael Claric was promiaed an 
answer tomorrow to hla question as 
to whetlier the (jovernmem was con- 
sidering the granting of an unineoty 
to political prisoners, "to heal the 
wounds of the war and in ooneldera- 
tion of the (act that it ts now i-S 
monthB stnco the armistice was 

Femand Rlnfrel, St. Jumea, was 
Informed in the House today that no- 
tice bad bt-tii given of the intention 
to terminate the trade treaty between 
France and Canada. This would 
ceaae to have oAeet on June 2S of this 


•Mr. Rlnfret waa alun tntnf*nf^ ^^^t 
the Oovernment waa aware that the 
customs officers In Canada estimated 
the customs •duties aecordlns to the 
normal valpe of foreign money and 
not in accordance wltli the current 
exchange rate. The Ooveninieni liad 
no Intengon of changing the practice. 

In the House thia afternoon 8ir 
George Foster, replying to P. F. Cas- 
graln (Montmorency) stated that 
there waa no leglsl^lon to be brought 
dowp la regard to tjhs Board of Com- 
merce unUI the Oovernment had re- 
ceived the decision of the Supreme 
Court on the status of the board. 


First badie with Cuticara Soap and 
hot water. These super -creamy 
emollients not only sooth):, but in 
noost cases heal annoying rashes, 
irritations, eczemas, etc. Nothing 
so insures a clear sidn and good hair 
as maldng Cuticura Soap and Oint- 
ment your every-d^r touet prepa- 

Smv SSc OhliaiM as •mi S»«, Sold 
prousfcoja ttaeOomfaiiaa. CansdianDepot: 



Provincial Arts and Industrial 
Institute Exhibition, Now on 
View at Parliament Build- 
ings, Contams Rare Things 


Oenuioe taste and skill has been 
shown In the arrangement of the 
"objets d'art" which are comprised 
In the loan exhibition now on view 
lTt-^e Provtmnm — tlbrary, — Parlta^ 



MM riiM^ fifMtbOM 

Tks Uplsads, ild. 

City Properties. Rentals, InsuraMct 
Acrcsge, Timber, Uniroproved Lsitas 



IskBoat HoBts Qovsrnmcnt St. 

Pboas sSoo 

READ OUR cu^awoD j^vn^ 


Prevents the Performance in 
Which American Actress Is 
Engaged— Organized Inter- 
ferewioe With flay Detected 

LOXDON. April 2».— A gallery mob 
broke up the flrst production of J. 
Hartley ^tanners' play, "A Night in 
Rome." at the Oarriclt Theatre to- 
nlRht. The curtain was lowered soon 
after the start of the second act 

Manager Charles Coehraiie came 
before the curuln and said he would 
not permit Miss Laurette Aiylor to 
proceed in the faoe oV sueh disturb' 
ances. and the audience dispersed 
ami^ a great upr^sr. 

John W. Davis. American Ambss' 
sador. was In the audience. 

Emplo.vees of °lhe theatre advance 
tho opinion that the trouble was or- 
ganized by enemies of Mr. Cochrane, 
and that it was In no sense an anti* 
American demonstration. They said 
there were half a dosen Amsrlcan 
ploys running suoeessfnUy In London 
a)>d- that they had rseeived nothing 
but enthuslasUO treatment from tue 
public and the newspapers. 

Moreover,, it was added, Mins Tay- 
lor, leading lafly In "A .Vlirht in 
Rome." enjoyed great popularity with 
English play^oerH. /' 

Xo puth occurrence has been wlt- 
neocssed in a London theatre within 
the memory of the present generation 
of playgoers, akhoufh sueh scenes 
were common m the earlier davH of 
4ha Baalish stage, when rival niana- 
gers hired cliques to break up plays. 

The attempts of Mion Taylor' to 
proceed with her part wprr drowned 
in the Bhodting. Therefore Mr. Coeh- 
rune announced thst he would drop 
flic curtain. When he apologised for 
a scenic defect, a voice cried oat from 
Uie gallery: "It isn't that. Mr. Coch- 
rane; there la an organlMtton up here 
to ^11 your show." 

lX>NDON. April 10.— The morning 
newspapers indignantly denounce as 
a disgraceful and amsBinic affair 
the olrturbance at the (Jarrlolt Thea- 
tre, which they ' describe at great 
lengih. They declare that the 
scene was unprecedented sinea the 
notorious riots in the Cov«nt Oar- 
den Theatre V In ISOS, In conn*oUon 
with the price charged for seats. 
There is general agreement among 
e newspapers that the demonstra- 
>»^'aa an organized ooe. and as 
proof of this It la said a number^ot 
packages of unuff and evil-Bmellfag 
compounds were thrown toward- tha 

Most ^t thsgs.^ howaror. tell in the 
audlenee. Jyg ta wboan' opposition 
wns dirootod lu^lnst .thers la only 

In a Joint letter to The Times. 
Sir Johnston Forbea-Robortso^, Cyrii 
Maude, (lerald Du MauiHer and 
other noted theatrical men assure 
Miss Taylor that tha eatcoas a»d af- 
feetton of the liOndoa publie toward 
her are e^val to ihe foetJha hold for 
her ih the Ulfltetf fftates. 

Manager Cochrane has offered a 
, reward of iiOO for the discovery of 
the organiser of the dlsturbaaee. 

Seer Ftoewtells 
NBLaoN. April is^ltorataiiinc 
Hooda fai Britiah CohnnWa. with pos- 
sibititiea ta AlbaHa; i. Oahlaad. a 
•ser or OmiMMitod. Kent.. England 
«omia«illSB«ad a wamlag to tha 
city avtlAsrItIss «f 2f«lB«i an tfea omI^ 

K.mbangn ^m finttm 
C'MICAOO. April tS.P-.Tbe rt.T.R. 
has placed an embargo oa grata ship- 
ments to Now Bngisad vta Canada. 
The ombarao cloosa the hurt oiftlet 
from CMeaao lata that terHtory. as 
other roads have pirsvloaidy embar- 
tood trala htosaaa s< dia laS alrlka. 

ment Buildings. 

Formally , opened on Wednesday 
afternoon by His konoT tho Ideu- 
tenant-Qovemor,' the ooMectl^n has 
already been much 'uiklld about .by 
those who attended the eeremony 
and later made a tour of the hall. 
But there must still be thousands of 
people in the city who would be in- 
tensely interested In stldh' ah AggVe- 
gatlon. and it la tho hope of the Pro- 
vincial Arts and Industrial Institute, 
which is rsspoosible for fOtUng the 
things together; that the public wilt 
s*lxe the opportunity of visiting the 
exposition in the assembtlng and ar- 
ranging of which so much time and 
thought has been spent. On the 
amount of interest shown li% the 
present collection depends verymnoh 
th« decision whether or not to re- 
stafO the iindSriahlPCfrom time to 
tlmo. nhere belnt stllL many private 
ooUectlons In the 'eity which can be 
drawn upon tar completely new ma 
tcpial to butid up ' diftlrbiy- ' frbdV 


The collection well desert'es the 
attention of all lovers and students 
of art. Compared 'With South Ken- 
sington or any of the <oth«r famous 
oolleotlons of. tho 'kind. It ig small. 
M .that k to he exiMetad In View 
«r^e fiiet that VlctoHa is a com 
paratively small «Hr> ai^d' the genet 
oslty of private ritlSeVin has had to 
be relied upon for the material. Put 
in respect of nuallly few of tho more 
noted exhibitions are superior to' that 
now on view. Ip our own Provlnelal 
UtMury. ' As an agsr«a»U6n it #111 
be found to be remarkably diverse li. 
character, lacking very little in tho 
way of examples of that which comes 
under the heading of art and an- 

China, both Occidental and Ori- 
ental, ancient and modern; enamels, 
miniatures, rare old jcrockery. aomo 
lowelrs'. pletnres, lace, etc., are all 
•mbraoed in the collection, which. It 
Shovid l>e mentlojfiod, is greatly en- 
hanced In effect by the handsome 
oabinetn loaned for the occasion by 
Mrs. Murdoch, the antlqde doaler. 
These In themselves would grace any 
exhibition of the kind, being (Ine oli 
pieces of furniture In some Instances. 
■ Tlia PWarea' ■ 
Many people wUl notice the pic- 
tures first. It may be intereatint to 
know that on the morning of tho 
open Ins of the exhibition nearly a 
score of paintlnirs which wdre offered 
had to be rejected owing to the llml- 
tatlons of hanging space. These 
works of art, it is hoped. wIU be 
available for some future enterprise 
of the kind. Anions the mofct inter- 
esting of the modern paiQ|.lna8 are 
those by Mrs. Dean-PrumiHpnd. who 
as Miss Pemberton ,#111 ho woH re- 
membered here. A eholee littlo thing 
hi subdued tOnbs whleh haa attracted 
much attention Is her picture of a 
chapel at Rushton. Beside it is a 
large canvas, remarkable for Ita 
realism and maaterly technlf|uc. There 
are also her portrait of Sir Henri 
loll de rx>thiniere (which huna for 
some time In the LeglshiUve gallery), 
and one of her most famous "Sae- 
cewea." •^tddlls.*' a itrtktnv can- 
vas whieh #iir Miowfi In the Roj-al 
Academy some >*ears agro. 

Most of the ether pictures are of 
an older school. There are at least 
two Kncllers. both being portraits. 
There Is a 'Raphael Madonna; 0|r 
Frederick Leighton's pafntlhv of a 
French fisher ttrl: at IsaSt two Mor- 
Unds; one of them a vory ehannlng 
picture Of ohildron in a wood; two 
or three ConsUble landscapes ^not 
ill ht Hamplstead Heath ) ; a copy by 
Mlllais of Raphael's Madonna de la 
8edia: a Gainsborough portrait Which 
must belong to very much the safne 
period as one of the Kneller por- 
traits referred to above. Judcliig by 
the arranaamant of tho gantleman's 
scarf aad wis; t«o Rosa )»onheur 
ptettti«aa^ieli.wVl hardly b* thought 
eharaOterlNte; some landscapes by 
Dutch artists: a very beautiful little 
painting by 8adee depicting a Rretn.i 
Coast scene; and— to come tMck to 
the thoroughly modem school a 
pottrait of Mm. Cntkbort BateSs .br 
OUvlaf. ' 

Practlctilly all the other exhiblU 
are shown In cabinets. The laee In- 
clude* more than thlrtjr asma^Asa' of 
Hon I ton. "iinhlnghaiaa^|i;n, Umartek. 
Carricknruicross. OeaaaaS^ ' ^itf^mfS^ 
OaoMsBS. i*ranoh ^CMatflfy. ate.). 
IiaaHM. apanlslu ale. TlMsa aro -dfe. 
flayed, hi a. a ssa i s l — oa h^ ist. and 
have hsoB Iha ^afl^ of admiring 
groups of lad^ ateca tka. ashtbltion 

Thys'woaMa^#aal> » W rare e hhwi 

Wanted — Every woman to take ad- 
vantage of our millinery a*d dry 
goods Mic taay iBt Usabrooh 
oaraar 9t Bsmt tMi 




Notable Values in Stylish 


At $37.50, $45 and $55 

PresentUij^ today and Saturday an interesting group of 
alylish Spring Coats, featuring the new short sport modcAl 
in many attractive modes, in shades of sand, Pekin blue, 
sable and grey. Sn^art, narrow belts and new collars add 
much to their chahn. They are, indeed, exceptional 
value ^37.50« #45.00 and. • * . . ^ . . . 4$55.00 


Navy Serge Suits 

• Exceptional Value 

At $35.00, $37.50 and $45.00 

Well Tailored Suits of Fine Ouility Navy Serge will be 
offered in the Suit Section today and Saturday, at the moder- 
ate prices of 135.00, |37.50 an4 #45.00. The coats are plain, 
belted and briided. All are within th« convenleat resell of tlis 
average purse. 

Girls' Tub Frooks SUk Lialc Qtovci "Outlook" Hair 

a t $2.50 

A New Lot of Girls' Tub 
' ; Frocks, fashioned from a 
splendid quality of cbccksd 
percale, to tit girls 6 to 
1 2 yearsi sn sxcillent 
Frock for sclMtol wear. At. 
"' |''tOl||( •'•<»*«• ^ 192.50 

$1.00 and $jjSO 

Fine Quality English SUk 
vm thrasd - OMvist % 
shaaas of p sat el, grey, 
bisek, chamois and whita; 

with two-button or two 
dome clasp. At, per pair. 
$ipQ9 aa4....o..<fl.S0 

B ailde au Bntnerei 

Nets, 15c 

"Outlook'* Hsir Nets, cap 
shspa; fina hansp hsIr, la 
black, auburn, bk>ndc, mltf" 
. light and dark brown; large 
sixe and good quality. Each, 
f • .t * , 4 • « • f • ..'* .'.^ • » • t Sa 

Psffsct nttlni, Bsadfsa Styls, 
Brssslcrss, la plak sad 

white t back and front fss- 
tsoingi sites 34 to 46; ex- 
c^ift value. Today and 
S«tttr4sy st rife sad. . .9oc 

V Rompers for 

thie. Kiddies 

Rompers are the ideal garb 
.for kiddies .6 months to 4 
years. Here you will find 
scores of smart snd can* 
ning styMs; d^slo^cd from 
cbambray. plqac, glirgbam 
and colored cotton crepes. 
Ranging in k)rice from 7 5c 

to e'ts eaoaaaooad'aoa^SeSO 

Cotton Lisle 

,iiii..i-,iii„,i,i, , , — 

$1.00 Pair 

Women's Fine Cotton Llsla 
Oirectofre Knickers, with 
elastic at knee and waist; in 
pink, whlfe and sky; well 
cut and well proportioned. 
Special todsy sad Sstnrdsy, 
per Mir... i..|l.00 


T— J II 'I tm ; 


■ -S-r-fTT , ■■■ maa 


— iTTrii xj 



In Shades of Sable, 
Slate, Brown 

Dent's Velbian Su^de 
Oloves, with fancy 
embroidered backs 
snd one dome clup; 
a smart looking and 
inexpensive Glove; 
sizes 5.>i to 7'/4. At. 
per pair $2.7 S 

' / 

An Extraordinary Off^rin|^ To4v and Toinorrow of 

New White Voile Blouses 


$225 and 

Here b tn excellent opportunity to stoclc up with sev- 
eral dainty tnd Hiexpeiitlv^ VoHe Bfouscs for Summef weir: ' 
Included are many pretty styles trimmed with fine tec^g ini 
insertions; round and V-necks; sizes 34 to 4fii 

It vlll pay you and r«y you well 
to investigate these two special 
Blouse offerings. You will find 
they are unmatchable value at 
12.25 and 1193 

S^es 34 to 40 

Viev .Window Display 

smona tho private oolloctlpn. cf the 
city, aad wa««M«A aanmploe et 
Rocktnshem. Uoyal Worcester. tVedf- 
wood. Gray fJevenport. Bpodf! (there 
to a remarkable eet of Sreen Bpode 
In one o« tho cneeo). Copoland. Bwnn- 
ClMlsen. aad ataer woil-fcnown 

bottle" from Cyprus belnc asotbor. 
The Uttto oeUoeilaa of anam^is an 

copper by Iffw. TreouSIr wHl attrR<M 
much notlca. The minwtvree are ileo 
of very-creat intcreiit. amonf the not- 
ab^ member* of the exhlWt l?etna on* 

b« air Thom^a T i «n ad —*Ml^ 

Rnallah makes are helM 
There are oablaats davMad sdloly to 

Brtotol China. Crown I>«»by and Roek- 
Ingham. The tVench china |» grouped 
■epanttely. 8e%T*ii predominating. The 
epeelal feature of thta collection ifl a 
dark blue cup and eauoer made for 
Bonis Pl«Ullpe. and Iwing sUmped on 
tho hack wtth marks which ad-l nooh 
tc the value of tfcls prSSsd rarity. In 
anotbor eaMaat > Ja shown Dr<>a<i«n 
c. .M. a particularly lovely little 
piece bafng a hdnfe^dMtaMlanr. <M 
eoloring and form' of wfeiall ia.Vdnr 

by flir Thomas Lawrsnap. 
dersea.'* FlunMBfoe aad 

Tlia Offsasa*. MMsWhw ^ china 
vSry MMk'aad'vainabia'iN^l^iyui- 
t«iiv4Hi of thf* atlnv. Vanc'he''. Tlhe- 
Chlng. KeoB Long, ajid ;K«a-Kipa 
M are aliovn in one of tha big 
oabineta Orovpod under "Jsi<anoi**" 
•■.i>.r»A nre sonul \hl«i» 
aMsh ia not proparljr boWaa tliora* 
' '.■•i*>'': u ' irjwirannmas -rasa -.faaant 
m AJ».> WlM. a«a. aa« a 

Mtos An. 

. aas 

whit* tho aolleetlon ^ 
her of very attraetivs 
Paget, a looal artist 

a a«m- 

The exhibition will b« open Ipr 

lurughV^ieTo trsu'Tsrr 

untary «.b«nHp»toi JJlT fcTahS!; 

lyiag oa of n* work. 

^^i! t»»« m^aet • ever. 
as taa Vaitod tutm. 

Some of the flne«t poMurnM IP tha 
woHd Is found In QueenBl^n^ 

Caitjr Baantsr 


f I 

QoMUffr •••• 

, p*r*M« «• ^ 



Premier 01lv*r. In ■p*»'-lii» before 
tlM m«mb*ni of tiM SataU 
cHaak: Mid b* «ld tiot kMMi^ tlUt 
tlM- prMMit method of Monrlnv 
tiiHmw brytajatloa !• mi •quKabl* 

" kH» b* lin»ltM BO 

WaM ihim 
mmmUmt duty m head of tli« Provln- 
elAl C3o««rain|p|t,lfti»iTlv» at • baata 
th»twUlb» HeacreMthat 
a vrtat deal «< tli« tiivmit^ in property 
has been "eaten UP by taxatloD. In 
many caaea ' 
raaiady #111 

different public opinion in respect to 
taxation la fortheomins. We cannot 
'«0llow lUm lat^/Hto lali^rtiitliitfa by- 
ways of the "paycholo^y of taxation^' 
/or that haa little or nothing to do 
with tha potat at iMwa. Vh* Premtor 
In the course of hiy remarka said: "As 
soon as you pass frQia tlia taxation 
9t land aa a tnata souroe of rormnie, 
you are solnc to get Into deep 

•r. HR.'Mti 

M iar aa wa kaow, BW- Vkad ikould 

not continue to be a main source of 
MMtlon. The contention that has 
biott advancad. and that la firmly held 
by a very large number of people, Is 

-"that — falia — a c o nomy ' i n — c o llafetlng 
ravinue la belna pursued when leas 
than 70 per cent of the reTenua^rmn 
the land can be collected, 

It Is quite useless for the Firemler 
to point to tha mllaa of pavamants 
and boulevards in cities and to In- 
timate that much of tha< a^enditure 
tim»hrad war ifaUriW' ir itMtMaaiair< 
No doubt It was, but .such ezpendltare 
was rendacod ^^i^albla by the terma of 
Provlnolsl iMMatlMi whlak prtvvldad 
a basis wbfr^by locftl improvement 
work would have to be carried out. 
3iu|ri«li)alltla« bad Ao itptMm in tha 
matter. The Premier want on to ahow 

■that tha aama condition waa to ba 
found In tlM^Provlnoa aa a Whpla, In- 
•anittcli aa thara jttii 'iq^dik/ trails, 
aeho(^l| pad , other ptiblle eonvanlances 
sufeMant to aceommofpta - tei^ tlmea 
the present population! watathei- think 
thli^ is . somewhat of an exaweratlon, 
but If li is true there .tejMpdly any 
warrant for the^ aXpA'ajlft^ 'of .|S,- 
000,000 on hlvhwaya In the near 
future.* The theory of what ml^bt 
hav* )»«n. if saS^' ^ji^^M^^^ 
been Dasaad, affords no ebmfort to 
those w^o are confronted by actual 
oonAfibaa. PKha PMoilwr. by what ha 
said, stands' self convicted of a duty 
which he^haay, as yet. failed to fulfil. 
If tha taxation on land It unjust. If 
fully thirty per cent of it cannot be 
coUacted, If. as 'a result o^ this non> 
collectloa, leas and less land !» avalN 
able for taxation and the burdan on 
the remainder grows haavlar so aa to 
maka iw th^^oficit. than wa aay that 
the "payehology of revenue produc- 
ing" haa nothing whatelrer to do with 
tha remedy. 

It la Pramlar 011ver'a..attty vto teke 
a thorough inquiry Into the taxation 
situation as between, the Province and 
tha munloipalltlaa iind out of thia to 
evolve such redress aa will obviate 
any claim i% th* futara that any par^ 
tloulir levy la ftajnat and cannot be 
borne. That is the way togfit admin- 
istration on an economlcu basik The 
loagor he postpones , ^Is taak^ the 
greater win be the Ulfflcultiea which 
will present thenupflfss^ ^"l^*^ 
praanira of olrottafMaMif iK^^ 
avltable. He says there must *mooh 
more i^udy along tha Une of gattinf 

, aiiinSiififratloB on an aconomloal 
basis." This Is a dictum with which 
we ara in hearty accord, anjl would 
suggest to iCr. Oliver that the tlma 
la r^a ta overhaul the whole system 
of taxation which pravalla In BrlttaA 

potisai of a principle. They are henaat 
la thalr, porpaaa and daalra. They 
wtah t* -da^tor fc ifciii l'l iiwl i * tm Utt- 
coaipllsh the end they sealu If they 
hava genvlM QomplalaU 
tha preaant atmialptraUoa of tha law 
Uiabr remedy lies In appealing to tha 
ProhlblUon Cowaahwitonar, who. If he 
haa uat, ahovM hn» tha- right to 
dmet tha .attaattoh W aaualelpal 
autborttiee to tha adaUnlatratloa of 
the act, but In doing ao ha should ba 
sure of hla gronad. It will net ba in 
the beat latarests of British Colawhla 
to work ap § heated campaign In eon- 
•OflUoa with tho farChaomlnc plabla- 
cite. which, after all. h^ to ba dacided 
on a qaaatloa of pffiaiMMa What* tha 
laharaat irlawpatait of tha ladHMaal 
aa concentrated In a majftrlty vote 
should prevail lliara have baaa 
charge, and 

regarding this question of Prohibition, 
and* It Is time that tha propaganda, 
for or agaUMt tha prtadpla hivolvad. 
should ba aaao and educative and 
that notlUas should be said on either 
side which Is Incapable of proof. 


Premier Drury of Ontario is receiv- 
ing more attention from tha preaa and 
pubUe man thaaa daya than aay other 

man prominent in tbe political life of 
the ooumry. il«.>}M boon dai^^a^ for 
appaarhig In tha £c«l«latuHf tA the 
garb commonly associated with his 
honorablo^nd in thaaa daya highly 
lucrative— calUns. Hp la bains re- 
proached idk ^MtUHni tasao that 
has been provocative of more acri- 
mony than anything that has engaged 
tha atuntion of tha pubUo— that is 
of the Prohibition Issue as it affdcts 
the relations between the Provinces 
and tha Domlnloai Mr. Drury has 
defended his position by claiming that 

3HB pRonrnmoN pucMscim 

troveraial Isaua ont of party politics. 
His claim is that he took It aat of the 
hands of hla followers aad 4«^vared 

^«-^ -j-ii-j^ iaei^ iisliletiii a 
n mill ^np^Hp^pi^^^-^^ • 

at large to deal with as seemed pro- 
per. This is dachired to have been 
the rusa Of a vary artful patttletan, 
because If the Farmers' Party is not 
a political party in the strictest sense 
of tha taria. what la n? It la aa or- 
ganisation assembled upon a common 
platform for the purpoaa of attain- 
ing political power aad condttetlnv the 
affalra of the country acoordlnf to a 
standard of political ethlca It la or- 
ganised for the complamantary pur- 
pote Of maatlB* aitk«aai^ poliUoal 
associations and confounding thenr 
and their politics If It can. It Is gen- 
erally roeognhMd aa a pailtlaal party 
in the common sense of the term and 
has been entrusted by the Lleutenant- 
Oovamor wHh tha tads of aAminlafear- 
'lag the affairs of the Province. It bt, 
• thavafore, engaged- la -"the -art and 
scienea^Ot govammaat;'* aad caaaot, 
by claiming to be non-partisan, escape 
the consequencef of it^ fMcts. The 
claim of non-par t lat nsht l> by Mr. 
Prury cannot' 'be ^accaaCi 
tha faca. of t^a Im^^ii.i^ 


Xndhpf&al lfb«iflr la •'▼aiir praelous 
heritage, but the gentleman, who in 
an Baatam police court .preaented a 
plaa that^ha was wltUa« aad^'abia to 
pay for any damage to property or 
person that raaaltod from driving his 
motor oar at an aaaaaifva ' fapaed 
through a crowded straat. auraly 
sought to establish a dangqrous prece- 
dent. The court dealt aumaaarlly with 
thq contention, aentenelng the defend- 
ant to a month in Jail, thus establish- 
ing the rights of the PUbUo who use 
hl«fwa^t4ti4t^Mk aiftlUt^^a- 
gars which follow In the path of mod- 
em vehicles of transportation. The 
lawyer for tha offaadar offered 
another plea of some Interest to the 
general public He held that driving 
a car at a INHf^ thirty 
ftiUaa an hoar, within the limits of 
even a populoaa atty* waa aat neces- 
sarily dangeroua to huaiaa life. That 
-aMiy be true, and haa been maintained 
as a fact by several authorities when 
dttouaalag regulations affecting motor 
traffic, but we doaht whother it Is 
applicable to even tha average driver. 
Something muat depend upon the tem- 
pan^iMmt at tha matoriat and tha 
condition of the machine he com- 
mands. Then the case of tha ear«laaa 
aad tha abaaat-aUadad padoatrian 
must be taken Into consideration, un- 
less that claaa la to ba ruled out of 
consMUiMtloa baeatiaa of tha hurly- 
.burly of the times in which we live 
|« nooaaalty of dispatch In trans- 
jtiDttav tAtri^aaa. Snch paraons. how- 
'•VfTir^fW Mtltlad to oeme measure of 
pwMta t laa nMMI tha daagera that 
'^^•iM^t. thf pmplr tha uawary In the 

It la neither our purpose nor prlvll- 
aga to act as mentor to the Prohibition 
Party la tha campaign upon which It 
is embariUaC la eennectlon witK th* 
f orthobeilar plabla«ita oa tha rtBrtict. 
It it. honravar. oaly rfilht iSFtha 
ptthlle Intaraat to ohieet to tha '-i M' ^ t^ 
Intolerant language and the launehMlg. 
of charges, which, wa believe, ^rt^liii* 

eapahla or praoC Oaa apaakai(»i^ 'a4 |^i>t« ^ «lii**' dangers that are mat- 

recent organisation meeting hel<|: by 
Prohibitionists — for many of "Wh^ 
we kava tha daapaot t aa p a BI tB^| )|ia i 
In charges which can be nethiaji buit 
the product of an hysterical baa^^n- 
atlon. In effect ba aaMl .th^ tl^^ 
saloohs ware taraina out as nsaay Ina- 
brlatad IndlvMuala aa thay oaa, and 
lialBftlaMta4 thk waa hata« doa« wfth 
maliaa aforathought, naaiaty, with a 
vi«w'to dlaoradltlB« tha aparatloa of 
the praaant PrahlMtl0M'JKt."1t~^ Wt 
least doubtful If this gaatMM(|^«ara 
eal|p« apoa to prove h* (MMWaW 
talk tha PoUca Jft^«iail» P^/hm 
would be abia to 

Tha wamlatf i)'* woaW liba to gi 

agd||M Intolerance 
the taMutatton of metlVaa Where notf 
atlst Whfa Iftaaa lanauaae in 


aaaoctated wlUHMMlMMit «hd #a da 

^ot believe for a momant that the 
'^%Jknliiii'mi^ this 

tl>lyla#;wlth the growth of Btaobaal 
^ «raaap«rt«tlon. a fat paraa la 
'fait- ^d ia h 't ! i m jiossesa l oa te 
of the htfh eo^ of everything, but 
Mn It dralpod to the last farthing it 
#p«kl pravICa vaar hiaOiaata aoai. 
peasaMoh to tha Indlvldoal whoaa Ufe 
bad baaa aathlptfahod by tha aetloa 
of Ha 

>^ m t f M Mn m tut 

. It laVb B h y qalft traa 

■■ay atlst wafa i^taaa lanau 
there 4 » lilpra aay caaaa 

Joha Bull la a vary aabataatlal party 

i*wfMr::iftiiititf ha 

prsffera to 

i^d mr» UllWlMlMiij that the Brlt- 
peopta'llaa tawarda boaaat «aa« 
sttjBcted of seaeething <asmed to be 
.tedta tflmbia tNn waoi. in Brttlsh 
ahia tlM yiiae^ preferaaaa b^ 
for Weo^n habitations, because tbpgr 
are ceasfortable. can ba Jbullt la at*' 
tcaotlva daaicaa, M« JttM|br. aai the 
mateHal la at hand. Britlsb Otttaai- 
Ma fir Is a aahatautbd waod and that* 
will j^lways beapret|UjMa 

tt lor 


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niture de Toy Manufacturina Com- 
pany, Limited. IKO.aoo, Vtotorla; The 
Weatera Idea. Limited. r^S.aoo, 1P)mi. 
couver: Happy Valler MUia. Ltadtad. 
tSO.OOO. Victoria; Oanadiart- Kurapean 
Chiba, Umlted, tl».Oti. Vaac ouVar. 

' NT TH£ bOUlftS ^ 

Mf. JuMlea Marplgr dalivared juda- 
yaatipday la tka Itapfvma Court 
In the cane of the Belmont Inveatmant 
Company. Limited. \-a. Park. The 
claim of the ptaintiftii In thie caae waft 
for the principal and tntercat due on 
a martcac*. amouatlna io fl,i04.t0. 
Tha liadgaaeot of th« laamad judca 
fduad for the piatattff. aa« dtaaalasad 
tR« daiandantis «a«a«aralaiaa. Mr. 

Silar «p»aat«d fal^ tlia phMactr. aad 
vuHv J^.Oleliagii. K.G.. aM M«.' H. 
Ik. Twlfg far tha d•^Mldaat 

Wo .don't 


Prohibition leaders Disclaim 
Atriiority for Statements (rf 

Mr. Charle^^Hsn/i^ Who 
tpntibat Mystery Cmge A 

The aaaarttopa at Mr. Charlea Har- 
ria at Tuaaday'a pMatidC Qf Jll>e«Peo< 
ple'a Prohibition Aaaociatlon to t|M 
Saneral effect that Mayor Porter unU 
maabbara of the Board of Palioe Com- 
aniaaionara "had bai^n 4«rettet tn* their 
4«rty and that thfy aouyht to avoid at 
oonfereqco on tha mifttera ai;. i"*oe. 
had nothing wttateaiar' to do wHh pro« 
hlbition. Victoria. «firy laadera da* 
olared emphatically yaaterdtiy. 

"The ProhibiUon AaaociaUon is In 
ao way identlflad with the movement 
apoken at, by My. Harris," declared 
Mr. MaiMft 'B^kwlth. ' ^lactod 
praaidant of tha a>eoci«tton. "Thia 
muat have been a private matter bn- 
tween Mr. IlariiH and the Mayor. Wo 
have 80 far mudo no attempt to in- 
tcrN'iew the .Mayor and we have Ho 
grievance with hlra." 

"Mr. Harrla jhad flo llceaca at all 

t# vnka tka ataiMalKnta 'fta-did." imp 
aertad another prdmhiaht. preblhltioh* 
iat. aftd Mr. G. H. Rohartaon. f onaac 
preaident of the aMoclatlon, wita 

ccjually Indignant. "When we seelt 
an interview with the Mayor, we will 
do ll in a friendly way. 
w<y»t t<4,i^J^ontae anxaoa, 
• r JffattB a Mftaake.. - 

"Unqvaatlonably there will be a 
conference— we want one — but not in 
the way Mr. Harris put li," averred 
Ray. WilUau Stevanaoo. "Mr. 
HairriB ' made hia hadarttona ofP 
hla own bat and made a mia- 
take In brlnglag intlraiy .foreign 
matter into a maetlns of that kind. 
That la not our way of doling 

Mr. Harris confessed that his 
statements about the Mayor and 
Police Com miaaion. were really apart 
from the auhjeot', of prohibition, but 
he thought it waa jiot out ot pldea 
to Fffer to the matter. 

"It is a I rather serious altuatlon, 
and the Mayor does not aeem 
anxlouH to answer the bugle call," 
said Mr. Harris. "No time haa been 
set for the Interview, and lor t)\« 
time being I hardly know whether la 
la good policy to divulge anything." 



Hon.'' OOhn Marc I«avea Next Week 
to Airange for notatloaa for 

Han. <J^ehn Bart, MInlater of Fin- 
anea. MIl leave - next week on a 
naath'a trip ta Raatern pointa. In- 
olttdlaw Toronto, Montreal and New 
Yark. Tha trip la being taken in con- 
nection with the financing which tha 
Province will undertake under the 
authority granted at the recent sea- 
Blon to borrow In the aggregate some 
1 19.800,01)6 for various purposes, in- 
cluding |8,i0.0,000 for P.G.B. railway 
•p UB poaea; t<.»0>.00,0 ffif main trunk 
road eoQatroetion: |S»ooo,oef foir uni-, 
veralty. purpoaaa, andv t2.0'00.(^a l^r' 
land settlement, aoldler aattlaihent 
and other purpoaea. "While in the Eaat 
the minister will get Into touch with 
the various financial Intereats and 
arrange for bids for the flOtatlona 
l>a(nc called for. 

On 'Bttndar next Mon. T. D. Kat- 
tuUo, Miniater ot Landa, wUl leave 
on a three weeka' trip to the North, 
in the courae of which he will vialt 
hla own riding of Prince Rupert and 
alao the Atlm riding, the latter of 
which he haa been repreaanting dlnce 
the death of ita lata mamhar» Mr. 
Frank Mobley. 

Premier Oliver taarea today for 
Vancouver, where he will tonight b« 
the guest of the Women'a Liberal Aa- 
aociatlon of that city and the chief 
speaker at a public meeting to be 
held thia eveninr undpr tha ■aaiifnsg 
of that orsaaiaation. 

If he can make arrangementa, it 
la probable the Premier , will next 
week make a flying trip over the line 
of the P.G.K. r.allway to the end of 
steel and Inspect the propress of the 
work of construction being carried on 
htr tha Northern Conatniatla^a iCam- 

lAc^- of white labor la giving the 
contracting ■ company oauae for con- 
cern, the wages being paid, forty 
cants per hour, not provmg attractive 
to men who can find empioyipant in 
the logging campa at from |& to f 
par day. "nMi oempany la vtvlnct^am- 
ployment tp a number ot natlv<Pbom 
Indiana. . but oaonat Maura aulBalant 
men, it ia atatad; to meat ra««tea- 
menta^ • ' 



l» HeaMi «r 

K. Ptekkaa'a VagataMa 

far mj 
8ha was 

If vaars ef 
sidEiy and pala aad aba 
bad ta atajr kaaM f roaa 
aebael most af tha tteau 


OBtagaMtab Wmjjtm 

tha ioetsr'a.aM* aad 
gat aobatl«. ahrajm 

ef Lydia B. nnkhasB^aVagataUa Cmk- 
pound and doaan't eoaaplaui aagr Bora 
with bar back and aMa aeh^ Bfcs bad 
fainad te wdfht and fssigMoeh Wtlv. 
Ire«MmModl4^JL Piattsw'aVaia. 
Ubie Cenpond ta aH ■attisiB Mi 

^ ma_ as' m^m^a '.^g 

danchtara.'^— Mra 
Marcy Avo., liaahlf^ N. 

Stre Tiiroatr Coliis 


Hanlia^ Wisard Oil la a siaapia 
id ^actire treatment for aor* 
throat and cheat cokU. Used as a 
gargle for apre throat tt bringa quick 
rcUcf. Rahhad on tbt chest it will 
•ftea looaag m a hard, deep aaatad 
•ofid ia opa night 

Row aftea wratas. brulaes. caM 
aad bums oeoir in- crery tamihr, as 
well as little troubles luca caradia, 
'laotaaclie, cold sores, canker aorca^ 
^Ml wttau and tired aching feet 
'ifotlAipBcaliaK Wizard .00 wOt al^ 
ways bnag quick reliat 

Cat it from drvggfata for 30 eeala 
If not satisfied ratam tba boMie mi 
gat yoOT money back. 

Ever constipated or bpra eldi 
beadache? Just try Wlxard lirci- 
Whipa, pleasant little fkik fSU, M 
acata. Cuaraatcad. 


Aldermen Seem to Be Opposed 
to Enforcement of Poll and 

• Amusement Levies in Vic- 
toria—Meeting Kext Week 

Mayor Porter will call a special 
meeting of the City Council early next 
week to consider whether or not the 
olty will undertake the collection of 
the' poll tax and amuaement tazea, 
it was announced yesterday.* 

It is likely that at the same meeting 
other matters concerning the city and 
which were embodied in the private 
bill paased at the recent session of the 
Legialaturt^ will be brought forward 
for dtoeiia^an. ' 

"It la only right that the Council 
should have thia Information before 
It as early aa poaalble. so that it can 
make up Its rnlna.** said The Wayof 
yesterday. "Whether or not the city 
will levy poll and amusement taxes 
Is difficult to aay. Personally, I am 
making no recamraendatloa. Unquda- 
tiohably, the thaatraa are having a 
hard time enough to get along with- 
out placing a ttirther charge Vipon 
them, and aa for the poll tax, it 
would certainly be a most unpopular 
levy and would not be the moans of 
bringing in ao very much revenue after 
alL" . 

The majority of aidarmen. judging 
from - their aaaertioaa made ao tar in 

casual cpnveraation. are against both 
proposals. They contend that the Pro- 
vincial Government fully appreciated 
the difficulty in levying these two 
taxes, and paBsed It on to the muni- 
cipalities. As a result some ot the 
aldermen have become Indisnaat to 
the point bordering upon hoatiiity, 

'and' they would prefer paaalnv up the 
temporary .revenna that mli^ reault 
from the poll and amugament tas and 
eoneantrata an a drive. for recognition 
by the OoTemment next year of the 

IcfaUma of the municipalitlea for addi- 
tional sources of income. 

Imposition of thesa g«p.,taaaa wejaid 
npt affect this yaar'a tak'cata hi any 

■wajr, aa the rata waa atmok without 
taking Into co n a lAif Me M , theaa. lavlpa 
and their probable Mtdaaa. ' 


Mr. C. B. Jones Reviews Work 
of Government Department 
in Starting New £n|erprfees 

Commendation of the work being 
carried out by Induatrlal Commis- 
aioner D. B. Martyn was voiced before 
the Rotary Club at its luncheon yes- 
terday by Mr. Charles B. Jones, for- 
mer Reeve of Saanloh. Mr. Jones 
pointed to the unlMunded natural re- 
Rourcea of the Provinoe, sketched the 
need for manutaotuHag Induatriaa, 
and then alluded to the afforta being 
put forward by Mr. Martyn to cat In- 
dustrial enterprises on their feet. 

"An Indication of tho industrial de- 
velopment of British Columbia can 
be formed from the large number of 
incorporationa of new companies at 
preaant- taking itliae In, th>.,Protrtnoa." 
said Mr. JanaaT "All pravtona raoorda 
of what wa oMUrtdar aa« tha .t>aom 
yeara in the lit a ot Brltlah Columbia 
have been exoaadad, and thia would 
indloate a growing oonfidenoe in the 
eountry and the practical effort on 
the part of various people here to 
carry out the optimistic hopes that 
were entertained prior to the war. 
One can reaaonably expact that a 
large amount, of aubatantial develop* 
meat will reealt from the plana at 
p r aa a nt ttadar way, aa (ndicatad by 
thia Induatrlal barometer." . 

Since the eatab)tahm> if t of the De- 
partment of Induatries. Mr. Jonea 
said, forty-eight different induatrial 
enterpriaea have been established, tha 
clilat of whieh' were a cordage com- 
pany, a ent-to-at building eompany, 
an Iran pipe foundry, two planta tor 
tha' manacaetara of heavy duty marina 
angtnaa. an iad u a tt y far the manutae- 
ttira ot pnaipa aad grs'ilgiitlng ap> 
pliaaoea, aavarsil for tha purpoae ot 
eneeuracing the flaheries industry.' 
and one for the manufacture of elec- 
trical apparatoa. Aid had been grant- 
ed to the following enterprises locat- 
ed In Vletoria: Sidney Roofing. Paper 
A ReAning Company, Hiker Manafme- 
rurtng Company, Caaadlan Weatam 
B. Q. f naht 

Compnay. aad tha W hal ana l a FMi 

Mr. Jonce aald that Mr. Martyn had 
stated that — ang tho contemplated 
indoatrie* thr the Unmadaite vicinity 
of Victoria worer A sandpaper fac- 
tory, woolen mil la and a tannery. Ppr 
tha Malnlaad. aid for the pula aad 
paper tadtiatry. for shoe faeflgHw 'a 
paper l»ac factory and a ku«a nnw^ar 
of areodworkinv planta waa bobig 

^ONOLyLU. April 

witalana communicatloc JkeMloa 

to[* IMrlb ;epbltgBMn ta ingpar^HU 
■a la»aa atw ^l j M ga a|||>s nawagayar^ l^ara.^ 

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1 \ 

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silk embroldeilei They are priced exceedingly low at 1(49.50. 

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Women's and 
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FttpOa prepared ior Ustrenitjr^itfaBca, Rpnt MiUtdiar Go|ldf« 
Royal NftTal CoUese, B. C Sanreyora. 

For information and prospectus, apply 

F. ASHLEY 8PARK8. Esq., 

Next tmfk 

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Plot. ac«iam«a'« uoNArm 

Mn«r ud bcttar oropa. Unmadlata deliTary vuftrMUaAi 
t4t.0« p«r ton. %i. I* p«r a^ok 10» iba. 

^■wOmi Ugnaito Compuiy, UmiM 


TMtoiia. B.C. 



OTTAWA. April 29.— In tha Houaa 
of Commomi last night, 8lr ^anry 
Drayton, explaining the amandmenta 
ta tlia loan companies bill, said they 
wara daalgnad to place loan com- 
panlaa In asaeily the same position 
M .lnsuraactf oompanies as resards 
annual tnspeettoft. 

D. D. McKahala mneatad tn con- 
nection with Inspection that atten- 
tion should be paid to eontraeta for 
loans so that It could ba 
tho eontraeta Ware aot MtofPtHer 
one-Vldad. / ,. . 

Tha bill aa. amended waa; pcfW 
third re ading. 


Russian Soviet commissary, M. 
Nodn, In the courae of an interview 
with the Social Democrats, said the 
ROasiaa trade commission had ar> 
rived at Copenhagen to open negotia- 
tions with Great'Brltain and Den- 
mark. "But." he »dde^ "gradually 
so many ceuntrles approaohed ua, 
that we are carrying on negotlatlona 
for the delivery of commodities In 
greater quantities than ever offered 
by any other country in the world. 
We an endeavoring to fl« up large 
eoBtnote with Sweden. Norway, the 
tJnItad ttatea, Spain .and Italy." 

M. Nogtai said that a clearing 
house had been started for this buai- 
oese. assisted by IntemaUonal flnan- 
<Mara and the direct co operation of 
the Russian commissary of com- 



TORONTO. April St.— 1 
by eeveral labor mantliers for <!0V- 
•mment action to restrict exporta- 
tion of potatoes from Ontario faa- 
torad this afternoon* session of the 
*,e«Ulat«ra. The queation waa raised 
tlySergeaat-lieier MeNamsra, Rtver- 
Ost.. Who read f. newspaper ra- 
port'telHag eif eairtoads e< pe«a«aee 
•waiting ahipaaeot to tha United 

JI, If. McBridc. South Brant, 
mavad the adjeummeat of the Houe« 
In,. ta pMrtaitt debate On the mo- 

tloa. a Q. ^alcrow. Bast BattUUoa. 
>»ri>rMii>Pain. of Landaa. Jotoad 
him m I f il<< l<J i< u; <y ae?.r.«eat 

waa Inalined to favor 
■larkeUng syatem 

< 1. X 

wni tie qvlle a fl*w 

planted In Ontario," he re- 
ialn<iWI tha Uou]>«. "tr we utop wast- 
S^Vtlld, .-get down to btnrineas and 

#MI ap^tile aSeslon ' 

■ I 

The' gMMe eff denslsMe 
inPrloaaty :«>aead id 
and Chiaeee prlgla 

SwMMy & McConiell. Lli 

Wood and Coal 

ym SBLX. WOOD AND COAI^-Tba baat 
fir weed, lent wood, ttMx sawa ear 
iaagtb, fZ,M. ProiB^jdrt&es». Or«ar 


8u , 9mmUm> 

Jleoord FVom Wireless Televhono 
LONDON, April 29. — Experiments 
which have bean carried out here 
have raanlted ia the makthg of a talk- 
ing machtna reeard on waa of a votee 
transmitted hy wirelaaa telephone 
forty mllee away. While the voice 
waa apeaklhg in the Ooanty of fifeas. 
where there waa high power Instru- 
raantBr the eouipmant at the receiving 
plant in the Strand, London, was at- 
,taohed to a recorder, which engraved 
the messages In soft wax in the same 
way aa an ordinary disc Is produbad. 
The record was perfectly avttthle, 
though a trifle "patchy." . 





Y.M.CA. Spring 


Outdoor Trips, Bicycls Out* 
iD^ Papfr puuei, Week* 
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Frvk tteparCBMnt, 5S23 
MMt fStl» Delivwy M3S 

rm nAn.T «>w>NTST. vtctorta, b.c. k^^iday, aprtl 30, 1920 

and District Mfiy^ 

eU Of Mm BMTd of ttada vW 

IMXt T«e«Uy at 10:S0. 

Irirtaca n»nlr elearlagi for 
the WMk andliis yesterday were 
•S^», OOMPWOd With ««.MMftS 
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Htady does TiMitfH ft stndy class 

will be held toni«ht at • o'eloSfc hi 
the Roeeerucian FeUomlhlp foom. 
1«« FsasbortoB Bloek. 


to the 

Navoi Brlsads states that all rat. 
Inaa havlna white caps will parade 
with them on Saturday, Ifojr 1. 


OeraruMat wUl auUn a gquit 9f at 
leaai lN,bH te tha nJlr askael to ba 
areeted at Prtoee Rapart to aast ap» 
proximately |1IS,S0«. 

Board of Trade BacwekMi — > The 
wholesale section . o< the Board at 
Trade is anraagtaf for aa aaeuraioa 
to up»laliad Mlatei cosBBMaetaf 
May, i*r tlia tHp win bo made br 

Preparing Voters liste — A com* 
mencemeht has been' made with the 
compilation of the rotors' lists under 
the Provincial ^laoUoas Act The 
registrars of thaoHsctepal distrtot will 
be annoupoid latar. 

TIslk to Bm aad Otrto— This er. 
enlng. at T:fa« Mr. Maslem will glre 
an interesting tklk to boys and alrls 
at Vletorto RaU, IM BUnahard 
Street. Paranto are lavited to come 
with t|p*r shlldrsa. Thsre, wiu be 
no eoila|ilaa« ^ . 

Ftawd ftaa WpwiAli^ The spaed buf 
bites its many victims, those days of 
vernal snhshtue. J. C. lAbelle was 
fined 110 la tl^ City Polloe Court 
yesterday ^ . aSM^dlnt the speed 
limit la a. aMiit car. Sareaant Fry 
test tiled that tha aocnssd had been 
travelling nearly forty miles an hour. 

Shipyard Men Interview Mayor — 
A delegation of labor men, headed 
by Mr. Jamas Dakem waited on 
Mhyor Partar • yastortar aad ae« 
qoalntod him with their sida of the 

^holb e rg — Wllpgsrd ^dlsputSi Xha- 

Mayor's reply was dkaerlbed as halng 

Fall to Gee Money— Attempts on 
tKe part of Reeve Watson aad Conn> 

eiiior Clark to hava maaair atttea oat 
of the tnmk roada faad for oiling 
roads at Oordon Rsad fhllad. Raava 
Watson- claimed that the roads ated 
mainly by the produoers and fnoi 
those which carried thp -piaasdrs* 
seekers should be oUed. 

Dental ODBncU—At the recent eleo- 
tlon of MMtebers of the eouhdll of tha 
Collsva of Dsatal Surtspas of Br^t# 
Ish Columbia, 0ka foUowlniK iirera 
sleeted: District Kd. 1, Messrs. R B. 
McKeen aad 'William Russell; dis> 
trict No. S. Mr. B. C. Jonss; district 
Ko. 3, Messrs. W. J. Bruce and W. 
J. Lea; district No. ,4. Mr. d Corrl- 
tan; dlitrldt Ko. S.'^ao eaadidats. 

naal Daaaa ttf aaaaaa ttku'va- 
nlng, under the aiisploss of the North 
end South Saanich Aarktultural As- 
sociation, the nnal danoe of the Win- 
tor series will be held. Professor 
Heaton's orchestra will fiiVnlsh the 
muslo aad dancing will be from 9 
UU i o'oloek. RsfrsshmsBto will be 
la the handa of tha Wsai Baanich 
Women's Institute. 

Vagrancy Charges in PoUoo Coart 
— Fre^O. Gregory was charged with 
vagrancy in the C^ty Police Court yes- 
terday. PoUc ofltoars had found him 
sleapliptfyB « ear In the railway 
yarda Bb was dven an oppbrtualty 
to seek work. Jessie Oat^ and Annie 
Wlffhan, arraigned oa ■ tha aame 
charge. Were fannaadad to appsar in 
court today. 

MMlMii aad Davdhters— A "Moth- 
enr aa« OMcfatars' Banaaet" wui be 
given' at tha First Prsabyteriaa 
Church this evening. Mrs. bikster 
will occupy the ohatr, and the 
the speaker of the evening will be 
Miss De Wolf, of the T.W.C.T.U. 
Covers will be laid for 175, and a 
prise will be glren for the best doe' 
orated table. 

Charged With Havli^ OoeaBW — ' 
Charged In the City Poltee- Court 
yesterday with being In unlawful 
possession of cocaine. Ah Toung Qee 
pleaded not guilty, and applied for 
an adjournment and release on ball. 
The ball was granted in th^ sun^of 
IMO, and the ease will b* heard to- 
day. Ifr.* W. O. Morssby la appearing 
for the aocused. 

ReoKaalsatton of Board — Official 
announcement of the recisslon of the 
appolataaente to the Land Settle- 
ment Board of those gentlemen who 
have hitherto been aotlng «ts dlrec- 
tMa of fha baard Is fltoda la the 
ettrraat WSakSi Frortealal OaaStto. 
iThs step Is taken »n6» Ote plan of 
rsargaalsatlea of the board. Ueut- 
Col. R. D. Davies Is appointed sole 
anember of the board. 

WMUtyt WhsTO Is Thy Sttaa.^ln 
tha eitr Poltos Ceart yas t atd fa r fhe 
charged agalntt Lta B[aa, at sdp^tptag 
Indians with 1ft«dar« was eisa>isBsd 
because thS Indians have left the 
city, and so cannot testify against 
the accused. But Magistrate Jay was 
lefwrmed tiV city Proseoutor Harrl- 
aata that the liquor in question was 
on sxtraet of lemon, and that on 
aaalysn' It had baen lauad to 
9Ut of Sf p«r cent ateohdl. 

flwtmaatng Chib Panes All th< 
Who intsnd being present tonight at 
ths dance to be held at the Alex- 
andra Ballroom, held under theatts< 
plasa of tha Vietorta' Ama(eor Swim- 
mtaig Club, wUI iia wall to secure 
praenuamaa 4t aaea, aa thsfs la 
only a •thnttad maabar. Thaaa may 
be procured at Kent's Bdlsoa Stors.' 
iat4 Government Street, aad the 
Beehive. 130 1-1 J Douglas St., or from 
nenibers of the club at the door. An 
oaaslleat danoe programme has 'been 
arraagad. music being fumlshsd by 
Tpsmr's flrs-pisee orchestra. 


Ma Ok 
m. Be 
an af 

MaeDewall. of 
Page, of Hutton. li 
and Dr. H. C. Davies. of BtosraA. 
Medloal Bsalth pfOeer and Madlcal 
Inspector of labaals for the Stewart 
dlstrlst. Mr. JTaasaa Cral& of 
CndTa OrsasiBg, hi appofauad «M)W* 
vigwar est tha.Vaaga^'lfmd in- 

Maple RIdga Boada— Reeve Ansell 
aad Councillors Best aad Dale, of 
the Municipal Conaell of Maple 
Ridge, wera to tha attp aastarday 
discusstog with Fraadic OpN«r aad 
Hon. J. B. Kiag. Kianlii at paMto 
Works, raad eottftrttettoa proMaate 
of that district preparatory to laying 
out the road programme for the sea- 
son. The eentlnuatlea of mataton- 
ance work en the main trunk high- 
way between Vanc^ver and Mts- 
atoa City which runs throagh the 
amhtolpaHty^ aad aiH>a wbioi tha 
Oofswaiaat hM lii the paat apaat 
\ oeasidarabto aasaaat, will ba Ma- 
vlded for this season aad other 
needed works undertaken.. . 

OM-T hmi ta WanteOr— A vary toter- 
asttag faatars of tha Hadaea's Bay 
Pageant proeessloa, it is bellsvsd, 
waald bs « saelion dadlaatae to, thd 
oM-timsrs at present resldeot on 
Vageottver Island. The committee 
is, therefore, asking that any old- 
timers who have been resident in 
this part of. the Prpvtocs ■ since be- 
fore 1870 ehould coaamunloate with 
Mr. J. Forsyth, tha Pravtooial Zdbcar- 
lan. Parllamaat BWOdlada Whaathe 
list la BUMto ap St gMaald eaalabi. It 
IS Mtimatad. at leaat oaa httadrad 

names, and It is hoped that all who 
may make the proud claim of such 
long residence wiU be able to teke 
part in the parade. Mr. Forsyth in- 
tends having motor cars to eoBTsy 
the old-timers in the processlOB. 


urn m fitftfrr 

on Saanlcta 
Gat Money 

Royal Oak assumed ths appear- 
anes'of aa auto show or an aeeldent 
last ovealaig wh^a ovar twsnty-dve 
Vtatarto baahuto atoa Uaad their 
aars hp at tha Mvalalpal Rail aad to- 
vadad ^a adiuMll ahdaAair to ttsg 
their Influence in getting a grant to- 
wa^ the Victoria and Island De- 
V<rtopment Association from Saanich. 

The eottneiUore wer* aurprisfd .by 
tha'oHlliaa troop whioh hi oi(a af 
the laeatot delagatlona vnft aaaa at 
Royal Oak. 

Mr. Carl Pendray, president of the 
Development Association, introduced 
the delegation, stating that a drive 
for funds had oopmeaSed. The olty 
had pronahwd It.OOd praridad a like 
amoiiht was ralssd alsswhsrs. On 
further representotloBs being made, 
the city consented to a further $8,000 
if a like sum was secured by grante 
from adjacent munlelpalltlss. 

Mr. Pendray thought ; Saanich 
should contribute $t,600. Oak Bay 
had at first promlssd |BS0, hut on 
being told of ths city's latsst oOir, 
they taada It $7S0, 'The pavatopmsat 
Assodatlbn Is year advertising de- 
partment," concluded Mr. Pendray. 

BX-Redva Oaorge MoGregor was 
the secoad speaksr. Hs underatood 
that there was more or less of a 
little quarrel with ths city, and he 
ttopsd it would not maks any dlfCer- 
enoe In the grant. 

'1 aappose that's tha raiisoa why 
you toft Aid. Tadd fat tha alty." said 
Raera' Watson. 

Mr. C. H. Fraaeh and Mr. Oaorge 
I. Warren, head of the association 
drive, also spoke. The latter pointed 
out that over ^ ten thousand people 
had called at' the association ofllce 
last year, ind one hundred tMousand 
pompMato were glvaa out Ho atotod 
that Baaahdi flgasad ia atost of this 
ntaratara^ • ' . 



Is Laid Oveg for 

One Week 

The cost of extending electric 
llghte into Oordon Head from the 
present llne^aad on Cadar BUI Read, 
near t|ie Oadar Bill Croasroads. 

faud bafara tlw Baaatoh oaaaelt taet 

The figure was $88,887.40, and vari- 
ous methods of paying this were out- 
lined. The Reeve asked that the 
Council consider the matter for a 
week, and added that he thought 
thara wara anessatloBa to tha aom* 
maaiaatl aa whtoh woald ha CsaalMa. 


At a arall^Ueadad atoatfaig of ax- 
msmbsrs of tha Imbartal Maahaaleal 
Transport DrtoSM held last alght to 
tha Army and Nary Ctabrooms, tha 
varloaa soldier 


Ob a irpto hatat taksa tha ntoathif 

r Amur aad Mb/vy Vtowaaa to 
Caaada as an auxiliary body to tbnt 
assoctoUoa. All members who served 

with the Imperial Mechanical Traaa- 
port are requested to have their ap- 
plication forms filled in not later 
than 8 p.m.. May IS. when aU appli- 
cations are returnable and a "get 
and social evening wttl ba 

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Col. J. S. Oennis) Head of 
C.P.R, Colonization Depart- 
ment, Says- Comm'unlties 

. Should Be Alive to Prospect 

British Columbia and the whole of 
Western Canada wOI f«e a Urce In^ 
flux of new aettlera of a very deMrlf 
able oUua this year, In J tke» imma»' 
tlon ot Col. J. 8. Dennis, chief oomt> 
miaa| 4fte-d«Mrtmeot oCfiPlo* 
«|Mt|oi) ai|4JlM9}ttS]9^9t.^9 :Ca- 
Malan Pamlo mulway, who to at 
present at tlw IBwija»aa^ 'i^oce^i. 
. The department Imf Which he ie the 
head Is making a special ^prt tQ ast 
sist settlara In setting located on the 
lands of the Provinces of the West, 
and In order .to. facilitate matters in 
thto Province, ' Col. C. HungerfOrd 
Pollen itaa Men appointed oolonlsa^ 
ttoB acent tot BHtlafc OOiumMa. witli 
>oadquai«e«« at Ojnuibrook, Btic. B4 
iMll dOMte mim- «itarg««a< to •otttlMni 
British Columbia and the Columbia 
River Valley. With a view to taking 
tmt» of the Brittoh and other set- 
ters entering Canada through the 
wuitern gateway, CapCMcDulT has 
been appointed to meet the steamera 
■It at lolin aM accompany thw new 
nrrlvala .far, aa Montneia^. tp 
that tint are properly etarted.OA^tlM 
loarney to their destination. ' ,' , ' 
B. C. tnionld BeneAt.' 

Col. Dennifi expecta that British 
ColttaaMa^ 'will benefit to a oonatder- 
abla astani vool.itha gaaaral eaadus 
from Great «Btitata of fliodar»tel]r, 
Well-to-do qx-«ffl«ara,of,th« aifny and 
other ,oltlaana , who arO eiimttig to. 

Canada with a view to malting a per- 
oswient hooMThore. "ihaldoifrom be- 
aoAMg eettloni on .lia Uipd, many 
1rtll..alao bo aeakSiriMPttitinltiee for 
investment in an InduatMal way, and 
he looks upon the - prospect as one 
that should oyupy the attention of 

ewmr oequtti^ts^,' 


OTTAWA, ApHI 2f.— There Is 
every prespeot of'aA'^barly and eon- 
■Iderable Increase in ,th« price of, 
■agar, it was •nnonnoed today by a 
man closely in touch with the mar* 
net;; , , ■ ' . ■ ■ 

' Irhe present price, high as It is, is 
baaie'd on, the former cost price of 
the raw product In Cuba. Counting 
all the boists ^o the grocery storo, 
and^ basing ' them ' on the new Cu- 
ban price,, a pound of .augar is now 
worth a Uttle over 3* . o^ts. The 
Uet that psople are ' not paying s^ 
mueb if becatiee.tii^ MOpBrieh are 
stniustai^ 'the stoclc.s for which thay 
paid the to^er price, H «nu nfJ4. ° 

The price, it was stetlA^ Will MMMl 
be 30 cents a pound- ' ' 

Ontario Lifquor lU^ereudom. . 
OTTAWA. (April , 3». — the petUloq 
for a. nataiiu[ reijereiiiilnn^ in Ontario 
haa not yet b^n reeeived- from ■ the 
Ontario Oovemment. ■Following. 4ts 
receipt the Dominion Oovemment 
will have a delay of throe months In 
which , the procla^iatlon calling for a 
referendum may be Issued. The proc- 
lamation will set forth the dat# of 
polllnf .and. other ' partleulans. . The 
hours ht pbUing.will, l|e batwetui » 
a.m.. and * piini. Thf e^panaes of the 
referendiim are borne by the Domin- 
ion Government. 

. , Jiiaibr of Halitas. 
HaLIVAX; April St.^oha C. 
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«7T oirer Dr. a:. C Haw&inK . 

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Indian Girl in County Court 
Tells Story of Plucky Dealing 
With Midnight Intruder— 
Sookp Feuds Hinted At 

Simon John, an Indian, charKed 
with breaking and entering the hout<e 
of Chief Andrew L.aaar, in the Sooke 
Indian reservation, when asked If he 
wlahed to question the first witness 
for the prosecution, stood up in the 
County Court yestorday and asked 
for an adjournment of the trial, so 
that he might have an opportunity to 
eall witneasss and to enga|w counsel 
in hi* defenea. His Honor Judge 
Lampinan said that now that the wlt- 
neawa for the pragaeutlen liad come 
into court they had bettelr be heard: 
bnt later he granted an adjoomment 
uptil next Monday. The oass Wae re- 
markable for the naive answers of 
the Indian wltnesees examined, and 
esiMclally for their knowledge, as re- 
vealed in court, of the nature of an 

Mary Lacar, the first witness called 
by Mr. J. 8. Brandon, who ia acting 
,for the Crown, gave her age as . 18 
years, and said she was the daughter 
of Chief Andrew. She was understood 
to say she was not a Christian, but 
knew we had to toll the truth. The 
oath was dispensed with. She told a 
remarttabM 'atoryj, On tho night. of 
April It laatj aha waa left by her 
fatlter and mother/ who hOd left for 
a 'boat trip to Nltinat. -to take care of 
three little girls, her younger sister 
aiid two young nieces. There was 
tl,000 in cash In the house, the pro- 
ceeds of the sale of a boat by Chief 
Andrew. Everybody In the reserva- 
tion, she said, knew of this money, 
iler father had left her a shotgun 
and two shelU with which* to guard 
the treaavra. 

Secured Front Door 

She went to bed with the littlo 
girls soon after nine o'clock. They all 
slept In the same bed. She luid tht- 
shotgun in the bedroom with Her. She 
seoored the front door of the house 
by wedging a broom tiandle against 
It ttie nailed up the windows of the 
house, and looked tlie bedroom door. 
They ali went to sleep. 

Slis was awalnnad some time later 
In ti»e night by the sound o( the ksy 
turning in the loek of thw bOibooiA 
door. 8he sprang out of ImnI, lit the 
lamp, and took ' the shotgun. Ifhe 
called to demand who might be there. 
A voice had answered, "it is me, 
Simon." Did she know the voice? 
Yee. lt was the voice of Simon John, 
she said, pointing to the accused. She 
opened the bedroom door, and passed 
out with the shotgun In her hand. 
She told the little girls to. lock the 
door behind her. The acoused was 
sVaeiltng in the outer doorway, tlhe 
uptagelded him. nie saw hta-faoer h 
«aa ,thiatrOf the aecused. 

'. ' nved a abot- 

SIMon John had attempted to wrest 
the gOn from her hand. Shv had 
backed Into the house and managed 
to shut the door. She had threatened 
(o fire, and had then opened the door 
and fired a shot In the air. She had 
not af ed at the aocussd. Wm'On 
Johra ma token to hif heels. M^t 
ihoia^ eho hatf found a pane of 
glaM broken far the kitehOn- windoiv. 
tte Mippoesd thai aeouaed had 
faoehad his arm into the room, and 
pe tt ed the broom handle from the 
door. That • would explain his en> 
tranee* She bed found also a pros- 
pector's hammer with a boohed, iron 

His Honor asked aceused . if he 
wished to question the witness. Simon 
John said that be wantod an adjooth- 
ment.. He wiahad to obtote oounsel 
and call w.l tn fipa In his d^noa. Be 
wiahad to show, he said, thiit there 
uwd a loqg-atanding feud between his 
^mUy and that of Chief Andrew s. 
This feud went baek for more than 
as yean. There was a prejudice 
againat hitai. he said, on .the part of 
Chief Andrew's family. Mr. Brandon 
told the Court that the rights of the 
accused had been fully explained to 
bUn, but that he had neglected until 
now to take any stepa in his own de- 
fence. There was no wisli. he said, 
to hinder the accused man in defend* 
ing himAslf. His Honor said tte wotild 
deal with the n\atter lator op; for 
the present lie would hear the other 
witnesses for the prosecution. 

Sure as to Intruder ^, ' 

Clara Shields, aged 11 years, girand- 
daughter of Chief Andrew and niece 
of Mary Lazar, was next called. The 
little girl was very composed and 
lucid. She conflrhied all tlie teati» 
many of her youthful auntt She was 
qsito aure It was Sime n Jehh wha 
had^enferod the liouia.- *" ™ 

• Chief Andrew Laser took the stand. 
He was "a Kttle bit Christian." he 
said, so he took the oath. He first 
Wlehed to impress upon the Court 
that he, was the Indian Chief of the 
Sooke reservation. His explanation 
of why he left the money in his 
daughter's oare waa very diverting. 
"If I get drowned and my wife get 
dlwwped, what good that money to 
any diuwbter if I got it with me 7 i 
leaVtf my money hi houae; then I get 
drowhed, my daughter ahe got the 
money, you know." And that was 
that. Aeeoasd was "very bad boy," 
he said. That waa why he left the 
ahotgun with his daughter. Every- 
body on the reservation knew al>out 
the money, he said. Ho had not made 
the coastwise voyage after all. He 
had slept on Sooke wharf the night 


Don't Maat yoar Uvsr 
Bowdg. but talM 

Tou men and women who can't gel 
feeHng right — who have headache, 
ee at e d tongue, bas leale and toul 
breath, dtaalaees, aant sleep, an 
bllloea, .ueryeua aad upeal, hethered 
wHh a alcfe. laSnr. dijardered atemadb 

lat pour taaidee evei^ few days with 
il, Satta, Ott and violent pills? 
rork while yea sleep ; 
they oteene* ^ stomaOh. remove the 
eeer. undigeeted. fbraaeiktlng feed aSS 

the uver eas earry eut el tha 
air tke 

eever gripe, causa 
wfcaleeoa. SM 

causa f sa f 



Do yde' sadnre the misery 
of AstiUDa with sleepless 
nights, dirriuuli breathing 
and loss of mrcnrth? How- 
ever bad your case, quick 
relief is guaraatasd by ths 
use of 


Thto treparatlsn> Is. tlM ra> 
salt or years of expertinent- 
ing and study, 'fhouaands 
tiave derlred the crestest 
bsbeAt throiiic^i its use. 
Write for free sample to 
Ssuplatons. 142 Kins 8t 
W„ Toronts. 

Md by reMaUa drugclste 
everywhere for tl.04 a box. 
VaBcedVer. The Ow) Drug 

Ce. Victoria, D. K. Camp- 

of the attempted burglary, because 
the weather* was too rough to start 
out in: and he had heard of the busi- 
ness in the nvMAlag aud gohe l>ack 
to hto hotise. 

Provincial Constable Owens testi- 
fied to going to Sooke to Tnake the 
arrest. 'He had followed the accused 
from there to this city, where be had 
arrested him. He had found evi- 
dences of a forcible entry of Chief 
Andrew's houee. 

As stated, the cuhg wa.s adjourned 
until next Monday. 


THOMSON— The funeral of Mr. 
William Charles Thomson took place 
yesterday afternoon from .the Thom- 
son Funeral Home at 2:30, Mr. R. C, 
J. Were officiating. Many friends at- 
tended t^e service and members of 
the Masonic order. The following 
were pailbcareni: Messrs. D. deem- 
ing. J. A. Turner, J. M:. HeaUr, Lr. 
Burgess. Ihtofment waa in Boaa Bay 
Cemetery. , i • i 


Board of Trade Hears of Dwindling 
Supply uf Local Mutton— Flocks 
Are iVnall and Lack ITnlfoaealty 

The annual ibeetlng of the retell 
section of the Board oi Trade was 
to have been 'hel4 last night, but the 
date waa cancellad owing to the in- 
ability of Mr. George S. Hougham, 
general secretary in British' Colum- 
bia of the Retail Merchants' Asso- 
ciation of Canada, to attend. Mr. 
Hougtiam waa to have spoken on a 
proposition to link the retail section 
of the Board of Trade with hto as- 
sooiaUon. The dMetlng-wlll 
abiy be held early host week instead, 
and elisction of officers will toke 
place then. Mr. Joseph JS, Wilsipio 
to the present chairman. 

One Of the questions that has been 
dealt with lately by the section, ai\d 
which toXl^ely to receive moire de- 
tailed eonslderatloA at a later date, 
is the prospsel of* esfabttohlnjr the 
wool and mutton industry here on 
a large scale. According to local 
butchers, the amount of Vancouver 
Island mutton placed on the market 
in Victoria has dwindled to a neg- 
ligible quantity, and the dtatrlbt, 
though admirably suited to sheep- 
raising,-, ha» to depend Praelldatliy 
enUreiyeu Oregon and 'New Sea- 
land (Or its supply. 

Protection of Flocks 
The Board of Trade has taken 
lip with th« Provlnoial Oovemment 
from ' time to time . matters In con- 
nection, with the protection offlooks 
from the depredations of phnthers 
and wolves, and In this effort has 
been successful in getting improved 
regulations enforced. The industry 
still seems to be lagging, however, 
and the board will co-operate with 
the Victoria and Island Bevelepment 
Association in getting capltol later- 
estsd in-the business. 

Particular emphasis in laid by 
members of the retail section on the 
value of the wool end of the sheep 
Industry, and they point out tlMt 
one of the prinoipal factors retard- 
ibg lta.-Sieo«fh J» the fafet that the 
nockoBdatera do<ndt etandardtae ths 
breeds. THere la little or no unl- 
formity In ths flecks, and as a re- 
sult the wool produced is suiteble 
for a variety of purposes and cannot 
be made the baslti of manufacturing 
a. single line on which the whole in- 
dustry could possibly be concentrat- 
ed with some hope of suOosss. ' 


H ;K1III IM131 


Ooaaal Watte . Upo« 
Votaea OhJaeUoB to 

Further representetlons concern- 
ing the ban placed upon Orientals 
In respect of holding timber licences 
were made to Premier Oliver yss- 
terday morning by Mr. Uklta, Jhp- 
anes« Consul at Vancouver, who has 
on prsvlous oo^aglOns brtervlewed the 
Premtorr on what, he alleged, waaan 
act of discrimination against the 
Japanese. He explained that Infor- 
mation reaching him from the Jap- 
anese Consul-General for Canada 
was to the effect that aa a reeult of 
representetlons made to the Paderal 
authoHUea th^ .latter had Mnuno- 
niealad' with the- Prevlnoa on a t^ 

Premtor Oliver Inforlhed the Con- 
aul that so far no such communica- 
tion from the Pederil Oovemment 
had reaohod the PrevhMhM Oevaru- 

Mr. Uhlto holds**'that the restric- 
tion in the issuance of the timber 
licences. on« Impoesd some" years 
ago. Is a viototion of the treaty 
righte accorded to Japanese under 
tho Anglo- Japanese treaty, tk' V^y 
to thto contention, ths Pfsmler aag- 
geetad that the Provlnelal Oovem. 
meet ti^ the attUade that as rights 
under tils treaty are matters for the 
eoatraeting parties, the questioi to 
imo to he 'dean with by Ottaw.i. 

r t n aa fB mm ol 

vmimm. B.a. Apni it. — The 

City Counett haa reeelvsd a fine epecl- 
men of the en gr essei s * art in the 
honor rail prupared to perpetuate the 
memory of Vernon citlsens who 
served In the war. It to l>eaotlfeHy 
engrossed and emblaaoned in rteh 
colors and contains the names of 799 
men from Vsraon who earved ever- 
seee. Of tbeee M^weee^ iSS/liiae. 
tleu. 4lad of we — da or wer* Iw^et 
aaa» and ths ueaMe of theae^lad 
Mweea are narked with dtotihguhdi. 
lag eeaaesa e( dWereat colors on the 


Activities on Vancouver Island 
Indicate Intention of Com- 
pany to Erect Smelter Will 
Be Carried Into Effect 

That the operations of the Consoli- 
dated Mining A Smelting Compiiny on 
Vancouver Istond in the production 
of copper win be very substenUally 
inereaaed to Isamed from the eimual 
rt'port of the dlreotor|i placed before 
the shareholders at Montreal a few 
days ago. Copl^ of^ the report have 
Just reached the Coast by mall. 

The report contelns the definite an- 
nouncement that an active campaign 
of development will take place on tho 
Coast properties of the compaay. 
There have been rumors recently to 
the effect thnt within a year Or two 
the Conaolidated oompapy win build 
a smelter at- Vnloh Bay'or' Campbell 
River or some other suitable place on 
Vahoouver Island, but no ofilclal 
statement on thto point appaai% In the 
annual report. 

Tho general opinion has been held 
both by mining men and government 
olTlctols that there ar« three leading 
copper mines now producing on Van- 
couver Island, namely, the Old Sport 
(Coast Copper Co. at Qimtsino). the 
'mine at Sidney Inlet of the Tide- 
water Copper Company, and the Sun- 
loch mines at Jordan River. The Coast 
Copper Company ie a subsidairy of 
the Consolidated,* and the company 
has. therefore, a controlling Interest 
in'ite development, while the secur- 
ing of a controlling interest In the 
Sunloch mine by the Consolidated 
Company was recently annoanoed. 

The intention of the company had 
been to secure copper from the Ross- 
land mines, but as the annual report 
says: "Latterly the copper content 
ha.s been almost negligible," and pro- 

cee d s; • — 

"With the acquisition of controlling 
tnteresta in the Coaet Copper Com- 
pany (Quatslno) and the sunioch 
Mines (Jordan Rhrer), ' both proper- 
ties being situated 'Sir Tsmeouver is- 
land, and the s-xtlsfactory develop- 
ment in these properties, the aiubl- 
uon referred to •eaeaa about to be 

Capltel account disburaemente in- 
clude, flgures of $106,000 on property 
account for the Sunloch mine, and 
$170,000 for advances to the Coast 
Copper Company. 

J. K. L. Ross is now president. In 
place of the lat,e W. D. Matthews, 
and the company's head ofltlces have 
have been moved from Toronto to 


(Todalng With Party of Omdato of Air 
Board of Canada Oertlllcating 
of ^ Milltin 

Ueut..CoI. J, 8.. Scott. M.C., A;F.C., 
spperintendent of certiflcatM under 
the Canadian Air Ministry, will reach 
the city today In course of hto tour of 
Canada in the Interests of the inau- 
guration of the proposed air militia 
of the Dominion. He is accompanied 
by Major L. S. Broadner and Captain 
V. B. Smith, the latter being the med- 
loal oAfor before whom candidates 
for oerttfleatea under the new regula- 
tions will appear for examipaUen4.31|e 
oQlototo of the Air Board are 'also en- 
gaged in passing on all oommerclal 
flying organisations atul tlie, granting 
of licences for alfdrbmaa: a«d^ landing 


It Is understood that the Govern- 
ment's present intentton is to aco<{pt 
Into the militia only such flying men 
and mechanics as. have liad. tralnii^g 
In the R.A.F.. the Idea being, it to 
stoted. to regtoter those engaged' in 
commerotol flying by granting Gov- 
ernnlent licences tliat will entltle''theni 
to one month's training each two 
years at the Government's expense in 
an authorized Air Bourd school. In 
this way those registered would be- 
come an emergency reserva force in 
case of war need in almost exactly the 
same way as the army mtlltia of Can- 
ada has been established. Pilots who 
receive, certificates wjiu' be required 
to come up fdr mfdleal examination 
every she mol^ttta. It iMAig'ihe inten- 
tion of the board to ragutato commer- 
otol liyihg' In such a way as to mlnl- 
mles Ite dangers to the gre4teet ex- 

\t is understood that spectol atten- 
tion is being paid by the Air Board 
to ground organization. Before 
Ilcpnces are to be issued for air- 
dromes, special attention will be 
given to the svftablUty of the tondlng 
ground in a way that to hoped will 
reduce to the snutllest degree the 
chanceg for landing and taking off 
accidents. Air routes and grotind 
landing eteges are being planned right 
across the continent from Halifax to 

It Is expected that Col. Scott will 
address a meeting of the Victoria 
branch of the Aertol League white In 
thia etty. 

flapt. Werahof Aeguliaed. 

NEW YORK. April 2».— The case 
against Capt. Derrock H. Wemher. 
an ex-BrltlHh army offlcer, and first 
cousin of Sir Derrock J. Wemher, 
of Bngland, charged- .with felonous 
asaault, waa dtomlased yssterday. It 
was alled^ Capt. Wemher atruck 
with hto eane an 1 1-year-old bey, 
after the hittef had bumped Ipto him 
while r ellelr-Kliatlngi 

Male seato three yeaie eld prodi^ 
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^^-^ thia instrument. Compare the priced, of othiqr . 
piiinos and' you will realize how great ^hdi ' ?al«p| 

-IS m 

forded- by the Canadian Mende)ss6hn. 
*^ The ■ Mendelssohn tone — sweet and mcllow- 
,h»tmmy with, the uiperb.. beauty of its finish and easy, 

itW — 



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i «tt¥iaiityMOW»iJ 

Detoy In Communication piocks Board 

That there to something radically 
wrong With the'mair'iervlee provid- 
ed in Victoria is the opinion of meno- 
bors of the retail section of the 
Board of Trtfle, wflo last-nlifhf ai-- 
sembled for their annual meeting, 
only to 'be Inforsaed that Mr. George 
S. Hougham, 3f Vancourer, who was 
to have been the f eathfo ,> 0ee>(er, 
had been pnCh)e to' be .p^iaapt^dwlng 
td a Alarvia 'ka«i«vtag Che.ltaflta- 
tion. ^ 

Mr, Hougham was btUefi to speak 
before the retail section several days 
ago. Mr. H. S*. Fynn, asslstent seo- 
retarv .of the BoCrd of Trade, wrote 
td hgn and informed him -that tlM 
dhte "Weutd IM^Ve to be altered, as 
•i6th%«hedftant fixtuee had besn 
arranger f|i»r tfiat time. Mr. Hougham 
did not reteaiVe the' tatter and made 
the trip to Victoria to fMd that the 
meeting had been called off. He re- 
turned to Vancouver Indignant; and 
later announced that owing to the In- 
vitation to sp^k last night being 
delm^ he oiuld" not some over 
agaM ttato-weah. lie had another 

All of whteti tender to bring forth 
from various memlMrs of the section 
criticism of the Post Office Depsrt- 
ment. One member wondered why It 
was that the date of arrival was no 
longer stamped on the backs ef? en- 
velopes. Another said an importent 
letter addressed to him from < Van- 
eouvOr had pilMl <P«r days, 

and A thfri tdr^arit'^hediM that had 
been mailed te hlfa ' froMk /Vipialpeg 
ten days age dnijiaKpr<|i| roMhed 
him yet. " ^ 

It was steted that department 
heads at the PoMt Offic<> were handl- 
cnpped hy the abttennally large em< 


stove Left^i par eord. ... 94.78 
■ KiadHtic. per dofi. . 

Phone Sqoo for tpcaM^tiile Oh 
iirrer 4ekntlties. Sen4diuii> «Ml t 
der. and save ^ic per 



. 4Ptodi e> amiChocoUteg 

^^^Hii-Wiwr*' — : 

per lb. e 7jl/e 

Special. ^ ^ y t||FC 



mlaed Oandr^ 


"TIm Home of Good Caudp" 

1229 G»yt.St Phone 182ft 

ployment turnover, the majority of 
(he new men employed only remain- , 
Ing a short time, so that they were • 
unable to develop any degree Of if« 
ficlency. ^- 
Mr. yymi *wiit in i satigala. • ■ y • 

The firet ihip with port 

h^les far eatoft^n N«s >«he Henri 
Grace a Dteh. lapaoHelil $ 1S14. 


Hm moved Iran comer JohnM* aiMl J^og^ Streets fg '/X. 


: ■ ftpelW f or «||^ ^ 

-^Itt Made to Order at ftlg ReducMda ' Fit mangljel 

\ ^hikM .i._i«e>ss^sa»,s,iifa.,.i - : ■' • ' 


We have been steailly trfl^ovhif our stock of tools end 
materi&i; amtre now fn a posftlon to cater to all kinds of work 
to MPKucWuii trtth the buildiiif tfid«. 

. ' / vhiumti iof «iii4«i oflhfovr .w«^''.;. ^ f 

4 . 'M'. 

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■w—^ J I II I I I > ii fuj i I II p.i. r ■ -. . 


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dlk brojcea 

We are 
lines of 

MiQe v^^ lnlbrMtt^ values^ « 

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. : , ' t : 

C^remonW Were Attended by 
Promynt Men in Nanalmo 
and From VIetoria — Useful 
Pul^llo Career 



Cried Opening, Simday N«Et 


Nine^ieci^ C)r pl tf^4 From 3 W $> y tm. 

Come and Tito Tea Among Beautiful "Stir- 






KANAIMO, April 20.— Highly re- 
|sp«cte4 (or bUt r««olute integrity and 
Iniok 0OtoP0k«nn9«a, even by those 
Iwtth w)iom jl^i QfiMM^MUoiMriy dif- 
warmtir eomni«n4«<| by fba 
eitlMM wbo elactod blm (or ctkht 
•uec«*lve years to the ConncU 
Chamber, for bis earneet and efflclent 
aerv^cea, and admired for hie truly 
Stevenaonian courage in attending to 
hla clvlo dutJei under the basdicap 
of th( mal»4y which flnaUy took bim 
I away. Mr. Henry MoKamte, for the 
Ifmtt, tbraa^Mm Uvfow Nanal|no, 
f«Mtv«d n^ms^a^r » tiitatta from the 
^MVla aueb ai irould be aeeorded to 
few men among thoee who gatbared 
from all raqfcii and conditioni of men 
to do him, honor. He was a true 
tribune. of the people Every section 
of tha' city was represented in the > 
C0Bgre|tatio(|.\Whipta aaeembled after 
» prfvfAa^t-ifrvlCQ in the home, in 
I W4l1*M SfcirMt. C)ii|rcb. when • Bav. 
'W. Vmioh. litojKUtor. gave A ehelca 
and * appropiri^ addreae. setting 
forth tha fldaMty to duty, the spirit 
of uoatlntad service and deep rever 
ential faith which characterised . the 
late member of the congregation 
The local ministers were on the pul- 
pit platform and took part In the 

C. Bloomqidat la Banrlnc a 
site tflaarad near the outlet- ot the 
• lake for a residence. Work on coa- 
'struetion is to be started Imme- 

Mr. C. B. Bird has completed a 
beautiful bungaVnr «t Mill Bay. 

Oibt. Hnghoa 'la ooatamplatlag 
^ottiav «p »- p Mmm m^ f m vB Avrauins 
at Mm Bay. 

Major Boa «ad Captain Caeaar 
have had built two very Imposing 
■ bungalows overloolclng the sea at 
MUl Bay. 

Messrs. B. D. fiheriagbam and Nor- 
man Alemtder are building a gar- 
bage. «Ml aarrlea s^Mah. aioonide tba 
Cktvenment vo^ &t MiU tUv. No 
dotibt tha ^«Uan»«jMi at tbase .laio 
gentlembn will be suoeessful. It ftlla 
a "long-felt want," and will prove a 
boon to mvtoriats using the Malabat 

• flnlM ««^iM«i> mM,t ■■■■■ma n 

aau trailer ot 


Imc put hini right* 
again, after be bad htxm lu bad 
haaldi for over » imf> 
i» ta ftallag UM lito el« aotf 


Shawiilf»n lAke AtbleUo Amnhnton 
latoUat Forward to SiocetiAa 


Garden Banro^f 

aMmliW;Urork«rSi Bibcock Teilii^ Outt 

Tiol^ Etc. 

ffaawi Wit a KaJak 

tith atiapabot growa ncwa inter, 
^ting to you aa time g oca on. 

We f "^r .vMn of Kodaka 

lyePa Pharibacy 

4tr. Vtoir OMIflii Stntti 


Pkasiig Pimps 

A Iirfe viHety at ttn very 
ntwatt "Coktnial" •n4 TatricUr 
ttyia piimpt newly arrtvad. The 
predomlnttlng ftyle to in larfe 
orntmcntil lacUe*— 4n paiMt 
or Md ItMlMrt. 

fHfom, $p.oa to liaOO 

Cash Shoe House 


a«rvl«ai Bav. Dr. Unavortb reading 
tha la«MNi.>99y„ A. Ry«U and Rav.: B. 
H. Balderston 'taking the praarar. 
Xtev. W. Vanoe giving tha addaess 
and Rev. O. Collins pronouncing the 
benedlctloiy Two « members of the 
obelr sang a dyet during the service, 
tha ovyaniat, Mr, Koyan^. playing 
tha Peod Mareh. ^ 

Prominent Men Attended 

In the congregation were Mayor 
Porter, representing Victoria; the 
Mayor and City Clerk of Laidysmitb, 
Hon. IK^IUam flloan. Minister of 
Miaaa, rapr««witlnf the Provincial 
Oovemmcfnt; Mr. H. F. Balmslng. 
secretary of the Provindat Bxeeuthre 
ef 'tba Navy League, and Mr. A. 'T. 
Ravenhill, secretary _ of the Victoria 
Branch of the League, of the local 
branch of which the late Mayor was 
the presiding officer since its incep- 
tion. In addition the Navy League 
was repreaanted by 11 cadetg, qt tllf 
J BmV »»i»al Brtaa^le of yic>«ia, -#ho 

] hearae. ' : 

The oertege, whlcht^mt* 
I menae length, was beaded by the 
members of the.T. O. O. F., who 
turned out in larare nunxbers; the 
Red CroHU the O. W. V. A., members 
of the Board of Trade, tba i^ty 
I worHnnan. ■ tha Flra BAgada. ttim ajtaff 
k9l tin Mall and tha. etty »dl|l»a. 
I'ail aa-foat. Thaae were followed ■'hy 
containing the school trustees, 
I this police commissioners, the clergy, 
the latter Immediately preceding the 
hearse. Fhre mourning ooaohes Col- 
. lowed the hearse, containing mem- 
bars of tha family, followed by cara 
containing ex'May^ra Bate and Hil« 
,bert. City Health Ottcer Dr. Dryv 
I dale and Ratvming OlIleerF. O. Pate, 
meravers of the I. O. D. 13., the ofV- 
I cers of the Navy I.ieague from Vic- 
toria, members of the Judiciary, fiid 
flnaUy the genera,! public. 

After Rev. Vance had recited 
the committal prayer the I. O. O. F. 
gave thiHr Htogl foir the bnHal of fhe 
i dead. 

The aetlnir 'panbearera were Paul 
Bennett, A. Myrdock, A. Rnttray, N. 
McCuish. S. Oouch and F. A. Busby, 
while the honorary pallbearers were 
Messrs. A. McKenzie, J. H. Shepherd, 
H. Hackwood, of tbe City Bail ataff: 
Principals JB. 8. Martin and R. H. 
Mapser, df tha aehools, and 0tl- 
pendlaiy StiMriitrate C. H. Bevbr- 
Potta. By i»ar(eot co-operation be- 
tween the church ushers, represented 
I by Mr. J. C. Dakln. Marshal W. Car- 
mlobaal of the I. o. o. p.. Chief 
Neeo and Undertaker Jenkina and 
his aaalsUnt, Mr. Piper, all the 
ranga p e n ta , .wira eanrttd o«t ravnr* 
ently aad'ameitfthly. - • 


SBAWmOAN. AprH St.--Th« an- 
nual shareholders' meeting of the 8. 

L1.A.A. was held in the hall on Sat- 
urday last. There was a good attend- 
ance and kaen interest In the affairs 
of tha . tjompany was evidenced. 

Tbe afcretary's report was very en- 
courKg||}|r. TM. diffloalttaa boaaaloned 
.1>y^e laar.bave dla£ppaared and the 
amtmx Import "waa' aaai|fketory in 
every' respdet 'The financial state- 
ment showed the company to be in 
splendid condition. All indebtedness 
had been wiped off and there was a 
smull sum to the good In the banlc. 

The shareholders diseusssd several 
Items of improvement, among which 
were a better heating arrangement 
and a asiMme af interior decoration, 
It * i< d a rtrtad to laa-s a th e aaatt e rs 

in the hands of the directors. 

A very optimistic spiht prevailed, 
and tatnve auceeee 4*aa aaniiwd- TQree 
directors retired and a, ballpt was 
taken to flU the yaeaneisa. Mr. W. B 
Elford was re-aleotea, while Messrs 
A. DysQn and 8. J- Haald are the two 
new members of thf diraator^. The 
geperil aeoretary; 9|r<f F. O. , iTiriat, 
waa'^tandored a vote «i thanka for his 
work and unfailing aouriesy. 

A very awbltiboa programnae will 
be mapped out for the- ensuing year. 
The holding of the N. P. A. O. re- 
gattft 1^ 4uly. will be ^ie oapj^l ayaiit 

"For the past year or morel have 
not been righ^ phygic^liy; X Just 
di4nn feel good at all. but last April 
22n4 I had an awful attack with my 
stomach, which nearly drew me up, 
and r have been worse ever since. 

"About the best way I can describe 
the way J. felt is to say I waa Just 
leg-weary and all In. I really did not 
have strength to keep going, and I 
gave up all Idea Qf trying to work. 
For a long while I had no app«t4ta 
but would eat, asQrhow though my 
food never aeemetf to 4o «• anr 

"I would go to bed at night and 
would sleep but apparently did not | 
rest, for I would fct up Just as tired 
as when I went to bad. I got so X 
could scarcely go a ^look but W/hait i 
would have to iMitp jmH tfH 

"WsU^ljr^ sfeQiUBKnlgc 0M.4ay 
and thht remtaiiad me that a Criaad 

had apoken about the same medicine, 
so I got some and began to take it. I 
had been talcing it about a week when 
one evening, after supper. I started 
to walk, and before I realised It I 
)iad walked up to Rlrat Street and 
back, about 14 blocks, and never felt 
It at /111. and then I reallaed that the 
toni(^ waa helping me. 
, '71, haxfl. taken four Jio>t^#ow and 
>ist foaling vaal go«i«.j|iain. i 


□ESaw Tweed 

.A • 

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This aitr^v4^roup of l^wMd SMits includes many 
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the regular prices. At $26.75 tliey can't be dupli- 
t £ft|fd. The colors arc blue, js^reeii tnd brownjA^ 
III V/ 4ureSi . ftemember, this special pdcft if i ' 

721 Yates 

fof Saturday anly^ 

.1? V 



report waa itotened to -witk ^U^JilNft 
Id wm 9A»daetive of oenaWiark|b1a 
diaeuaaton. A hearty vbia oC jQh 
was tendered to Mr. Caldei;prood. 




Percy C Payne 


Tka anderslfnad TmllMl of 
the «tlh Raserva f ShtffMMto) 
tillsliTr «sgl»aaHl Wmik WW 

be gUd to receive appMctllOM 
ttpm Orewd^ — « (o r tk^ i§0^ 

trI&lbErtf IE? alS!?^ 
4alk»«H with t^lew tb iht dlsttV> 
bntkHi of the money pieced In 
tka lMHt<a «t tha Mid Trvsteca to 

A a 



^For dad or brothtr,' ajatar 

ported CkKid 

COWICHAN LAKE^ April 29.— The 
Cowlchan lAke Shingle Co. is instal- 
ling 'an electric light plant In tU 
mill, leeatad at Soneymoon Bay. 
There are two maohiaea there and 
the. dally' o«i ,rune, ahmt 7M»o 
sbiaglaa. Fau^ carlrsada have al- 
ready besa shipped out. Bhlngle 
bolts are bought locally. About fif- 
teen men are new .employed there 
and it is planned to Increase the 
number shortly, l^r. Vye and Mr. 
W. Robertson are Interested In thia 

Xisat wae1( another ablpmenV of 
lumtiar left hare for Cartlera. Xm. 
p r eva mw ta ard being made on the 
Cowlehatt Xjake>1>nncan roa<h 

A number of vlnttors spent tha 
week-end here, th^ fishing b«^1ng 
Kood. A new ^launch arrived last 
week for the Empire Company. 

shAwnigan reports 



mA-wrnQMi'tsAKa. XvA r*.^ 

It Is repertaffjhat Capt. Pe 0alis 
haif dlapeoad ^ hk large he«isa and 
aciaage, situated od th« weet arm 
Of the lake, to an iSngllsh inntlegisn 
„frfl«i Ho«chamr< wha Intenda to make 
PbgwnigMi hie Knwn^Ml lib 
Daring tha war «MCe • nuMlidr of 
pefnia tnm tha Orlant spant^ m^- 
oaeon at Shawnigan. and ■'HB ii|>iia^ 

JMM hf 
M«Leaa. UTwtf^ » aweapd* 

hf tha Cbwttilaa BxHootves ComfMy* 
JJMlted. In tha estrtrldga maaufhietar. 
tat PekteU. wa» hUlad 

iWS^ilJ^aJBSSl *2i 
^yfSSS JIM •MM if t»b fi^^ 

VMBbik Wch., A9xa tt^r- Two 
anha l ii^lMa jeeeniag eiilerad a 
igWB t0«a itaerMhapw held «p the 
eleik tBd rifled tbe safe ar vdkunend 
rtMp.«a4« t^. ka W«Kh <l<.^s Oae 
arjiia man liaM..^ tha e|g» §t 

hrteging nmm 
MUt and dueled 
hartt^ltta iTdlany. haa flhaHgad 
haeda. Mr. -^k Valine, brother af^ 
tb# mambar for Saanleh. haa jfwr- 
ebfaef jlt, an bloc «n« run 
IK 0^^mmr f««a to Mr. Molony. 
t^ 'epaetac %«||e O. ». R . a 
'•a af enkrel w^l 
el4e of th*>lflM. 
l%«Une'a in- 


R^Mideiit. of Conrtcnay Came Boft|i 
fbr'BiMe, and Nanalmo ' * 
Oh ooe ea Oedi ir €Wrf " •>'::i 

NAN-AUia- A«»il tf .-^n St. Paul's 
Chtiroh yaaterday. by Rev. 8. J. 
Ryall, Mr. William Booth, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bootlj, of Court- 
enay. was married to Alips Ivy 
Rarnes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. 
C. Barnes, Milton Street. Miss NalUa 
RawUnfoa attended- the bride, tha 
grooan batey ^iii rtp aai M td 'inr hla Ura. 
tl|<l!r. Ur» ^esoy BaaCh. of daurtenay. 
Laayiftg- <or VteMMftk-eltt fha after- 
noon, trabv far a honeymoon in sound 
cities, Mr. and Mr* Booth will, on 
their return, reside in Courtenay. 
Miss Janet Winnifred Williams, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Wil- 
liams, Cedar, and Mr. Im^ Smith, 
son of If r. and. Mrs. A. T. Smith, of 
Naaainio; were ttnltetf In ittarrlage 
yeet'erda]^ by Rev. Mr. Feareon. at 
St.. Philip's Church. Cedar. Miss 
Myrtle^mith waa bridesmaid, while 
the groom was supported by Mr. 
John Williams, brother of the brldel 
On their return from a trip to Vic- 
toria and the 8ot|n4 eftiea, Mr. and 
Mrs.. Smith 'wm realde on Ifaohleary 
Street, • 

N'AMfMCi SOCf AL 11011$ 

NANAllfO. April «f.-i.Mr. rirti 
Mrs, John ton left last week for an 
e>:tended trip to Lancashire, Eng- 
land, to visit their relatives. 

Miss Doris Rowley, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. David Rewlegr, fatmar. 
ly residing in Nanaima, wmi 
ried yesterday In VaMoowrer. 

Mrp. V. C. jnnh 'was preeentetf 
last avaalng with a haadsaaialy 
bound eomr of the new PreahytaHan 
Book of Pralae. jn syirririiTlai ct 
her servloes aa pianist at tha mid- 
week prayer service. 

Graduated from St Paul's Hos- 
pital to Vanpower laat Tlieaday 
night. Mlaa leabeUa A. Jean Ollehrtat, 
daughter t»f CapC. Oilehriat, received 
the apaolal madal for merit givehby 
Dr. Mhiiftm,- ■ 

The whlbt dvM and sale 6f work 
held at the Five 'Acre's Mission Hall 
last evening was a great success. 

The Salvation Army will hold 
farewell servica tomorrow evening to 
Brigadier KeLeda had fltaflN<»|»tatn 

The Blks wtU hold & soelai time 
tomorrow evaatag UlbDei inal. 
lows' Han. . • " ' 

May Qae«n Cnndldatea 
NAKAIMO. April itjm-4n»' eaMt- 
dates for May Qpeen iiaaf* 1»een 
listed with Che Ra4 Cram i0<Mety, 
three auMra beiag ex)»ected ftrom the 
Native Seaa, flouth Wellington and 
Oran^ Consolidated. Cassldy. The 
fair aspirants are Miss Lizzie Dand, 
candidate for 'the Weeks Motor Co.; 
Miss Hasel Decherty, of the B. C- 
Telephone Company; Miss Oladya* 
Hindmarch. of the pabUe^sehaola: 
Mlaa Halpin. of the Nanalmo Hos- 
pital: Mlaa Katie "^VaUr. aaadWIate 
Of tha.X.OJ>JB^ aad Mtas.Oarothy 
Whatfa. o| th» O.W.VUL V 


1tAjDRn>, April S».— Ring WUfonso 
yesterday received the Praneb Mar- 
shal Jeftre and the French Ambea- 
eador at tha Palaea. 

MandmMofCra, n i am n ted tha King 
with tha fVtneh Military Medal caa 
aKmi ad th« triaadai^ip of 
m mtm and af tha Freneh 
Otfi^rambafa ftaHiada for dJfbasaM 
affbrta ta rMiaa* the it»t e« watnded 
eotdlers of war and their fkmltlee. 

After tba greeting b/ the King, 
Mkrahal Jafflra was 
Quean Ytolafla and athar 
of thd rwyai family.. 

tdMDtnt, AkM l» lalllin on the 
BmPMSt of fVisaae 4m MtotAay win 
|»a tha Duke aad PnKliss of Devon- 
abire, Oaneral Maobrlaa. R. B. 

Jh^^ be baek at the t^q>oeltion 
8t^ Taii^ every day, and hiv« Just 
aa miich eaergy as I ever had. I get 
up refreshed in the mornings now and 
I have a real appetite which makes 
me enjoy three good square meals 
every day. .'< Anyone who heeds a. good 
tonic will certainly ba satisfied with 
Tanlao. and I am glad ia reoai^faend 
It to my friends." 

The above statement waa maAe re- 
cently by R. A. DaaniSon, a well- 
known owner and strainer of fin« tsot- 
tlnf horaea. reaidiaf at Ke, , S14 Beat 
BIghth Street, X^os ^ngelea. Cal. Mr. 
Denntson hfa Jlived in California for 
SS years; he Is 63 yeara of age and liaa 
followed h!.s present line of bualn,< 
for ao years. Ho is well knosra on the 
Pacific coast. 

rl^nlac Is sold in Victoria by D, B. 
Campbell, Drugglsti aad la^Bsautnult 
by Robert lApg. , • (Advl.> 


Theatre Manager Will Succeed 
Mr, J. T, Scott as Rotary 
pgui^,iSWaitfin.T- Nomina- 

wmmmm m 

1 .1.. - • 

While PnbUo UtiUties Commission Is 
Defanct, Mnnlcdpalittcs Can StfB 
Appeal to Government 

That the fact that the Publie mitl- 
U4S 6«Mnaitoeloa teif -VMn ddite ii^ 
with by leglatetlon paased at tha iw^ 
eenr seslibn of 'the Provincial Legiar 
lature doils not mean that (fuestions 
between municipalities and the B,C. 
Enectric Company such as Increased 
fares, etc.. cannot be dealt with, Is 
the gist of the advice which PubUe 
UtlMtles Commissioner KeUllack haS 
•gtven to tfte City Connoi^ot Vartcou- 
ver. to the effect that H^hat city dei 
sired a disposition of the B. C. B. R. 
inqtUry aad. furthei^ eonsideration of 
the si;fioe«t fbre matter. It was pos- 
sible to (Wcure it by a|>]r1l«fktloB to 
the Attomey-Oeneral. V 

Tho aommlaslonei^sald that when- 
avai^'lt te found expedient tO etarelas 
any^of tba ftowers within the act, the 
Provincial eaeoattve may appoint a 
special commission, as If the act were 
not repealed. Such a eommiasion 
might deal with the elx-cent tare 
matter and the case of the City vs. 
B. C. E. R.. and if tbe rounloipaltty 
desired these matters disposed of tha 
proper course arould be to make a 
request to the Attafaay-Ciaaaral ter 
anpotot ment of a speoial cam mlaslan. 


of tedbm Af. 

Popalar Chleff 
f iMra 

Mr. W. E. Ditchbum, chief inspec- 
tor of Indian Agencies, wan unani- 
mously re-elected president of the 
Victoria Federal Civil Service Asso- 
ciation at the annual meeting of that 
organisation held last night at the 
Pofltofnce. Other ofBcera eledted were: 
Vice-preaident. Mr. A# J. DaUalnl 
Martae Departmant; secretary. Mr. B. 
V. U Nslson, IMMIo Workp nsaaH^ 
' trsdaorai'. Mr. A. ObMMrWadl. 

Flaaaca Department, and: 
Stewart ^Robertson, Dominion 
Radio T«iafi«|rtMi • . , * • 

Mrf^ Oa]4erwood, who atteinjiad as a 
delegate from the VlfMetia branch 
the recent convention of the Domin- 
ion Civil Service Assopiktlon at Ot- 
tawa, aabmitted aa intarostlag report 
Ujbon the proceedipgs outlining the 
various subjeels dealt with, uucb aa' 
e4St of living baniis, classification,' 
adpamnnoatlon. independent boardai 
of • ■ 

Mr. CltfTord Danham will be the 
new president of the Victoria Rotary 
Club. He will not take office until 
t%e annual meeting i^eat m?oth, but 
at yesterdaj'a^lHIWh^n fjC'^he. olnb. 

Buneatad for the post; so his ileotloa 
(fTassurea. ■ _j 

Mr. Jfrnw M«lleatty.and Mr. Wai,. 
lace T«rfy«i^'i^ai)i||^, >^ ih«y 
withdrew. . 

Denham. a RotaHan in mare 
than name, has been one of the stair 
\V'arU of the Vtotorln club for same 
years, and durinf, tha t«fm naw 
drawing to a.claae ha haa^wen sae- 

Jack Sbott's fWithand mao.^k p*. 
ttya of Mnrs,VlC^Olafn0T|iansblre. ho 
waa bem' Inl 'iftS, but he vrss only 
six years 014 'when he went to, Lon- 
don, wWere at an «ailif: age tta en- 
tered the show bnslness. For some 

Ltd., controllers of -eome of the ^^^rg- 
est vattdsTtUe lioussir ' fa LMdon. 
msA im repeat «va yeaM itKh the 

paay; ne waa ahftcsv ay the C.P.R. 
to take a serlee of pictures for pub- 
licity purpoaes, and he travelled the 
length and breadth of the Dominion 
while on this mission. Later he made 
three tranaeeiltitiantal tours of Can- 
ada, aahlblUng the pieturea, aad On 
bis third time oat was aOsred the 
m e n»( p ai lS ■^ at tha aid IrietaHa 
Theatre. WMHr Mr. RUkaUt aald eat 
to- Xlaw * Brlanger, Mr. Denham 
retained hbi post for a year, and than 
ran the house for himself, 'mbbe* 
queatly accepting the peaitlen of 
maai^fcr of .tfw R«9M ^fUlaria Thea 
tre tp 

njplwiltloiis for ottkpr posi 
tieilK, waiclM follows: 

fVamMrOterip Mc- 
GriWJW* 8. tifift ^.^ferbert 
ftlff p. a« Down, 
P. 31, Seurrah, C. B. VVanch, Oeoc|re 
O. Ilusbby. Qeorge I. Warreo, Jamea 

Var aseend^ ftae*prss li f Bt ; Alesa. 

Qld^sk Cost Dsateri tettht Gttr 


No coal is 



]iv>*c)smk oUVni yok can 

Wilte Waker frS«i 


e Foindatien Co. 
af B.C,Ltd. 

Victoria, B.C. 

We are prepared to accept M4g far 
tba feUowiac Typawritars: 

One Uhin., three 14-in.. on« lMm„ 
two Ifl-in., two 20-ia, Uadcfwoods, 
one i4en.. one lA>ia«; Remipfftons. 

The FaondatioflM^ of B.C. Ltd;, 
Point Hope Yard. 

Padaor J. Carl JRaadrav. ,llMla«s ■. 
IWrr,' Jttamd momtr * -v^dMar, 
F. -W.' Johnson, C. H. SVeneh, 
n^ Harii|trd. 1)1^ M, RftyilBtj'^ 

Tot t r i » ai| qr er; H, B. DeaW}la,,;Jaa. 
: ^oajiar. i, p. Jtlaeg, Stewart ^P^^il. 
Mamsg Pater Sahmmiiii^ WUNam dipn- 

( >^r y r psant-at-anns ; Oeorge I. 

■mmnmi Patar iohwaalk. MdiNrk 
Webb, W. A. MoAdam. 

',Wr direetors (tlwi^ fa ha awacad)f 
T. P. MeCoajiail. Stewart Wllllapis. 
,- HobSft Mayhew, P. B. Seurrah, Oeo. 
I O. Boahby, Lester Patrlclu uteion 

• JBS«35i2r^.«; 

Talling.iJ. D. O'Connelt Waltag* S. 
Tarry. ItlMit Aii Playfair{ 0. B. 
Jones. W. Fsrey Marehaat. Jamea H. 
er, Reginald Bmwi^. Rav. F. 
Bha«wiak. V. fTMaftln. Staihen 
T. O'Bdsn. ' . 



■eel Oevltte 





victoria; R.C. Friday, april 30. 1920^ ' 

J i W J i ff* lS t t<^4tilij <l| M| ! . l ii 


^W^^ cannot invest' money 
/r. mqfe fafely than you can in 
iiftit^ds., Incidentftlty you 
>^y . <U«ni«n(b to 
thii $tore. Atk to be 

better advantage thjug^jQ^I 

Spcdat^t $25 

1113 GoTernment St. 

n, the Jeweler 

"At the Sign of the Big Clock" 


•^Bv«i^mag<ittMe ske, slupe ftnd/ style of 
Jardiniere and Lily !Bd>jirl fiiids a place in 
this cotfipr«h«ntiftf Jtdek' They «re moder* 
Btely pricedf too. 
Jardiniere! and Lily Bowla, from 17410 tli :„..,.„,;,,^^..^^ 

, Flower Holders, from^". 

WILSQN 4^ J] ^ 

Pheae 126S ■ - . ; > Powiiai 8trtt 

« ■ 



yi -Inch Mesh 

Wire Netting 

. 18 iactiea .wide 
. per' UnMI . yard: 
Suitable for' biM^Veia, 


Crockery, •tc. 

' n 3r, . ' 

Canadian PaolHo fkainlnRS 
SilOimtSAU April 39.— Canadian 
Paclfto Railway earnings fo/ tiit. 
month of MafeU; IfSOf. were 115.- 
716.936.20. Expensen, f 13.758.171.49. 
Net iearnlnga, .$l.957.7«4."l, an In- 
crease ot'^ Mia^'Ugrl^'^*, }n<irQ«ist ka 

WASIIIKOTON. April 3f,— Van H. 
Manning. . director of the Bureau of 
Minos, has. resigned, nffective June 
30. to become director of research 
of 'thr newl>'-oigaiilSed American Pe- 
troieium Ingtlt|i|t8!^ , eomposeg ot '.the 
leading ' petroleum prodtassrs of the 

_ . , , . W«»lad^>;^^iB(^ '.woman to tafte ad* 

l a m a m l n rwmKHn was'tim. oltort vantage of our mlMnery.and dry: 
^siiMir. of the United State*' D^oiainn- goods aale Blay 1st ieahreek Tbong. 

tMMn of Independenee. 

comer of Broad and Johnson. 

Sale of 


at 15% Off 

Never ])d'ore: has a Milp'cke^y Salt mafdfc^suoh a won- 
dirful suicess as the bnt stiftetf Thiiitany morning 
and will q9qUQve until Saturday mght: . 

Hundfeds <lf the fashicj^lbfe worfiitt 6f Vittoria took 
advantage of this SPECIAL oflfering, and made their 
selection on the first day of the -sale^ and; as the sate will 
only last until Saturda.y night, you will have to hurry to 
select your hat at>ii savirtj of 15%. 

Ncv^ before jia;^ French Millinery becri offered on a 
sale an4iM^^M?i^^^)^ season^ ao4#t reduction 

Rei»Smher--THIs ss^j^wiH opif tajnintir^^ 
nigift, and every hat. %«therylt ^^^00 or^|K9.00 Is 
reducdiy^: — / X 



Merchants Consider Advisabji- 
Ity, of Experimenting With 
Holiday Plan— Are Satisfied 
It CondWon 

How would an all-day holiday on 
Mondays do, with a full working d*y 
Batarday, up till, ^y, 9 o'clock? 

TbiB is a question wblch Victoria 
merolfaots are beginning ' t^ aertouely 
por.dor M a resnlt «C jtl|#iaui|(«meiii 
on the part «< Ui« ygilMl oierPa to 
obtsln anMkSr 'dnuigo tn-'tliO holiday 
regulations In this city. ^ It Is statod 
that the clerks are preparing to or- 
garlze again for a campaign with 
Saturday closing as its objective. The 
proposition of Saturday doling was 
broufht, before the^ ^ts,|M»arera not 
long ago. ,M)4 , wn« *ta»»luiticaity 
turned down« /tip^ tbo elaim to 

have aecunid'.many converts since 
then, and they contend that &.n effect- 
ive pubUeity crUsade would Just 
about turn the scales in their favor. 

The majority of the merchants, 
however, s«em to be determined In 
their oppoaition to Saturday closiaa. 
and while many of them are not any 
too pleased with Wednesdmy oloaink* 
either, they would sooner have ^ 
present conditions 'ihan the Saturday 
half-holiday, with ).ho consequent 
slackening off of week-end sales. 

. It is the thought that Victoria 
might return to Saturday closing: be- 
cause of the evident Unpopularity of 
th^ mid'Week holiday In some qua* 
tere that has prompted the m«r> 
chants here to think of an alterna- 
tive which might prove less incon- 
venient to them and at the same time 
meet^with the approval of tbi9 gap* 
eral public. 

A big chain of meat stores con- 
trolled Tn Eastern Canada by the 
Davta and Plavelle interests has in- 
auguratod ftbo .plan of oloolng all day 
Monday, thus nukklng a slittlo break 
in the week by, bringing twx> 
holidays together. The stores oper- 
ate Saturday night. 

Whether Monday clofling would 
suit Victoria is doubted by many 
dealers, but some of them state that 
they would prefer sueh an arrange- 
ment to Saturday eleslng. Tkey will, 
at any rate, watob wltli-lkse) Inter- 
est ths rMHilt <tf tbs exporlment In 
the Bast. 

Meantime, it Is probable th^t the 
retail section of the Board of Trade 
will take ijp tlio ..mgttM' in tbo near 


Rummage sals, ist, Si^iCn Mall, 
Saturday. 2:30. 

Bx-ImpsrIalS wanting a^ Infor- 
maUdn apply ovanlagt lit tlnloa 

J^injt Si|Udii |||.: ^ 

br. C W. .I>uck has opened an 
olTloe In ^ampbell Building, rooms 
4gS.4. . ^'^ ■ . ^ ■ ' 

Saturday Night Dance, as usual. 
Alaxauidrm Ballroom, Courtney Street, 
Ogard's llve-ploc(B' brbbostra^ 

,' ' ■ 

. Danoe, Sooke ^rbor- Hotel, Satur- 
day, May 1st. Nowitt'a' Orchestra 
Full moon night. . Proceeds Sooke 
AthlotMs CInb . ^ ' 

Dance, Agrtaiaitaml ]E{all. Saanlch- 
ton, od Fridair ftlgbt, April 30. Un- 
der, auaplcos of Agrlcaltaral Boelety, 
Hoa^on'ji O rebastra. D ancing * to 9 

Exceptional bargaina' tiftky he^likd 
in ladies' and children's goods at Sisa- 
brook Young's May 1st sila, corner 
of Broad and Johnson. 

Reformed Episcopal Church Ladies' 
Aid will held' afternoon tea and sale 
Tuesday. May' 4, comer Humboldt and 
Bianshard Strsots^ 

Jass Daaelnv— -Amoelciui Baanty 
Jass win be taughf and danced in the 
Lorraino Acadomy . . after May 1. 
Ciaasss t to S and 1- to, t. 

Y.W.C.A. — Rummage Sale, St, 
John's Mall, Saturday, May 1, 2:30 
ContributionH wilt be ftratefully re- 
ceived mt "T." Stohart Bi|ilding. Yates 
stroot, today» 1 p.m. 

Vocal TttUlon-^itr. i. IB. RInten. of 
Vancouver, visits Victoria, Monday 
Tuesday. Bfudlo. Ill* . . Broad Street. 
' otters 

Saturday night Jaas ball will be held 
in the Lorraine Academy, with Zalla's 
three-piece orchestra. A prise will be 
given to tbs most graceful -couple in 
09*' tfM. Jadtf ng; Anyone assn dane- 
ittt In sogtsotlve ' jpboltloa. pr ahlm 
mylng trlH b o sobjoet to arrMt 

Permanent Hah^Wavlng, stdam 
process: wave of any sUe guaraatood. 
Does not bi«aoh; absolutely harhllesa: 
no chemicals or borax uacd. Ifra. B. 
Freer, Qusen Uairdreestog Pafloni 
740 Fart mifoet. 

• . , , ' . , , . . 

Mr. J; H. Ulntom tbo «»«al taaobor. 
of vaacoavor. ataAsg.ltor tbo boMiH 
of those wtto bavo ia«ttlf«d, that bts 
son, Harold HttttOli, .(T,^ .A.* now re- 
sides In Vaneonver: that his aeeon^ 
son. Major Arthur IIln\o.n. late of 
the staff of the Australian Bzpedl- 
tionary Force, Is cattle ranching. In 
Qusonstand. Mr. Hint^n'g iaagbter 
is lAc wife of Major. Wharrla sC the 
Scottish Divisional Stall. aa4 Is now 
on* »8Hk» on tbs Rhino. 

' On AvtstSoM SisiftMsa ' 

VANCOUVRR. A-prfl St.— <;olonel 
J. S. Scott, of the Canadian A%iatk>n 
Service, leavee for Victoria tonight. 
He is superintendent In charge of the 
lasuancr of certificates for aviation. 


o« a abort 

frlSnds. ' 

Mrs. VEriliiain Bverall. of Vletorta. 
who is vtslUng frtonda tn Vaaoottver 
this week, was the, hoqoir gueot at a 
tea glvan by Mrs. Comlsb. IfipnUf 

«•«» fag ytm ,tpodw»« Cwd a »» « »^ w*** 

ding on IfMiday, hM.^ rstbnwd to 

their home in Vancouver. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. a. Hemihaw. M 
Prince's Road, liondon. S.W.. enter- 
tained at a reeepUon on April 11 Col» 
lowing tbo SMSTiaCS at Brampton 
Oratory of Mrs. Osborne Phmkett and 
Mr. tidooy Btowart Oafarirortby. 

Hiklor M. Furbor, of Vancouver, is 
in tbs city on a brief visit, a guest at 
the Bm press Hotel 

Miss Maxam, late commercial agent 
of the B. C. Telephone Company, Dun- 
can, has returned to Victoria. The 
staff presented her with a casserole 
in sUvsr stand. She is soooeodod by 
Mlaa Dorothy Ker, tosmarty todaer 
keeper . In Victoria oabb^nga. Mid at 
one Urn* la tbo employ o( tbo Bank 
of Bntlab Nortb Amortea. In, this 

Mrs. Barl , DowdaU left yesterday 
afternoon for tther home in Walla 
Walla after spending '.he past two 
weeks with her relatives in this city. 


President Carl feridrty, of tsl- 
and Development Associa- 
tion, Thinks island Looks 
Foolish Without Boosting 

"l believe that one of the strong- 
eat arguments in favor of a fund 
with which to carry on the work of 
the Victoria and Inland Development 
Association is to be found in the 
possibility of securing for tbio Island 
a largs shave of .tbs Immigration 
that Is oomlng to. Canada from Croat 
Britain." said President Carl Pen- 
dray, of the association, in discussing 
the forthcoming drive for funds last 
night. "Just before Mr. F. C. Wade, 
our agent-general In London for this 
Province, left for his post reoentl)'. 
he addressed •» ap|Ml to as for lit* 
erature selling fgrllr. tHmt tMs Is- 
laAd bad to offiir prdivooUire settlers. 
As a matter or fact, we now have 
nothing to send him. We must have 
money before we can undertake to 
provide anything. It seems foolish- 
ness, doesn't It. for the Province to 
send a business getter to England, 
and we. as one of the. leading com- 
mnnltles of tWe Provlae^ are not 
prepared tp-badk him up to ottr gwa 

Tbe' communication referred to by 
President Pendray resuls as follows: 
Dear Mr. Thompson: 

I am leaving for Bngland today 
and am looklnir forward to a good 
year, so Car aa Jmmli^ation ia con- 
cerned. It would help .matters greatly 
If 3r(»u oould send vs lalrgs quantities 
of your sploAdId patopblsts. The In-' 
qalries for Information about the 
Island are endleae, and It tlhe .pam- 
phlets are to be of use to UN. we mbet 
have (hem in thousands. 

I would also like to suRgest, that 
you furnish me with a. nuAiber of 
large pioturee of Victoria arui the 
beauty spots of Vancouver 'Illaitd-^ 
the oorfe, Boaaon.. Hill, . Molahat 
D'rlv3», Albeml Cuii^l. SjAoikt tiake.- 
<3ontral Lake, etc., etc. I^ey would 
hate ' to be frkme'd.* ' as ' the, 
eoet of framing. In London is quite 
prohibitive. Then they should be 
astistioally colored.' Wc. haVc' ah 
excellent lot of colored pictures fur- 
nished by the .City Council ot Va^- 
couver, and New Westminster .has 
Just undertaken tO' follow 'her • ex- 
ample. Our window space to e;|oel- 
lent, and with a plenUful supply of 
pictures we can keep the British 
public intensely interested. 

Please let us hear from yon • In 

Tours very truly, 

F. C. WADE. 
Agent-General for B. C. 

A public meeting of business men 
and other believers in publicity for 
the cit)l will be held in the Board 
Room, BeljmAnt Hotiss, at 4 o'etoek 
this sttsmoon, to amka tbe ftaai ar 
rangomenta for a drlva tsr thmds to 



Rooent MeeUng 
. Wosfc Open to W( 

FMd of 
i*s la a t l f I BS 

Strawbem' Vale. Women's . Institute 
l|oid a aAetlog aa ^ 
wbsfl the sttbjait of MSWkto work 
was taken up< It was stated that 
the history of women's work rovOals 
the fact that each European oountry 
previous to the *ar had some asso- 
ciation of women similar to the pres 
ent Women's Institutes. The first ac- 
tual Institute waa organised at Stonay 
Crook. Ont.. la Itlt. Oaiy daring Clia 
past Ave yearsk liawavar, , 
movement mads Its grsat 
today there are t h oo saa di of tbeee 
laotltntrs in Bngland. 

It was considered that the Wo- 
men's Institute Is the greatest factor 
for o)>building of country life, its 
alma ^d Ideate aro an for tbe bet- 
terment of rural aoodhions. It senrte 
as a link botwMlie^^td^ and oountry 
womML A abboma wa^od ddt fai Bng- 
land eon^stod of tbo sstabUshlag .of 
a woman's club In tbo town to be 
used as a Common centre by both 
town and country women. 

Thto borne, or cInb wo«ld bo known 
as a "Woman's bwtltnte Centre,* 
its uses would be nomerons: to 
mote good feeling between town and 
eoOBtry: to enoonrage a wider know- 
lodgo od agr«e«ltnral » «ab|e«m and 
oendHload: la osiabHsh a iMpig l« 
or slMdlsS^ UttT'tb bo 
for all membom 
a aaatfo wbaid enabia t|m 
procure better 
tors. loet a rors> 
It would Aerrb aa a 
or exchange where 
dostrlee might be sold or 
There would be heM elasose (Or 
haadlerafts of all sorts, aad to«hi 
woaki baws ajpwiaamsa ta 

produce or la- 

\ ' .Store Houra— 9 g4ii. to 6 p.m. 
WedaeaiUy, 1 pjn. 

M I. 

Two Special Falues h 

V /^g^ Today and Tmitorram l > r f 

FAWN G a b e r d i n e 
Coats, made in ser- 
viceable styles* with con- 
vertible collar, fancy 
pockets and belt. Splen- 
did models for general 
wear. Exceptional valiie, 
925.00. . 

Coats, made with 
, convertible . collar, storm 
CUffs,'Wftrtical pockets 
and belt. These are well 
^made from splendid qual- 
ity tweed, and are very 

practical models in every 

way. Special, 932.50. > 


^ ... ' ' 1"* ' I 

An unusually' Urj^e 
acciunul a t ion ■ of 
short' ends will 
riiblce thib Remnbrit 
Sale unusutlty in^ 

U&eftti Icngithft will 
be ofFered in silks, 
velvets, velveteens, 
dress goods, suit- 
ings, coatitigs, cot- 
ton drpss fabrics, 
cottons, towellings, 
shirtings. flannel- 
ettes. ribbons, laces, 
embroideries, «tc. - 

These will go on 
iiaic today at wx- 

usual price reduc- 
tions.* We advise an 
early selection. 

Ser g^e Skirts 

Specia l 

yowcHnf Overall and Bij^u^alfm Afirtmf ^ ^ 


viceaiblc quality, fLOO. 

Weil tailored in aiiilplc;^ ' 
ihougli smmrt btyles and 

mm^:^^^' ?S3!e trimmed with ric 
Made serfCA <A 

Frint ' Aprott, i ..■•«>rtment of 

ihacfe without bil^vkiM . , 'gy^* '^P'on* ^'"8- 

iength, f l.»5. *»<>^ fine quality 

. iWiiits, mad^ with elastic 

AjifxMi of. Fancy Spotted warst-iline*. • "Offered • ia 

Percale trimmed with ric- small, medium and large 

rac braid, two larg»« Styles, ftM te^^.fM9 

pockets, no bib, 9t»5#. dtieli. 

'n i .;i[ . |rn.l 

,uii nla> Ilk 111 

* \ Sak of JFamen's 

- m il l i f g ; _ I ^. 1 ^ . ^ ^ ^ 

Sweaters J , i A 

• ; . "• "" . • L* , ^ i. • , I 

Slip-OYier>,W«»ters, without! 8lc«^^ 
sq|lai^..c»Uar. In maize, purple,^ IItliibKf»' 'gi«en and* j 
rose. Rediaced to 98i>99* ^ / /. 
Sleeveless SHp-OvtrSwanHrs».ki'.purple and -green. 

Reduced ,t6;^M.. ;\ ;^ 

Slip-Over Sweaters, without sleeves; in wliite, 
paddy, maize and apple. ' Reduced to 94.95. 

Coat Sweaters; in a number of popular styles and 
desirable colors. li^duced to $8.50. 

Moirette and 


Moirette iPdticoaU : 
%tyles are oflfered 
)go6iS, aeii^tioii of cblora, 'C ; ! 

JieathcrblbQm P^ticoatb. 
Excfptiowftl quality i»i>' 

Galateas and 


Offered in pleasing 
shades of blue. Worthy 
qualities, 26 and 30 inches 
wide. 45f , 6<l^. 6S^, 
75^ and 90f a yard; 

yard. , 

, • 1 . 

. Special FiMi$ in 
Yable Napkins 

, ^ » < 

Being seconds, these 
linens all show some 
small defect, but the im- 
perfections 4re snch. as do 
not impair the service^ 
able qualities. 

Napkins in good ^f^igna, 

^ per 

Sped id Val ues 

Intending pufchiscrg wUl do . well ta invcsUgatc the. 
following lin^;^;' - ' • * ' 

Fitt< C o 1 1 o n tt b l, ^ 
grey, pearl, tan,> bro^, 
bla<;k and white, t^^l^l. 

ydlow, * broWn, it^'ty. 
navy, black and whiib 

Fine*. Grade Fibrd'' iiik 
Hose, in plain shades. 
. also . novelty stripe*. 
fUSi-' • ; 

SPECIAL -r ChildTM^d 

^iiavy; Ribbed CotfTtfli' fiffiT^Hose, with lace 

MoiiV ^^•«?f ^ wbUdj Irints, iit vev. bcowii, • 

broken siWsptcial »|vy, 

*an>io«^.- ••• ttlai^ 

r : .... ■•.* : 

Women's Cotton Hosa, • 
in brown, black aoc' 
white. Special, fSOf, 

Fancy Novelty Stripe 
)se, in silk and lisle, in . 

fkkt. > • ; \^ [■ ^ 

itt aik pose, full ^ 

j lj » |. 4f ' <jNf'^ijK!l«» ""^p. ( ■ <i\ 

nxt, navy, brown, pink, 
giiver, sand Snd beaver. 
Rje mark able vdlue, 

P|M» ttMk Firgt Ptoor, 1877'. Bloosft, UBgerld 

Stywifi piiiMiag; -lati^ 

oountry esalMS 1»*^ ^SkSKl 
UsiMd witb gjraotaauiwsa, paa mm- 
try oMrtra tnchided rest-room, clnb- 
rooia. library. reoUorant. hoirtel. do- 
nssne sdsikso eo«tfoo. dopot 
of artlclos. gaff«Mgo 
tMiebors in tarlo^ps eSsassft wm 
extondod to a smalt t^rm 
raised and 

of great vgloo to 
was e«- 



and Idsoto. add 

an toealltlaa ^ 

I2f>3 Douglti Sum 
Phone 2504 

-WimM d 

jaoMfbaiiKy, and 
aiiiail Wfc 

( 'fas' a 

(%|iipineiit for ttie 


* ''Last yetr's rac%^et1i out aii&"' 

test it. If strings arc broken or 
- .frayed— now Is the time to have 
our expert repair men make the 
necessary repairs. Later on they 
•may be too busy to give your 

Poets, from 

from 9iM 

Tapea .■....•14.TB 

SaeqMt Grip* 

k k. 

719 Yatm Sirem 


Sevwity Canadian^ Will 


The Premier Recreation 
. Patlors of Victoria 


12 English and 20 
PocAef Billiards 

Oompyin^ the whole Of 
base m Te*!i Mef " ^ 
lieteV Juft 


"The Best is 
None Top Q^ji*" 

& Lalluin 

>bone 012 







eoxiNe loui^ 

Victoria Club Wiit Stage 
other International Af&ir 
r^t -W^eitP^eFal Good 

TW Awl* 




f • 

QaMMi* 3 fbir 25c 


\. Totliocoiilst, Etc 


^Fly Screens, 

We will take metsure- 
meots and give you an 
#tstMia|e for screens. 

jJohnaOB A Bowser 

C»rp4nten ami BvUdm 
1003 Yate* St., Cot. VatMoinrci 

* 4o 

kit's all we sell. Wholesale Price) 
'Mj|tts aetoed tod Re-91o«J(«il 


PatfMftnd b)r the Leadinf Hoases 
in the qit; 


The entertainment •ommlttee of the 
Elks' Club has decided to Dol^ 
hun4r«d drive on **^rfitr Mit. liar 
S, M the orabroohm in tl^ Campbell 
Boililiig, to oommence at 8 pan. 
■hakfi. All members ara requested to 
be on hand aad to bring their friends 
as the season is drawiog to a close. 
The commlttee^is- desirous of making 
this a huce snocess as all the proceeds 
will be turned over to the relief fund. 
Prises have been secured, refresh- 
ments will b$ served and an informal 
danq^ wll} IM IMd mftehvsrik 

HAS tiHf nui' 

Tom O'flourke Will Searcli 
inf toFollaw 

' A Sii M ill m 

NE7W- OnUBANB, April t^.-^Tlttu 
O Rottfto, of Ke* Ywk, r«presentlnff 
the iMfTMtloMl *|M>rttn« piub. 
which, ampllnv te O'R0«rke. pUns 
to develop a 'r'eally representative 
American champion heavyweight 
boxer," left here for Jpfffijqinb Ia.. 
to Helect several lufln&er jimd for 
training. > 

to ssioot a, oumbar of vnmmxmjMM- 
dltfatas from ameat tho fvT^lf^u- 
oua" totortrtf* ~ IMmrtmt. steel 
manu^MftirtHt, •hlptJulMin^ mining 
and farming— t*k» Jhem to • train- 
Ing carap near New Tork, pay their 
expenses and * salur a* leut Sit 
per oent greater th^n tlM0jf«MMriy 
received, mnd train tham nra >Mr 

allminallMr lioBlsM 1^ dSuHrmlaa 
the elMliiMBii. I.^W^'f , ^ • 

The Vletorla Boslng Club is staging 
another of its international boXIng 
and wrestling teaoiameats on Satur- 
day sfvenlng, M^. s, at the Oryirtal 
Theatre. Tba serrioss of W. H. DaVtea 
as matchmakar hava fga^htmn «•> 
cured br tha aa4 he eSpeetg to 
line up a card of a«*nU which Will 
come op t£the standard of the tiro 
snbeassfqiOBfai whleh have baen 

Claudo Foitha^^he SeaUle detectlre, 
has written offering ^la services, and 
he will probably nfpMt III Mi of illie 
feature bonta,. 

Invitations lia«« bMtt gani «o Waph^ 
ington 1^1«w|fbt Athpe 
Cluh. m^j jait»! Ctab^Olli^re 

looa]ieMMRMkSfi^trie^^Md°i| to 
eocpaeta^ -that all of these clubs wiU 
be reprdeenced by one or two ontrleS 

. The yiJU^ havf bean raiy foriM- 
nate In haTiag en* «l thW beat »ij|Nli 
lers in Cnnadn Jofa Ikatr club in tllO 
person nf Wkltar Sheppard. -of 
Nanl^a|0b ttaftpard is considered to 
be one nf.tlM'besI wrestlers in Canada 
at 14S lbB./ nad It Is hoped that he 
'^ll be s ee n I n n e U on against one of 
the best Amerioan welterweight wrett. 
lers 1q the near future. It was the 
intention to hpva Sheppard take part 
In the toumamittt on May 8. bat b* is 
under tjtie dootdM care. at the piaafiit 
time, aoffartng frbm a bad tbxoat, ^lid 
ha baa deeldad to wait for the ntkt 

One feature bout which Matob- 
maker Davles Is trytof to arrange is 
between Joe Nestman, the iron man 
boxer of Vancouver, and Teddy FoM. 
the V.I.A.A. atar Ugbtwaigbt boair. 
who haa da«14i4 to make his return 
to tha ring, llteae two boys shonid 
put up a bMtU* which should be waU 
worth witiissslna: they are both 
rugged willing mixers and their three- 
round aet-to should be brimful ,of 
action. It is expected that* the pm- 
gramme of events wilt be sttbmit|pi| 
during the next day or two. ' 



Say ' Canadian Triumph In 
Hoclcey Tournament Is Lei- 
son to Themselves to Hasten 
Pre|Mirat|on f»r AthMes 



MONTIUSAI/, April 21.-— Ansfaco- 
manta |or tbg bold|nc of 4b« plnapia 
p Hmin a flPB athlatto trials waM oom- 
plala^ at a maatlac of tbo Qtiebec 
bna^ at tba Otruie oonuattteo held 
iMt ntabt at tMlf««troal AmaUur 
Aihletlo Agaoelatlon Otnbbeose. The 
•Umlnatlon trials wfll be held for 
track and field leveota on Saturday. 
Julr-10. Trials for aU Provinces west 
of Ontario will be held at Winnipeg on 
Um same day. 

The finals, in which the winners of 
the provineial competitions will com- 
pete, wlU be held In Montreal on 8at- 
nrdar, July 17. and the team will aail 

SnMukd on the fonowlnr Mnr- 

d«l tta gldajnar Kallta. 
~ It wab aMnaanoad at the meetliMt 
that in all aeirantr man would be sent 
this season to Belgium to compete. 
Of this number, an the members of 
the Falcon Club, 11. are already there. 
The:^ will be:'Trapehooters, six; cyc- 
lists, four; boxers, seven; wrestlers, 
three: oarsman, 1«: swimmers, fovr. 
and athlMsfb 8*. 

The eaumatad ooat is,<tM par iada. 
making a total of 9 * tJH9, 



Olympic Contestants Will Ride 
Over 108-Mile Course— 
Cross-Countiy Routir Not 

. Yett Made Public 



J l«l' '•' 

denf^ 'Hon. John Hart Acting 
in Honora^-fiapioMy--* 
&i$in^88miNi Namiid ' 

PRXI^CB AX^B<tT. April 2».— Tom 
Longboat, some years ago famous 
long-distance runner, arrived here to- 
day from Caledonia. Ont. and .pre- 
tt Ms eredaatfeis to the ftotdlar 

Kortkaf^ aaakatebevan. Ha bas not 
deaidad on bia axact leoatloa. His 
wife la kara witb him and Longboat 
believaa ba can make money farm« 


ru II.— 1(Wm.' 
I^ded his r«c- 
an Aajrtonai 
M^ailia lat 
bMamatte in 
new mark' 
all the speed records' 
by Ralph de Palma. 


«««« April 8». ~ 
Fire resulting from an explosioa In 
(Re •ngine^twdA of tM mill af the 
liufhner Lumbar Ooayany fMiH lU 
North Bend, aady ta«ay. did taipage 

* ^ a l M IIVMM. lf«.a«a\>Ma 

in%^^ ^ 

iNia flannwiif aawH**^ 
widab rsaa a tiy watt Ifea 


— Fragments 

C«» la oampetttlatt with the taaaw 
tlM Vialatla. Oab' Bay 
leali. Win ^lay the 
— f<d!W Batarday at 
->alf at S 

"iDRONTO, April 2t. — The QliOf 
carries tba foBawMw flp»etal diapatito 
from New Torkj ^ 

"Under the caption: 'Prepared- 
Olympic Blogan,' The Evening Tele- 
gram last night conimented on the 
victory of the Winnipeg Falcons at 
Antwerp Sunday as followst 

"Canada's tidy triumph In t|Mi 
Olympic tournament emphasises . 
boar essential It fi for the Unit 
ptatos to driTo f arwftrd to Ma work 
ptapamtbm far tba Intamatloiiii 
avanta to eorafe. Canada trimmed _ 
clean as a bound's teath. The defaat 
waa partloularly hard to accept ba- 
cause the Onitad Btatcs had made 
such a wonderful showing in its open- 
ing gaaia against Switzerland, winning 
by a score of 1» to •. However, the 
Canadians had the goods. Let us bO 
the flrst to give cradit arbere credit 
is due. Canada's team, composed of 
veterans, fully deserved tba honors It 
acquired. It played taat, tilaaa hock- 
ay from tba outaat 

"While the dlirerenea in goals ba- 
tweea Canada and the United Statao 
was Blight, reports Indicate that tba 
players of the Domlpian played witb 
exceptional skill and plainly showid' 
their auperiorlty." 

ANTWERP, April 29.— Canadian 
cyciiata who eompata bi the MS-mile 
raad Maa tb ba bald bara on August 
II. to aa n aa etl an arltb tha Olympic 
BUMa Meyele events. wBl And the 
oantaa aomparatlvaly level and sult- 
4bla for fast riding. 

Tha ooutse which is to measure 170 
kilometres, Is, roughly, star-shaped 
^th the sUrtlng point at Mericen, to 
the north of Antwerp. After passing 
through a number of snaall vHlafes 
In the direction of the DatOb frontlar, 
the oyollsta will arrlva tiM fltst 
control station, wbiab bi WaaMM. a 
Awalltr vfUava on tba prtadBal Bai- 
b i n d » slBton> railroad. Wnm tbare 
ttay Bill 4mMb bask aoitth on an- 
other r«44 and. raovtag eastward and 
IMualng tbrough countless small vil- 
lages, will oomplete the race at the 
old Velodrome. There are two fixed 
control stations and voluntary points 
of control for the races. At Moll, 
which is approximately the half-way 
mm*, tbaaa la » auppiy station. 

The oamaiMtaa in cbarge^ of the 
athleUo avanta baa^ not ,yat 4eltoUely 
decided upon tba courses for the 
orosf-oowntry raoaa. but after the 
asleetlon tha routes for the runners 
will ba mads. publlOk This ruling dif- 
fers from that used at the Stockholm 
meet, where the course was not an- 
nounced until Just before -the races. 


Organisation of tba Capital City 
Baseball Company. Wly|ob la tb apor. 
ate Viaorla's franfshlair to tba t^Mbe 
IntemBMonat baagna. 

last night Whan attee. , 

and Bome of tba daiaBa to 
with the opanlnf of tBB 
decided n pan. 

The alate af vfltoara dtoaan by tba 
meeting was as fa W aw a : SsBarary 
president, Hon. Jobn Hart; prasMent» 
Mr. Jack T. O'Brien: vlee-prasiderit, 
Mr. E. A. Harris, secretary-treasurer, 
Mr. T. J. W. Hick; dtraotors, M sss ra . 
G. H. Blosell. James Pletebor. H. R. 
Savage, J. D. O'Conneil, J. A. Ritbet» 
John C. Renfrew, Thomas Plimtayi 
Charles Pendlebury and OeorgO 
Stralth. Mr. 'mn|( BMn^ IL C 
araa named BanaM waiiill 

A narada aommlttaa w«f nppatetad 
for tba oBmUfig day biMBfatolnta, 
and tba paraoanal win ba aBnbanoad 
later. A oominlttaa wm ntoo bPPdint- 
ed to organbw a booat^ otub to ac- 
company the Capltala to Ikcoma, 
cheer Bill Leard's warriors in the 
opening clash with the Tlgem, and 
Incidentally urge Tacoma baaeball 
followers to make an aaearalon to 
Victoria In force to witness th» open- 
lag ioriefl at the now stadbidl bare. 
The tact that the ssaaoo apeaa to 
Victoria durmg the 
monster Hudson's Bay ^ _ 
pageant la likely to « taduaa^a bto 
crowd to oome norfb lb see tba dny'a 
festivities as wall na gatoa af tBb'ball 



XJTOy wfll notice aothittg of that sort arooad here. 
^•^^ " wr pnrons of this estabUshtnent know bawt^ 
"•"^ 1>liy b #ent1emafi'i game like geatteaMB. 

Secides, fbe Sngtbih bitliafd tab1es» cudl^ coarfort- 
4ikh «lMiir»-.«ve^ appoi&tnenb-^arB ia pafledt eMdt- 
tioa. It 18 a quiet, ret^iil duMike jplaea tttpt tob can 

a.'vdr '"♦•"*^'* 

<3tM5 GoTcnmbt Sired 

Big Rnasal iMnaa. fvagb from tba 

tola toatw^ 
tarday bad 'i^t' lata a Capital npl- 
form. Thla boy stands sto feet four* 
and while only twaaty-three years Old 
he bas had a big sh^r* o^ expsrleo«e 
in baseballdom and is oountpd UPOB^ 
as a sure ^Tinner in tbia laagVe. 

"Toots" 9rown. tha new Outer gar* 
dener, Is a finished bal^ player aad h« 
is likely to set a fast pace for those 
who preceded him in arriving at tha 
Capiui City canap. Carmen. Zlenka 
and Jack Ooldla wltt ba f^taosed from 
now on with "Toeta" on the job. 

BUI Leajed haa anobgb to^aldara ta 
make Out a atafiar qttavtatta. bbd bto 
worriea about tba pitehlag atafl bbVa 
Just ab»ttt Yaniibad. tao. Tba twirl- 
era ara^jUan(|lul anouBb. big enough 
and aftwtlTa enough to help Bill 
along the route to tbb old l|oA|alOn 
at a dazzling pacA 

iMIIsli BriBrfflpBs 

Vtden Baak BnlMI|it 

e. A. STfe ELE 

•«*^A •Itmrm'm tt- 

6W Vle^ Sttaaf 


It is. X. 

» li 1 

« • 3 

Jordaa aa« Telle; Kal- 


Wultipllcity.of Calls on British 
Purses Mal<es Subscriptions 
Slow for Olympic Contes- 
tants Expenses 

LONDOH. April flt.^Rangars. 
drawltig a scoreless gaaw with Dum« 
barton this afternoon, wefi the ehsja* 
pionship of the Scattlab FootbaU 

League. Qvtm mmm fmm » 

Ayr I. I^aitlek e. 
Baitb 1, < l rsanaa b ' L 
Cattle 1. AtoMtobtonp li 

reaalted as Billows: 

LONDON. A;>m 29.— Plana for 
BrlUsh participation in the Antwerp 
Olympic gamaa ara being bekl up 
pending the OBtcaBia of the money- 
ra|alng campiMa for financing the 
eaWaata preaBng appeaie haire been 
aaada to recent weeka for tlS.aatt, 
of vbloh only fl.COO have %>een se- 
cured up to the present. 

"tliere haa been no lessening In 
the countrys traditional eathuatasm 
far sport, nor can tba wubbaidtog of 
funds be interpreted aa an indloa- 
Uan of any lack of sympathy for 
wffi^ iBbMp aap Of nMasbftf gra^. 
«r ^fiMflaua meet*,** said Sec- 

this evening. 

"Our main difficulty has been the 
mnltipllelty of app^la op behalf of 
war charitlea. such as MMd Marshal 
Haig's fund for disabled vatafbbs." 


At PortUad— ' 
Ban franclaco . . . 


Ho, Juney mwk K«i 

At O^Muin- R. K. E. 

tecnuBMite i 7 • 

OiUKMuia ■ X3 % 

*«tertest >*MWk. OsvitSI aad 8olMa«; 
Hotllnic and IfltM. 

At .><eHtU(?— . ». B. B. 

Ix»» Angrlea | u I 

So«lllo • i . 1 

Batterfea: Aidrtdgf aud ta»as: acborr 

and Kehrer. 
At I.M Asaelas— n. m. k. 

8%Jt t«Ju It IJ 1 

Vcm»n • % g ] 

.Bafterlrn: Ciillor. TTniraton and Byler; 

D«ii. Hum. SflwaMuvjte^aer aa« Pevemer. 

Piu ig asHa i ii M Sy'*^ ' X. B. B. 
"1 • .f .•••».....♦»«.... T 4 e 

-3- — isipwa ....,...««., Its 

BstteriM: BsSh aaC Waitsc*: KArlttr 

At tit. I^uls— K. H. E. 

Dpiroit .7... t » i 

St. l.<oula tit 

Batteries: Daiiw, Okrte aad 
SMbeni sad BevSreM. 

At New Tork— ' • u, 

WMhrnston t • 1 

_ ••....•«.•.......»»■ !• B S 

Batterioa: JebSBSb asd 'IMMIH Bslaa 
and Buel. ■ • • "•» ws»a 

At f^leveuaa-* X. H. S. 

cnirsso , • t» 1 

PaetJr and O'NellL ■ 

(Mudian Paget SoumI huBkm 
Tlflwer^€»., l4B« - 

1 . 

in Actail 

Irders ior sudl /building materials 
as Jf!r have on hand Cao make 
prompt deliveriM^ 

▼ery Straet 




Oxford and Cambridge R<jn- 
ners Will Be Up Against Plcl< 
of American Collflgia in 

Today's Raw . / V: ' : 

jPberdeU'aad ciemess' 

At ctiieag^* 

St. L«HlS 

▼asflin and 

A t T'lttaburs— ^ It- tt B 

PltJUtburg 2 5 5 

Phiutear H a 

B«>«to« J J 

, ^«2M«e««» 

uaklsnd ....».,..., 



ssii Lake 
Sesttia ..... 

Los aagetes 

■•»•«•• 1 
■ • sf • e • I 
■ aeeji*s*e«ai 



at. iHtula 

^IbaflM w . a. A gt an ni la >. 

Norwich 1, Cardiff 1. 

football taaults: 


•r Oik Bay i» niy to 

Match of SesWn da 

Flftaan Udy players from the Vle- 
torla Oalf Club will go over to Seattle 
on Monday next to compete wHh lady 
players af tha Seattle Oolf Club tjit 
the ladies' international gpif irafHy 

■fTf^f **• wBWn maiali win be 
f.*X^ tba Otb Bay itabs ba May 
U^MB^ttia two famatoing aMtabea in 

New York 


• . . « ft..'. 



ntuburs . , 

Mi»w r«rii 
g h lc aaB ...^ 

4*. **•**•«•••• 

*»...9ft«... m*m»* 











»nuu»LmnA. abhi WKh 

the Oxford-Cambridge UeiTsrsitles' of 
Bngland track team as ttie' irtmr actrac- 
tion. the University of PennsylrBbto 
inn Inaagorate Hs annual two-dbW ro^ 
bty carnival hera tomaagfVw 

A la ad^ittpn to tba «M|te|,af tba 
^tog prttBft ^gtmtm m m^ ai- 

B»OBt afgry ^IMb^piW unlvafi&r of 
gromtoenaa te.dbb oagntry will nave 
•Bams or indtnlnAl aatrants. An ad- 
ditional Internatlaaal sgiact Is added 
to the gamas by^tba BBB<Branca of a 
eompetitor Ifbyi^to^pyifag Ublvar- 

IhrUtoal ovnalS^^MBSp^au 

all sadtlona erl|i^|KrMiddl|Nf> ' 
It. South and INfdlCCtagCltw 
games will afford the fllgt aflportunlty 
Of the season to gauge the material 
ivallable for the Antariego Olympic 

il^ea wta ba ptoaent to atudy: 

|WWoMiahce of tbe coUegtana 

Oblaf UMaMfc iamras 

to tbe per- 

^nnawMn H tba vtoictog EngUsh 
runners, and thelir ofTorts against (ha 
pick of the Amerioan ooiiagea wiB ba 
watched eieaely. Oxford aad Ox- 
bridge WiU oompato in three af#ita 
tomarrew, havtog one entrap to tbd 
«4*-yBrd low hurdlea, tba HMgabiia 
run aad tha madlag BiMBito^iBay 
cbawipianiBlg. OiililB.'.. 4|7lV 
Rodd, U OgfoaC n. Rbadaa aebalaa 
iaam^ f i t dm l g OaUiga. Bagtb Af« 
■rtMi»-««ll Ba lha SnBUab rabigawto' 
tlva to tba 44g.mda ^mHBm, and «B| 
face, among ether atar bwdlars.* 
Tbompsoa. of Dartmouth; Watt, of 
Cornell : Adama. of Princeton, aad 
Kilby, of Red lands University, Calif ag- 
nla. A. £. Montague, of Oxford, will 
be the British entrant In tba apaotot 
threaimilB run. In 4ia flBUnto juiT 

tbraa-quartars af a mlla and bna mito. 
the oombtoed Oxford -Cambridge team 
will faea tba bast quartacta afallabto ~ 
at more tban a daaen BasUf* 

and Middle l¥iMtem universities, to- 
aludlng Wisconsin, Peonsylvaala, Haf- 

Ed, Chicago. Tala. Prlnoatog, la«to 

flnia 4ta^ taa« win ^TKSat 
tba iHiartnan aoUage cl " 
for IMf lar Htoi araBt. 


laam, which will, opbaae thd athletto a tow stoAMMt bara. 

VANCOUVBR. April tf.~iAotfag 
instructiona of Toronto ~ 
local offleara 


t. April tf.~iiAotfng ib 
Toronto gaUaa aA^S 
Taatad Baig Mi*nsMf. g 
hara. on g ahargadi 

Bffndlac«^ll, AManil 4. 

t. caaantry t. 

mfleld 2. Notts Fo 




ttoaa of tba Wmm ^ 

»t a maattog tMay planned to oon- 
ttoua tba oampaiga to abousb tba 
•tynUa by laclading a reMnamaaBa. 
tion for thla action among a ngmbar 
of others for Important changea to 
goidng ruieai wbtob wm ba Mant. 
ed at a Tutoa m i ma Bg BI tm tm^ 



tlllnals Athletic Club won tbo dbg* 
yard national retoy awimmlng ebam- 
pionship la the Olympic Club tank 
*— aiK Bt to ttorae mlttatfa and 

'dVUBi Msg ,fBBbfl(|||a TB Btfll ds 

wig M4 lb ba g naw worM's 

^ \ iTf^ Tba oM 


ffba following team will play fbr 
Victoria C. C. la a MaMly gaaa 
against a team from tba r>va <Tm at 
the Jobfles Haagitai gysanto tmaar. 
row. eommanetog at I pm.t iS. A. 
«toW»rd .Yagptoto), H. I^atbaby. j. R. 




Not AspirMi ^ wfMmit m "Bayat CtmT 

R. tt. WaggbaB. 

Vbtoan. a a. MorrisBk 
^bab. P. BuHtb, 
, r. Wrigb*. B. A. 
and B. Orabard. 
Tba FtowCi^ ##1 ibg riBraaented by 

tba - — 


9S? PoZln^ 


wiibgr B.'Bbaatta. m 

r«rt«Bt ar tod Wftotor^ Oolf Asaa-' 
otattoa. taS Jba «. Ifamt. of Kbn- 
•M City. priB li B n t of the Ttaaa-Mla- 
•toslppi oolf Asaaeiaiton. wfll imM 
tbe reeomakandatlana on battolf af 

czcmoajbvAKs wm 

ANTWKRP. April St.— fbg 

Mavak hockey team Batsatog Bto 

^^^^^ I m ■ ' g ' ^bAiSktfL^^^ K * 



New Soccer President 

■ ^ 

Jake Dims W4H T«itf ^ 
Goal for TemiinalB 

YooVe BeeD Waiiv Foi^ 

—Yob want a suit at as mo4cr ite a price s 
as dependable quality can te nfniiiiltAI|». . 

J tg^i Tb«wl|er«yoaa«; 

(^ Another grottp comprises 35 sttitt-~«Il 
A'l oualities of fancy worsteds and 
3potcn tweeds. U^to-the-minute young 
inen's styles are included. Worth $75.00 
..d 185 00 today ^Q^^QQ 

We have 25 only smart Sundard Model 
Suite in gooo qnaikies ci 
wim i l i it SiiBS ^ froni 
Today and 





IWcBty d«iea pairs of fine quality wiyte Caah- 
OMre Socks. Regubr 75c a pair, for 65f 

The same qvalttjr Socks, in black cashmere. 

alio at ■ . ■.. . i w . »i» «. . *. n .i .,-.. .i. Mi . ii M, i in ., - W 


Tlie man who prefers to wear light-weight 
milteA'wool Un4«We^ ia Smnmer caa 
s a sAe » rsaalar SiSO aarment for ^t,7K 

sgalar iarment for 

'§ White ' Comhittatiotts, mediu 
rtfidit HJO a Ifait, notr. 

. Neckwoar 

- aRllv<*fHBi** showtaf -ef acw Neekwcar 

Fancy Soisette Pajtmss, Jn desirable colertatti. 
Regular at a iait« new ;..M*15 

: Street' 

••YouH Ukc . 
Qur Qothtu.** 


■ A- --ft^ SiSliii'Mi ^ 1 * ' " 

Old Foundation Lacrosse Goal- 
keeper Will Guard the Nets 
for Terminall te jMhto Cup 


Galtano Island 

Residential waterfront and suitable f6r poultry 
kicpinj:, consisting of 7 acres; 3 under cultivation, bal- 
ance slashed; j;ood six-roomed house and outbuildings. 
The house stands high, with splendid view of Straits; 
l^ood beach and jl7Pat|)0ns>jPj clear title. Inunediate pos- 

V Pikft $1)900 

pior further psu1k«krs ' 


i209 Bfoad St. 

,1^ A»n) SS.—MIke Me- 
toBight knockaa out iaek 
m «M «Mr« ^«««a« af • 


HiHf ^n 

V. L A. A. 



l-^S^S^iWlrt^^^^Of the I^!iciflc 
latemailaaal League sMifned his 
•■'•^'•••tK"' tb« opening gSoieB, Wed- 
nesday. May 8. M follows: 

"Red" «el«. Tacoma; Vao Abater. 

•pokaus. liae tCe^uarry. Van- 


Bomett also jnaguiaae t\mt 
write, hat elleui ata- 

' t*si» «a tMoaaMo in orteh 

|| fich beautiful and gei^ine liand-made la(|f ' ' 

' At Prices t» Aitenith Tnti 

»'«« _ 

9L). PheiM «m 




CAtiOABT, April was of"' 

ncially announcad ThttriAay that 

there will be a convention off the 
United Mine Workers of Amerfea 
held In CalRary on May 17. This was 
the Information glvf^n the Canadian 
Press by Mdrgen Lewis, acting chair- 
man of the Hpcclal committee that 
wa« appointed some time ago to deal 
with matters In Dlstrlot IS. 

The prtnelnal huataeas wttl'herlo 
elect a eenfOMMiea ooaunttlea ea l si 
hito hegetlaMoM witn um <4p«ratars 

ovofja new wage coatraet 

^j..,t«. . 

" ' hfuBvo WUl Referee 
TOJIOWTO, April 2>.— Jack Monro, 
former Mayor of Elk Lake. an4 a 
Prtneeas patrlda vetoran, has baan 
aaread upon sa refarao tor tho las.osS 
wrestliplr match betwaen Sioehar and 
Lewis, whtoh will be held at the Ex- 
hibltlon grounda liere on May 22, In 
connection with the O.AC, 
and wrestling carnival. 

rroblMtlon lik fleoclaiid 

BlTStWUSZ, Bcotlanil. April 81. 
— The Sebttlsb Trades tfntoh Congress 
has passed k resolution In favor of 
liqnor prohibition. 


f des^oya the teeth, but cOm 

^l^yerilMi awajr. Vist 

ill For the Guma pramaa 

^-oc titim ita mraii, u 

UoMt and used coonCsntly 

Odhwy dentiSfeia canaaT^ tlSk 

^X3— ^iWiti*~ 

VANCOUVBB. April 2». — Jaka 
Davis, star goalkeeper of Vancouver 
aad Victoria amateur i^oroase eluba 
for tha past decade, wUI line up with 
tfca profasalaaals this aaaaen, tt wn« 

VaoMwer ehib^ IMP O fln l f ly 
tired from the gama and DaTia wm 
make his debut Ha tw as u tbe neia for 
tba Termbsals hi tirin aaaaen's Iflato 
Cup serlea. Davis played goal for Ike 
old V.A^C. team, which held the Maaa 
Cup for many seasons, and last year 
was In the nets for the Foandatlena 
of Vlotorla, who woot down to Win- 
nipeg and wen the champlonahlp in 
the natloaal teunaaMat. Ha la a. raga- 
lar stettairall and tliare la no 4a«iht 
that ha wHI make geod hi »rtf aNttoa« 
al eompaay. 

Vaneouver laer ease playara wUl doa 
the spangles Friday evening irqr the 
first practice of the season. Pete Mul- 
doon and Harry Pickering, head of 
the Terminals, announced today that 
the players had t>een instructed to get 
on the Job on Friday and that <rom 
then until May II strMiaana ttatniaff 

win ha In order , 

The flrat mateh Wtth Mew ^sit* 
salnstar la carded for Ba turdy. May 

mxtd the ^srmln' 

lo rar: 

als are particularly anxious to get the 
Jump on the Salmonbelllea Acoerd- 
iog to word from the Royal City, the 
Mlnto oopholders have alresfdy held 
their flrst praetloa. Thla indicates 
that the ^aatpa ara aat golag to lay 
atui and atMk •9 ifeahr feaa withant 
gtvfni all 

shot, aa are a number of otkasa oa Iko 
Clevalaad bail club. Quite often lapt 
yesfr the players Matted the trapa of 
the Verthera Ohio iQun Club SAd 
ngagad to the corapetttlop. Walter 
JohaaoB hi regarded as the heat shot 
In tna niflighborboen mt 

KCBs.- All we 
WaJtar aski ahoot half as 
can pitch, he la a 
Moras, tbe real allfaola 
shoot hmt doaant 

that if 
mm be 
Ukap to 


^ to aae « gua. 

Cobb. Bab flhawlisift 
BottW Wagner. Bill Carrlgan. Harry 
Davkk Gbrlaty Malhewaon. Clyde Mi- 
lan, Bddlo Colllna Jack Dunn, Clif- 
ford Ctnvath. Eid. Waiahi. Bo««r D rea 
nahaa, Fred Ludems, Jake Daubert, 
Jack CoombA Brla Lord, aad a lot'of 
otbeoa peat had p r aaa nt , an espaar 
ants wtth the shotgun. It aslght be 
well to nuentlon that OrvH Overall, 
once tho nrlda eC tha CabaT 
stAff. Is the dottbft»| 
of cattlarina: thsAAd. Oaaabart. 
of tba bapt ef^2|ae 
In. y«SM anao hr. la tha laadbig spirit 
In tba WaiUiiu ^annayivaala Ttmp- 
ahodikw liiagne ias well aa the high 
mogil la yoUtles-'aM Fired Clarke, a 
formor aianager of the Plratea aad a 
great ball player, is president of the 
Kansaii State Sportsman's Asaoolatloa. 
has built a gun club In Wlnlleld, 
Kana., and besides promoting trap- 
shooting Is a claas A shot. When he 
retired from baseball PIttaburg faaa 
presented Clarke with a ahotgua. that 
he sttU uses. 


Tha Vaaomnrer elah t# still nego- 
tiating with Dot 6roofcall. He may 
report. lAlonde la still a possibUlty. 
while Campbell of Montreal Stem* 
rocks and Connell of Ottawa ha«« 
.been <^ared bertha with the looal 
squad. MuMoen atates that an of 
laat asaeen'a ragnlara wtth the paa- 
aibie aaekpMoa of fmtler 4MiCaalir. 
wiu ha oa the Jgb e«aia« «nhBiiar" is 
away doara la :Wsiinae »dttr mitking 
goad money and it^li aibt Hhatr thiu 
he win return. 

In the flrst game here. May IS, the 
teams will experlnnent with the now 
rule which preveota a home flelder 
from going beyead a oerlala Una to-^ 
ward his own goal t ini ats aa e #p oe iag 
deCepaa maa also 



Xhlef Bender, Walter John- 
son, Ahixvdcr, and Other 

. Leading Lights, Past =Ma8- 
ters dt Bm^lflg Cla|« - 

(By Faler F. Oakney) 
Maybe you aro aet awara of it. but 
it la a Ihct aovorthaleoB. tha# some of 
the vary beet trapahpoters in this 
land are professional baseball play- 
era. Tou do not hear much about 
l-tham aa trapahooters because clay 
target ahooting is a side Issue with 
them: they do it for recreation. 
BaMbaJl la work to them, despite 
ans^hlng you nniay think to the con- 
trary. We know a lot of baseball 
players who If they gave the same 
atUnUon to trapshooting ag they de 
to baseball they wottM be iated 
among the topDOteh ers . b ut thhi 
wouldn't brtog them the «uaa lantois 
that baasbaU doea "f"^* 
"Chlar Bender, for Instaaee. can 

S? f?*-?*^ »n4 »»«^k 

M •' ♦^•^t of ISO targets, and the 
Indian gl«as no special preparation to 
the alay target sport Bander in Hia 
palmy days as a member <of the Mh- 
leUcs' pitching etaflt. when through 
his work the Maokmen won peaaaat 
after pennant and championship after 
champtonslfip. was eonsldpred the 
best one game pitohar la baaabaU* 
that is to say If the ohamplaashlp de« 

the pitcher far that Bsma. ThtSoa. 
*r Who ahoata ever ttie trapa to tho 
same oeel oo||gated BendVr who 
twnjjd mteh weaderfal baaebaii for 

■''*3^«*»j5a«roM team in the PhUa- 
deiphla irapaboetars* League and 
can alwaya flod >lm weU up hi lha 
averages. The railroad t«Mai hia 
flnisbed seoend to WllmlagtSm tbi 
league series the paat two yuan! 
ilsnadei a,]|flM Goon flhot 
Orovor Ctaveiand AisMiidar to Jam 
about the beA trapehoC la tSe mSof 
tongue, laday. The Cah^ aSr hSSr 

dM a let eg 


bo eahai__ 
Um FhlQto^ 

^ — hurler 
Jfca peat Whiter 

That'a «o aaar* 4 
■ Whan he ansa wtth 
Aleaandor wtth 

Bush. BOW tottb tho Red SogrBeebla 
Pennoek. alao with the B^^flZT 
BttUe XiUafer and Bender MdW 
found at tbe traps of tho pZmmZ 
Club In Oamdao, n. j..^!J? !Sg 
d*I afternoon during tha ■^■m 
WBiter. Now aad thm 
Lehert to the trir-^— 
Opear I>ug«r weS., ^ 
but Dugoy ttkaa taU 
better thaa taetat aht 

CNp, Ind.. jiMt aa 
"» alBose and uatn 
he aaeMs his tlai 

er m the itolSI^^^^STUl £2 
nr preiM toi the mSSf^UH. 
toai fWi and wbon rnvSm^XTl 

B ta 



Veteran Soccer Player the 
Unanimous Choice of (Me- 
gates— Medals to ^ l^t\ 
'Metropolis Team . ' 

At the annual aMating ot the Vio« 
toria and OtotHet FeottaH Amoela* 
tidn JJbmBf Adam waa elaeted preal- 
dent for tha year la aueosnHoa to J. 

Mealier. Mr. MsMior waa elected 
vlce-praaident. Archie Baker, aecre' 
tary, and Arthur Maneon aS represent 
Utlve on the Provincial B.C.F.A. 
Messrs. A Ulnson, J. Sulllvaa, W. 
Umn and A Laity were elected to the 
local board of the B,CFA. 

7" klPdtfhg that 

medals woWd be plUvhaidB^t o| 
tha AaBMtoUon'a funds for the Me- 
treheUk iakm. arlaaers of the intohae. 
diate ehampioaahip. Great apprasia* 
tlon was oxpreesed of the work of the 
Mr. A. HOI. 


WINNIPEG. April 29.— The WBinl. 
f eg Tirlbnne saya In parti- 
^lltemoval of reatrlctlona oa wheat 
fradtag ao that open trading may be 
'•••j^yigj, Aatama to to be urged 
on iaWFtoneal Oovernment and Par* 
llament thla week by representatlvf 
train men from Winnipeg and Mont* 
real, according to reports clrculateif 
at the Orain Exchange today. Twe 
representatives ot_tbe losgl^gMriUuege 
left for Ottawa Tuesday night aad 
negotlatlena arUl ha oaaupaaoed dm. 
modtotair upon .their arrivaL 

"If the Ooveimment decides ea an 
apctt market, October wheat con- 
tracts will be quoted en the Wtaai- 
peg Sscbaage." 


CHICAGO, ^prll St. ~ JtaHplo 
O'Malley, aged IS. able to move oaly 
Mra dngera and hto head, because of 
paralysis,' today received the War 
Department's silver cup for writing 
the- best essay on "what the army has 
to offer a young man." 

The cup, together with another 
from a local hank, a gold wateb from 
the Fort Sheridan "ReoML'* and |ie9 
from the Knights of Cohimbns,. was 
preaented by Oolonol Jaehpen, a 
member of MaJer^Oeaeral 
Wood's aeair. 

t«Mr bBida hi Che 

Spauldlag aehool. whore Jimmlo and 
400 other erlpplaa, most of them like 
O'Malley, being conflaad te wBael 

Ohalrs, arc educated. 

Additions to Baptist 
NEW YORK, April 

touiung iLsse^soe. iMU..^ „ ^ 

right gift af •«i«te,tee fhnn John D. 
Rookefellar, Jr.. to the SlOO.eee.SOO 
fund being raised by tba now wertd 

movement of Korthera r 
annonaoed here today. 

iif0f ooiMai 

B BBle 

hMtaatly n 
ihea m Wt the cera 

tad s ONapMe ign^ 

Ward & MMMrt SittOB SUr 

t Also 

Mm; tAivs, MAmaoQ^ ETC. 

E. G. PRIOR & CO. 

UMnvD Lunxnr 
,rtP^BD6f Govcnirocnt and Jotmson Strecti uir s 

Sportine Goods Entrance on Johnson St ^ 




In Mffittr fnt ct MrB^^ district; must be modern. If seml- 
tningalow it'must have at least two l>edro6ms and batli^^(^|i|L 
OB ground IIoor« Have yon such a place to sell? • : : ^ 



Spring Qothesfor 
Smart Dratiers 

etc kere swaltlai four tasvecthia 
aad drsfUnf telo s ell»e se rvte e . 
Gdom sad see Ibe new styles it 
lisir best and saMrtsst Voa'i he 

arprUed tt the variety of fabric 
dice there la toe. Aa far viluei 
you could travel all SprUitr#Ch# 
find the eeual of oacs. 

. dnom * C9fe 


The Sim at Won 

*mJtukt^ iaA liimM Mils tiM tatirn 
period of the Great Wtir* **Kothuig wears 
like them*" is the verdict of returned men. 

M^'l itODt, f 1.85 ; Men's ItgbV fUO: 
Ladies, 91*00 * , 

7<mr MmansBlsi^ hdf them. 



tmw YORK. April ift.-<«loM ee4« 
ai^osimatlng li,ses,soe uraa t ah sa 
from the sob-treasury taday feif ea- 
poft to Ceyloau Tba shipment to aaid 
to reauH fireai esttaagt eendltioas. 
wlBch ^fer that nmrBet at tfee 
geissBt time. - 

Freni lM«*.Me te le^dflM 
weeth of gold is iihely to be taMn 
aoon nom this market fer ahlpmeat 
to CWaSb the prsapeotlicp engage- 
meat to aaUl 4a ye far Wbcount ef 
iaMflean inlefests Identtfled 

8BATTS8. A«rU tS.-«>BuUdlng 
eon s B'ue ti eh throughout the West 
and shipyard work In Paciflc Coast 
yards to botag delayed bee au se ad IBe 
inabBBg ef BaPtoraijalliipaBi ta^ehm 
manufattamd atoBi • uMglNiwd and at 
the same time haadto tho 
euatiBlai et eoal. oohe aa 
nmaded by tbe Mteel Industry, de- 
clared R. M. Calkins. Tlee-prsaldent 
and bead of the operating depart- 
ment of the Chicago, Mihaaafeee B 
St. Paul Raaroadk today. 

Mr. Catttee 4|NM WBit g isur 
ago. feWwntig a n 
aad ather atoel 

BSed e^ Mil* 

reiMblit^lOnT'~]ir. Catkins said 
ho was infevaaed that not lese than 
f.OOO locomotives and 600,000 care 
ere needed t(t bring railway equip* 
eient up to present needs. Thto. at 
f rei^ priaeg far e aalpw e nW M14 

mean aa .jeape adlBBe of ft; 



of Prieat. 
AKTIOOmdH, KM., April 29.— Rer. 
Archibald CbtohOba, ST yeam. parish 

iBatoid mass. Heart dtoeape to 
iwed to have eaaaad hie deatlb 

* Bakers May Strike in Seattle ^ ^ 
SBATTUC April 29. — aoattle hi 
threatened wtth a etrMm ft bakertt, 
tpginning iaturdajr . mernlng. mastsi 

£kvn here aeid today, f eltoirlag tM 

IpplrM Prlday night Both journe^ 

. ^ 

TO^^N^, April ft. — The Torontd^ 
ofnee of tha'^ioard of Commeroe haa. 
ladMrtee with a view ta 


PV. r 

iMe stocks are at Mt greilest vartety.^VTKVi? 

— — .flM 






■■■ i - ■■■■■■■■■ 41 ■maa»flii9«aaMMBMia^iapan 

m^Aui^iiuLe nK>-IIIGHT.g 

AND llieilT«. 




wm IL, Cressy 

Blossom Seeley 

Wttk BKNXIK FmU>» 
1 ^fmmmm.^^. mm* tmpm. ta 

DUVAL A snmiDs 

V ii .MBC-. 

.. . I 



4b I'uanaUiC 


will IWk HI* Bji»«rt;?f?f_.wttj^»^^ 






■ ■■■'■■■■9' 

■■ ■ ■^■■■■■■■■■■■■^■1 






* Also . 




♦ ' tp ilT AY. MAY 3R|» 


75c to 12.00, plus Amusement Tax 
Tickets ind Plan Now at 


Con^ri, iVl«nacer«,Qeorfe J. Dyke 


''The O^vii's wiieer 

Pantaget Vaudeville 


"On .dM pch Sew" 
OtiBr Acts ^jAovrsi 3, 7, 9 

at die . 


L«t it be your party. Come 
uiy •vcnittf at 8:30 and 
stay as late as you care to. 
Ydu ao^ jrpur if tends will 
cnjbjr the 

.floffUy^ ft. ' 



VTe Featiii^ 


ill 1 

Graceful dancing is the 
specialty of our itU(fio— 
something^ which -we have 
made a special study of, 
gaining a degree of suc- 
cess that is far from 


n Only. 

Princess Theatre 


Seat Sale Monday, 10 a.m. 
PricM, 75c, $1.00, fl.SO 




Bano^ Orchcstpa 






In Mb tmOOOtelkft CQIiHV 

DoffiiRlOB jfi* 

WomonV Inntltuto Kb- 
foya MaHiHalltir of Mn. flcorie 

. I.' ' ■ , ' ■ ■ ^ _ t 

A MidMMnil and Welt-ftttciidM 
soolal evenlns was hold by the Gor- 
don Hsad Wo'mtn'i Institute last 
evftnlfic At the iMMUe of Mrs. Qeorge 
Watadn. wtfe oC the Reeye of 8«Jtn- 
ich. Abotqt thirty rapldmta of the 
dlatrict npcnt an enjoyable evening 
with carda and mueto. The rooms 
were nicely dpcoraled In a color 
■oheme of green, white and gold. Ar- 
.jan—OWftla, tgjr. the evening were In 
the luuids of Mre. Watnon. Mrs. Todd, 
Mtra. DaTQUa ..and Mrs. Ballantlne. 
an opal 

N OeroHAl 1tmlbmi»t at Vai 
koME, April 2».— The Prtta^aia 
l««ation to the Holy See baa bdl^ 
.iBdMa an ambaaay of the GemMi Wm^ 
fttrM^Dlago von Bargm, th* Warn 
•iMi lllnlat«r» who has bMn, jnadf 
the flrat MnhMMdor. has Mrivad ii 
RoBM, and will preaent hii 
tlala to,tha Pontiff aoon. 


Cg-N^bert of the Zii CIIL R. Battalion 


Firiliih K6enan 



Also ' -.< - 


* — • 

TOKIO. April 24. — The .Inp.Tiiese 
Foreiffn Office rncpn'lv IjiHtrudod 
Minlstor Obata at Peklup a^ain to 
open negotiations with the Chinese 
Government for the return of Shan- 
tun(r ,I*|t>vlnoe, direct to Chtna by Ja> 
plan. It Waa Mtft-dnrcially stated to- 
day. , 

Foreign Minister I'chlda, ^rpordln,j 
to the account, made thin statement 
to the Cabinet yesterday. The In- 
structions which were sent the Min- 
ister said that as a period of tl)ree 
months since the aigntng of the paace 
treaty with. Germany ^utd.oU^PSed on 
April 9. Oermany'ii r«hta in Shan, 
lung, according to the Shantung 
clause of the treaty, wer^ then vested 

Htotik ExdiMiiia OksMB VMnomw. 
NEW YORK. April M;— The New 
Torl< Stock SMnhante Wfit he doaed 

Saturday. May 1, the board of gov- 
ernors announced. In accordance with 
a petition of most of the membern. 
An unusual number of exchange Arms 
will t>e compelled to mov* to n«w 
otBcea on that date. 

k - ' 

India In the elevantb eent^ary, B.C., 
WM in «4nui«* ot tho RtyvthnM nad 
J«w» in tha iptmdtlea of modMiM. 



Rowovor sUllM a m have yoa 
gheViM novof WWleet It; II- you do It 
can have but on^ result. It lekvoa the 
throat or lunga, or both, affected. 

BronchltIa la one of the mqat com> 
mon affpftloM^ of a neglectaC cold, 
and negfbo1«4 • bronehltls tha . mOot 
general caniie of consumptloB^ 

Dr. Wood's Norway Pine Syrup Is 
Just the reinedty y<;>u require to cure 
the bronchitis. It does this by lo^en- 
Inc the phlecm and macus„ and ftini> 
niataa the weakenfld htoofhUl or- 
saao. alhqra irHtatiMK iaad oahdiMB in- 
flammaUoa. soothatf ind liaala tMi Ir. 
ritated partp^a^d t|a»spArr«|itg ll be- 
coming ^li^jWlll 

Mr. Jl^ 8«MbUd. fraaela flask., 
wriipl mm d » vory had cold which 
left bio' wIOi lirbnehltlo. . lettlod' oor- 
eral coach rpnadlao -maA vOlt.M all 
kinda. but they aU failo4U M iMt I 
■ot Dr. Woad'a Norwar Piaa Ryrap 
and aftar wdac «^ Wttlw I havo 
novor had 4 aiitn of bro«ehUte ainea. 

I ttarefore ran honeatljr 

II me coagho and eolds.'* 

Don't aooapt 
Wood**- Ifco.i 
yoUow wiappwn »i 
marh; price ate 
torad l^«h« T. 
XhroBiow Ona 

far Sr. 
•> pot ap la a 
Utm trad* 



Paa i B j p ta Vaadofflk 

B«Ii^.** ' * 


Odliimbl*— "The Devil's Wheel. 


Will Cressy artd Btanche 

Dayne, Cleverest "of Two-a- 
Day Artists, Lead Bill Re- 
: , plete WJlh lntere&ting.People 

Bltllnr of Will M. Cressy and 
Blanche Dayne at the Orpheum to- 
night, Saturday matlneo and night, 
brlr*s to mind some of the cleverest 
sketches of which the two>a-day 
boaats. And so It 'is that when the 
Cressy and Dayno names go to the 
top of the billing, Orpheum fans 
await their coming with more thftn 
ordinary pleaMure. ThlB season Mr. 
Cressy and Miss Dayne hiive a new 
vehicle. As u title.. "The .Man Who 
•Butted fn" may not signify much, 
but to those who have been privil- 
eged to witness ita parfermance lhl» 
season it means a great deal. Mr. 
Creasy also by speotai arrangement 
following his act givea a dclightfully 
humoroua talk on the achievements 
of the Over There theatre league, 
which had so much to do with keep- 
ing up the morale at the, boya duflng 
the fateful days in Which tbo World 
hung in a balance. 

In a aincle line of a ^lyrle which 
aha jriny> B loasom Seeley. who hails 
VuiideVllle as her favorite stamping 
ground, gathers unto herself a Conti- 
nent-wide reputation for an emphatic 
hit. This year she appears in a new 
act called "Miss Syncopation," In 
which she la assisted by Bomla 
Plpl^. perhapa ono of tha baat-kno^ 
ainaara of "ooon" aonga known to tha 
stage. Sapi Millar and <3ene Casa 
compose the reat of her cast in this 
novel little skit. 

A lyrical story of "Their F'iret 
Quarrel" Is told by Billy Duval ani^ 
Merle Symonds, taking the subject of 
this moment as a means of providing 
a frothy lltUnaklt. This U a likeable 
coupli. aod tha ;4aarra» thiKy Indidlg^ 
in la ona that tt la aal d mwa Wio uld 
ftnd time to advance. '.~r. ' — 

. Cornea i'Orville' Stu mm, a physical 
Hetcales,. Hie muHcular development 
Is astounding. He performs marvelous 
feats of strength In which his routine 
does not follow the beaten paths. 
The novelties shown In tlUa aCt aside 
from Herculean strength make up one 
of the \ htf . ftetaraa oi* naxt waak'a 

PYom w»''Of the West comes 
Jeanne Mlddlaton. Right oloKe home 
she may be considered as a ne.xt-iio t 
neighbor, for Miss Middleton saw 
more yeaiV~^n Seattle than anywhere" 
else, and was one of the big finds of 
Orpheum aedi)ta> Misa Mlddlefon la a 
vlblin^at of gradually growing Inter- 
national' fame. She prides herself 
that she received much of her edu- 
cation at the Unlvei^lty of .Washing- 
ton. • 

be Witt Young Is a tuKftler. but In 
following his profesHlon ho doesn't 
*<tick to any of the regular bywa>'s 
followed by othara of hia profeaiton. 
An attractive young lady, Mlas Toting, 
aaaista him ln> a apedal setting from 
which the act gets Its name of 
"Blhek and White." The tiaual pic- 
turaa and orchestral offering by th*- 
(^Hatim concert organization will 
round dut a bin of pleaslng'^vaMotles 

PANTAGES While the faatpre at- 
THEATRE tracUon of thia week's 
bin of Pahtagea vaude- 
ville is on,e of the finest speetacle 
dramas' over presented in this city, 
entitled "On the High Seas." this is 
not to say thot the remainder of the 
progr.amme is not of the hlghent 
vaudeville character. Britt Wood, for 
inHtTTnce, Is a leader in his line with 
imitatlona. character danelnv and 
conversatlona that make a Hot of 
fun for - tha audiences, Tha Coilega 
Quintette te alao a popular turn, In- 
troduciing aome of the pranks of 
schpol days, in songs that are typical. 
The Four Laurels present a dancing 
act into which they weave character 
work and comedy. Henry Frey is 
called tha "Merry Rounder." and has 
a Una of parody, sortga, atorlaa and 
raonologpaa to back It up, whila 
Poley and CKeat have a little aong 
novelty that pleases the audiencf. 
The opening chapter of the new serial 
adventure story, "Tha Adventures of 
Ruth," which was written by the 
popular screen star. Miss Ruth Ro- 
land, and produced by her ewn .oom- 
pany, maketo a kpaolal addod attrao- 

COLUMBIA Gladys Brockwell. the 
THEATRE bright star of William 
Fox's drama of the un- 
derworld. "The Devil's Wheel," at the 
Colunii.ia Theatre, ^as born In 
Broohlyn. N.T. Mlaa Brockwell ttrst 
openad har inatnma ayaa on tha wait- 
la* world on flaptambor St. lata lf\ 
tha atnotlaa. Har lUbt appearan^a on 
the atas* waa nt>t daoldadly aoapld- 
ona. lBdaed,-Oladyri crtad Ilka a bavy. 
This may have been due to the fact 
that nhe waa only a few months old 
at the time. When she waa threa. the 
reoetvad her itrst speaking part: that 
of the newsboy in "Charity Ball." At 
the ate of oeven, ahe baeame a mam- 
bar Of tha Lyeaom fltock Compiny. 
naxt to ' Brooklyn Bi'Mia tha moat 
famoua Hiatltatlon in that city. ICiaa 
Brockwell literally grew up with 
stock companies. L«ter. ' she ^(nyed 
with several famous actors in the 
"legitimate." She has tteen in motion 
picturea aincf 1911. Her initial film 
for WIQlam Fos, la point of tlma, 
waa "tiia^ttonor Myatoaa." TMa photo. 
pUy waa Aot rslaaasa, howovar, aatU 
mm aiottkwall had appaarad la aar' 
eral other dlma. Coneaaaantly, Aa 
anjoyad tha unlaaa aaparloaoa of 
having" beeoma lamaaa I liafhwi IMT 
flrat picture. 

The agenta for tha Fa- 
moua Georgia MtidK<«la> 
W. H. 

rD Ncccssmr 

GilMt's L|r« hM luigigi been raganled m a luMni#- 
hold tmcwm it y bmiM of ftk^ fact that It to umIuI 

f^iilMt iBbm^t AO woman Mm tfiaf iha can Kaii^ 
hotMO wHhoiit It. Makes tha finMt kind of mo^ 
lor washing* and doanolng. One pan of Gillett^ 
liye will make ten pounds of good soap In twenty 



their attraction at the Prinoesa .Thea- 
tre. Tueaday. May 4. thay Imparted 
lha infonaaaon tlm|.^ aaafaa the 
fompany and pwlarmara i aa ll pa r 
aaything avar attamptad in tttaatla^. 
and aay tha company ta maatlnc liwa 
packed houses everywhere, the ex- 
dallenee of fhe performance being 
such that it travels even ahead of 
the agents. It is a poaltive tact that 
the advance sale In each city la auoh 
thai when the parade takaa place on 
the day of perfortMJida, dna has to 
be fortunata to aaoura anjifi,' fholce 



A Frank Keenan picture 
is always welcome. A 
story of plot and coun- 
ter-plot, welded with love, hato and 
vengeanc^ 'The False Code," the 
Pathe fMture atarring Frank Keen- 
an at tha Romano Theatre today, 
Is doubly welcome. Mni. Kata Cor- 
baley, who has written other auccess- 
fiil stories for America's graateet 
character actor. con»«plr©<l to make of 
"The Kalse Code'.' a swiftly-moving 
drama, and Huceeded admirably. In 
fact, everj'ono connected with the 
making of the picture seems to have 
o rk ea a p g r tiiye m a ■u uuwif ui uf - 
fort to Oram every foot of tha five 
reels fiill of action. Tha picture da-, 
rives ita title from a coded record oti' 
the conspiracy that .H.»nt John Benton 
(Mr. Keenan) to Jail tor .a crime he. 
was Innocent of. A shlpballder, all 
evidence points to him as the man 
guilty of equipping an old hulk With 
machinery daalmad to i»us« (Jka ves- 
tal, in nldo9aiA.. |o aiiifc wim Its 
|iaav<^»ihauii a^ fhiid cai« o. 

DOMINION The traditional director 
THEATRE of motion pictures car- 
ries a big megaphone 
and hiiH a loud, bull-like voice. Wil- 
liam C. De Mille, who guided Robert 
Warwick through "The Tree, of 
Knowledge," at tha l>omlnlon Thea- 
trt- thta weak, laat at all like, that. 
Ton never know k picture la' being 
made when Mr. De Mille hahdlos the 
screening. He seldom talfts dboye or- 
dinary convenuitional tonfs and pets 
his highly dramatic effects often by 
a mere nod of the head or crook of 
the finger. At first film playaTa find 
hla methods a bit confusing, btit once 
uaed te 'theuK they go i^oitt their 
work wHh a fraedon^ And tvttUng 
aplrit that Is reflected in tha iHetare. 
Mr. De Mille Is a well-known scan- 
artist and writer for the stage .as well 
as a director. He is the author of 
"Strongheart," "The Warrene of Vir- 
ginia," "Classmates," and "The Wo- 
man." He has recently been writing 
aevaral motion picture atorlea that 
warn produced by hl« talented bro- 
ther. Cecal B. De ifine. "Why Changa 
Your Wife?"* iB4he latest of thaaa. 


University Players Score Big 
Hit at Roy^il Victoria in 
Comedy Produced' Under 

' Kiwanis Auspices ' 

■ " f 

with an "all-8tar" cast, a ploi 
that fairly scintillated with action iii 
a atage setting both appropriate and 
unique, and with a wcli-t<uetuined or- 
chestral accompaniment, "Oreen 
Stocfclnga." ona* of the merriest and 
UghMMt Of odmady-dramaa. was given 
Ita Initial; preanktauon i^t the Royal 
Victoria laat nitht. It is egpected 
that the building fund of the new 
Provincial Royal Jubilee HospiUl. In 
aid of which the cntertulnniont v,«s 
arranged, will be luuidsomcly aug- 
mented by the receipts of the pro- 
dtietlon, which was given under the 
»a«n^lce8 of the Klwanls Club, the 
maml^rafalp of which comprlaad a 
biy portion . ot ilup' audienoa.; 

"Ormm Jtnaklngs " was praaented 
by (ha PiaMii' Club of the Univer- 
sity of BrItLih Columbia, which Is 
fast making a name for Itself through 
its clever theatrical productions. Tht' 
performance was more than credit- 
able; tt was worthy of classlflcatlou 
with pirofaaalonal .a4l«g^ and waa by 
(ar tha beat offajrthC' FC't atagad by 
the club, which In seaap^ paat - haa 
put' on numerous plk^eta and 
drnmae, and at the close of the per- 
formance nothing but praise could 
bo heard on all sides. 

From tha. rise ol the curtain on 
the first a^iia to tha fall on the last 
act, the parformaif'ca irfaaaed and 
plaaaad tatmaaaaly. That«i;WMl not a 
ditH. mom«|it and indlTldnnlUr an<i 
colliaeively itia tsdmpany mkdii a de- 
cided hit. Aa to the real favorites of 
the prodtictioh there 'were none. 'They 
were all favorites and were worthy 
oC c-ccupying the apotUgbt. To Pro- 
fessor Wood, of tha University 
tacnlty, ahould ha j^lvan oradit to a 
roarkad dagrao fpr tha anoaaaa ot 'the 




"Captain kidd's Kids," tlip Harold 
Lloyd two.reel com.edy featured on 
the programme at the Dominion 
Theatre next week, presents the in- 
imitable Uoyfl in the role of a pros- 
pective bridegroom who loses his 
bride beeauaa ha popped so many 
chainpngna oorka on . tha night batora 
hia 'wedding that tha naldhbora 
thought he had opened a ahdotlng gal- 
lery. The bride, Bebe Dpniels, is 
whisked off to the Canary Islands by 
her mother and Is followed by L,loyd 
and his trusty valet. Harry Pollard. 
They fall overboard and «»rc picked 
up by a pirate ship, of wliich the 
mother; of the girl Lloyd loves Is the 
captain. Tha girl la.a member of the 
femlnftie eraw. ym^d la put to peel- 
Ing^iiash and lofa of other U«ht Joba 
that give the audience one hearty 
laugh after the other, but gat IJoyd 
Into eo much trouble ho is made to 
walk the plank when — well. a« this 
comedy haa a real story wall not 
divulge the surprise ending. 

TORONTO, April af,— Hon. T. A. 
Crarar. f«HM» MlPlMar d( AgHdlll- 
ture for the Doflilnloai, who haa boan 
ill far aome thifa, arrlvad hai« Yrom 
the Wgat yesterday. Mr, Crarar waa 
in conference with the ynited Parmer 
offlmals hare. He and lira. Crerar 
left tod^ fpt New York. Mr. Crarar 
expacte 1* hd back In lha^H««M of 
Cfmw ona naxt Monday. . r 


MiLMnmt uoMJvn mu 


Whan year llvar gata alogglsh and 
Inactfve, your whole health auffera 
Tour bowels baeo m a oohatlpatad, 
year head a oh a» ^onr tangoa la 
caated. breath bad, apaeka Oaat tfb- 
fora tha ayaa, you ara blUoai. have 

, watar-biaah, ^ 

tha tlj||M ■ImmM'. aia«dy aM 
apottao aPPMla^oa, at<u 

Balp tag Ip raoumo Ita 
ntaatiahvtar vMMvihg the b«a that 
la alrenlattav ^ the blood and 
p aiacnlnt tha ayatem. 
Mra B. Bala bridge, aa MapU Aa«L, 
HA. arritaa: "I taka pl«t. 
bi writlag yoa or tWaaa^ f 

had ta cp-tP Mi. MapMit 

VP. A^MMid toM^A Ah 
wMdarfM Piilliidirmnii t 
bare made asp aa .IMI ag 


•r alett«n.^«mf«f igpva aay 

comedy. . Ha dtafe^ t^jMl jMducttoo 
and paraonglly'loiMtad'aiiMrA^ 

rangement In oohllicniett wfW'* lla; 

MiS4 Dorothy Adams, who enacted 
the role of Cella Faraday, the . de- 
mure young ptn«on .about whom most 
of . the taction of the play revolves, 
won the hearta of her audience with 
l|ar pplondld portrayal pf a ti^pst ex- 
aloilnff pola. while , ipi - If re. Chlsholni 
Faraday, of Chicago (Aunt Ida). MUm 
^bal Miller displayed another excel- 
lent piece of acting. The part of 
Col. Smith was ably sustained by Mr. 
G. W. Bruce Fra«er. .and others con- 
tributing to the success uf the preeen- 
tatloi' were Miss Kirateen Leveson, 
Mlsa Helen Reld, Miss Alfreda 
Berkeley, M^aara. A. ,'B. Ix>rd, J. de 
Pencier, Lacey J. Fisher, Harold L. 
Hunter, O. Uilbert Iksott and' Al* 
phonse Crawford. 



"Iluinane Week." Oommennng 
day, WUl find 

Vhrlora Ofa« 

With the object of aupi^ementi|l4 
thair 'faada^ tha looal ||irttnoh'' o€ ^^hw-^ — 
Sociaty «er tha Pravantlon of CniaUf 
to animalff has undertaken % aom» 
what novel project for the comlnji 
Week. «They arc opening a tea- 
room cn the Kci ond - floor of th« 
T^nlon Bunk MulldinR, on Monilay, to 
operate for the bI.x days, hoping that 
the pultlic who arc interested fn the 
H.P.C.A. work will jiatroniie nhair 
place any time between 3 and ll 
o'clock. Tea Is being served at g 
very moderate charge, and is to tia 
directly In charge of Me»id«meo 
Crane, BawK and W. Downes. 

Next week l« "Humane Week." and 
thlH is one of the methods adopted 
l).v the ladlcH of the local urbanisa- 
tion to call the work of the society 
to the attetnlon of the public and at 
the same time help the funds. 

Hac ep tluMa f Queetaa fbw-^ Attendp* 
BittablMmMnt of 8er> loo In TMa 
City .8nyw Originator 

The drlve-youraelf auto buxiness !■ 
here to Htay, Mr. J. C. McDonald, 
originator of the plan in Victoria, 
told fellow llotartans at their lun^ \ 
oheon yattei^lay .In the Rotary Club. 

Mr. McDonald told of ^e efforU 
made aoaaa >aa#a ago to introduop 
the buainaaa ln,tba.Baat by tl^a aa* 
tabllabment of a fleet of gntali; qam 
He a^ld the enterprMr waa a>attpoaiii 
from the atart.^r yanoouver had ^ 
driva-yMraaU Jafvlce aa well as Vlo^ 
toHK hiit'lr daolared that In Victoria 
exoeptlonar success had been at- 

. Mr. Nonnan Johnston. Canadian 
Trade , ConimlsHloner at Hrl8lol, Bng- 
lajid, wan a guest of the club, and 
stated that Canadian firms were tak- 
ing a noticeably increased Interest In 
developing trade with tha Unltai 

Mr. J. T. O'Brien, presideat of the 
Capital City Baaeball Company, urged 
Rotarla^a td go to Tacoma to see the 
opening of l,he Pacific International 
Leacne i:aeaaon there and bring back 
^^^_*«<tpr8lon.for t^ floit Week here. 

Membera accorded a atandlng vot« 
9$ armpathJt to Mayor porter and Dr. 
A. K. Tanner* In - their recent be- 

R<»<for Sulllvon'H Fj^lati* , 
CHICAGO, April 20.— Hogar BuN 
livan, Democratic leader, left % for- 
tmie ^f ll.epO.OOO, a«!cordlng io thg ' 
will. The bulk of th«k fortune, Is ln« 
cbrporated In a trait\iifltf for tbd 
benefit of the widow and children. ' 

Veteran Baptint Minister Dead. 

FORT WILLIAM, Out., April 29,— i 
Kev. Dr. D. Spencer, aged 73, one o( 
the best known Baptist mlnlHters ia 
Canada, who Has beei^ acting paatof 
of" Flrat Baptlat Church hai^ 
dM thj|a' morning: 


■ * (PieiVMtf lAHtlsh r«ilfai«t of AaMI 1170.) 
rhrw ^hu^p^ r««h«5rlr PeinaiiHi rend— Ateout th» tltli or I4ih of May will he 

h<lcl In 1Mb rity a bazanr ot Mlklrr snirlrt <lim«to4 l»r |>ubllr-»p|rltr<l l*<li«* 
and tttetr (rlendi, , lha procaedi r^mltlns from thn nalr of wlil<h will tii- applied 
teXho bulltflagt fund ot th« r»*>ntly coniiuine*! Chrlat Chun li Calhulral. Ttie ob- 
ject t« ona that appeals Alr«ctly ta the aymp«lhl<>s of all. Tli<« frlenda of the colovr 
la RnsJand an- iii<ln» ihrlr cniTsUn tci prorura aubaerlpilof)B, ll«r Msjeaty has l>e«a 
mamorlallcrd lo forward thr good t-aui". and aurety w«- ahould do all w* can to 
help ounwlvea. Tha besaar wU» be held la aouttogaie'a. aew building, /ornejr Ooy- 
snimemiaad Fett atreetSL the ass ef wMeli has besa grfn<«d kr jMr. Bam > , 
agent «ir the pesasrty. LkdWs and etkaei wWMng to cOaTrlbnte sHIeles Sheald 
a«nil (hem lo MM CrMgs 9t Un.dlUxm. 

T.adr rrankllB's Areivai— -trady rrsnklln arrived last avAalng on iha t'. H. S. 
NVwbern, looklns remarkably well and vl»oroaa for one who haa almo»t rea<rhed 
four acore yeara. t.ady KranSlln la accompanied by her nle<-e and tntrnda vtail- 
ing Alexia in th* Itawbcni, and apendleg^aome waeka in that intaraatlng. aec 
MCif aSSa vMlted this coloay j||^|Mtf sag pasaed aoma weeks ploaa- 

• -I 



> > 


Doly laatrueud ^ th« Own«r, wtlt 
* Ai * 

. and Effects 

laeliidiiv ItohecMiy C«ntr* Tubto. 
MalL ••tu*. a lt»li. Ana Chain. 

iU. Okryal. Wwtwi 

Oak Sx. IIMlv Jfl ar OfeMta 

Xaekar tip- m Ie»th«r, Oalc Morris 
Okalr with Laos* Leather Cuahloiw, 
Otaaopbona Raoords. El. Coolur. 
ZNaaar and Tva Wara. Hall Tubla. t 
Ban Cham, Hall aad Btalr Carpat- 

, Waol Canwta. 4 Pairs Mi— 1» 
' Tawala. Lia,wn Mower, Flower Staads, 
Fof Han, aad other goods too nu> 
aiaraaa to maatlon. 
Ob jUm- thSm maratng from i« 

Var fvthar paftlaaiam apply to 

Hie AaotioftMT 


/ XafrtraoCai by tht ownem, wa will 


f Select iBdWeil4[ept 

Fmnitiin! aid Efiects 

of a urif i a) koiia«it, and iaatv4JM« par- 
lar aad daa furniture, auch aa Ma- 
kOMkBy Chalra and Roeltara, Roll. 
I^p Offloa Dask. Mahofany Centre 
niblaa. Oak Arm Chaita, Drop-Head 
Bewtar Maohlaa,^ two vary yood Up- 
holstered Basy Chairs, Oraas Chalni' 
aad Rookart. Mantel Cloaks, aavaral 
^ faa4 Qonakam 33aMai» Plaaa. Oak and 
llilniiiBr Mttalara ilMite aavarai 
•ilt M Book*, ato^ l>iakitf>Baaai Fur. 
altara.' saah aa tturAa Bstanalon 
Tfcbles.'two sats of vary line I^tather 
seated DInlna Chairs, Buffet, glda« 
board, JUtary Naoatyla No. t, Child's 
Kick Cbafaa. lot of cood Xjlaolaum, 
. ^Vkaaam ClaaaaNi, Bedroom Furni> 
Mra. aoah aa t#aaty Jtatra Oaed iron 
■aOataatfi te ilkillt. « 4a« 

V*»y Bmtlfiti Drasserc 
WInv Mirror Dressing "Tabla. several 
good Dressers. Wardrobeu very good 
Mission Oak Badatead, Mahogany 
Caaa^Seat Bedroom Chairs, Toilet 
wara» aaaHary Ooaoh aad Cover, Box 
Mattfi on legs. Child's Iron Cota, 
FaMlag Rich Chalrib aararal Of- 
.Oaria aad Vagglm, fart good Carpat 
,9^piarta Mid Roaa, Maraa* Blayolta. 
-aton aaah aa flva gaod Itaages. Oas 
Raattt. amral ttaatan. Oaat's Biey 
cle. Mator Blka: Kltchab. etc. Klt- 
ohan Tbblaa, Kitchen Comforts, Kit 
ohaa Cabinets, Kitchen Chairs. Cook, 
lag Utanslls. Boreaa Doora, asvaiM 
Liawn Mowers. Mangle, M«at Safes, 
ItoUat. Coffoa Urn. Haaa. Oardaa 
Vbala. ata. Now oa vlaw: alaa la tka 
meralaff at 11 a^alaak; 9iaa lot of 
ChtakaMv lUbMtt. DmIm. Natfiaff, 
•Ma liaAd. etc^ 

Hatbor Marine Association Decides on Move for 
Furtticr Government Contracts — Will Also- Go 
BffCfTt Local Organizations— Corrcs|K)m 
dence Shows Ships, PromisecJ 

At a^lkaas aaaatfat held at aaoa 
yesterday the members of, the Har- 
bor Marine Vatarans* Association (le- 
al4a#. ta gaad taro man to Ottawa to 
'far farther aastrafUrfar aUal 

fa artar to dafrajr Um avanaaof 

■ending tlie two man to Ottawa, the 
jnen unanimously offered 20 yer oant 
of one day'B pay. 

Following are tha oaarpU.vaa4 ta 
tha maaClag ta pMwa .Umi . Mkkrtar'a 

mant. • 

Hm s«4 of tha praaaat ^IMC% tbft 
of k«<Miac two sisal firalchlaia i«r| 
th« Oovarnmaat, 1« aaw in atekt. 
Only 626 men are employed now. 
the number having decreased by a 
hundred within a short time. 

Bstraats w^ra road at yeaterdaya 
maatiag from t o rf aapa a deoce and 
talofraaM.' ta iihofr that tka Minla. 
tar MlCastea ha4 kamal hlaaaU to 
fiva forihar eoatraeta ta tha laoal 
plaat A raaalatlaa paistlat avttka 
aaeasatty af ftirthar work 

by the gatharlag. Tbraa aiambars, 

Cspt Ortord, Mr. A. Trantham and 
Mr. W. A. Hayea, ware appointed to 
meet the Rotary Club, Board af 
Trade, and the ax-Jterflea C^oadl, 
aad to gala fapfli ' 
tkalr sappwt 

A tstijniM Iram DaptMir KlalaUr 
af jKurtea A. Mwilfa ta lCr..J. c. 
Maiataak. U,r.. iita&i: ' "ta yrtmm of 
tha attltada aasnmad by the Victoria 
Machlaary Depot the Minister la 
prepared to give an undertaking that 
in the event of your establishing a 
two'berth yard, I will, whan Voa are 
ready, plaea ooatraota with you from 
tlaaa to tlma to keep yard faUy oo. 
«l9|ga far twa ar thraa jraam Maftfh 
aarrant prteaa as may ka fitir aad 

Promdae of Twa Mdra SMpa 

4n Octobar. iMi tkg MlklMar of 

Shtrt NrtlN lilel 

om SALE or MMiamti^mm 

HMT lit 

C anw r af B raaJ aaii 


Xcstm^ted by the owner will sell by 
Pablle Auctloa at Itti Fort at, 

Tha ooataata 9t T raoflia aC 




aale Ke. lITt. 

Premises Coaiiiig 


daly laalraatad by Mr. Artlmr Lead* 
kcMer, who has ramoved into his new 
pra m lssa, ISll Oovemmant Btraat, 
win aoatkma Bailing by Fubua aim* 
tiaa, wMhaat naarrp, at kla «kl atara, 

«| l»^af a iaa k aaeh day. tka 

Stock* inelndlag: 

Hahogaay. Walnut, Oak and ether 
Baraaua and Waahstaada, Braas aad 
ether Bedsteads, BpHnga. Reatmora 
aad other ll s ttr smss, Famed, Oolden 
Oak and Wabiut Dlatag Room Mtas^ 
aeveral Buffets. Baoratalraa. BaUar 
lap Desk, upholstered Baay Okalrik 
Pietarea. Oramophaaa 
ibU ■ssAik t ' 
ed Jarlar •Mtar^ Oaaakam l 
O^aar oabteata. 

Including: Fkwa ky CnOff. Itaila 
cabiaat. Oavaa^ ai^k. la laaw*. 
Mah. aattaa^ X«iaM 9kkM, lfak.1kMa. 
Mah. Raokar, Kaatal Mirror and S 
large MIrrars, Wleka> Chairs. Klae. 
Chandeliers. Cozy Corner, extra large 
and small Carpets, linoleum. Mats. 
Iron Beds. Springs and MaUres% 
Dresners and Stands, Wardrobe. Mor> 
rls Chair. Sideboard. Kx. Table, Bat 
Dlaera. Hall Baek. BaMpwatarb 
Haatlag fltava. Moaareh Ba«g«i X. 
XkMa aad Ohaln. fiaif mm€ Oiaaa. 
wava. €kr»at Bvaapar. lOtatoMi Vtati* 
■Us aad Oatia^i Vm, Mit iOpr 

-t aia praiMtre^ to raeonflMkA far 
the approval of the Oovernor-In- 
Councll the awarding to you of a 
contract for two additional ships of 
the aame size and description, at 
prices to be determined as f^lr and 
reasonable, when you arr ready to 
proceed with, the wark af eaaatmet. 
iMtM mUL vaaiela" , 

Furthar on in the same commu. 
nlcatlon he states: "I would direct 
attenjtion to a .statement made by me 
in the House of Commons which 
appears In Haaaard, April 4, IIIS. In 
the course of a short . explanation of 
tha Oavarameat ■Upbaltdlag pfo- 
ftanuM.' X aaM: 'JU tha berths to 
whieb I ka?a alladed keoaaM vacant 
frem time ta time they win be im- 
mediately taken up by the Canadian 
Ohnramment; and the axlatine ship- 
building planta throughout Canada 
wUl ba occupied to their full ca. 

tkA tflaSMm ta l^r. Ipratt. the 
MtttHliff ipttr ' * * »n wu raacon whr, 
flaaaaaa panptttlag. your yard 
should act be kipt going to the full 
for two or three years, dr longer, aa 
OoyanuBea|t'i pcUcy . la . j^ruumaat." 

nia IMMMtjf fadbtimatf^iikfi^tikAMd 
by thd'IftMtlaC: 

"Ba It reibived. tkat th^ Uarbat 
Itarina Vatafkaaf Aasaaiattaa make 
itiigaat. kiitf fftnlic itpaal'ta tka -Do-* 
kiiiUak oa«alwa«kt fdr fiarthir coa* 
traota tUt «lia Bkrkw Itkittta ' Com- 
l>aAy> limited. 

"There, are IB per cant as'seprles 

men now «iifj|aya4 la.tha ptmni 


"When tka Harbor Marine Co. U* 
favored with further contracts It will 
greatly relieve thu -unemployment 
situation whldi exists in Victoria 
amoog ratumed men at the praaant 


ABTORIA. April tt.^At 
kur lata today af rapreaeafallvaa at 
all the caaaertaa aad oeld storage 
plant* aa the Colombia River, with 
two aMapMaa^ tka pctoea ta ha paid 
f cr 99m m$mm <krlkg tha 

^taiiaaaks weightag ovar eight 
pa«ads, Ito a poaad; theao aader 
eight pounds to ba rsfased: steal- 
heads, Ic; bluebaeka tlfta: attrar* 
rtdes. 3c: shad, le; .vklla >M»iln 
X*e; greea storgaaa. Sc. 


TAMCOUVBB, Apr* tf^«-OaatlM 
M aat fiakteff liaMMaa far tkaMMar 
Rivar kad baea kvaad ap ta f iata r . 

day by the Dominion Fiaherles Of. 
flee \fi Vancouver, aa oompared with 
l.SI* for If 1*. The indlcaUoos are 
that there will be fewer aalmoa aatn* 
laff Baences taken out thia yoat. ' 

' BY W W 

Wabash Raised Out of Thirty 
Feet of Water at Shoal Bay 
After Diver Had Adjusted 


Head; of Citizons' Comniittie 
to Perform Ceremony at 
Cholberg Yard on -Saturday 
at Nooo-HhiWic Invited 



- "Tka poMey of tkia ^npany haa 
vary matariaHy assisted the work 

of re-establishment, as many un. 
skilled men t^ken on by the com. 
pany after demobilisation have been 
Uught. and are now sklllei In useful 
trades. * 

*niasa tertkar contracts ahouldbe 
awarded UunCdlately, aa otherwise It 
will ba faeceasary for the company to 
lay off a great many ex-service »iien. 
thereby adding to the alreay large 
ntmiber of ex-service man lit Vio. 
■ toria who are now tta(01a Id^^ ab. 
Uln empioymaat.!' ^ 

Friday, 2 P.M. 

Five AotoiDobiies 

Including: Ruaaall. ttourtag. AMMt 
Datrett. aaa Itlt aatt ana If it IfWir 
■tadibakar tl. Blectrta LlMu kad 
Startata; oac SCltehaiL These cars 
are In food ronnlllg older. Fiunltnre, 
Plaaa, by Dunham * kaaa; BaK 
Plane'Flarer: Fonltfy. atCk 


MM t4M ^AaoJoaair 

Raised from her resting plaee Ik 
thirty feet of water at the foot of 
rocks forming the eastern side of 
Shoal Bay, the farty-Clve foot motor- 
boat Wabaah Mu towad late tha h 
bar hMt avaalng with her deck aan 
and kaagtef fram tka. baam tt tka 
air Jahn Jaaksaa floating derrick. ' 

The Wabash sank a few days ago 
after dragging her anchor and ^oing 
on the rocks during, a hard blow. She 
is owned by the firm of McDonald A 
Watson, but ia now in the hands of 
the underwriters, R. P. Rithet A Co. 
The spot where the Wabash sank was 
at the point which projects, out to. 
arard Trial Ulaatf aa tka aaatarn altfa 
of tha Bay . llMaa aa kaard gat 
aahora aafaisrs — « — 

0kM^ afur aaon yesiarday the 
der^ek scow was toared out by the 
cannery tender Bonllla, while the tug 
Olive M. stood by in case of need. 
Diver deCosta went down, and within 
four hours had two slings around the 
kbU. It was lifted without trouble 
and towed In with declcs awash. The 
damage could aot be ascertained. Tka 
kokt vtu ba 9ttilad dvtki Tanaw'g ta* 
day fkr aa e iaiaat kwK, 


Arrangement Between Guild 
and Operating Companies 
Dates From November Last 

> —Term$ Acceptable ^ 

Ta B ri g a d i er C toneral R. p. Clark 
kaad -af tha Cltlxena' Committee 
which se cur ed the money for the 
work, will fall the honor of laylag 
the first keel in tOie Cholberg Ship, 
yard under the captraat Jor faur 
wooden barkenttaa !• ha kallt far 
tka Viataria Shlymara, UL 

«ka aa rs ia ay arin taka pkMC at 
aaoa aa katordaar. The public is la- 
ytted to he praaaat aad witness the 
official oommeapamapt of the ship- 
building programme, whloh Is to re. 
lieve to some extent unemplosrment 
here as well as provide this port with 
her first locally-owned ships. 

Oa^ aaa keel wiU -ha laid wRk 
cercaaeay. The flmt la ataaaataaai- 
piatad. kod tka laeakd la alaa kMag 
mada. A tklrd wlU ba laid as aeea 
as the sticks arrive, and work on the 
three ships- will go forward slmul- 


BAH FRANCISCO, AprU 31.— Fire, 
which broke out early today on the 
(.soo.ton u.s. auppiaf Beard vaaeel 
West Cape,' ladea wltk aaaa all a^d 
gaaeUae,' la part an raate ta Oka. 
mal]^. Karea« waa agttogqlekad to. 
night after damage eatlmatad at 
150,000 Had been doae. 

A aauad of San Francisco firemen 
and 100 members of the crew fought 
the blase, not knowing at what mo- 
ment the gasoline ^Ight explode aad 
carry the vessel ta daatraattoa. 

MANII4X. P.I.. AprU H.— later. 

island ikippuu m ikc Murc Phii- 

ipplBe group has been tied up by a 

strike of seamen, who are demand- 
Ing higher wages. Acting Oovernor 
Teator Is seeking arbitration. 


These Include Sir John Jack- 
abn» Foundation Company 
and Two f ngllih Firms— 
Engineer Coming' 


AM Its YAtBt mm, 

C]Tlt.rTBiUBniOinB IMS. 

People* $ PunMUng 
'"VrJSgf " Co. mmm 


t^r the r««Bt- 

Bir Jokk Ja«kMk, Ud,: tha Vaaaw 
datioa Oampaay, aad a aaapie of old 
Couatiy firaM wfU airtMUtiteaden an 
the coBatraattaa af taa Baaalau' 

drydock. ^, 

The firm of Sir Joha Jaflkaaa kaitt 
the big Ogden Xtekit kreakaratar, dkd 
-It knowtt tkraoghSBf ili SifBaRBQi 
warld far big Joba aaaaeatf any earn- 
plated. Aaaa tka aafiklatlaa af tha 
braakwktar a large part of the aoulp. 
ttaat hM baaa lying idle or haa bean 
rdkiad oat to other tlnaa. The Har. 
kM iCarkia Compaay haa two of the 
traveUaff cranes, and the floating der- 
rick haa beea used for dlfterei^ joba. 

The Foundation Company -aaw haa 
tta Bfltiah Colombia aspaatetlan, 
faroMd to ooaatruot wowisii akl] 
htm, aiid ivrtatead aa Mm odikiaatk,, 
of ttiat aaktraat, irfth kaad aflica m 

Mr. i. C. atalkMife. M.F.. la In re- 
calpt of the fkiat revised spedflea. 
tloaa.and Mpeots the tender forms by 
the fint of the week, when bidk will 
be advertised for. Mr. W. A. Oour. 
lay. Dominion Oovemment engtaeeTi 
la aspactad baek 4n the dty from Ot' 
tawa aa Moaday to be aa tha giaaad 
far ttia aasMaoea at t«a«afiBff firma. 
He area ^eai aaat alter aarvaylac tha 
drydodc ana kara ta fkdUfate wark 
on tka >laaa aad spedfleatloiM. 

oa Ffcw 
•AN FjUWCttOO. April 
CaMad k tri ata that tka 
•taaaM^ trrtMaa Mafa. wbiek laft 
Baattla. A«ril tfRfM at Kobe to- 
day wltk kar aanga afire, ware re- 
oaitad by tka asariae departmeatof 
the Chamber of Oommeree kere to- 
day. Damage to the cargo waa eatl- 

- J. tti tka ai 
Ing |B«,Ht. m 

▼AMOObyBX, April W.— Tha Wa>. 
>Me yarda at Hartk ▼aacaavar had 
today almost oompieteA tke dia- 
Biaauiag of the hiterior^ tke O.T.F. 

*aamer Prince Mka, 

aad sank at BkUh 
the Priaae Alkaai. 
af tka wark 

VANCOUVBK. April it^-Jfht aeale 
of watsa aad aaadttlMM af work 
agraad'ta katwaea tha OaaadHa Mar- 
ckabt Barriaa Oalld aad tha a a a wg ora 
a< ««Mala la British ColumbuT waters 
waa BAkdCnablle today. The arrange, 
meat date! from last November, al. 
though negotlationa have been going 
forward ever since and almost com- 
plete agreement is reported. The 
scale le set for revision next February 
28. .The C. P. R. and the Union 
Steamahlp Co. hare signed gte agre 
ment, while certain details are being 
dlsottased between the galld and the 
Oraad Traak caaat senrlea. TM 
terma ara tke outaaaM af tka lairaM- 
gatlon by » vapal ooaimlaslon which 
sat la Vkaaattvar kMt year. Taken 
lake aad .rivar vaaMla are eoaared ais 
wan tka kaata aa British Columbia 
inland waters. No arrangement has 
been arrived at in the oaae of Cana- 
dian deep water steamers. 

It Is expected here that the Grand 
Trunk Paolflo and the Union kteam- 
ship Companies and \hair soafalJ 
employees will accept tke aiCtlamaat 
between tha Canadian Paclflo Oaaat 
servlees and the unions, as aubmltUd 
ta IX C. Oala«Mu> <»r^a < » i 'iW kL * 


^ APWIft IMt 

Bsiefflaie Wi.lTlMe Btt<iaM Bl.|Taae M%. 


• . Jtke the - 

Magnet Tour 

The Most Attrtctive Combina- 
tioti Motor an4 yf^ift Trip in 
Ihe Pteiiie Noftlivest 

Includtni the wonderful MALAHAT 
DRIVE, a delifbtful trip on tbe 
waters of the 9AANICH ARM. beta- 
famouj Sunkca Qardam^ lAd. Iha 
qiittyA-raitY, one of tht tanatt 

* la the world. 
PHONt S4t for WM H ti M ol ^ 
Cart taava Bdmorit Homt avtrjr 

Returned Spfdlers' 
Auto Stand > 

Brkkiwtek itoek 

Yttes and Douglas Streets 



V r 

HigliMl . class worlcmansliip and inalerl«l«»tU|«(L Ttiey/-.are 
, sttnd^d equipment on ab^^8lo% dfttitf^mcKt^ . 

marine t^^bitt. "i.. 


t^ ' 

' * 1 

E. 9. MARVm & CO. 

Milk MlM ^ MwiM SawHss 
1202 Wharf Street Victoria, B. C. 


> • • %» 
• • • . • 
. • • • ••• 

e ^aSe ee oe 



Oxy . Acetylene- Clittlaf and 
Wcldinc. Repairs « Specialty. 
New and Secondhaad BoUcra. 


Cor. Government) and PrincMS 
Streets, VtcCorlt, p^g. > 

Rfddenca Pboaa GoHptfla 





Terms — ^4.00 per dty and up, In- 
.clutivl of bcdroon, iMtth, l^rcakfut, 
UiBct aad aiiMn 

SpecUl Tanai Wtdk to fmmu 

Boito, CaMit tad Baditog Jam far 


Maler Csn aiiy fea fttofiat^af |init 


tu a il Armour and^Fnmcaa ML 


a • • 






IS t 

• ea • a • 

• aa aa 

a * e ea ta • 

»■•* • a * • 

liM t. 
Ii4t ~ 


M li . 

':tS T.M t:tt «.a 

%itl a.»iei|« 

|:M •.•U:if 



Sffeetive Sundajr, May 2, 1920 


^ wm Lwra ▼iaaomr it SHW Daily 

IdstontOB, 86 houra; 
Wiaaipag^ 60 houra: 

Oalfarj, 25 hom; 
40 iMrara; 

For Beaervatloaa . Apply to Any Amrt of the 




t, Mtvl 1^ 



•»a • 
»•«• •• • a a 

Red Star Line ' 

T»« balckt li 



Htm M4riM MMrf IMtti 
tot AtjMtg 

PHONE 2371! • 



iraitad matea aaUMai aeM I 
Ma leweat aft la IIS^, vtaa 


Canadran Nafional Railiijai|5 

ratjORV flUB TO 

E dmbnton t Saskatoon 
Peace River Fointe 


\ ^ Canlnl 

rem. bAtm jutd nfwumuArUm junnst 

Towist and Travel Bwonv 

623 Poet Straat Phone 111 

CL M. HenMrwortl), city P»«««rnr«r Ac«nt 

Afnt.-^ tor nil Atlan»l<^ Pt»«ni«Mp Virion. 

Qualicum P*-^ • ' 

win Open Mar it uaer tfea 

etaariy Maltn a* Btetel ef 
a ie ii i I M Hotel, Vleuma, 
aaa TMaeaTer Hotel. Taaeaa* 

**** Spi-^'iaTlSsr 

iget Copper^ Slab Zli 
Pig isBdr iMiiiiilnum 


■treel; Vaaeoovar 


*," . ' * ■ 



loyment, fiusmess and Professional ' Directory, Wants, Etc. 


••r laMnloii. miDlinuni. »1.»0. . „ 

BmIoms or PrarsMtoMl C»r«> •! ■«» 
or M4*r. HiM Mr OMStk 

Urn M.M. riMM XI. 


TORTICH-T-Oa th« SItb Inal.. at the family 
roatdencr, Vaniouver. B. f., fliarl** 
AI«UklMl«r P«rter, third »on of the late 
iiabart «n<l Alice Porter, born In V l« - 
Ivrla. M. < '. He leavca tu muurn hU loM 
a wktow and five olilldntn. 

from 1»W l»th Avanaa Waal, VwMowvar, 


WCHOtMON—Aprll at Albert Head, 

la her «1b( ynar. .viitry Ann, widow o( 
tlia Uta Jamt K M< ii<>i*oo. J. P., of Cs- 
iBVUtb. pavoB, Knifland. 
VtMtmm^^ katchoata. %M«r«*r. Mar 1- 

AUVEKT18INU ami ■ubMrlpUoB ratea for 
the foMuwiiig Liriiiah pubilcatlaaa may 
Mow b«i ublalued upon aypl l aa H an- to 114 
frinib nulldloii. 

Ladlaa' Vleld (L>onaoi>> 

uubltn JAApraMi ajM MftU dMlHO) 

London llluatratad SportUiS Ors* 

mailc Newa 
LKniduit Tlnioa (dklbr wMkHr) 
tttaiiiit (l<ondon) - ' 

Wcatmlnatar Uasatta (L<eBaoa) 
Moraing feat '(t'Ondon) 
Cork InatUutlan (IraUod) 
Bbefltcia Independent 
J£dli>bur|h KvL-nlnK Nawa 
Kindnchil Tlmeii (t>on4CHU 
The i^iruirtilc (LoOdoBl 

MrmlnKljaiit Uaaatia 
Tlio Journal of Ooounoroa (Uvorp«al) 
Tko aioba (JuondiMi) 
UtMoyoot Poat * Mvroitnr (UvotvmU 
Dotty Cbrunlule <LdAd«a> 
. ItelKliiaeter Uuardlan 

Financial tivm% 



Victoria. B. a 
^•mtJaOBMM Wrttara ajid Adrartlalnc 

^ Contractora ' 

Votrayoiwra. Clrvulbre, Addreaalng, Halting 
XMOO quotod tor Uocai, Donuntoo aqd 

Iforelgn Publication*, 
■ulta *4, Wlnuh Bids. Phone 1»1S 

Paajtla'i Mlaainn, illi — Juliosu-n^ 

8t»ieet, beginning Haturday. May I 
• lieclul rovival, cuiKlurtuU by Qvunscllxi 
John ft. I'utrlok,' «r l^lOrado. U. *b. A. 

A1?eiinRH at 7;t", p.m. ' 

Provincial livverninoiit Offloo, Loogley 
•nd JBreucktao'. StMoU 

'Women'a Hranch, ::i:6 Ueti'a tfranrh, Iti 

KfX Halli'utid Laborer* — iSxii'a Kuns, tot 
W ten huura; board |i.4u |j«r day; far4 
to fob, t4. Work guarante«'d to laat 'onO 

f} Pravtlcal Nuraea, |U -to «4» oad living: 
^ kllebea nuild, ward maldf. bouarmnlda, 
•aS: -.' chamtwrmalda (out ft t*wn) 9«o: 
aarond cook, with woraitn oook In bott-l. 
MM; OOolU tor prlvatf huua*ir, other help 
'kept. $19; cook-g«ti«rala. IIS: huuarhold 
work for from ft to 8 houro par dojr. 
to fit par moAtli. 

MICS who antlclpato Iravlnt.' (own to get 
In touch with Hur<eon Brea. We cr»ta. 
pack aad ihlp at price* that aave yoo 
mbnay. Phone Itit. lilt Yatiia St. 


Are you In the wrong poaltionf 
Do yea lika your workT 

Would you bo Intaraated ILOb as port polatad . 

out your dlfflcultlea and ahowad yea* 
exactly brow you could aucceed 1 • 
Tba coat la amall and ihu advantagea big. 

.Pbona ((72, or wrlta 

U AroMto Bids. 

Ij.M.N i i:rt Wanted — ^To give pii. , on 
ImllilliiK building. Apply lOu JSurnmdt: 

TEAMSTKK wanted Immodlatel), Uaber, 
Hlii»;yvii« Station, IJ.C'.E.R. 

Y\'A.Nrj;i> — .Man and wifr uf ni liidlf-agu 
' • I'M piUuic li'iine in ilii; <nuii'i>. .Man 
niunt ilitii'uuKhly unUeratand drlvlik^ and 
inuiMtalning cara, and milking four eowa 
and ht-lplitK in the garden. Wife muat be 
u iliiiruugli Koud plain oooU and house- 
kii'iRT. K.\.c<'ptlon«l raferincea r quired. 
.Salary |lf.i), iitnf board. AddrpHD ni flrat 
lIlMiUl'r. lju:. ajlo. (.'ujittilnt. 

WANTED— Three daya a week gardening, 
exp' i l>'nr< il man. or rrgular jafllior 
work. liiKh-»i rtferencca Phone -7»^U 

BY mtlddle-aml wMov. VOitUo* M houae- 
k««per, te^ hoolMtor or widower; no 
rblldren. KefercncoO exelMacod, 0«* 1417, 

Colonial. ■ 

C'tAPAHLE adaptable lady, aome nuralni; 
^ experience, *'dea|rc'B pi.milun In iicctyr * 
or dt ritul office. Good rrlt-ri ncf » I'lioiie 

I^tXl-K'UlJi.NCEU Typt't. with knuwlrUse 
ot -^lioriliaMA. . dat''" « POflUoa ' One 
ytara caiierlenctt. Apply 99* HJt, Coio> 

Ol'SEWORK, (aw hoiira dally. "Gorge' 
dlBiriot preferred. l>honc i<i3"\i 

HOt.'Bfc' KEEPER *tck» pualtlun lit rtin ktug 
mnn'u honip; widower prefOrrod. good 
oeolLUux >'ii!*. I'oloniat. : 

MlDDi-K-AUKD woman daMtte poaittra 
aa esperlenccd boua^kaOMr 
geutlenian. Uos 7170. Celon&t. 

It 'ANTED — (.'lerk lor general country 

atora on Vwneouvair I«Und. Apply, (iv- 

iuK experience, to Itox ftfcOS, Coloittat. 

AriTT, laic oi Thuiit &. I'ltl. Oovern- 
■ moMt Hlrcet, haa opened a riral ulaaa 
>!)«• nWMliing atoro tu iko Leyland Bleek. 
Itlt OduilM Street, comer Bay and Oouf 
lae Straota. Piione »9U9. 

AdAVINO la^offeoted hy a«i» dd^ 
women who have' their gnU* nuuU at 
Tikbeita ie Co., Trounca Ave., oppoeMo 

Colonial. Phone tl09. 

AMlLITARt Veo wilt be held under Iho 
aoapleoa of the Ixiyul True Blue, on 
Frldpy,. ApMI 30. in llio Urange Hall, 

l.'purtnry Vtrcrt, at 8:30 p.m. Uuod prlsee. 

.AdmlHsiHii L'ii-. 

. ... a — 

XUlliV <.'hi(ka — Thouaanda fur ualc, uU 
iMJf. breeda. Apply Rockaide Poultry latore, 
•to Cormorant Btnet. 

fVM'KDOtHA Omnce — Kvery Saturday 
evening in Caledonia Hall, View BUeet 
<late latrlrla). 8. HO lUI 11:S0. OenU, 7<o: 
ladles, -^ii.: ■ c. IS. Wood, floor mauager. 
Wallace'* orcbeatra. 

D* AMClfl — Bona of iSngland. Pride of the 
laland ill, at A. O. r. Hall. Broad 
Street, Tueaday, April II. I o'eloclt. The 
original H. O. EI. orchaatra. Six tombola 

prises. TIcki tH :!6c. You're welcome. 

DAl'OHTKK.S of St. George— Social dance 
and whiat drive. K. of C. Hall, Fri- 
day. Il:3«; dance ladfea tic; geata tde; 
cardf lie, including refreehmeate. 

DON'T #orget — Dancf, Sona and Paugh- 
tui's i>t I'jniTi.ind. K. t>r p. QaU, >arth 
I'nrk .Siri'ot. KiUla.v, :;iMii, 8:M to 11:10. 
Admiaaliin oov. liudct supper Included. All 


WANTED— Man and wl«e lo take charge 
of and work mixed farm; must ba ax- 
perlcnced In handllnK niopl alock. Apply 
1144 K Inga I{o.>d. or phont' lull. 

A.NTfcU— Boy, 14. II, to woi^l on^ email 
farm: one who can milk prolened. 
Box 8204. Colonl et. . 

"Y^OUNO man to 'drive groeo ry watan; 
X etatp age.' Cdlonlat, Boa I68t. 

YOUJi4 old teiu blocked and cleaned to 
look lllte aew. Victoria Uac Vaotory. 
^^M»ad and Port dtreeta 

Ii^XCEI'TIONAL bargalna may be had In 
^ Idanir and chltdren'H gonUa at 8i>a- 
broak Youag'a May 1 aale, corner Broad 
and Johaeon. 






( y liAND Scotch Oaaoe. la Caledonia Uall. 

Mew Street (late Patricia), on Wed- 
>ii'sduy. May 6, till IS. Tlckete ftOe. 

Wallace'* orcheatra. * 

M' iutTAKV 500— 4)u«en of the leiand. 
Batarday evening. 1:10, Oraafa Hall, 

i;ourtney Htraet. 

MArCAIiBG novelty daRce, Caledonia 
Mall. May '4. Ladle*. 60c; (eata, |L 
Vaffak enpiier. 

I^bW t$nWm ud eoailScteSk tia^^ 
A^ peagar. / 

Cadb&reliHh tMa Uplanda |Lt« 

Brentwood Hotel and Qardeae S.M 

I>cep Covo (Chalet Hotel extra) 4.o« 

Tbeaa pricea are (or the eontinuooa rouad 
trip only, rar waltlag the iterga la |LM 

Var kaan t 

1710 Parle Street Phone 111! 

[XTOTICB — The n*W Telephone No! ia 
J-l 1141. Victoria Typewriter Exchange. 

kire, day 
r _Staad. 

SBVBN-J>AaaSNOBit auto (or hi 
or aldkt MaaMantf Cigar 
TelepkoaeTwii aw. phoao «•«. W. B. Haai 


BXAL vt Ikke danne en "Nordiek Forea- 
ing" til gjonaldig hjcgge og atotteT 
"Bnlghed gjor aterk!" Norake, Danake, 
■venake of rtnikeL.iad o* bore (ra eder. 
Phone tsaf. Dr. J. 'Todaaa, M. O., or , ITI 4 
May atdar for iiaandOn. lad oe eamlea. 

mo the. |>abllo— I, A. Pitt, late of Thora 
.*- Pitt, Oovarnnieat Street, wleh to ta- 
form yon that I Imve dieeolved partnerehip 
w ith Hie above firm. A. P itt . 

rpniR Veterans' Plumbtn* Co. will do your 
IX work "boiler and cheaper." Try ua 
on your next Job; "we ■allery." til Bak- 
tlon Hquare. Phone «»lt; a lght IIOIR, 

rpMK aaivatlen Army indeatrtal Depart- 
aMit. Ill Jehnaon atraat, wui be 


thing you have aa Mii 
Mcwart. tS4l. 

W A NT Et y^ L'n drr- gard I n r 
Gard'-ncr, Jut>llo< tlnspllai. 

\,1,'ANTI'U> — .V uiau^ui- »(<onK lioy lu work 
on fariiif Apply It 1'. ItuLiLttB, ivupir 


Inland. ( '111' Tiiai n u.-i )' 

, Apply. 
Bex 1411. 

ED — Man and «|ile (or amall farm, 
atatlnv WM*<^ -djoloalat. 

WANTED— l-'xr i lly, i xpnh iuc d Kardiiit i 
wh'< tan 

Phone lb«8. 


care lor cow. 
k, ciTtincd. Apply 

<ar 1 or I 

REFINED young lady af good education 
and appearance v\l!j|i>N a pnHltlon aa 
Hci retary am! compiiniuii lo l:iij> I-'or 
full tier pariliuluia u-iiie H«x 1;.:. klndera- 
l. v'. .Sunk. 

^TJCNOGHAl'HliJt reuulrea ~ pwal, ^mo 


1 ib.^uuit.vt-Mi&ijf reuuirea poal. aome 
legal experlmee, kaowleAn haak- 
iplng Boa M W, CoToattt. . 

WORK wanted, il or » da^a week, • tlU «, 
IQg hour. 

WANTED — Poaltlon as waltreaa, aome ex> 
perivnce, or light housework. Phone 


YOL'NG lady will can for children after- 
^^^^ggjjgJ^^j?viMdn K.s. li.ix b3il. ^olg|i|t. 


CHILDREN'S dreaamaklng, plain aawlns. 
etc. , by day or at home. Phone MUSI.. 

DHK.S.SMAKlSa and alteration*. JSu 
KuiMniun .Street. Foyl Bay. 

DitK.s.s.MAKiN<i-i.adiea' and cnUdren'a 
dressniaklnK. 113 SImooe. PjMaa. fM»y.- 

Biauaeey kiinoaoa aad 


Uhl^.. iillAKlNO 
ali«r«iiona promptly doac. 

1u7 M, Ym< » ijtreet. 

FIRHT-CLASS Dreasmaktntr— M. B. Glegg, 
l ias l-'indora. I'honc «&'J6U 

MlLI.l.VERV Hats remodelle'l, trimmed' 
own maiurial m^de u^; no fancy 


V. UILTO.N, prit'aie tuition: all exama 
1444 Mnalerey • 

WA.VTHD - UruK cl. r 
Bo4t 810 7. Colunist. 

WANTibD at Once — Oood schoolboy to 
deliver, Colonlat lotile in WllkiaMk 
Road diatrlct, TIarden City. Apply tmitaeuF 
ately to Colonlet Circulation Dept. 

WANTBD — Man and wife on ranch, man 
to work outalde, woman to oopk and 
do bouaawork; good wagea. Apply, co.' K 
M. Becher, Rlak* Creek. B. C. , 

WA.s-rii^D- Men, li to :: p.m., for a aood 
aquare meati aoup. flab. atew. pi« or 
pudding; no exlraa. KiUl meal, U& WUte 
cook. Library Cafe. 

ALWATS aauefae t a ty H epae a tti by ^ 
ter Co. PtaoiM iMik ranutaca. ptaaaa 

Laxaage. fratgbk 

AOO^& hom^ for a middleaged or elder- 
ly wonaa foi^ llgbt aervwe*. Apply 
14*^1 PembriAe St.. Pernwood, 

100K Wanted tmmi<dldtely, for bourdlni; 

hiiusi.'. I'liuiiu H)l». 

T.^XPERIENCED natoa Cmp VPVtm 'fMXl- 
ren. In country, near town. Apply 

Cxionlat Box 8494. , 


GIUL Wanted — Apply Mia. J. D. O' 
nell, 1031 CralgdarrSi'h Itoad. P 


HOUSEKEEPER required by working 
man. .1 children, 11. 9 and 7 yeara; city, 
near oar line. Box 8182, Colonial. 



OU8BKEEPER Wanted— Maid kept, 
good poaltlon; Apply Bos 8111. Colo- 

LADiES' Strawe ti^tt 
look Ilka seer. 
Lroad and Port 

MaMed ti 

«ar fhTark* 

LADY Help, fund of children esaentlal; 
alao temporary help, amall howeehold, 
no ehlldren, Layard, Deep Cove. ,N. 
Saaalch. Phone IIY, Sidney. 

STBNOORAPHBRft— Bmpioymaat depart* 
ment; free eervlee. Come aad ragletor. 
Valted Typevrlter Co.. Ltd.. 1U Pan 9U 
Phone 4Til, 

l^l^^yOMAN for general hnuscwnrk. Apply 

ENGINUli^KS Inatructed for esamlnatlona 
^..m O WlnterKmi, JtLN-A., Ill Ceatial 
Baildlag, Victorta. B.a 

PRIVATB taltioa by eapeneaeed leaeber 
la aobeol mibjoou to' MefcWMd ati- 
dcnta or caate of negbwieaedaoaltoa. Miudlo 
OH .Barward Bids. 

SHOKTHA.ND School. 1011 laovetnm'aat 
Street Shorthand, typewriting, bdoh* 

kieplHK tborouKhly taught; graduatea flll> 

lilt tfuud iJij>:!iluiia. a. a McMUlaa. pria- 

cip'il i'l/onu 374. 

icULWL^r Maadollo, Hawallaa 
' Oaltar. BaUe and Piaao^ 
• -Ktiht LeiaaaK , 

aoBiooL OP Muno^ 

•41 Poi-t Street 
Phone 41«t Mra Johneoa 

VEitNON Preparatory Srbooi. ColdaUMUn. 
B.C. Boya. 7-l|. Largeai In iiterlov; 
fruit raaob; two trained nuraae (Kagliabi. 
«Revd.> Auguatlne Uackla. U.D., M.A. 
iccntao ), i:cadma*t<.-r. , 

WE are about to open a school to teach 
general gardening and liothouao butl- 
nei*. We can take aeveral pupiia; no foa' 
charged. Send application* or call: A. B. 
Itundy, o|o Randy** Nuracry, Cloverdale 


DOMINION Academy of Music, cor. Fort 
and rook. .Madnmo Webb. M.l.H.M . 
Ill K.A.M. iucceasea. (14 laai year, innUid- 
lag L. A.B .J. Phon* l»:tl. 

EK.MEST SP.M.^LB. vlellalat and teactaaiT 
l eader Prlncka* Theatre orcheatsa. 1X41 

M itcb.'ll St reet. Victori a. B.C. Phone 174 7. 

iTriSS MAUDE 8CRUBT. violonoeUUt^ 
AuL A.H.C.M.. L.BI.A.M.. reeeivee puplla. 
W Bhtbabart fctreet. phone ITIIL. 

A.H.T.C.L.. solo harpist, receives 
puplla for pUnii, harp, theory of mualc 
• 14 Oliver street, OaV Bay. Phou* biliU 

'^lAHp. Singing— M In Clarlaaa~~Itevi4Hi! 



MRS. n. SLMi'l^e: — PlanUt and ex- 
perienced teacher of plauo; puplla pre- 
pared (or examlukUoa* U dMrtrod. 1141 
■Mitchell Street. Phoa* &747h 

irilO Rent — A Btoro on Government Street, 
at very moderate rent; Immediate poa- 
eeaelo n.^ Apply .40 Qllleaple, , Ha rt ^ aTS^M 

8ACRK8 of the' flneat land In Kaanlcli, 
' moatly cleared, with unlimited water 
supply; all fenced and ad.lolnlng B. C. Biec- 
trlc Hallway; will exchange for Victoria 
Irouae property; value 13.710. 
i»l Union Bank Boildlnt 

ealte to 

'tt.&O.M.,' winner of ail\-er crowa, soldi 
Id allver modalUat. iiU M. F»0i. Pboao 

If} ALLANDALE, fuily turnlib0L I 
«^ rent fourjiiionth iL__Jrt2B£.^Stt 



Mra. Stewart. Stil Hlackwood Street 



it-yANTBD— Taaac sirl to ^ip vit 
V V hotiaework, im In preferra^L ' Phon 
8ei4R. . . ^ 

•V\7ANTBD — Truetworthy girl to take two 
lItU* girle out In afternoon. Phone 
3B9 4K, Bioralnge, or oall 11 Meaalea Apart- 
ment*. V. 


ANTED — (?ook-general 

Ift an Bagliah 
family, no gtalidren. gdRl homa. apply 
IbaMaitM'IMHb. oak Ba> . 

murnlags 1737 
Phope 65171... 

rpHKOSOPHlCAL So :ety. Ill 

X Mouses Open lee lalonaatlaa re 

i||eetinas and ire* leadlat iiyary, 

VtCTOlUA Mey'seoatT' 
tm, Ul Pt^bertaa . 

> ta • 



BuMdiag. Pbaae 

VA.B.C. daaoe, Alesandia Clah, Friday. 
• April I*, from f iiu 1. Petryaoretiee- 
l« at Bee Blye. Md 

Xeal'a MuaU- Mmre. 

YOU a old fciia blocked aad eMaaad tr 
vieto«la Mat Paaiaty. 


DIOOONIHMK— Two near I.lnJ- 
say, Ont,. havp hv^n riowd (<h- Iik k 
•( pMplia. This la nnA-<an* when the liitit- 
teea ean't b«. blammi." iM^Rnn's. l-rtntrra 
aad Siationera. 12 lo (loremnidht Minwu 
Molhers' l»ay. Muy !. We'vp » beaattfnl 
u*a<krltTien( «>r i ar<l*. Mnqa wttUas Paper 
In pound pacliagva, lOc. 


laetada* praetlaal apaUaQfl^ 

atateaioaiA oM, Ordav aaw aa 
pared ta aMva 





g^vi^m poll aUiitiMaWd, iasM ktmSi- 
V • B«a»utBi tji__^ 

B"" to wair^' ateadr employmwt Learn 
aula aad aaa traoior meebaalca. ilr* 
vulcanlaltm aad repalrtag. Only a t»w 
wt^ka raaafred.^ All aew eqelamaaL Hem> 
~ a. 9. Aatoand Traetee behoel. 


v^*^- ^ 

,TCn>PCATBP iii t i1M> . fKlT attiaettvi 

Se'Sr»"&I^w,ris^f &jk 


A tisiroa ml 

YV^ANTED — Every woman to take advan- 
* T tage of our millinery and drygooda 
sale, Maj^ 1. 8 ea b rpo% Tpadc 'oa#Ber oc 
Broiki aad Johnaon: - . ~^ 

WANTED — A good cook. Apply to Mrs. 
W. B. Oliver. 1159 Beach Drive, Oak 
BaT. I'hone No. .'lOlZ. 

WANTBD at once, experienced workers. 
Apply JSaa Oriffltha, "Mediate," toi 
tTn ion Bank Juiidlng. 

WANTBD— Aaaittant to mlad furaiture 
Btorei light dutlee: referancee esson- 

llal. Box tSVI. Colonlet. 

1»7ANTKD — A competent bouaekeeper 
vT wanted Imniedlaiely for email baiiae In 
Victoria: nulary. M* a moatlT. . TOUephoBe 
Mrs. Scale, Keating. SlL, _ ' ^ . 

A.NTKD— cilrl. tiolp With houaework and 
two small children; ooipfortable borne. 

Phone 413&T. : 

rxTANTED for coooart part>' aumMer 
TV F>>aM>n, pinnist. aiea trooallat. P, o. 

Box nr.n. \ Ictnrla, 

WOIlKlNi; ll<iu*«>keeper wanted by 
widower (without family), fori small 
fnilt reach, wear city, Caloalat, Boa MIL 

tadiea tbat an .„ 

A Bwnke. not afr*^ Of dwtt, 
aoda dlape users. 

Bxperlence Not Neceaaary 

Apply: -- , - • 

MR. PEi<.siiiN<:. TKiinvH. PortBb 
from IJ t(i li p m. 

BOY. lZ-11, woald do lighf chorea or 
herdlas. Pk«a». dlMMXt ar Baa M«le 

aeeke pSeT 
leaiat Box 

Q,ROCBItT Clerk, ex 


tloa. wtytietale or rdlaiL 

{riBXBBAL Oardeala#-«la««eaa pMated 
Vr aad bapt la order: aa-aoTviea 

« ui OT^ar: aa-aarvica 

Pbaaa l«T Oaiqaiu. 

P. Oat 

HIOIILY ri>*pf<^ table yottag man <ie> 
wants poeltlea of any kind In aha« or 
tnrn's fumlahlatRi preferred; had exper- 
le nee : can gtve ralataaca. Pboao wt tu 

HONEMT little tioy. having ao 
wt(he« x'mrlb'nir to da ad^ 
and aatur<l*>« I linn> HVl.t 

MARRLKO Coitplr want poettloo oa farm! 
Handy with »il neceeaary toots. Box 
a4ll. «nlnul«(. 

1TPnoiArriHllNa--«'hee(eTfteida aad eav 
^ jMtM made te order, lobbtac attoadad 


WAMTm»T-P«eUle,n •* car. taker, aalary^ 
t» fit add f»und; 4* eoy- 

»b*r». «t'f«e»Br**^J>o»«j%le«,' Bas ttie. "* 

^|74NTBD by r^araed «Ma. any hlnd~oir 
im '■MdaS^' a«a7'3%Mw*SSsSl 

ARETURNE.' wouniled noldler will call at 
your lioini and n-piilr your rlocks and 
walch-'S at reaHiinablf prlccM. HulisfacUon 
Kivin, MO yiars' ex)ierl>'nce. Orders left at 
HiDdilarl'H .leweli-y Stun-, 111^. Douglaa 
Street, or phono 10t2U 

lOSKPH T. AI.L.UE— Secret pile cure 
»J (Prop, and Pat. Mud. Act No. 35S3i for 

filles only. No operations, no drugs, harm- 
eaa; fee* 11.75. 4il4 Oorge Road, Victoria, 
B.C. In Ood we truat. 

XT k. w Mnthoo •^ut><Iry, Ltd.. the eaidtary 
X> way. 1011-17 North Park. UJO. Mo- 
i-ean. Kypert laundcrtre. Telephone I fto. 

P.^rNTlNU — Keiaomlaiug. papcrttanging. 
J 3. Horn, Peai brake aaa tlwtdr^ 
Phoao aWfc . 



piLOTHiNO whieb /oa da aat wear ean be 
\J turned lata eaah by pbaalag 401. Mra 
fbatr. ^ « 

PRIVATE licenced maternity hpmck ITIT 
Second St. I'lione 3'.!R0L. 

WA.NTED — Every woman to take advan- 
tage of our drygooda sale, commencing 
May 1. i^eabrook* Young, , corner ot Broad 
and Johnaon. 



HARBOITR Houaa, Uaagea, Salt Spring 
Island — Ideal Hammer reaort, boating, 
bathing. fishlDie aad tOOTlai A farm in 
connection. Terma Oadarata. Apply to 
■jaaagar^ , ,,„ -^^^ 

v> moot famooe Te.Mit on Vanounver 
Island for Rainbow, Dtlly Varden, and 
big, game cut-throat trout, iiixty ' nill.-s 
of good autohiohll.' road nil the way 
from Victoria, cooking utentlN. etove*, l^ed- 
ding aad every modern convrolenre. pr.^. 
alea atare la ooaaectina, cAbin* with ot 
erttboot biaakete, roand-bottom boata and 

ABia iaa« mt Maeft mU 
liveicd. Pbaaa Itn. 

ADOBNBY. the Plumbing Stor^^ ITII 
• Fart Stroet. !Xancea, hulloix eolla 
Inatailed: eatlsf action our aiaadard. Pb<»ne 


A WELL preearved light wagon In Vood 
eoaditloa. %10^-Abeat m feat )aaib»r. 
Ibit: atao paieaMa «blakaa bsaaa, ixi*. 
Phone 7ltL. T ' - 


AUaDT will eaa end bay all Mdr 
ciaae caet^ doiklaa iBa* 

f tioae •>lr*. Hunt. ♦Otl. 

ALL black aoll and well -rot I nd «ad freah 
manure dellvared. phoa« let, 

A COAT ar halt Mdo aver ta oftoaUmea 
abmat eqaal ta a aew parmoav 


to bear Stewart Pboaosraph. ideal 

<t the ramp or home; 711 

A *o* aikoi ail■•^ akorvie, bVM'k*! 

'f*'^ /joe*, bairew. lember; cheap. 

Junk- 71 1 K>rald. 

AI^OST i>«w p«|r men'a tube loa~aaataa 
and Jtoota. t« »>. Pboae t 7IIL 

APItACnCALt.T aaar ht^>ctada plaM 
at a great bargalb tot iPMiMiMisia aala. 
Aiao a Mod vlalbt, *iiaoiBrt|o> Mt <>okw 

LAST "«Aaaea to bay ifltarti sardita 

tools, •lalance in atock: S dosen 
apader. 11.71; oitly, dlKtftriK forka, fl-''^: 
1:; Dut( h hocj;. I furrow buea, • weodere. 
Only on* tool of a ltl|ld to ou peraoa, UuU 
day oi sale. May I. aara. MMtara Stare 
C o.. >4I> Port Straet 

AVariirty of <fut . (lawera^ j>laBta, aad 
fruit In aeaaoa. M. N. RMd. Bpaaa 
Vtet a. BuraakU Koad. Market St atu, i*. OA 

AVU ktodd ttr f unutpik, boiUUv^i^ ^id 
' at C^Sdadora-. ¥3l-¥ort. WMtVHcca 
gl>en. Just abuve Blanahard^ 

BL'9K rank')-, t-bolc Brlttaola, apleadld 
cnndltltdi, quick »ale l<i>. 1IS( Paa^ 

dora Ave. I'ltone SHlli:. 


UX Top Machine, fio. 711 Yatea. 

BAFto.^l.V — Fumed oak dining room suite 
itu'ludnK buffet, table and sIk leather 
ceatrd chairs, as new, |142. Uddy'*, 1117 
IXiuglas Street. 1 blOOk bOlOW HUdBOB'a 

Hay BIdK. 

Bn(XrCOLl. Mamraiuli and Early While. 
« II per 100; cabbage, flrat and best. 
40 centa per 10<>; |S per 1.000. lettuce, 
Uunaoii'a liaproved, 60 uenta per 100. Phone 
3»04L. SImpaon, oil Superior. C. W. O. 

laeata • 

BE8T dry (ir coruwoud lo 4-root lenyths, 
17.611; 12-ln„ K-ln., 34. -in blocks, per 
cotd, t''J; delivered c>:y limit*. 4 corda 
at }8.16 per cord. Oood fir saik. tl.6u per 
load; mill cdKinaa. per lead, rard 
phones, i>8»l aDd lit. ' 

HAUU bed. masalve. wllb apr|a« as saw, 

che ap, 1 403 Broad SL Plraaa 7*1. 

BY robe, alao children'e clothe* up to 
age six. Room 2. The Poplara. 

BAiiY t'hli k»— -X'huuaaiida for •ale, all 
breeda. Apply Uocltaide Poultry Sturv, 
<i&U (.'ormoraiit sireet. 

BAHV Carrlagee, like new. BnglUh. dark 
blue, 142.60. Bngiiah, d*rtc s?aen„ lt7.:io 
and 136. i^'ream widMr. ravarolbia body 
I la. All bargalne. 

l»> Pandora 

BEST prices given for all kiade of fur- 
olture, bought or exchanged at C. 8an- 
dcra, 831 Fort,, Just above Blansbard. 

ClOl'CM, upholstered In tapestry, apleadld 
i-ondltPin. .\ bargain. |16. Island 
Kxclianse, 7 17 Fort Siri-i'l. 

COLU.MIIIA Gramophone, mahogany cab- 
inet, and »X rucords, all Just like new. 
A baisaln, IDS tbe lot. .letaad Bkchaace, 
747 Pert Street. ' " 

ClUMPLBTtt mailing luu of the principal 
* homes ia Victoria and Vaneouver Islgnd, 
slao Uai* of owners of aulu-nublloa ana 
trucks in Victoria and other districts of the 
Island, in addition we have complete lleta 
(fo. the whole of Canada) o( inanttfaotitr- 
ers, whoieaalere, retail atarea. boteli^ aatllik 
and profosslpaal men. 

Sulta It Winoh BalldlBc Vloterl^ a>.a 
tBetabllehaa intj — v- 

ox A DOUOAu. epeeladala la eleratar 

snd motor repairing, awitohboard erec- 
tlona private Instaliaiions; motors and 
dynamos rewound and guaraniaeiL £:ati- 
mate* given. Stebari-Peaa* Bldg., Vats* 
Street. Phonea m a. ;76ai4 and :;41DH. 

P. ABKBY — mpreea and delivery ooe- 
• tea motor 'truck, baggage and f:*lgtrt 
collected, cheeked and aalppetl, famttare 
reaMved»>raaaoaabie ratea^ aHwa u lat* 

portal aad Canadian aratlaa 

1131* Carnsew Ht., KaiiHotd. 

Pbaaa Moii 

CLEA.N sawdust gtven away. Sweeney 
Cooperage. hiUorlr St., near lAmpeoa. 

C03IPLETF: nuuse turnlahlnga. Including 
1110 tiled bark raaec. for t^tfO or opar; 
4>roooi fully luudern houae, |1& rent, free 
for April; rouet aall by Sunday. Appoiut- 
me nt. Box iil4l. jOtHoalBt. 

CAMPt^ oV ' *leeplng*out bouse. I2xi3 
feet; built or wood; portable; good floor; 
eight slldtn» dpors; cottage root In four 
sections; almoat new; maku -fine Mummer 
house; price 385, worth double. J«3» Mt. 
Stephen Ave,, directly bacif of :040 Coder 
Hill Road. Phone 02B1H, t;-7 p.m. 


RKSljMAKINc; and alteration* done by 
the day. 241)0 Entpreaa tit., WiUowa 

DON'T bealtata— Phone 340* If you bave 
any furniture you wlalc to dlapoee eti 
Uur repreeentatlve will call and olTer car 
rent pricoa Uland ajtehaage. If. Part 

DISCARDED Clothing 'Wanted— Gentle- 
men's sultr. punts, ahoca; ladles' cos- 
tumes, iliin.sis, wnlala, etc.; children's 
clothliift. Spill cash and th« higher i jn i< e 
i* yoUK* if you call the rellable^Iirm. t$haw 
*. Co.. tM.Part HtraoL fHavif «ei: after 
(i iMa... flvR. • 

Do yon want to edii yaar tasaltura 
or llveetockT Then send to City 
Market Aucuon Sales. Tueeday or 
Prtdaf. or phone 3«k4 or OOIIL, aad 
i anil call. 



T^DISON Amberola and • krocordiL |4t, 
aaap. •!» Pimdejjb^. 

AaBNTB for Bdlao8>Dlck Mlaieo- 
srapb and auppllea. Prioea ttif 
BMiod upoa jra q aea t . Xiaaal a«aata at 
14 Wlbcta Bide. Pbdaa t»U. 

tr^XTitA One (Uiaod oak dIBlac aat : 
U Phone 747. 


on Sale— i-iano bBTMn^ Mawcambe. 

1403 Broad St. ~ . '__ 

1t*OM Sale— Limited quaotUy fine local 
' aeed oai% ..piean aad teated, 177 per 
lea, or |A00 per bkadrad. Mil «|Madra 
Wireet. phone l»»l. 

POy Sale In Victoria — Two- .vheeled, rub- 
ber-tired 4-Beated doir cari. by Wen- 
dover, London: almost it* now; very emaru 
Bovlll, Culiiulix j'.o.. near Victoria. 

lo^OB Ka)*~tit*-ho!a „ 

f aewlog machTb^ baa 
eta. Phone eSISR. 

I;^OA careful moving of your sitaa% pbabe 
I UWiaaa B(va« till. We have ib* aaai 
uixto^date appa>ataa 

IjHJfl Hale— T'iBiio, by KIrkham, T>mdon, 
■ v»r>- good ti>ti«>. cash, or trade for 

4 gallon I'oW, tested. <:ri0 Constance Ave. 

lS\*-.m . Sale- I'^l.^ irl.: 

vacaaai cleaBec 

.Vpply l.'',4i4 Ti'pnx Ave, 

IAOa Sale — .\'a\y tailor made oaetame, 
- aplendld comlliloni alao Cawa taller 
madov coataaie. (ir*t claaa lallorlns, Prica 
1 16 eaabr Pbon o 6t»7U _^ ^ 

FOR ttaie- -'. ^rootna fuSIturel will aoll 
aitogetbf-r or sell Individually: aa deal- 
ers; houee for rent IK month. Paoae IWIT 
or 402 Uarbally Head, after 1:30; efehtaga 


FOR Male — Everbearing atrawbevry plania, 

Cunningham, ' 3040 Harriett lioad. 

Phone l»»4Y. ' 

T,^«>K Sale-rCabia trual^ |14; lawa leani* 
A* rieeabat. W: babfa «l»tbaa, 91$. Pbaae 

131 III.. _ 

I^OH Hale— «-h*le Monarrh range. |7S. 
Plicini- SrtlT.X. fTiiirnlnXK nr r< • iiInK''. 

IjV>R Pale — (.'hanr^-Il^r <;iirnfy Umitre. 
■<dden oak dining room aulte. Apply 
1*44 Oak Bay Avenue. 

"rpoft oarbHge collecting. Bead poatal to 

A' S3< <>I<1 R*qu1inalt lioad. 

TL-'oli dalo-^Ptpe for well, 140 feet gal- 
-T vanlaort Hi -Inch pipe. 20 feet gal- 
vanised :-lnch pipe, with coancctlone; alao 
rod aad .ryltnder if repaired. Box M04. 

'ilala— Aatraaooilaai 

-1 riBder, « rye ptawea.. ao«M |OdBg. aiaept- 
e.i on Kottd mabacanr triua*, Itaa Baab. 
T».. <>ath<«rd fatrboat motoric aa 
and ll«6. On* a«w It valt 10 aUlip. 
alar fur aoto or beat aSK, 1M, 
Uordnn Head, tM.« 

FOR Sale — Two Mqyrlea, one nearly new. 
one itoy'a tl-larh fnara*. wboBllMu-row. 
kitchea eoaifort. two bliw. on* drawer: 
lumber far balKnas beat, ig reet loac. 
ed: tara watebM. ^iadi*8> gaid. MgNMaMa e 

wMA: fc p eatry ItBd'll 
110 O a agae Aveaa*. 

FOlt saiex- Jlew aato btMtler. ■^■^^ 
win BHI Tor lift Apphr CoWtat. 
titl. a 



ibis c5oi 

FOR aal»— R*d Ja<-k>t jnai 
Water pomp, inA nlplni; i 
Irw order. tl|. 3:t1 Alder Kireei. 

i^'t^K f4»i» Wo«i <^r. eoivr baraa*ly. 
' very iwad l^ti n ia. fU. PBbm ttK 



IpBIVATB Salo—SoUd famed oak rural- 
^ tara muat' be sold: Davenport with 
■ a ttr sas; library table, 3 drawera; heavy 
rbeker. eolid leather; two Morris ciiairs. 
aolld leather: larg-.- chitia lablnrt; halt •t.'al, 
ban cbalr; high chair, |ur phpne; kitchen 
table; aaod oarpat. •xlL Maay «tb«r 
bauaebeid artlelaa. ,F»r appalataiaat pboae 

OURNBY Oxford ChancOUor BOOBOBllarr. 
large K.. water front, oaly atlgbtly uevd, 
•elllng at 1117.60. now m 

AftCADlAN Malleable Steal Raage, K. Water 
froat, 4adii»tor. Jvat like ae«r. aaillng at 

3l-'7, ..BOW .K , ^e 1*4.60 

CANADA Matlaable Steal (tansa, K. water 

front 174 

BRIOIITON Btieel Raase, braaa coil, poliab- 

•d top r 141 7S 

RRIOHTO.N Steel Range, bra a coll. |M>ll*h- 

ed i"P !»:; I 

SPENCER Diamond. 4-bole range, *ood 

coll, a anap at (11 

8PBNCBR Diamond. 4-bola range, good 

coll, another aaap iZ* 

SPENCER Diamond, 4-taoile ranee. ti»^il 

coll, only lis 

FAWCBTl^ •'•hole range, only used a few 

time*, like new 164 

ItAOlvk Btael RaiMK, saad o^L aplandld 

•bapa TTT.'. .TTTT. .v!7. .Tt«.7i 

.NKW llA.NGk:,s 

E.NTBRPKISE Monarch. large L. water 
front, polished top, •elliac aew tor 1136, 
for a few day* |>« 

MOBTUKAN .Itanaa, water traat, ladloater, 
tm ««Ht ...T; 9M,I0 

--_^T9««' P»d Ratifo^T^MRiL 




Such Is the eutement of tha bisbeat 
I .ai^UMttty la tba irartd. 

aaa iBa m»Mitt 

> I . i i. .1 I ■ I I I 

SPLBMBfO taaad ptaaa, wtibr ataat. flio; 
Bell orsaa. Ml. TyldeBloy'a,T4» Port. 

gTHu^WBBRRt PUata for sale. Phone 

RINGER SealDg Machine sn 

drophead, •:Xc*-lleiit 

ip. i-drswer. 

5:5;'. 7j. 711 

SINGER aad WMte Macblsao 
711 Tatea. PhaBe ;^ <Mr'. 


O drawer. Pitee |U. 

far real. 

oak (oidlajg 

IT. Pi - 
747 Fort Straek 

card table, with 
lalaad Bxebaase. 

ail Tatea Straat 


PlIOBd t,71l 


r .ai 

le — Shot Gun, hainmerless, 13 
auge. D.B.. |:{7.&0: Rifle, 30-30 cat.. 
Remington Repealer, 336; Riric. .22 cal. Bav- 
niutlc, Winchester, ♦4u, Klll«, 2^ cal., Sav- 
age, 38.60; large Kohner Accordion, silver 
mounted, |2S. UaUBCh I'riam Field Olaslk • 
power, t'/S: HaRjo and Case. 117.60: Oultar 
and C»*^. lit; roriuet, complete with at- 
tuchments and case. |33.l>U: allver mounted 
Flute, 312. frO: single alunu Diamond King, 
3176; Solid Gold c hain. 18'-kl. Kuellsh hall 
marked, |37,6u: ciample Flahlng Basket, 
31.76: Spill Baiuboo Uoda. 13.75; Type- 
writers In good order, 130 each; Wallhum 
21-J«w<>l, Vahguard model, |36; Cobbler 
SotM c:ii7!plei(>, 31. 7S; Suit Caaea, 11.36; Bl- 
cytlc outi i 'fue«>, 32.75; Inuer Tubea, 11.76; 
Laillea' and Genta' Bicycle*, new tires and 

m u d a aa r ds . 1«*7 — P a iik a t kdl te e. rtrr 

Spectacles, 2ac; Spectacles to ni any slisht; 
Wbol Socks, 25c; Overalls, 75c. W atock 
parts to lU any bicycle. Jacob Aaronsun'a 
New ond Second-lland tjtore> 581 Johuson 
Street. i 'honc 736. 

POh Sale — c-bole sieoi rassa. aaed twice 
for cooking, to tUBM'fBL taaatlas: brioe 
l<0, cost «76; alao maa'e ^a^-liab Bleyele. 
highest frame, bad 3 monlha' hard wear 
alnce new. |4i). caet 170; also ft. 

rracUvaiiy unused. |«.X6 (cost |l.iO>. Phoae 
996 JL2. 

Xj'OR Sale— Two |60 *hare* In Victoria 
. .» ''••ipowBera, Ltd.. Paid oa allotnMmt 
130. will Ball tor aiB. CdloBlit, Bok fm.- 

ivory iwlald. 

Box 7718, CaioniBt. 

FOR Sale— Small chicken houee, wllb 
wire netting, cheap. Phone 03 1SX. 

FOR Sale — Fumed oak dining tabic and 
chairs, also davenport and camera; 
owner leaving city. Phone ItilX, aaanUaa 

or evening. 220S Ly^la St. 

•|7^R Sale— Casada Prida raasa, in (Irat 
olaae condltloa, $■». Phone >4<lLt ' 

frtOR Sale— Several thousand aliporb ever- 
-C bearing strawberry plant* at |Z0 per M. 
W. J. Pratt, 841 Fr axer St., Esqulmalt. 

FOR Sale— Golden oak dining room suite, 
cheap. 1403 Broad St. 

Q'CliWART Phonograph lor aala *bt Gary 
% Taylor. 718 Yaius. 31u.60{ ask tu 
hear one. 

SULKIES, Go-carts aad push chalr^ from 
33.60; high chairs from |>: 'odMBMa* 
chai rs from |1.60. 831 Pandora. 

SEVBRAL good ranges iar aale, from 
uperardSi. M« Flagard. Straat. 



I CAN give the btgbeet cash prloe (Or aM 
kinda a( eaat-oB claUUaa, booaMa I 
nr* tbe'larcaat daaiaBt. BpaSal tfton iBf 
Men'e BaaiaaM Salta. VkaSia aauT^HlBb 

Men'e Baali 

WardaK ar aall. 

Oace tried, alwayt. convinced 

JKATSh Phone IttlR. la prepared to buy 
• anytblBA yau OMy bave to pell. 
Neibiag »da uati.far aS* «b haadlat aethlag 
too email ta raoeira Btjr yaoaal attentioa. 


aa gaM l il 'paitr 

MRS CARTBR — Good carpeuL ittnutera." 
etc.. bought and aold. (Mf, Bay aad 
(Government tiireeta Phone 610*. 

VlCTUKlA Hal Factory will wcrk wuo- 
d»ra with your aid ti l*- Mroad and Foi 

ILCNT Saleeaiaa ««" 
once. Phoae 141. 

Load Wbd'aeaondbaad bricki 
on e IMlXt.- 

TITANTEb to Buy — Some batf-aoh water 

»» pipe. Phone 41681.,, evening*. 

WANTK1>- leni, IC X II. also fly, IS X 
22. Apply r O. Box t'Jl; CIO. 

W7ANTKD- I'arr-u cage, 
'V J' folguili 2»Y. 

good cditjutun. 

perfoet order. 
6SI Pandora, 

SiNOBR tiroipbead, 
another. |g.6 

SPKCIAL— VlnoiU toilet eaap, tbe bos of 
I eakeet awaet pej^ aaMjfaan. BmUbB 
lavender aad Urtt. ^tlMin' 'SruaTitara 
Phone oad. 

glONS AND SHdUr tfABBC ^ae aill. 

OUMMSR Kale of mllflnery and dry goods. 
oommeaclag May I. Seabroak Touag. 
doruer. o( Broad aad Johneon. 

rellAbU aiova* and 

Street. Colla made, 

atovet 'cennected. old etovee and raogea 

bought. 2'hone 4:39 

SOUTHAL:. — For 
range*, 133 For* 

42TRAWBBRRY I'lanU for ea|c. phone 

OLDiSRS, 'SHUN t— Hare ratv avaraoBia 
dyed and remodelled at D. P. •prlidi* 
Uas'*. UaUona Tallara. MaOracar Blaclb 

Phoae 4100. 

rpwo (iimi*bad room* tar 
X aeefe atayai dsa plab 
Adulta aabr. Hioaa Ibdau 

aaa plala. Caanaap at- 

'^PUOldtTSBlNO— Oteatardelda aad aaay 


obalre made ta ardor, Jobblaff attasded 

Phone I76IB. 

^--lOLIN tof 
years old. 

Sale — Over oae huadred 
lovely mellow tone, eplen- 
did condition. Owner wUl taJla fU, (or 
dulck aale. Phone I>t2. 


taa ran fua^ 

WB carry a good eelaeUoa of ellgbtly 
used furniture^ for parlor, dining aad 
lawaat prtpaa ta;«|t " ' 

WANTED— Some Oriental ouritilns, bratw 
. baagia» lamp. Indian btaaa traya, email 
Pemian rag, alao odd curiae auliable for 
(umlsfainc den<aad hall. Box ataa Coioaiat 

OIHce. r 

Trn thoaaaiMl atraerberry 
plant*. Magoon* prafirvad. McLean. 

KruiJiUH, lU'Viil > 'ak. * 



W'A.NTKD - HIngle horso 
vV KIngwell. lloyal Oak. 

WA -NT ED t6 ken t— 'Small (arm. 
Washington Ave. 


WAMTBD— Two teata, glaea Hxl« or 
V« l«xia. witb fin It Pimdbl*; maot be lb 
good^eaBdltias. Pbaae Til; 

UiA MON un t 

W* ere preparttf to buy dlamoada 
ap to any quantity. 

Before YOU HELL, let aa make 
paa a CASH OFPBM. 

Call or wrUa (ar api 
yaur boma 

NO. 1 


aoearameat S t reet 

117ANTED — Second-hand clothing for baby 
JUL f rum oaK ycar«tu two. also drcaa^aC- 

BUit, »Ue 33 lo 4: 

Box tituo. Colonist. 

WAHTUD — Old blcyolaa and porta la aay 
condltloa. Victory Wreckage Cyii* 
Work*. Phone 7SI. Ill Johasoa StFeet. Wilt 

ealV at any addreaa 

pay top pricea for elotblas; (wralturik 
atare^ aid taatb aad awtttUM aC 
taiaa Call adywbfra aayttatf. WtaaVlaia. 




"AT Cahalaa" 

IITK enamel dra 


WH , . w„,„ 
mirror, IIL Oddy'e, ijHf Pa asiaa Hi. 

WOMEN) — ^Tbat ault or oaat you eoaaider 
1* rather *lrabhy and oat a( etyle can 
poaslbly bo made over to- aillt you. Call at 
Tlbbctt* A Co., Trounce Ave. (opposite 

ColonUlj. Pbon c aiU'J. 

WnHTK enaJQcly bed, epriug and new 
W atattMBB, (aU abw- Oood kltcbea table 
and a aballai cbe^p. Pbaae »7a iU 

.■C^URNITURE— Phone 747 If you have aay 

A to Hell; will eall at once. 

ailRNKY Oxford Chancellor range, hat 
water aonnectlaaa; roller btlndsk otaMkoa 
houae, lumber , et«;. Phone ItllxT 

Produce for *ale — Rhubarb, 
cabbage plant*, chry*anthe- 
mums, and other (lower*. A 'VS'tggs 134 
Old Eaqulmalt Itpad. 


Should be planted 


.Fttlt aeteotloa.^Bnlk ar pboltat 


Piwaa "Two-Nlne-Oh-Blght." 
oOovarnaieat Strpet 





SyrupJ "Kdro" brsMI. rogt||ikr (or 
Prudoa, "Quaker" bi««d, Ian* eaa. ntular 

400^ tOT • * e ■ • ■ « e e e a a e e * • * • e a * « • •'• * • 

Baefcirbaat Ploar, eair-rlsiBt, rafular S6c, 

^OP a •••*e*BBe**aeeea> aeaeseeeaee*** ZSO 

Save Money by Buying for Caab at 

Oppoalta Poalo((laa Phaaa'aai 



tor faraitari BMtvlad, 

Bhipplas. aratldK stardM, at nuoa* 
able prieea. Wo kaet? baa>. Pbaaa- MIA 

r you're leavlBC tawa. aad have aay t«i» 
niture, carpatA rangea, to dtepaae a( 
phone . IIM. 9<dt*a, 1117 Doaglae BL 

IF you Bava 4MHr aaat<oir elothtag. tool*, 
etc. to sell, eee the veteran*, we pay 
the beet cash price*. If you *re In need "t 
a good knock-about suit, or a trunk, hand 
bag, suitcase, carponterB' toolB, sic. ete.. 
See the veteran*: three yeare' aervloe la 
France. The Yellow Front New A Soond- 
haad Store. >aa' Jobnaow Street. P hoae Oltl. 

roosbroLd NBCBflsiriBi '■ 



a bias. 

WNDdWB. doora, interior f Inleh. ^ush 
ar dreaaed lumber, anlngleB, mantel*, 
grate*, tile*, elc. City or country order* re- 
ceive caretui attention. The Moore-Whlt- 
tlngton Lumber Co., Ltd., factory, Bridge 
ana Hliuide; eawmill. Plaaadbt ittreet. 
Phonee 30*7 and Z»«. 

WANTED — Tulloring, dyeing, cleaning, 
remodeling, repairing; ladle* or geatie- 

men: call and adlver. I'honu t)37IL. 


WUMN baylns ar aalUug furnitaiab re- 
auriaber taa jtataraed saldlerF Bx- 
change givee you beat value In the olty. 
Addrcea. 1410 Douglaa Str*et< Phaaa HtH, 


» » w« 


Mat Paacary, 

enamel bed. braaa, . (rlmmlBir*, 
ool mattrx**, Al OOMltlda, |3&. 

Oddy's, 1817 Douglaa street. 

YOUh old felts bloofccd 
look like new. Vietorto 
Broad and Fort Streota. 

YOUR Spring ault, ladiea or gaata, (made 
to order), at a prica you will agree is 
unusually reaBoaable; ao Orteatal labar am- 

Sioycd. Bee our patteraa (ar SprlaSf Tlb- 
ctt* A Co., TrauBoe Ave^ iappaaita Cal> 


POUNDS, ^ Up>to-Da«a 

7c. Pboaa <7ITU 

— <-»« — *•• * •• •< 

"Advertl*ing I* to buslBeaa 
as steam is y> machinery." 

— t^usb 
tMBS la^ 


, _ tbe .p r aaogg , at Jddleloaa adror* 
twlait la^ '"^ ' * • ^ 

AN ' 
BXPpiMB . 

rben plaead Ini tba Waiid^ t thSiM 
la purely mMMajUi^. 


AN •^^ 


-In Beacon Hill Pari, 
beautifully situated. Phone «3ia. li:* 
Douglas Street. 

BOAItD and Room — Good cooking; houee 
Ideally fliuated in large grounUx; i:. 
niiniites from centre of i lly; tei inB model - 
ate; phone. 1234 Pandora Avcuuc, 

pnanaiB . Ayf -' TSyki 

plala iwaMBB dt tdddaniw ISiSif 'pfeaSa 

■-'. -'-J...: -'-■.. --" "V , 

i•^OUaflOtki9L9 f MnM • raaMaaaa -wm 
\J Bngilab (aoair Mulls}, (ar iwMBaBa 
gentleman. Beat ptutt «t J f Al rB dH; Mkona 


C^okiFORTABLB room and board, aear a 
J carllaea. Phone WIOY. ' ' 

1RST-OLA88 room aad board. MrlTdtiii all 
modern obavaiUeBaaa; aoaitit. 
Pboaa aaaoB. . . 


HAHiiisviLLB." 1141 Ueear St., just otf 
Cook. (julet and aelect; near park 
and aea. Board optluital. PbOBo i***** , 

HOME cooking, private borne, ({laaa Ibi- 
1401 Cook. ■ 

YJLBAaANT roopi with board for gentle* 
A man, private bouae. ItIB Stanley Ave. 
Phoae 47aiT. ■ 

THE GROVE- Now opea (or vMtdra, wllb 
or without meal*. Phone I4MV. H4' 
Bank St reet. Oak Hay car. 

"VrERNON ilOl'SlC, :<;;ii Humboldt- Roam 
V and board, lovely Krouiids, central ' 

FU yWIimKrf TOp MS TO B icyT ta 

B RIOliT, MmfOf^ ~ iuraUiBed front 
room to rent In private home, aultable 
for t.unlness lady or »inili'man; bn-akfast If 
required. Phone 43I6X or apply jt)0 Corn- 
wall Slreet. 

BHIOIIT, comfortable, bedroom, use of 
■Itting room. Phone 263(11. 

RUNSWICK. MOl'El* »«»e Btfbt Itad ••»•- 

13.00 weekly and. bear laeatlaat Ip- 
har. Tatee and Po^faa. Phoae OWefc" • 

U^IRFIELO Diatrlct— Comforlabla 
A; nlahed front room. Phone 41. 


UIIM8HED bedroom let, lor gantia* 


irtURNISHBD room*. near 
Bides., first-claas rooms, home privi- 
lasea. Phone 4041R. 

ITtURiranUBO ivama ta laV «i«oa ta 
r and eae !,•«« aWBM Mwr sod 

Road. • • . ; ; 

FOR Rent— One, two or three bed-alltlaB' 
room*, with grate*, fornishedt an aar- 
liae. and within walking distaaoa. Apply 
to D. Fraeer, Colonist OWice. Pboao II. 

1117 Amelia Street. 

Our buslneas la ta aabe advertising pay 
for the "little man" aa well aa tba "big 

■ ^S73"R°T",«jwf - V 


1 I' 

ridtarla. B. «. 

AdvertlBomeat Wrltere and Advartlatng 

J^ITCHEN ConKon, I drawan 

Only ai«.H. 
Fort Street. 

I BT aa prai 
XJ laraeat add 

oa paa laat I toav* the 


laraeat add ahaaiMBi m ar la f ran ta tm 
^ ;SnM IZ yaar ti|na< 

or piaaa aa paai jUt a iirbi« 


f ADUBB'- a*ada-to-o(der 
siadgiBta - arid 

aatu at a 
A trial 


T aWm 

•t«*e Oa.. 

u. a4» Pari Btgaat 

LEATHER suitceae 
sale. 1401 Broad 




made to aidar at vcey aii 
imported tweode, worBtada 
TlebAta ' A Co» Trouaoe Ave. 


LADIBV and seatieaea'a BSt Ud 
made to anlar at vcey andtrala w—^, 


Newepapere, Clrealare^ AddrawtNlC Vdiuav. 

Rate* quated for Loeal, DanUnloa aad 
PoralcB POtHaatlaM. 

suite M. Wlaob Bids; 

Phdaa 111! 

ABUMPUtO ptioa IS 
BIbd at 4 

whef« aay tim< 

d at f t M t aiatblaa, 

Pboae «ir 

y tor Skay 
Call any. 

AMf faoHtara yoa wish orated, packed 
aad ablpped. eee Mudaoa Braa, tba 
(araltura romovare, end eave BMaay. Pbaaa 

Ills, and our r epreeeatative erill aalL 

LADY'S bit^le, "BraaUard," aaly 
ridden a (ew I 
For quick tele, aao. 
Fort Str<-et. 



Phaae ««a*. 

eierad ia rap: 
laiaad Bacbaaaa. 7«t 


MODBL radag yaebt. 
gcnr. n*w. A bargain 
fehichaoge, 74t Fort Street. 


7ia Tatee. 


We bar aad 

Bteat dtroet. 

C^HOAti for 
\J r*a0 14*1 

OVA I. Framea 

(or ea l araiBWBta, 
gieea. ti ll aad bp. 711 Tatee. 

aae diartey. 7 IS Tataiy 

A oaly f I AM. 

'pOBTABLB wladow 1 
AT <>arhiaa. abavt S«« r>r>i<i i<^t,( 


*r"iur :Tw^^£raijr, 

t * and ebildraa'a atatblag. efSlad aad 
party dreaeee: sps e lal adota tor gaatlemea's 
alotbeak W* pair ape^aeb to auy amotiai 
Swalaoee done etrlc u^^n vata. Mra. Maat 
wtii call herBBif «• aay addreee. or a " 
ail Jolmaoa Street, sooond tMaaee Sp 
■lan»hard. Phoae 4*11. 

ASViCAKB Oea*— Al pftoee for gwnt a 
caat-oS clothing, freta ItO to III. t 
meat hav* tbo > **ga Prieo aa aa>eat> 1 erui 
call aay tlaa* aoirw|»«r* ootaide elty llmlia. 
Drop B*a a po*(al or pltoao 6100. Sc Jamee 
HotaL .A. Laada. ^uat raiaraad ansiB 
'Frw**^ wber»- elotblaa te 
taach It. Woald bave^beail 
aoappod mo, Gaiee BMna 
aaa ywa won't regret It. 

fpO LiBt — Three rooms upataM^ 
X Apply 1104 Johason dtroot . . 

rpwo amall fbmlabed rabma, aaa 4lid|l3L 
X and one aidgla, for SentMrmdai .ada n 
bath and phonoi awaa |B..tPkdai >1feMB. 1 

VlirKLL (uratshed front room, modern. Ml 

W b 

Michigan Str»^t. 



Meaalea street— Two unfur- 

niBbad ropbrn i bMMl tU. Bsp 

inciudlBd llcHt, tratof, (iliena. 

APPLY 602 Dalle* Road — Bmny front 
suite*, well furnlahed, with piano; 01*44 

room with private bath; r*«UM>nBble rent. 

^^T 62* Michigan Street, 

furnlehed houeO' 

keeping rorons. 

Pbaa^^'ja^ btef *■ 

iaefceea4a« ro 
anltabia <ar 

. _i»tor a, ■ . 

ipAiRViBW)*' atr a^tBsiaa^ 


FURNISHBD hooeekeeplng 
room* *ultable for baching, two blook* 
from poatofdce. 714 Humboldt Mtreat. 

'TJ*t'RNiaHFr> boueeheeplog room to rent, 
-1 rhr-ap. Phone 014. 

HmfsBK BEPINO aad 

Bnrdott . 
,T Mfl4 b 


bedreoma. fa* 

lady, real «««P 
Wi. Room II. 


ALL blade o( rac^ 
by Vateraa Ji 
int Wbarf •treea. 

CA Pbaaa 


rbOMT bar* tbat eld acaBi lam H iMa 

SLrsr *7ra»i.arS 

matate. rabber. *t*. Ph«a* 67''^' 
Wai. Auon. lata We— stre et. 


6*0 Job a s a n . cor. Storw 

or wrua 

BfC. PboM 4*06. Beya oad 
all 4Naer4otloa% machinery 
oappUee; blgbaat eaeh pr i sBB 
iartst aiiaaMaa stvea to all 

wtdei PboiM^ 673 





Pi<ATJni«PtAXO aa4 
r«rn^iiln^ aaap ti 



t>y 10 

1. '•iuiai 

nVRXmrBB want* 
B Pbaae 4«l: event 



PLBAdANT large rooma. eaatfB^ -(Bt*. 
aiabed or u nf umlehed. aOllt .. 

8PLBND1D Suite la modem, 
l04W(ad Maek. Room* Jaat 

au aMMb; m union, 
poioae saaa. 

Tj Roat — Three-roomed, cowfortably fer- 
Blahed aolt* in modern baaaalow in 
Jasaea Bay; ball aad eireping aar^h. srl** 
ate ealrance, balh aad phooe. Pboaa HHitt 
lit oatairfa Btfaci. ^ ■■■A'-: 

— 1 1 i|> I ...0-. — — <aaBA»IMabM * 

fMWO- 1^ Saaaekerpiag tmmt, WTS: 

JISSSLi!?!''' -lU 

^■MMMA baaaekoepl n« 

vT aaa' 
mtnatoe fi 

troBi Clhr iTali: 

Ufbi. balh 






AKir-K enfamnbet a ar 4« 
■eeni, « m aiad aid, «h 
(lade* ItgM, 

• ITOX. 

tiBI Park 

■roadway A 

APARTMBBT^i^ PBMI. farflBBed. di^ ' 
A rar-ekad •Uggo-JJ-f fgjSfT^^^ 

ar eaftirlldidkod. at (ha , 
meat*. Ph*n« aul. 

AT Ml. M«ri 
niehed I 

*^ iPt r--i 


it H 


last aa t / 

•» abjoatlaa aa 


i ■ 

^^m^l^^^^'^^^mt'^'^w' ^ FRIDAY, APMLiMaaO 

A lito^ for Bttsy Readers^^4fotise Property for Salfe and Exchange 

Court. a«T bexihr. Pho— tTf . 

Kdulr* only. 

mTANl^EY Ap*rtaMta. Ub««« A«««<M. 
Wall fiir«Ub«« Miit* to raat. 



Mlt* to w t t tW 

^or m A»— » » I M •••• 




Am to 

6-lUX>MBD •Mrtmeol, uiifttnil«lM>4: 
rootnkd »p«rtR>cnt, uafarnlabad: bflfllt 

• nd cl»»n. Apply: Ortlce. phone r««l- 
deiicc, phone 1»HL. 


inf prTv'm't^l'^MSUrto'lB&^F'Sm 


fryx^p^D. SWAIN « rATRicx 

Per MoBth 

lArt« vsrvhouc-. on IcaM ....|3«0 

CI MM In vafuralabed l-roam bo«a«, « 

Imm z> 

Clark 8t.. 4-rooni house, farnlabed >0 

Moiirwaod a»o<ara kousa to 

rati«M«. f«i««B kMw. tMMktd CO 


\\% PWMrlw^SiMllW l«M« MIT 

, l^WAVa oa i la t ae wy B awayala hr 

tar Ca. Pb« 


BUNOALOW to Rent to purchaMr •( fur- 
niture, piano, etc. iJolonlat Box XTZ. 

100K BT., folly modern aeren- roomed, 
•J faraga. Phone 494IR. 

Braad ttrast 

riTOR Rnnt—Blsbt-roeiBaA UfwaMiad 
J houaa. Phoaa <MIX 

" ^^ ^^SianSi °uananirt t t*ta 'fiir»*'*"?5 

IKMBDIATB Poaaeattoa— t pxtm^ eleaa la. 
large garden in fruit, ato., |tl pat- 
month. 7 rooma, cloie to OW, III* An- 
drewa Realty. I'hona 

LOVBLT farnlabad hoaaea la all paru of 
city. Apply B. B. Haatlb 1II> Poaclaa 


fpo Itaat— H'roomad koaaa 
jL amr Douglaa. Appir 
Ca., yart Btraat. 

an Hlllalde. 


. Rant — •-roomed houaa with 1 acre; 
•lao 3-roam cottage with H-aorai to- 
Rm "mJSSSSI.*** fiJBB, ^ppiy 

UNrtmNISaBO— roitf Bar watarfroat. 
tfcraa>roama4 oottaga, rakt $U. itilA 
CraaoaBt Baad. ■ 

7 IKMMM, all modem. fttraAo«, garaged 
fit rnaatb. Majeatic raaga, aa 

WANTBO br May or T-Mome( 

boitaa la good locality. No children. 
Colaalat. Bog 8»7i. 

mmtt bk aMMnt. wuh Ml •aavvMakrai^ 
for at laiit a«a paar at r aaaa nkkH faatai. 
yhaaa ITWir 

WAJVTBD to Reat^flve or slx-reemed 
modern houae la vicinity of Bamalda 
and aorip^oad, not too far from Douglaa 


sne i»tt\.. 

4 a^ tka greaiaai atfa la 
of yonr furniture and ha- 
I engage Budaas Bam Ika 

ANTBO ta rent, with opUoa o( pur- 
tknm • akHrtr altuated weii iiaiakad 
t/fm tif Wi}mtmt¥^mmtU«m ; axoallaat taa- 

YOC are a—a fed 
the kaadling o . 
loaglaga whea yov engage 
aaraiaf niair^' Pbaa. »»»«■ 


/^iiocsw jn 

*• f«M far four maaiha— rvr> 
niSad kanaa Or bungalow, nnr or 
ftra bw««m«. I* Oak Bay diatrlei, n«ar 
cotf tloKB and MA akoro. Poaaaa ai on June i. 
Rafaraaeea sivaa, U raqulred. Reply Colo- 
»iat. Boa MH. ~ 

WANTBD— About the let af Jane, far S 
montha, furnlihad house, fully modem, 
coatalBlag flra or a(a badrooata. with ver- 
aadMk Mar tka gaa Mmn. Na okjoetian to 
batk« a llttia way oat. B. R. Wbitabaad, 
Traat * hmm C a gMaw y a< C a n a da , ifi 


iBAM, nletiy fumlahed bangalow; rest 
•M. tin Meara. Phone J««4U 

IjllQHT rooma, Oambrtdgo fittaet. full ce- 
J meat baaement, and hot water heat, 
Juat doeorated Inalda. A. A. Maharay, 401 •* 
Baymard Balldll^. 

IjlOR Rent — 4-raem modem cotiagp, good 
. lorellty, Oorge Dlstrlrt, Inrludlng fur- 
nllurr; will l<*aae 4, ( or 12 montha; |1S per 
month. A. T. Abbey, phone m:,. 

buagalow, large 
t amL «Mktl ' 

Jl" lot. eloae 


Ii^ouu Bap #atagtr»at— 4>f«aiS^ fnr^ 
niakod. raat til par maath. Apply 
17H Beach Road, katweea I aad 4 |>.ia. 

rijlOR Heat — S-room fumlahed avtta ba 

HIkbea-Baaa Bnlldlai 
bualaraa woafaa. Raat III 
The artaui Oa. Limited. 

IIWRWIUBO kauae. aaven raoma« modera 
X: eonrealenRes. ga% only twain mlBOtaa* 


or Phono ItlO. 

Bf. aultable far tira 

tr^t'KNlHilKO ootUge. I 
|4«. l«M Oladstoae ATenne. 

rt^lTRNIBHBD kouae to rent, < rooms, with 
U- largo kitchen garden, chicken neuaa. 
sot Baqalmalt Road. Victoria Weat; fU 
per month. Cave * Paundera. Itai Lang- 
jay Ptreet. 

fCnmiflPHBD Catiaga wnh Ma4 cardaa. 

VWBNIBHBO Hoiiae. t rooma, oa Tratek 
JC Street, for the montha of May aad iaa«L~ 

|(5 per month. A"niy Royal TTuat Co,. Mi 
t'nio n Wa nk liius. rhoae 47»#. 

Ii^URNlSUBD kouae to rent, 4 rooms, with 
- tof** . kliohak cardan, chicken koaaa. 

B ^^^^"^ «WU2J 

rpo Bant Aka st IHk Mar, far 4 m»athi» 
a -f«rtly.raraMhad 4-rMaied m<»dern 
koaaa on l.ydla St. Appty liH Poaglaa St. 

Boat — 4-reamed tanMakad 
ply i»l Rudlla St. 


6-BOOMBO kaasaliaw. partly faraiakad. 
■wdara. vlow^af aoiw Vaal Bay. I mia- 
atea from two kaa ak ea, wlik or witkeat 
garage. Real moderate for 4 maatka, 
Pbaao Sill. 

SRooant fonp 
laeatioa. |M. 

6 ROOMS, fally 
Bat w«tar kai 

Beteker Ar^ 

ABB yaa 
aaa aaH 

fcaaSTT? <Nr 

«e«pioto itaa of the rgry 
aa4 pMttnr. Proa la M 
tt»m, ar sBmm UMk 



Ita. A 


r>i w m ' I f i nn 'r~ - -- -- 


BMg.. VtatoHa. 

^r^^kataaad W..I 

■4^ ' Wpaaidatiaa aad 

kite I^koriM dr* tSa wtotisr^layara: 
twm BOOM af tka Meet matteca ia 

^iea, n.»a, u.oa. fS.!*, |t.aa far 14; 
per 440 (or 4»4: lanUag Uai (rea. 
- - Paaitry Pam.. LaMgtord. B.& 

UV tka ^Ucelalar 

IK ap. 


It Farm cboica 
) Duea, from 

Bi^AtM, Mtaaraa assa. ILM liar I*. 
SMiX. 1441 Olatttoaa Aaa^ 

TUitBT Gklcka~tkoaaaadji J|g gala, all 
JjTbreeda. Apply RocMS PsSMfP^ Man. 

fM Cormoraat Street. 

BABT Ckleka— Ordara takea delivfry May 
14; tOa aad lie; IIT.IO aad 124.44 per 

14*. Legkema aad Wyaadottaaw Hatebiag 
eggs. Pkllwin Poultry PUat. 141.111 Moss 
■treat. Phone »4M. 

T>ABY Chioka^ WWta Wyasdottaa^ kaary 

Bay. B.a 

ARB to PI>aM«tk Rook agga. Il.lfc 
aattlasi. M«. »" »» 

*dty. ^tf » 

4M per 



OABT ekiGkib b raafy aaa » jwagMULgl* 

BUPF Orplagtoa egga. 41. It per aottlag. 
from nne btr^ Phoae 4444 Y. 

BitMT ptteee _pald far aeaiury. Saarlew 
Peuiuy l^rai, .411 aaUaa Read. 
PkoBo 444a, 

BANTAMS far Sale— Blaok Caekla Bantam 
oocks, priaa Imported atrala: It. 
Payae. Bread's Croea Road. 

'TiVt your iMtctaiog eas^ vartana kraa 
a arleea ^ ^ ' ' 

^uTltSlaiha 'pffl£*'34a rlay^f—ltry 
411 Dallas RoMir fkaaa 4ld«i k 

CUBAP for quiak aale — Laying hena, pul- 
leta. eaokerela. 14 baby cbick*, ChAibam 
kroodar oaotPlate wUk lamp, covered wire 
Jl»; aWduB, " 


• Baaaei wires k>ta a( !»«»- 
IllilC, 744 HUl.>8er4at. 

EQOS for Uaiehlag— AO. WkJta tagkaraa 
male bird Ooorga Parria atrala. |1.44 

Jar aatUag. 1444 irlalayaaa Ave. Pkoa* 

E008 for katchlng — Wklu Wyandottaa, 
Calombte Wyandottea, S.C and R.C. 
Bkada SiaB»%_ Barred Baek ^JBly k Ml* 

Bale — Jeraey-Holateln. *»year-old 
, freak end May; alao S geaae, 1 
laying. Phone 14HL or 4844. 

nara«tead Wpak lanmr 

fTIOR Bale— Finer Jeraey aov, siatdst Aaa. 

A? 141 1 Fernwood Road. 

"GH^R Bale— Jersey-Holstaln heifer. 14 
X/ montha old, from good atock. T. Amoa, 
Royal Oak. 

"CWR Bala— Balflaa Uarea;. New Saalaad 
r Redat liN«d(jMr Paafc fakcy aad^aaarket. 
trom arat*«MB btftk. ^aak at atvd. Pkooa 


FOR Bala— Springer Spaniel papa. 



17K>R Uale 

JO lected milking strain. 

-10 Jeraey 

ford P.O. 

grade helfera, ae- 
Csrolan, I..ang> 



10 gallona Jeraey mlBl SkUp. 
A. Wakeham, Atkaaa Baad, 
Pkoae Balaaaat 4U 

TjV>R Bala— 11 Wklta Wyaadotlaa. Iayia«; 
J? > rqoatar. 440 Mlaklgaa. 

TJWR Sale — A young gelding, welgkt, 1,144 
J? Iba broke ta all kinda of work: aold 
undar a guarantee. Alao a one-horse wagon, 
haraees, and l-seatad democrat, heavy eX' 
Breaa, aad a S-taa tmok. Apply Jaaiaa 
Valley, 414 David Street. 

HWH Ma— aaSlaUnd Bhortbora knll. 
iF ataa tl aMatiw^ kaat atoek aa tka aoa- 


l^R S 

X" 1.140 


Apply Baa I, waatkoln ie. V.L 
Sala— 11 

d< hataea, weigking 
to i.T4t tka., can be aeen at the 

Transft^r, TI7 Oamoraot St. 

OR . Bale-MJaa-yaar-ald R. I. 
Apply M44 Toiaala A«aa««r 

JitULL line of garden aaeda hulk or packet. 
. Seed potateea 'Victoria Feed Company, 
■'eteee to the Phoenix." 

FOR Bale — Oood. large dlttlng^bena, 41.S4. 
Oldlleld. Prospect LaA. 

oraa, wondar- 

GBOROB Farrla White 
fnl layarai Cadi 

Aaeaaaai tka graati 
1414 Rriaeaaa ~ 

White L«cboi 
Mil Bhapsdrd' 
eat WUIar la« 



lasafdi Blaslar, 



QARDBN Time la here. Wc can aapply 
you with aoed potatoea. cabbage planlH. 
Bfusaels sprouts, cauliflower, tomato plants, 
atocka, aatara^ lokatlaa for bedding, lettuce. 
Bantaat cars aaad. 4lo lb.; maagol tamlp 
bead. Itc lb.: Swede tumipe, ii.aa ib. We 
aupply ahruba. atrawkarry piaattk etc Bee 
hivea for aale. Farmacaf Fromoa Stare, 4S> 
Johnaon Bt Phaaa 


lauiaua laying strain. Phone 41STR. 

HATCH INU eggs, 
2SS-egg White ' 

11.40, delivered, from 
Wyaadattaa ar Sl4-«gg 
White Leghoma. Imported stack. tV6 
Sprlngdald Ave. Phone t44IL. 

HAMSTBKUBT Farm tern Co.. Ltd., to 
l>repa: -4 to contract for the aupply at 
airawbarriek and other fruits. No fruit 
eaa bo aoaepted daring the Jam aeaaoa 
wklak kaa aat boea contracted for la ad* 
*aao% Apply Hauuterley Fifrm Storey 9av- 
e rnmeat Sttegt. VIctorta. far eaairaat tara^ 

HAVB yaa My paaitry ar ats* tor gala? 
We^^^y tko klgbaat,_prlea. Raokaide, 


ar 444 Tatea St 

IF It's poultry, we kavo it. The flnnat and 
beat dresaed poultry to br abtalned. 
Olve ua a tall. Rnckalde, 440 Yaiea Bt. 

due to calf and 
ITS: two kelfara. 

JBRSBY cow, R yeara. 
af Juae, good milker. flTS; 

NORFOLK Lodge BerkaMrcs. A fr-w pure 
kred aoa 
Rastatatad: I 
llafca, or P.O. 

kred BOW ply ^ for mIp, i months old 

C. OldOeld, 


fiMK Paradlao Brooder la parfaat worklag 
\J condition. Wilt take dkl* «t tH 4M«« 
ekeap. Phoae 46|l. 

^ALMBR'S Winter laytas WMta i^g. 

X horna. WInnora of allver medal for 
blghaat Winter egg yield at laat VIctorta 
conteet. Big hati^en on June 3rd, Uih, 
imh, 3Tth and July Rth. Cnn aupply op to 
'.i.OOO on one order. If ordrred now. Tho 

An«8t chl«ka pait ever aaw — aak a Palmer'a 

tovltyBTOIlS to tke peapla. 
A hava proved It: you n^ 
tin) akokMl moata and Mai 
Rookaida, 444 Tatea St 

"Wa eaa aa« 

tip swalt you. 

RT RBDS, 41.M par setting: 
•A. haaa 1411 Belmont. 


fpWD Berkahlre brood aowa, ^m' tiafe. CkM,' 
'^'^»*"- K—tlaSi^ ^C. 

TiiRBB h*i«ira tar aai^ 
Royal OaB. 

a. a XliwwaU, 


WANTBD^^akral parpeaa horaa^ 
ranch work, guaranteed aooili. 

kena. R.M.D. No. 4. Q ordon He " 

WANTBD— Oaaerat 
karrowa; mai 
Regora, 1414 




-uaneni parpaaa teaai. lam 
dauble hameaa, niaask MS 
at ke ekeap tor edSSr^ldaaik 
Waak>a»taa Ave. 


fXniITB Lagkara, Hew Sealand attaia. 
»» Ordara baoked for delivery April if. 
May 4, II. !«. alao later dates. Pkaaa 
KeaUaga Xll. ). c BattarSeid. Turgaaoa! 

%Jh/aJTB Wyandotte hen and it baby 
▼ ▼ oMelta. IT. iTit trail Ave. or r««ri gt. 

atllk soat. Caa. Mat- 

kattar la tiaa 

^Vimii a*ftidlay.''ca?wa<^ ^ ' 


w|r« nfiiini 

>'«r, l«e 


BiMr t 

nnnBf paakavaVSEO CAB ara pa« wm 

fi* to simply pay year aM»ay aaS lafei 

- the chances that the ear la ap. 


■entrdT Or do you prefer tke pretaaU a B 
policy aBardfc 
hi and 


lk«tta pa« la 


Bxcelleal baytak 


In epiandld ahape 


tka ipUatitas 


model t4. 


did ear far kaiaaga ar ^aaawa. 
Prlae «*«•>• 

I OVBRI<A.ND TOURINO. with allp 

oavars and lou of estras ITIi 

1 FORD TOURING. Let us demon- 
strate kaw good U is for 1444 

1 SAXON aOADSTBa. kaa a4artar 

and maay ooavanleaeaa .....c 

Twoaty otkar Cars^aad T r aa k a to 

CABTin - 

714 Jakaaaa Btreat - Pkaae MIT 

Uava yaa Hddaa to TBB 1M4 SORIPFS- 
BOOTM— the Laaarlaat Uskt Cart 

ALL af tkaae real good cara must be 
aoM ta d akan tUaa. Vary aagy torma 

aoM ta it^art tUaa. Vatp 




/^BVBOLBT— Late model. 5-aeater. la 
\J parfaet running order. This car la equal 
to nav and la a great buy at 1174: guaraa- 
tead M-SkPft' - - _ - 

i^BVROLBT— Lata Btodai, i g aa tor . m 
\^ real daady.^all Baad IMml apA to P4|r. 
feet running oidar. ^^taa^Ui; caaraataad 
for 10 daya; 

Tj>ORD — Lata model, B-aeater, a ear that la 
a; equal to new In all ways and running 
like a charm. Price 1464; guaranteed for 
44 daya. 

FORD— Late model, l-aeater, in abeolute- 
ly now order. Price for quick sale 4*40: 
guaranteed for 30 daya. 

TrV)RD — Late model, 2-aeater, a great buy 
X lit 4(S4i guaranteed for 44 daya. 

HUDSON Touring in new order. Thia 
far Is a real beauty and hH« all new 
tlrea. I'rice 1950; Kuarantced fur 30 day*. 
IQTIJDBBAKBR— t-aeater, with all good 
R tlrea and manlng fine: Ptliia fS7S; 
cnaranteed for S4 daya 
rtTrDRBAKBR— A nice, small, economical 
family car at a anap. Price |t7l: gaa'- 
anteed for SO daya. 

RBAD tbia Itot and tkaa,aaa aa lor * raM 
good bay. Wa taka ntkar tmra la traSa 
and arrange vary aaaw al aat tonk* IC tl** 
aired. A phoaa osll iiflrkrias aa 10 yaar 


X44t View Btraat. ooraar VaaeoaTar Street 
nmaa its 


BARGAIN — Muat be sold at once, 
owner la leaving town, S-pMaenger 
roomy Overland, model 191>, S&-4, would 
naka a fine family car, or stage. Coat 
|1,47S, will take beat offer, cash or torma. 
Caweron, 444 Kingston Street. 

American. 1440; Gkalmara. 4744: Orarlaad. 
1444: Hudson. 1544; Tudbope, |440: Ford, 
4440. Terms .half caah. balance easy. 
Old cars, any condition, taken in trade. 
Two-cylinder four-cycle T head engine, 
complete with Uoech magneto, coil, timer, 
oiler, etc; would make a good boat en- 
gine. Price ••••.....*•*••■......•. 44TS 

riRBSi TlRBSt TIBBB—A taTfa. g|B«k 

at uad aaas aa hand KMsl^^RP 
JDMKIB. 44lVlew Btreat PSnt 


ARBAL Snap In 


CHBVROLBT. late model 1740 

FOBO tourlag. 1»14 model, 4474 

FOBS touring. 1414 model, Iioo 

FORD roadster, good order 1444 

UUDBON. 4 pass, all good tlrea .... 4474 
HUl^JtOBILK, model 20, 2-passenger . . 1140 
HUPMOBILB. model 11, 4 paaaenger, 1474 

CMAMfBBS, 1414. Uka aaw .11740 


Pkana St* 4»l Jakaaaa Street 

uaed car. laqulre 

NIchol. Flagard Street. 

ARB you working Vancouver lalaad with 
a Ford car 7 X could abare aapaaaes. 
M]( samples aad kaggage weigh li* lbs. 
Please mention your line and method of 
working. Box 4441 Colvnlat. 

1r*OH Sale— 1410 Oray-Dort, all new tlrea, 
' a, swell car In h<-r claas, filSO. Model yo 
Overland. 41,000, and 1D18 «:havrolet, like 
new, |775. Cameron. 438 Klogatoa HtreuU 

UTU aarvloo of reUabUlty la what we 
■""a "ST^fc- aklpptog aad 
atoraga. taa Mad i a a kad aara m^aay. tke 
careiui w aa a ag , pBaaa IMI. tl 



lap aald. 'Alvly till Douglas 


A. B. 

Cornwell 901 View Street 

-> mountoble 

BATTKRY Repalra and Rectrarglng. ape- 
clalislng in all ignitiun and lighting 
syatema. Oxy-Acetyleoe Lead Burning. 
Hot Shota, Spark I'lugH, and an Electrlo 
Bulb for Kvcry Car. 


^^\ADILt>AC Car for sale, by ownar, good 
\J Order aad ekeap: keen wad aa prlvBto 
car: would aaakMSa Car raat aatatk. 44 

A rea ds BId 'g. 

eai', lato 1414 model, d«- 

rlmR, apare tire, and haa 
t><-*n reoently nvorhauled. In good ahapo 
and privately owned. Price |<iO, vaah. 

XJHJH Bala— Side car, la pertaei ceadltloa. 
r oaly 444. Apply 4444 <auadra Mt, 

I2WRD Runabout for sala, geod skapo. U7f 
' cash. Box 4474, Ooloam. 

ORD oar far dale. TMoa 1444.14. reeaatly 
overkaalad. Fkeaa JI4IL. • 

irK>R Sala — Lady's bicycle, good condition, 
' 4?«. Phone <«14L. 

1jV)H Sale — Lady's B.8.A. bicycle. Phone 
■ 6«f :u 

FOR Sale — 1914 Chevrolet, la good running 
order, tft saad tiraa -aad l aMta Urea 
and tuka4: $«■• oMk far «aM( aanT Moaa 

7417. ' 

Phoae 4444R. 

FOR Sale — A Ford engine, complete with 
Boerh mairneto. Woodward'a Nuraerp« 
Fairfield Road. 

FOR Bale — The choice oT two flra 
aenger cara in good oondltloB, cheaP 

for caah. Apt^ 
Mtor p.flB. 

<4it .BlaaakarS Straat, 

FORD anap. 1414 Ford 4-paaaenger, two 
new nobby tlrea. la Una ahape except 

paint. Price 4446 for cash. Cameron 
Auloa, 44* Kingston SL 

FOR Bale— atodebaker, 7-pasaenger, four- 
oyllader, cheap. Phone 4141R. 

L'ameroa. «4a Ktov 

I FAT aaah far aara 
ata« Street. 

441-4 Tatea Street 
Cara wasked and polished while you wait 
Caia bought and sold en oommlaaton 

"WmW BIS SU Stadakakar. rua leaa tkM 
JJi fttaa tkiagaal mUlmi oard^ tlraa aii 
raaad. t»a aaw s pari a aarar kaea aaed. 

hamper, tlrea, Mftm, ato. 

LIQBT SIS Stadakakar. •Varlaa 14." Tkig 
car Is like new. In perfect condition; 
bumper, new Ptrestone cord spare, thtfe 
spar« tube*, complete with set of tools, newt 
battery; bargain for cash. 

DODOB Roadster, lust like new, praetia* 
ally aaw tlrea, eorda, and new apara, 
■aw i««tkar top. with bevelled plato wto« 
dawa to raar. This car mast ba aald tkia 

W. U. 

Phone 3414 


Residence tl4t: 

MR. AUTOrO^wNSR— Wkaa yda ra«aBa 
tka boat poaalble watfefiMSklB a« 4ka 
radtaaw ar 4aa4eta af year aaw aBb aB la- 
ttoMiv «m dvaet yaa to^^ 

ABto Badia UtraSr FiMar RaMtoimM 

Ptodka 1477 717-14 Ml 


MetMBklto Ugkt Six, Sae akapa.. 

~ llUae, aawly palatad 

•a. 141 ^«^paarty ^aw ..*..••.■. 
Jata Btodai «•»••.• 



QVRRLANO Madal 41. ta apleadid ran- 
- >1**f aad haa toat boea complet*- 

avorkatylad. Owa«r faavir 

ag Iowa owiag 


aa^f rx-.**^**^ BM^os; |»«a 

4447. Coianiat. 

Bvary aasiaa ka4H to 
fovare ead dwat aovws ma^Tsr 

4d1 Vtow 

rpVN motorcyrlea for aoJo at Rennle'^ 
A 1717 mre.1. Sovoral tf^ntm 

cua. Re^irs the turn, Ckra koachL aaM 


ra koaghj. 

Slaa fit9 Take 

14 X I ^aH ••* •1.44 and up 

14 a 114 ..i... l.Vf aad up 

41 a 4 4.4S ........ A4i aad ap 

•4 a 4 I4.4t t.44 aad ap 

14 a 414 11.44 S.Zt and up 

17 X 4 16.04 1.00 and up 

Oaada akippod CO.D. aitbioct to cxamtna- 
'.. tloa. 




lilt Fard Touring, alactvte aMrtaf....4i44 

1|14 card Tourlag , . . ; 444 

Uta Fard Touring, allp covers, apeodo* 
aaatar, akaok abaorker^ ate. 4Ti 

m wnwrnoamm uatom oa 
nt mstdt Btpoit . 


'YYMBK-BMD Bnapa^T> FOTda. ffam |1I4 

up, t-ton trailer, 
truck and 10-ton trailer 
Kingston Street. Phone ISOSL. 



WANTED — A garage near Oak Bay 
Juactton. Apply Colaalaf, Box 7414. 

' ' 4 ^ -' » 



CO.. un. 


have BFveral picked C4ira at bar- 
gain pricea. to aoit tba Buiat 
axgcttos ^vyar. I 


apeclallse In general overhaul 
and repair work. Wo s-'anujtco 
our worki our cbargea are r«saaonabJa. 


TalSpiwBa INI. Comer Vskgaavar aad 


•n Tlaw atmal 

*SHaa aC Ba a a rt Baaalnf* 

H PBBp B mt. saad ttoaa, pattoat 

OMl4t(l0ft •a«aSsaaa'«.B«aaaae*BaBaaa a^ MS 

1 FORD DI^nrSBT, Bt aup Mas m 444 
1 BBISOOB BSaBT. * dMdy lUUk Bar 1,444 



1 NASH flve-paaaenge^ a kesutlfBl 

- ^ aaao«oasoaoao*aaaa«yaaa«aBBaoft SgSSft 

1 MAJCWBLX. TBUCX. to sood akapa 1.444 
1 CUEVBOUBT, damaaktokla t«si% 

4Ma asBBdoa^tfsaaaasav^svckBvBsaaala 

1 CMAIJ4BB» to saad rwatos ardar IH 


WB kaea a larsa ame n maa t at aaed 
parts for tha loUowing matus of car* 

itt stuuk: Avperauo, Abi^otl-ltaU-oit, Bulch. 
Ckals^ars. CtMlUlac, CariSi Car, Cule, iil.M.s. 
glanders. Praaklw, iMUMnooUe. iludaoa, 
ttavere Hix, UvarlaML tiaaiand. Heo. Mua 
toll. it M aea l i Kyffl^^j i tjto apa. Wklta. Wtu- 

E**%U1MM«, earbaratora, ga 
itoaring aad dellvery>. twMk 
tataa, custatonai lampa, Bprtogi^ 
traUars, Uroa, tuba% rtoaki 

BUMCU atagaatoa aad onUi^ |^ 4 Ml; 
H\khUL»u* treat aad aaar maum, 

J. MB, rasiuii 

»«. view Btraat Pkoae t»M 

WANTEHJ — Runabout, two-seater, 
bo In good running order and 
moderate. Phune 21(4. 



W ANTBO— Kealdent agent to handle the 
kaat alaacria iisktto* plant <m the 
markat; Sllapt nmnlBg, automatlo, and no 
vibration.. Addreaa 1 Water SUeet, Vaacaa- 
ver. B. C. 

WANTED to Boy — A first claas used car 
for cash, must be good. Ai<;<ly tu Mr. 
Kata. 413 Johnaon Streak No dealara aaed 

FMONB ill* 

r Bualaeaa Tit«^ Tkeatre or Daaeo PartlM 
Skapplag, |L4a wer bear 
Maaaara Tnpac is.** pe< 

FMoim sm 

HIRE— Big new Wiaiaa SU, T 
41 per hour. Pkaaa 14440. MalPp 


T. U 

LADY'S EogUab bicycle, 
|W. Phone Col^ulU 4M. 

T>UONB I144R. Cara lar hire. New mad- 
A aiai 4-patoanger. aarafal drttrata.. Specia l 
lata rataa to ladles. 

todlaa. Pkowa 41MB. 

VICTORIA JItaay Aaaoclattoa. loflL— 
Phone 614. Cara for Hire. For aafety. 

service, comforts, pl«a^ure. Phone 6S6. Of- 
fice, 1J& Joseph btreot. 



^TWUND — Oemilne tole of bargains in dry- 
'I^geods. See for youiaelt. and save 
money. Saakaeok Younf, oaraar of Braad 

and Ji 


LOST — Pocketbook conwlnlng soldier's 
discharge certificate. Please phone 
444L or leave at 1744 Qrattama St. Raward. 

J^OBT— Matap 


LOST— On Sidney StoSk. aaar VIotarla. 
between 10-11. Tkaradap, fw atola, atx 
Flaaa4 I^H( Datactlve 




LOST — All profit on our quick May 1st 
sale of dry goods. 'Seabrook Young, 

corner of Broad and Johnaon. 

LOST — Gentlemaa'a tlepla, Saturday night. 
Finder plaaaa pkana 1141 ar 4>I4X 

Rew a rdj 

LOST— Ametliyat drop earrlag. 4kt. Ftoder 
pleaae phone 3710 R. Reward. . 

LOST — Cameo brooch, atnddo^ with small 
pesria; reward. Crossman. 414 Wllsoa' 

08T — ImiWKi Bank book folder, con- 
taining money pnd photon, latter valu- 
aMa to owner. Box 4414, Colonial. 

LOST — Gold pendant, with two green 
stones on chain. Reward. Phone 3312L. 

LOST — On Thursday, a gold brooch with 
opal centre, aurrounded by pearls, val- 

?ad aa a kaapaake. Finder pleaae pkoaa 
4417.. Reward. 

i3 T RA T H I >— Habia C/>Hle Vlt T I tO l lkP On . 
^ from Thoa, Moald, 444 Caldatkel Road. 
Pkona 114aR, 


WILL be paid for the reeovery of my 
:!-month8-old black and tan Aire- 
dale puppy iPad^yjj. ka||oi»d to kam^Wl 
atoien from np 'Bowa on tka kfSM ai 

April :S. 

WILL be paid for Information leading 
to tho dlseovery of tke pgraon of 
paraana karkoring or ratotolag aaM pappy. 


GEO. B. MORRIS.S. » ijor, 
mix 442 Cralgfiewer Road. 



A SNAP — 6«-room rooming house, Van- 
couver, hot and cold water each room, 
rent 174. 14 montkr lease. Price 46,000, 
13,000 caah, balance monthly. Pkoae 4140. 

lAKBRT Itusineaa for aale; aaU^Uiriied 10 


MAXWBLL^ 4-paaaenger tour- 
Xiy^iU ing car. allghtly 

damonatrator. equlppOd with apara tlra 
aad. cover, Ktos Bull tau lamp. I^day 
~ daa fc < and aprlas kaapar. 



yeara: 'nly bakery In good businena 
town of 3.000: Vancouver laland; aplendid 

opportunlt J'. Apply Box 8543. Colonist. 

aplendid oentral laeatlon and doing one 
of tka keat aad most rallakla tradea la tke 
city, can be handled with akout 44,444. This 
la a genuinely sound ana profltobia oon- 

GARAGE — Commanding all the worth- 
while trade of a proiperoua country 
town. Excellent trade lu new Very 
profitahle repair buatoess, and making big 
money |B ai^lU^ 'BvaiFtliitB- tfMB far 

O' BNT8' FL-RNISHINOS— Wonderfully at- 
tractive, up-to-the-minute ' and well 
bought stock, magalttoantly located, right 
In the hub of the ctty. witk meat fav^ar* 
able lease: owner aaya ke can prove by kla 
books that thla business la producing sub- 
atantlal profltn; $4,000 handlea. 

LUMBER MILL — Thoroughly up to date in 
every detail and with unrivalled re- 
sources of standing timber; output fifteen 
tfapousand per day; aplendid transportation; 
grand opporttmlty to got lato a aplendldly 
prnfl table business, or would take partner. 
jtriLLINBRT — Proof can be given of a 
net profit of |4,60O a year, Occupiea 
unrivalled location In most central kaai- 
Vtotorta: ftoa^dS^.^. 

for two yeara 

seven years; 

stock about 

5-FAS8SNOBR ItlS Mctaasklta, ta 
running order; |I44. 110 Ballatrltta St. 

Oray-Dort Speetol, run leaa 



Tkto la a real anap at^ t|,IM> 

-4 A-| Q Gray-Dert 'Regular, leoka like new 
J-vA-O and la almoet new. Don't fall to 
aee thki anap before you buy. 41,440. 

REPUBLIC Truck, newly i>ainted and to 
Al running order, kavlag i boea ra- 
oaauy ararSauted. Baa dafsa aavWad kady 
wtto wladaklald and aak. Qgod Una all 
droaad. Prioa. IMN. 

Beraral good Forda rangtag la prloa from 
|4f4 to llV. ^ - « 


Htft4» 9t* Street Fkaag 1144 

\ Show Roomg 

^Q-fO Oray-Dort In Al akape, good tlrea, 
XvJ-cJsnap, 41,140: also blUlard table. 
flUI slia. Phone Belmont 4L, nftor 7 p -m. 

O-TON truck, good tlrea all around, good 
^ buy at 41.004, eaay terma. ReBBleaar- 

tba Osrs WUk ih* 


Ae!«DAirr saafsatga wttk ararr 
aold B Sg M dayi- aarrlce at 

sad idSRr 


^ actaal 
ahop eoat. Osar twenty cara to chooas 
from, at prices from 1444, up; Cadillacs^ 
Ckevroleta^ Overt ~ ' 


WM, D. CAimn 



Matoaeyalea . 
Motarcyeto B l e y ato 
44 latoastway 


B Sal» B a s llak cycle. 414; Barley- 

Btraat sftiy 4 p.m. 
^^lOM Sj*a-H4l4 ladfan twin, heavy duty 


aaw tlraas a daady 
414 KlngatoB. Street. 

prtoa IMC 

i;<OII Bale Lady's 
f witk extra froat brake. 

Pkana «tlSU 

GBMTB Clavelaad blcycl*. |M1et:t 
tlon. 114 cash. 114 Central B;g| 

Q.BWTri^ Bleycio by 

b«at Bag' Ml aaaBa 

U »«a'S i e«a WO— 4r Wa«4a too yi 

1917 'to 

Sttot,^ CBy. 


>-a. itll 

■WAirrBD- T lBSl i g 
y~ aad lawiiKtoB m 
F a a kp wa 




T>RINTING BUSINESS— A complete and 
-aT modern 'plant, wttk aa excellent con- 
nection; plant would >ooat 44,440 to Inatall 
today; everything goes for 44,404, with val- 
uable lease at noniMal rent, 

extraordinary daveiopment. this busl- 
nesa commands uhllmlled trade at great 
profits, and can be handled for |1,000. 

IF yon have 410,000 to invest in a lumber 
mill we can put you nrzt to onepf the beet 
proposltlona in B. r. : an absolutely modera 
mm, all klnda of standing timber, output la 
aold for montha ahead at big profits. 

141 Union Bank Building 

Phone 4444 

NER? If so consult tke real buslnesa lo- 
ratora We have many rent enouirles for 
buslnaaa oponlaga^ laeftidlnf Barker akop, 
grocery koalaeaa, cafe. Bring aloag yonr 


141 Union Bank Building 
Phone 6404 


■ buwnM fob SALB 

FIR S T -CLitS S S id w«ft--CBtoMi8kad taai 
estate business tor sale eheaa; situated 
in Pemberton Block, good large listing and 
many big bargains in houses and acreage. 
Please do not answer unless you mean busl- 
nesa Reason for selllag, leaving VlotorU 
for t wo years. Box 131, Colonist. 

Sale — 4-atory brick aad stooA kotel 
and block stores, aH reated dt geod 

rental. UoWl fally fa ral Bkad aad dolag 
good business; no apposition i la town of 
1,200: divisional point, mala Una e.F.R.: 
}i4.too. Would consider Victarto raalty 
pnrt. Box 16 44. Colonist. 

Ij*OR Sale — Half Intereat In two partly 
■ developed claima^ Stewart district, two 



kave a 

aplendid timber 

_ aparaxtowtaty 7,444.4M loot. 
Fally eaalppad mill oa tka praparty. 

a capacity " 
oa Vancouver 
tlculars at offlee. 


of lASM <^tjMr d^, 

prapaa l tlaa 

aad Ian 

In a 

TXTE kave a flrat-rate opportunity 
V V paytog establlahad budaesa which for 
reaaaaa of lll-kaaltk oampel tka a#aor to 
aaU. Tkara la a complete e«alpment. atoek 
of aceessorles.* etc.. and now doing a good 
hire bualnraa. and there is ampio scope to 
build up a large buslneaa in r.^palra and 
aales. Two modem passenirer cars go with 
the builneaa and there la a Bowaer pum|l^ 
Unk and gaadtoe oattit. Satlafactory loaaa 
^jgr a tolgto. ' Frtoa wt tlw Vitoto kngjaagi 

We apeclallse In all kinds of BU8I.N-E:SR 
CHANCBB aad eodeavor to put forward 
whlak tptu ataad tka 


meat aaapahlat 

T14 B.a Farmaacnt t>a#a BIdC. 
Talepkaaa flM 

S/innn makes 444.44»— several VIetorta 
«KtvrVf\/ bualaem men invsstsd 11.444 
and have already secured this return on 
tksir capital. Tka aame opportanlty la 
avalUtbie aaw. I araat five parttoa to oa 
tbis ground-floor deal with ma. If yua 
have the cash, wrlta taday far partlealara 
Address Biix 4117, Ca*a«ttSt. 

BOATS and Launchea dealfSad and knllt. 
repairs, caulking. Watkr tanfca, any 
alae, "l^* '"^ round. J, IPauill; Vleiorw 


IOB8 MttU 

EASTHOPB Marine Enginea are built to 
gite laatlng aatlsfactlon. The valve In 
head design, with nieCianlral Intake valve 
design gives greatest puw.-r and economy. 
Thmf are quiet, clean, and smooth rua- 
alng; 4-li.p, aultohlaWBs My atyla boat ap 
xo 14 feat In length: new ^riee, 4334, com- 
plete. With reverie gear, 1176. Heavy duty 
7-h.p.. |7&0, all complete; suitable for boats 
up to 46 feet. Maoe in Vaaoouvar by Baat- 
kopa Broft, tka ploaaar akslaa kuUdara In 
Brltlah Colkama. ItM Oaarf^ S«to4t, W. 

IT^OR Sale — Compound toaHna 
- boiler, Btack, stay chalna, rudder, 

inch bronze propeller. Will trade for 
line launch. Phono 2107. 


IpOR Sale — A 26x6 Vi launcU (open), 6 h.p. 
Fairbanka engine. A splendid outfit. 

Alao one new rowboat and 
motor, 144 Oarbally Road. 

one outboard 

17K>R Sale — Handsome S4-foot V cakin 
" cmtaer. Regal rnglne. electrlo drop 
lights, furnished beautifully. Apply Colo- 
nist. Box 34 34. 

betas avar- 

flWn Sala Spaadbo a t. Juat 
J? hauled. Pkana 4I44R. 

^K>R Sala— 44-foot cabin cmtaer, id 
m! koraapower engine, toilet, etc.; newly 
414 Cralgflower Road. 


NBW ll-foot rnwbuat. 
boat, 444.. ..BP<^ci!ii, i4-root 


1 4 -foot row- 

rowboat, |71. All boutx complete, delivered 
to Victoria. Cedar Boat Works. 411 Powell 
Street. Vancouver. B. C. 

NEW round bottom 16-ft. rowboat, rein- 
forced tor and fitted with 2 h.p. eut- 
matar._ Price |144 tor quick aale. 

T^wm BOWBOAT8— tS tk. tUi IS ft, 
i> 141: 14 ft.. 447: 14 ft. 144: atoadard 
eonatrueted workboats, 14 ft, 4l4: 14 ft. 
|I4; 14 ft, 1144; yacht dinghys, HI; also 
ether slaaa and models; launches built; re- 
palm aad alterations at lowest prioae. 
Qutog^^toMira^ Boato Limited. )4M 

WANTED— Motor taoach aaltabla for 
flehlng. about 30 feet long, gOod 1*- 
llablc engine. Reply, with full detaUl^ Baa 
No. 8504, Dally Colunlst, Victoria. 

on'-FOOT launcli^ suitable for fishing, liaa 
*i 1 heavy >luty engine. 410 Believllla St. 



fflBB warfctagaaM'a elobi keai 

A. veatlUted rooma in tke city; Brui 


m«aai.a.i •? ^ 

poattonadt ^ |||y|-r#t J 






Br% FUNERAL CO. (Hayward* Ltd.* 
.U. — Fuaaral dlreoMfa aad,em »almga. 

FURRIERS, ladlaa- Md "S*B^ ^SSS JEa 
pay special aitenttos to r a m il lll BB BM 
rapalrinR. John Baadara, IIW 9SB BBP 
Ave. Phone 4411. . 

ITWJSTEH. PRBI>~>1I14 aoverameat Streak 
JP Pkoae 1447. AlteraUeaa a»d '~ 

AGREEMENTS of sale and mortgagss 
bought and sold. Apply A. D, Ford, 
£07P £mperton lildg. Phone 1800. 



414-11 Pandoi 


aaBlaSn<Si2*p-Hi?i?la tWmm. 


iRICKWORK— AU elasaea af work doaot 
boiler aotttog aad all aldaass of fur- 
aaee work. Dave Btuvelt. 1144 Oeoar 

Street. Phone «01lX. 

/^HILOBBirs aad Ladled OatStter— Sea- 


brook Ta«B/L 
Pkaaa 474*. 

ea r ner Broad aad Joha- 

^ > » ~ ii r,n — I ~ " " i — " ""~ — ' ' " " 

Phone 6108 L Residence: 1415 Tatee St. 

Builder and Contractor. Altoratloaa and 
repalra of every doacriptloa. BajtkMwtion 
guaraateed. Bx-Berviee man. Flaag pre- 
pared. Bstlmatca aakjwittad. 

mltaa from wagaa 'roa4i, .Ma miles from 
rail. Prof. BcConnatra r«p6rt. on thla pro- 
perty ssys: "It contains galena... The pure 
galena carries 40 ounces silver and |3 paid, 
per ton." ' For parttcuyirs. address Baa 
4664. ColOBlst. 

TTIOR gALlO— An Old and weil-eatahWBMid 
J/ grocery end dry gooda buslnaaK MLSM^ 
aer of main thorougbfars; aanaal tanmPar 

MOKRT A sCUAMBBRLAIbi, earpaotere 
aad balldera: aatlsfaciioa guaraateed. 
, phone 4147. Rao, phoae 4034B. 

REPAIRS and General 
alterations a specialty. 



_SM»»VM~>rf'krwVkrVW*ir^r^ -~i — -a— a — k or^Tk 

B~ rs mUM OTS WOBKB-Tka larsaai 
•V/* dyelag aad sdeaalag worka to tka 
P i ar to ea. Couotry ordera aalloited. Pkoae 
^I bIl, <♦ C. Roafrew. C CampbeU aad X. 



444,444; can be largely 
kaaae attached : targa 
Box 4114, Celoalst. 


fi^OR Sale — Uvery bara aad outfit deiag 
JC gaod bosineaa. known aa tka Xafflloaaa 
Uvefr, ar -will gaU kam aapante. Waidd 
Make aa axcellmt garage. Tke knlldtag 
la fifty by eighty feet, bnljt of cmnant 
blockiU three storys, in goM . location; 
terms. For further particulsrs appty P.O. 
Box I St. Kam loops. B.C . 

"CWR Sato— Old ootakllakatf aUlk roate. 
17 caalral^ Solas bMI bba two 
korae and daky atsaatla. 


dSMUad •toaar 

Saa Olaga. Calli 

MAWUPACTtJRTNO Opportgtoty — |10,4t4 
taveatment will give snttaato BMa stil>- 

maaafnolBatas k«a|! 

ooaraettttoab 8te kaal- 
cspftal renal red lor as- 
iroagkaat Claa aig. Balt- 

gtaatlat lateroot la 

teadtog booineaa tkroagkaat _ 

able remnneratloa tor aarvlaaai No _ . 
rteh-qnick schenMi. but one of a pradttfcio 
natora. with olg l>a*in*a* ahead, aad tka 
ontr one of lU klad on this continent. TMa 
will ataad teveatlgatioo. Prtartpaia aaly. 
Pull Informattoa ky a ppn to tm aa t aalp. 
Boa XAXX. 


man af a< 

Inlegrlly. wMk 
to Jolo 

FaU partleatora 



OARFMBTRF — AMacatiaaa aad npaiift 
Tkltkell. f i j iS k I4SS, ^>Ballawaiea fraa. 

IP VANS * OREEN (Retamad Soldlera). 
'J BuUdorpk alterattona and repairs: 1414 
Quadra, OSloe 133 Pembartoa BIdg. Pkeaaa, 
oAce. 4444; workshop, 18*0; res., 404 lU 


^_4k.^WkS'k«~WM"B" 4 " ""^ 

iBAYUXIk 'OBM T., 114 ForL_Oarlaa 



xru~i-~ -- " — ' - * * ~ 

I,WATS ral tok ia Matl wato Bcaa, tmnu 

AVWAJM ra l to to a 
tare aad p4aM 


,BATMAN — .ta 
ll«4 Wharf Bt>«et. 




motor) la Tla4o*to 1 ^ wg 
y gtorage Ohu. ul. PBaae 

< j^-tr^ i rto^'" k i ~ ' ^■'^^^^^S^sa^^ 

ryooi * ooDOAu st^ < > >^ • to 

\Jmt SMtgr tsaalrtaa. switekk 

Pboaao •4aA a14>4t 

GARDENS dug, ascded and plaaud; lawaa 
made and kept up. Jumea T. Godfrey. 
Pfanne S771R. 

4 1 



Fred Beaaatl, Strawkarry 

ato P. 

GET yonr apraytos at . _^ 
F. Webb. Phoae imX 

at toe Lawn Ma*ar 

moraat BUeet. 

FiiOOR BimrAcadlio 


floor aurtadag ma- 
anu wblok aparatea 

have added 
chlae to our 
cither aid a 

posiuoa to aamr aat 'ssF 

m. w 

441 SayWBiM^S^tag 

Pkaaa t*U 


ZINC aad Copper lUaatrattoaa 
deacrlption at The Colaalai 
,gr»atoS Pepartmaot. 


IOVI8. Bag, Waste, Matol aad 
chinery MerckaatI WkBlagBli aaob 
Planu a apaclalty. Pkaaa Fair 044. Mf: 

7 th Ave. K.. Vanco uver. 

VETERAN JUNK CO.— oive tka kayk "a 
show. We buy Junk of all deaerlpttoaa. 
1106 Whdrf Btreet. Phone 1411. 

WkiS^Tlfc. aaa MitBtoik ail Pkaaa 


jtOp.aJK8 AND^ O^^ 

BALOPTiCONi^ also RadlopUoaaA tor 
showing post cards, f rom ^411 . 4 4^_tj $44, 
Kodaka. Brownies and OraSaa Oameraib 
Sims, papers, chemicals, etc. at Mayuard'a 
Photo Stock Bouse, 714 Pandora Sc Pkaaa 


LIMB for farm kad 
any au 

Analysis 44.1, 

tardea, daUvarad IB 


•iSbW Ml 
J3I aanltar 

p. Mc 
1440" _ 

mbtbod laundrt, Ltd.— Tka 

aanltary way. 1014-17 Nortk Park, tm 
Lean. Expert lauitderera. TalepheM 

PUBLIC StoBOgrapkar— Boom 111 Say- 
ward BIdg. Hourat liSS M II s.ia.f 

1 p. m. to 4:44 p.m. 

T>UONE 6441. 441 B.C. 

XT Building. !« J. 

1 1 


LITROORAPHtNO — LIthograpklag. oa« 
graving and emboaslng. Nothing tea 

large and nothing too small; your 

ery Is your advance agent; our wa| 
luallsd weet of Toronto. .Tka* 
-■ubllshlna CO.. - 

>ttr atattof 


. r 


trade marlto deaiga^ eai 

P^rtSnZVeatkarataakauck A Ot^. 
eatobUakad Srm at 

iaio'Rogera Bundlky^aaaaatdr.' 

PATENTS— Booto a d BrlttalB, 
ir attorneys pataato to all oaaat 
Bold Balldtog. 444 OiaavlUa BL, Vi 

m 1. 

L i tr.r I — - - -■■■-1 

ASHTON*Sl UMITBD— Opposite V. 
Plumbing, kenttog and sheet, Iron 
viatorto pkaa a 474A Oak B ay ^kaaa 





JU. BLKPOB' Plaatoms, aa ahag 1B4S^ 
. OaB Bay Aoaaaa. Pkaaa liW. , 

T>aONB 1444. 
Jr Hay ward i 



4U MT 


. Heating. 474 Yatea St. Pkfa »$tt, 

Plambtoc aad k as B SB 
Pkaae 414. 

rnitB Calkert Plumuing A UoaUng Ca« 
JL Ltd.. eaatury aad heating eogiuaarat 
766 Brougktoa Street. Beiabllshed iSIA 



gntOHT, patota4k ata« I414 

NOEL BROB., 1110 Quadra 
painting, kalsomlnlng. 
paper hanging. Phone 1444. . 

PAINTING aad Decorating— AU -klB4U of ^. 
art aad plala Slaaa weriu.Praaiptafd 
pa r aena^ttontm^^^Btoai^Sl^Dagl^K^ 

Piasurot^Battowtaa straa ga 


• Plato 

meat work, rept 


FOR good repair work, try mm. A Pttt 
A Bon.. 1412 Douglaa SkraB4^ ta 4lto 

Leylanil Hotel Building, lnarSBP My Blid 

l>ougla>. I'h'ine - imO. 


SECOND-HAND Cletklag: 
aatta^ kaagkt tor 
atofBPa eall .1 


Typawrttan BBMTBI^ kanskt, 

esakaaged. rsballi. repaired, 
to aao4 


macblDss. Pkona t44A 744 

• •■■■a 

GET yoar Nskt ar k«avy 
returned ataa. B.C. 


^ | -^- > r- ,i — M — 1 ^ — - ^ ^ » ^ ^ ^ » m ■ ™ ^ ^ ■* afc^y ^ 


X repairs; raotala; ^boao for ell m*> 

ahlaaa. UnlKd Typ«wrM«r CO;, LtA. 744 







patotaoA fndt mmt B4B» 


T Bata aaaal ga a n ata aaii 



DAtLY COUn?ls1r,. VICTORIA. B.C.. FRipAY, APRIL 30^ 19g0 

. '-IK" ■ 

City, Suburban Country 

mit-aqd Dairy Fai ' mgi, PcHiltiy 


eoB AUTO amviov u at too* 


w. H. HuouBai vt mf iu i m * ... . 

PHONs ai4t»— A. J. a« 
fi«a«*w «i»iiMf» kMt»« 
teb«4: iMiwr work tfoM. 


PB. aRAVCS— Pbona «4atT. 


IJU>PODIST— U K. 3»»m, tit OMiral 
Fhgj^Mtjf^ — — — 




Da UCWIB HALL— Jawall Dtoek. 
T»iM and OouKlM atrMU. 


EiLBKa. m«. Sl c. toi*t«s b. 
P*mi«Mat 1«0M Bidf . TaltpkM 
oftloe 20<l: rMldanc* ttsaL 

b Klfil^I^lcr— PbooM «!•• Md 

omc. fc,,..^ Bit. 


JOCTTBSi MADAM, foot spmIaUM. Cora« 
Miauwutly (arwd. ConmltAUMM Urn*. 
MwMM «•!•«•• CkmpbaU BalMlBS.. Pkra* 


EBTABUSBBO OT«r tbirtjr 
UiONCM. Ltd.. B.C. Lm« 

WUBRSTON. B.a LMd ■urvcyer 
• CiTll BngiDMr, iMd ntrymn, Umbw 
Mr*«ra. minarai tnmvrK railway mwvwa 
— ii WB iM <> — 



PA8SPOIIT8 »r«p«rad, forma au»p:i«4. 
Lloyd-Tounx. notary pablle, Itlt 
Wtr»«t. Phone« «ttt and »MtU 

^ . WwrtctaB and 

r"Wtai«> aiaaa aaa . Kuita |i1 WallMr 


t>lkIVA9P Mataralty Baaphal, IMt 
JT a<t 'aKTiBtta. Saattla. Waaht 


^JH^^aoj^in d Pand ora. 

Canlna HoapltaL oor> 

A PABTIISNT HooM tor sal* 
A ^^awMT. Wt^la. P. 9^ 

A CHOlCB 8nap — Modarn aiz-room bUB- 
galow: owaar saUw •mvi «toa« to 
Cantrai Patki cardan Uk 
«<>iaana *Av«irtiat . 

,'A MB yen adil loofclac for a good 
«X. aMaaT aao Crowa Baaltr. •«« 

V TlBAUTirUt. aaml-bunialow, garafo, Ma> 
, Clarjr hratlnc ■yitem; built to dto 
labar: coit tt.OOO. Will aell for is.ttt. 

CruA'D Realty, over Imperial Bank. 

'CV>K aal*— Maall taaaaa aad airava. wU% 
m: MSI IMT afiaatamoata. oo WHaaar 
•traat. Prtea*. taall payAant dowa. 
balanoa to atilt. Apply t»4 MadUoa Straot. 

jfnmt'CUim at ro« 

' priaa. Baaaona for . 

laraa twa-aioty baaaa wttb city watar <ta 
oladlac batbraasii. tai'^pbune. Oraylaca. 
'apl^dldly ballt. vood olcvatloo. 4bout alsbt 
roema. lavya eloaata, and canv«il«n: to tram 
and achool, (ti oanta return fare to ctty>, 
wllhin four mllaa of city hall, iVt acraa of 
oalaadld land, wbleb ladudta on« arra of 
bottom land (auilabta for |o(anl>«rrlMt, hal- 
aaca Idaal for atrawbarrlaa; ar^r Itt fruit 
traea. dairy, aarava, born, two aaraa ia 
crop (train), two mltrb cowr, baccy and 
baraaaa, farm utanaila and thirty haoa, 
raaca and hall i^tova. Raduc<'d fl.OOa for 
Immadlata aalo. (Owaar aspaeta to raiam 
avantualljr ta Vlolarta aad will- Uka « alty 
Jiowao. sat avar a lidmia. m »a|t par* 


•tt Coatral Bolidlaa Pkaao 3t7I 

MOTB— >wa iMva two aaraa cardaa aatl at 
Mt. TalnUa tw fS.Mai oaay ' ~ 

FOR Rala — A aoml-boacatow la <Mi Bay 
diatrlct conalatinc of recaptlcm hall, 
parlor, dlnlaa room, boamod and paoollad. 
four badrooma. kttekfa. paalry, bath aad 
aapaittto toMat. alaaa faoadatloMd ooaMiit 


FOR Bala— Almaat new S-roomad baaaa' 
low at ' Hlllalda termlnua, bullt-ln tlx 
taraa and all eonvanlenoaa for tl.700 for 
«ulek aalo. oao woak only. Phone SV2IL,. 

FOR 8alo Chaa^—Two-roooaad hoaaa aad 
lot, aBimrvalo, adJolalaa Olyaa Station, 
B. c. Blaatne Ballway. 1% nUw from 
«Hp. PHoo-flM. — 

BBBvi o6do'v] 

FAUILT realdcnce— Hot water hestinc. 
In tba beat nalchborhood, aloaa to 
Roeklaad Avanuo, bish up, mcnlficaat 
vlaw, • commodloua t-Tooa » ad honaa. t 
racapllen rooina with open fireplace*. 4 
bedrooma, firaplacoa la two; larca attic, 
conaervaiory, aaraca, t flaa loi^ fruit 
ij^aoi a houaa wblek w#aM e«dt.fU.«l# to 
build. Owaar baa loft Hty and tastraeta 
ua Co Ball at once at only t^.St*. 

OAK BAT — A perfect homf, alx-roomed 
fully modara bunaalow, full cemant 
baaament, lurnaea. larga lot. aardan, fruit 
treaa. oWekaa boiiaaa. all la food ordari 

pH>lII< BAT— 4-rooraed houaa, all ta tha 
•■■ boat condition, modern throachout, fur* 
nao«, otc Clote to aea. Only IS.IOt, 

B aa l B o ia t o and laaura a u e Aa aata 

' tflMlBl^rtt 



BAT — On fit, Anna Street, aa I* 
room new and modem bunaalow. 
with hardwood floora. full baaa- 
mant and (urnaca. Let la MxllS. 
Comman^a a lovely outlook over 
tba Bay aad lalaadA Handy to 
- - ' iflea iMdt. 

monmtm wtm saub at 

'9» B. sibWN 

ItTt ins mtmA Mnat 

BxcLcuya uombs 

PW&tfB Suburbaa VaoM la an tha iwe-mila 

fiva minuiaa walk to tha car 
T aaaa a a b ia diaiancc to tha baaek. It la 



DIBTIUCT — t-room dwall- 
la fmn 
tt and furnaeo. 
la «MWt taHrabla. I<at 
pMpd, o« laMMk M. 

LIMDEN AVENUE — And on the beat part, 
T>room modern dwelllnc, with 
aood baaamant and furnaoa. Ab- 
wtatalr «» to data: lot la MaUt. 
Prtco^ OB tame, ••,N». 

Bat — Near car termlnua and doaa 
to aolf llnka, s-room modern 
dwalUBB with full baaamant. lot 
•txili. Nlea lawn and oak treaa. 
Prleo, |«.tM: caab payauat. 

JUNCTION — Naar Oak Bay 

Junction, a modern T-room dwell- 
lnc with cooil barenipiit »nd fur- 
nace Mnd i»o Kooj sic; lota, 
isituated on blah around. Price, 
i*a tama, |T,9Mf. 


Street, between Cook and Trutch 
ytreciB, t-room new and modem 
dwelllnc with full cize bavemeni, 
and furn»cf. l,.>t In eOxljfi; unil 
Carace. Thla houar beinc purtlru- 
larly weU bulU la a areat bar- 
gain at only fT.B9ts eaay terma. 

hlcb cround coBunaadlnc 
cratd vlaw of tha meunialna and titnata. 
coniainad In two aad a quarter acrea, 
ahada oak traoa and flower aardaaas 
boaaa la part kriek «ad aluooo. doBl(»«d 
aa aa 8«s<iab eountry homo. It eoatalna 
laraa rnttaoee hall, hardwood floora and 
mahocany panellinc, alldinc door* leadlnc 
Into larce Hvlnc room. open flreplacf. 
bulll-ln bookcaaaa. ProMk tfoora leadlnc to 
tha cunaervalory; parlor, open flraplice. 
Preach doora leadlaa to veranda; dininc 
room, open flreplaee, panelled, beamed 
celllnc. All the floor* are hardwood, and 
haa oak atalroaae; bullt-ln laatur'?*; liack 
hall, paaa {antry, and larca ' kitchen, 
toilet aad waah baaln. On tha aecoiid. tlMr 
are fivo kedrooaw^ with chilhaa cloaat^ 
two bathrooma. tolleU aopa'rita. all tllod. 
The attic contain* lerce blllUr-l riHim. oar" 
vanta' quarter*, bathroom. Full atae baaa< 
ment, hot water haatlnc. et<:- Oaraao. 
chicken hoaaea, aad other outhouaaa. Thla 
home la only aavan year* old. and la of- 
ferad at a mat aawrtftoa. Prtea and tarma 
on appU^tloa. > 



U«>m Bayward Bulldlas 

GOOD larca lot. witk aood cottaca, on 
Moaa Btraat. ehaapj oacy tenaa, JM^y 
John Touna. Boom F. 7W Paador*. 

Oono i: 

DISTRICT — t-r«omed, !-*tory 
. fully modem In every raapect, 
double floorina thronabout, boot of flnlah 
aad no money haa been apanad In the oon 
atructlon. Contalna four bncht bedrooma 
each with larce niothea oloaeta and two 
trunk room*. Drawinc and dlnlnc rooma 
are apacloua, beamed and panallad, 'Opfn 

fireplaoea, bullt-ln featurea;' laraa, 
kitchen with every convenience. 

Baaement 1* exceptionally well built and 
contalna aood-aised billiard room. 

Orounda are larao witb t«Mila.oottrt aad 
a chicken run; aplondid aardan and well- 
bull t carece. 

Wuick action wilt obtain thla aptendld 
Iromc for t7,&0A. Trrma eadly arranaed. 

Taxea arc low and the location, cloae to 
the Qorca watera, la one of the moat deatr- 
abla.' < 

We, Invite a atiidp of 'our UatlBfa, by any 
tntendlBC purobaaer. 

'it Fort Stnet 

owaer. a home, • rooma, ata., at a 
t aaarlflca. with oa*^ ma t«a MN% near 
Oorao rark. Phone Maau ' 

fitBAUTirui. buDcalewa and aaml>buaaa- 
X» Iowa at alaoK half-price. Crowa 
Baalty Co. 

BEAUTIFUL S-room huncalow, 1% mile 
circle, aplendl'J nelKhborliood, IMN. 
Owner. Colonlat Bo« 8n<4. 

' K. v.. HKATH 

i:t3 Doucia* Btreet 

CRAIGDARRuCH — 'i'hl* T-room home 
wltli all bullt-ln ofreri*. hardwood 
noma, hot water heatlnc. full ce- 
nx'iii baaement, double plumbtnc, 
room* are all larce, llaht aad airy; 
■ B very choice buy .attf t.ooa. 

TCmBflBW 'WUa modem ^'roam oeml- 
JB MdftldW wltk S tooma down aad 
bathroom, two bedrooma up. with 
l>a«1n and toilet. ' Thria place I* very 
nicely laid out and • wfll finished, 
atanda on a full-alaed lot with nlea 
carden, al*o carai^: OMiy |4,IM. 
^JlAlRFtRI.D — Thla very modern 7-room 
,<l> California B«mi-bunaatow, larce Itv- 
Inc mom with open Oreplacc, dlnlnc 
room nilliilninc with nire hullt-ln 
luifTrt. Kutrh kltrhrn ami hreakfaat 
•• ranm. .1 hrdrnoma and bathroom up: 

full orment baaement with laundry 
tray*, eatra plumbinC and nomer 
oua other built-liweirerte. The main 
rooma .have hardwood floora, atanda 
oa a nice lot with caraae; oaly 
. |.T,Ct«. 

1S12 nonalHit Btreet 

ClOl NTRY home on Tiain roa.l. Mclrhoaln. 
J near atore. Prli-e »l,>00 caah: ••roomad 
hotiae ahlncleit. and one acre cround. In 
larce and email frulla. will he cloae to C. 
n> Baa alailon; Qno prupo«ition forthrlfty 

Ill Cowtral aidlt. ' PbOM» nit 

' ^ouA'jnv ^ ■' 


AH but about t acre l« CITI.TIVAT* 
BD, to fruit treee tMA Blao other 

5., frulta. Artlatln. 
•nOOM COTTAQK with olty water. Blee. 
.trie iicht available If ««•!«•«. Tha 
prirr Inriudca 




»• ri RH-HRKD HKN.«!. 
!» TrnKKVS. 

M.MI.N IfiHK, Bl-fKlT. W A 11 O N 
r«/Jl^.i'i^J*V*''<^'^ HARROW, 
ru- Snly^ aaeh.) 
MILEH from Vielorla. &n flneat motor 
road. Hiace* pa** door. 

•PCOr/y-Bee ua at tmca. tt la tba blc«eat 
anap of It* kind we kBoW of. 



^^1^ M(<inirre. 'ii^ Mai 
B.Cf. Pemaaeat LaaalUdg'; 





on ...... 1^ 


Afblaa atreart. 4 raotea. On terma 
Jfarrlat Road. I rooaia. on terma 
Kerr Ave. 4 raoaia. Oa terma .,. 

^trfior At.. 7 mom*. 

Ifaet, I roMin* On terMa^' 

,' OAN. UAV 

>»wa by Bpf B »ni aB l —ly 

ouNFORiyB, vny. 
list Oeverwaiaat Stjeet 
Alter May *** 'n^J'^^**'^ 


, PbMi iifa« 

Maat ta 

'CHtntTT la ••roewted hooa* rroisftojror 
lit Read, Tbe Oorca. Eaqulmali DiotHct. 
eonialainc partar. dlnlnc room, <|«,a, tvmr 
ba d iaai a a. kitcb aa. aa atry. haih. etc. Baa^ 
n o t /all alaas earner let. Prtc* of oaultv 
»l.t»b fb. B«« t»t7. caiMiat. 


tiaa iia« w a, _ 
|t,tM Tba Oetd 

I Oempaar, aeu Odar Mm 


•MMI ^1" — fflx-rn"-!'---! i>otia» Ml 
J" Btreet: »I,M«: r<-ai.,> t*' 
Bl ^ Tr^t Co.. 1 1*1 i>'Mt>i«j at, 


HAVE yon $««o eaah? Than eaiza thla oao: 
BU-room aaml-bunaalow havlna full baae- 
niont with eement flahr. hot air famaoa. 
autlaaary tuba. Cbiaaman'a moo. aai<d> 
wood floora la larae Uvina room with Bro- 
place aad dinhia room with beamed eelllncs 
and bullt-ln Haturea. Three bedroom* with 
riothea clooato: well ilnlahed bathroom with 
mirror and medicine cloaet. Larae lot with 
good aotl; larae ahed; room for *l<lc en- 
trance for aaraae. ' Hooae la oa Foul Bay 
Road, tbree miaataa tram Mt Tolnile car. 
Price la under $4,f N aad la aulte |l,o»o 
under real vnlao today. 

Let ua ahow yos tUa. MB t«lapkdaa OB-' 
qutrica anawarod. „ ^ w- 


Balmoat Bulldlaa, VlctarU 
XMdl Mdaactr.-^AttraA eamlobBri • 
Beal Batata Bbpartoiaat 
U. O. M. Marttto B. A PBUaraoa 

LOTS — Each about 65x139. on Wllmot 
Place, Oak Bay. runnlnc throuch 
to Tale Htreet. ThI* I* a very 
cheap buy. but the owner »a>-* 
•he lota muat be told. Price for 
the four only (juarier 


BUTS a lot, tlxlM. on Bbakea- 
»*Va_ Htreet, batvaaa Paatbroke 

WATBRFRONT LOT at Foul P»y hut 
In Oak IJay Municipality. ' Nice 
araaoy lot. oaly |«00. Torma If 


Ol^ ACRES at Wcatwoodvale Station on 
B. C. E. Railway, about 5 rnlle* 
from Victoria; cloae to atatlon. 
Terma, prloa for tbo whole^ I2&0. 

^BAR Rockland Avenue — Beautiful real- 
altuated in charrolnc aurrounUlnji*, 
wonderful vlaw, and of commandlnq; ap- 
pearance. Thla homo la contained in al- 
raoat two acrea of around, nicely laid out 
In lawn, aardena. and ahrubbery. Realdonce 
contalna, drawinc rooaa, npeu fireplace t 
larco llvlna room wlUi larae open lire- 
Place; den; pa*a pantry, and kltoheni four 
larce bedroom* with clothea cloaeta; tw-j 
mUhrooma; two dreaalna ro<An»; full alaa 
w aw iaient ; liot water haatlnc; aervanta' 
QOanorsr lauiidry; garaae. eio. TliU butna 
la only olabi yeara aid. Prtsu and ierma oo 
appileatloa to tbia atf:|BO. 

"^IBAR Roeqiand Avenue — Beautiful reai- 
denee eontalninc recppilon hall, with 
larce open fireplace; druvilnB room flnlsh- 
fd In while enamel; den; large dlnlns 
room; breakfaat room; paaa pantry, kitchen 
and waah room; altllna rooast flva bad- 
rooma, with two bathrooma. oh the third 
floor. Full Blied eement ha»pment with 
concrete floor, aervani*' quartrra. store 
room, hot water heatlnc: vacuum cleaner 
Inatalled. About half an aero of land, on 
high cround. with lawn and flower aar- 
den; aarace for two motor*. An Ideal 
home In excellent condition throuchout.. 
Phono for an appointment to view aame. 
Price att4 tenna on •pplleatton to tbla oi- 
f Ice oaly. 

"DOCKLAND Avenue — Charminc reRl- 
dente with nione foundation, fatilnc 
Boiiih, with fommandlne -Vie*- _of Olympic 
Mnuniain* and »eu, cuntalning baaement 
with laundry tub*, ono bedroom, bathroom, 
lavatory and atore room; dance room. 
Oround floor: Cloakroom, waahroom. large 
drawing room, dlnlhg room, den, kitchen, 
large butler'n pantry. First floor: Four 
hedroom*. dreaalna room, two bathrooma, 
two linen rioaeta, trunk room, aun and 
alneplnc porch; hot water heatina, aa well 
a* five open fireplace*; vacuum cleaner: 
'*«^t, one- of the moat modern home* In 
the city. Price and terma on application. 

X-'AIRFIBLD. on blab around— Here la a 

„ . •»2,"'«. and one of the beat In 

ralrfteld. NIac-roomed dwelling. <:ontaln- 
Ina reeeption hall, open fireplace, beamed 
celling, cloak room, 
drawinc room. 


r CflBBtlBB^I 


ITLBBVUrB, aoaad lavtatmenta at tba prea' 
^ oat tluM are very hard to p>ek up, awd 
w.» believe In thi* that we are aKordlac 
aomeoaa a unique ouportuaity to lavaat their 
money eouadly aad at a blab rate of ta- 
tareat retara. Owaar leavlai tbo ouy, of- 
fer* a watarfroat property wttb foiM' <*} 
well built and attractive modern buaBalown 
In firat-elaao vuaditlon Inatda aad out. Slaoa 
belac built five yv,tra aco tkeea boaaalowa 
have not be*n vacant a day aad are rented 
at tZi per month '«ach. which after paying 
tacaa, laavca a net return of 17 Vt per <s«at. 
■pa«e oa property on which two additional 
bottaea ean be built. Orounda nloely tcr 
raced and laid out In dower aardeae. and 
cloae to atroot ear. Furtbei partleulara on 
appilcatloa. Priee t«.iMi wItb •>,••• eaair 
aB4 t B MB aa eaB naulB as ta O B Sa a Bt T 
par eaat. 

1ACRB oa l-aUlo alro l e Oood »-rooa 
houae and a benia: all koavy bottom 
land: cloaa to traaa a t r SattOB. Batac ~ 

»l'«oa'" * **• * 

ACRES, Of wbieta 1-t of an acre U 
^ In boartna orchard, toaother with rhu 
barb, loaaaborriea, itrawherrlea aad aardan; 
aubataatlai S-roomed h«uae. with woodahad, 
aiable and chicken houae*: cood well with 
t*nk. Balance of land cleared and ready 
to be planted to garden or email frulta. On 
cood road, bua.llne paaaii tbg^- dear, 
within 10 minu^cn' walk of B.C. nootrlO 
Station. Price tl,«0O. 

A N exceptionally yell built and attractive 
country home, comprlalna 4 acrea, with 
(-roomed modem bungalow, bath and toilet, 
electric Ucbt; large Uwn with aome fine 
ahado traaat baro and atable, oMekaa 
hoiiaea, Olnamaa'a honaa, amail arebard 
aadjmdoa; d oaa to. aeJijjal, abaru bt^B.C. 
BMotda^Bod' Ib aaod loaallti^* ' Prtoa"odj* 

<>H ACRES, all In bearlna orrhard, and 
«^ under hiah atate of cultivation, email 
houae in aood repair, «table and cMcken 
houaea, atore, achool and U.r. Station with- 
in a few minutea' walk. Thla la a aolna 
con^m and ahould ctve cood ratuna. Price 


B. c. LAK© ik nrnummtt Aot„ wo. 
Ml OovataataBi •traat Pboaa lu 

HAVB you 
Quickly T 
Realty Co. 

a houae 
Uat It 

yoo wMr ca ani 
wttb .tba cW««rB 


ONE laraa modara country Piaaa tor aale. 
with all modara conve n la B aafc altHatad 
oa watarfrant. , 

ONB tkrao-room SaaiaMr oatta«a sa«r< 
hioklna the Saanlob Inlet 

ONB Bvo-room cottage on waterfront. alt« 
aatad aa waurfroat, wttb boat 


& P. Mooof ca 


HOT water lia«ted~l-ro<ftned modem 
bouao wItb dne view, veranda claaaed 
In one end, t large bedroom*, bathroom, 
aewinc room, entrance hall, back and front all bulll-ln featurea. cement baae- 
ment plaatared throughout, atoreroom. 
«;hlnaman a room, ete. Thla welt-butit houae 
atanda In over ',b acre of ground*: there la a 
•arae garage, hothouaea, cement driveway and 
iratka, large and amaJl frulta. numeroun 
ornamental ateraba and flowam, Owaar aow 
vaneouva* and aiaat Mil. mSI 

«. V. WINCH A CO. uro. 

TN8TDB three-quarter-mile circle; a very 

k ./'^'f..."'*'^'^'"** buagalow, eatranoa 
hall, hrlght, apadoua recepUoa . room with 
oi>en fireplace, slidlna doom to dinlna room 
with bulll-ln featurea. panelled. beamedTnd 

2.'^!L/!2^ W"* ••l^'^ kind* or 

rupboarda, Mna and drawera. cemfortable 
and roomy kitrhen. light roomy bedrooma. 
bath and toilet : baaameat with escellbnt 
lumace, xhi ~ -.-^ 

ahapa; M«b 


attractive home, 
i |4.m oa oaaleat 

k _ 

a c. HOWBbu 

TAMSa Bay-^our rooma, bath, toilet 
2... Sr*.^*?"' »»«133. cardan in good 
•»a»*Tbla la an oaoellent little 

B.Bk BSild^ia,"^"''- 

*T*J?.""w »**—■»«••» rooma. near tbo 
*r beaeh and pork, oa a rull-*iia lot. fur- 

and well armna^. Prtea. on terma. t&.lta 
* built aad dnlalmd: full cement baae- 
Pr'lSi'liiM ' aood diatrtel. 

^lAaARA' irrBEBT— Seven- room 

M '5?**A' laandry »a^^ ^am-ln 


BCPMBIOR BTRUET »,.v«n rooma wall 

S <j5«kj»fi^'T^r«v_4S2: 

V bat waiar fbmaeo. lapo HtwaKbaB^d! 
It. otfti B baraaia at M.aad," ^ 
«*>-> Bayward BMIdlag 

T KATINO for BB«1aa«— i-raom dw«]Un« 

B I 'fc M * "toaa t* nifii bmSUT 


CUB lofraat prtood houae wbica la a two- 
rodttod houae la Oak Bay, la Il.tM, 
and ear higheat price Hating la priced at 
lae.tao. Between .^tbeee two cxtromea 
«e have a wondertttl>elrolce of dwelltnga to 
aelact from. If wo ean't aatlafy you, we 
will not object to any trouble taken. 
Wendell B. Bhaw A Oa.. MI Oeatral M|d«. 

OFPERBD dlnot by owner — SU-room 
modern hnoin, baaement, furnace, nice 
Ini, In aplendld (lOMltlon, close to two car 
llnea. Oak Bay and Wlllowa. Price |S,*&0, 
on favorable termaJf deelred. Thla ta a 
genuine bargain. ^,0, Bok 17 4, Victoria. 

/~kAK Bay*K>no block from ear, a-rooma, 
V/ drawing room and dining room panelled 
and beamed, hulll-ln features, den, r> bed- 
rooma, 2 bathrooma. largo basement, hot 
water heating, garage, 3 lot* «0zl20 each 
with flne oak tree*; (t.OOO on term*. Owner, 
Box th%t. Colonlet. 

ROWLAND Avenue, oft Ooualaa Street, •- 
room houae, large, S big lota, city 
water, 10 minutea to cara, heellhy altua- 
llon. Price |l,tiO: |2C<I canh. balance like 
rent; or rent cboapt -Box ttM Colonlat. 

I ■ 


kJITUATBD in OAK BAY, clone to car and 
*5 aehooi*. 7-roome<J bungalow, 4 room* 
down and 1 up, baaement, furnace, garage. 
I large lota and all In full bearing orchard, 
applea^ pluma, peaehea, pear*, cherrioa, lo- 

tS:iirfK-/.W A«al 

<?ROHfl A CO. 
.. Betmaat Uouaa 

SNAP on Half Mite Circle— Modem ait- 
room newly aalatod houae, eniranee 
hall, living room wltb open flrepla<>e. dining 
room, kitchen, large bright pantry on 

f round floor: full Hte concrete baaement: 
bedrooma and bathroom, eartr with clothea 
cloaeta nn ut floor. Price M.2.<>a on terma 
of II, ISO eaah. balance %la per montb aad 
Intaraat at 7 per cent. Phone KOttU 

CARUN REaLtT — — — 
911 JoBOa Block 

FfOStK trnlted State* 1>epartment of tBbor 
X eavB aomewhere In the heart of ^efy 
man I* the desire to be Independent, In- 
depondonce la the meaaure of ooo'a atand- 
Ina la tba eammaaltXk Tbo nrat step along 
the road ta- MdopaMtoaca la to own your 
own home. 



6 -ROOMED typical CalifornU bongBlOfr. 
ronalatinc of laraa rereptlob i wu\ la- 
eteod of re<'eptlon hall, with lara« brick 
fireplace, bookcaaea, Bte., living mom and 
dmiaa room panelled and burlaped, good 
elOetrle flaturea. Theee three rooma have 
hardwood iloora. Two nie« bedrooma newly 
tinted, wlib good oloeeta. while enameled 
bathrom. tiling In bathroom, and Dutch 
kltfebaB, baUt-la effaeta. fall ecBMnt baae. 
■Krni. labai tomaca, darkroom for pboto- 
graphy with water laid on; e^meat walbas 
two good lawoB. lot 4az1ia tmu*m*. 

French claaii d<A>rB to 
tl*o Into the dining room, 
"'^""S "earned celling, panelled wall*, 

aad_bullt-ln bitffet; paaa pantry, glaa* cup- 
board* and drawera; kitchen with all 
modern convenience*; den. panelled wall*. 
DUllt-ln bookcases and writing desk. Each 
room on the flrat floor haa hardwood 
floor, and the w o b d wo i l t la firat-claaa. On 
the Be.-ond floor ire four large bedrooma, 
with clothea cloaeta in each. Two bath- 
rooms, all done In white enamel. Clothe* 
chute to basement. The basement - la full 
Blxed and cemented: hot. water heating tn 
firat-claaa order, gertanta- room and toilet. 
The interior of thla home la In the beat 
Of eondttlon. and 1* one of the moat at- 
offWag. Price aad terma on 


t:i Fort Street Phoae It: 

(Batabllahad lt9>> 

UNUSUAL Bargain in a eotUge home, 
eootalning large living room, burlap 

PHnelled, open fire with oak over-mantel, 
bullt-tn hookia^ca; parlor, panelh-d in btir- 
lap. one bedroom, kitchen, panlry, and bath- 
room on ground floor, Inrge bedroom and 
linen closets upstair*, full baaement con- 
(•relp foundation; place Is piped for far- 
nace: verj' gnoil lot in garden, with aome 
young iruJt trees, chicken houso. Thla la 
the beat value for the monoy In tba «tty 
today, tl.m, on rcaaoaabla terma; 

K03 Oouglaa Street 

Pboaa •«! 



1*1 Vaian Bdak BuUdUiB 
PbbBB SN« 

VX7ELL- BUILT 7-roomod nouaa 
** modem ooBvoataaaaik auadlag 
at UB4. aaBUBfljr Mt.B,f«. 

4>BOOMaD d«allln« alBadlac to M 
OB B; M. a Prteo U**t», 

A Charming little pratarty wttb 
front at Mill Bay. 

with all 

lerry. Prtoa ia,«0«, 

a WALtacM 

Real Eatate and Inaaraaea 

Office. Cowicban Btatlon, i:. & N. BallWBy. 

4 -ROOM Bungalow, Gorge dlitrlct. full 
cement baaement and walk, ohickea 
hotiaea, l^e lot, 'feMod, sood garden, 
fruit ireea and amall IrulU; |l,*9«. eaatr 

4 -ROOM modern bungalow, well built, half- 
arre good soil in carden. chlckaa bi 

Zi mixed fruit treea. 
fruit. For quick aale. 





plumbing and furnace are of tli,i h. si 
lot la larce and has cement walka.' 

two cood lawoB. lot 4azii« fonead^ 
fruit treee. berrlea grape v|ne._Bardoa. 

^ ''r.ii^t-r*^'*j;L5^ aida.'wrha** 

Inepeeied tbta, aad roeom m oBd it m baing 
oao of the boot buya in rairfleld. This ta 
IB a eboto* lOOallOB and win rapldir riao 
to valaa. BHa« the ladlea to aeo u Prie* 
for few daya. only M.tMl tBOrUMi ULtM 
at 7 ^r ce^ot. raaatBBbit. aaaS laguaSsZ 
•Mtoatvw Itatlag.. 

.e^Sff%iZn?rra.^.3rsJ!r5r'i5: ts? 

■ty you aa«y bara^ Oar^Mreua bm 


VERT auparlor and attractive elaht- 
roomad roaldeace; entrance hall, llvlna 
room and den, panelled, beamed, and hard- 
wood floors, t»o open flreplaue*, bullt-ln 
buffet, sideboard and china cupboard*, pa** 
PHDtry Onlshed In white enamel, flne kit- 
chen and nice bright breakfaat room: tbree 
larce bricht bedrooma .in White enamel, 
built-in dreasera In clothes cloaeta, front 
room haa'dreaainc room, bathroom In white 
enamel, clothea i-hute to baaement, aepar- 
ate toilet, flne acreened-ln aleeplna porch: 
house built day lab^r and In perfoet coa- 
dttlon. aianda in about' half an acre of beau- 
Uful araunda, laid out la lawaa and floiror. 
aarden; alao Togatablo aardan with fruit 
treea. loaana. ^raapbarrtaa. ennaBta apB 
lifTMt*" •"•'^ ' JtoBtodTwdi w5 

FACINO THE Sea^With unObaUucted 
view, aplendidly built buncalow of 4 
room*; full cement baaement. furnace, 
bullt-ln featurea. A dellchtful home prac- 
tically new In every reaped, In fact the 
whole houae haa Juat been painted with 
two coata of the beat paint on the out- 
aldo and redecorated (liruughoui. The liv- 
ing room Is a particularly bricht large 
room, cheerful opci, fireplace, and i-om- 
mandB a grand view over motintatna and 
aop. pining ro<mi haa bulll-ln feature*; 


conaider the price of tl.tOO maltea tbia 
property the beat offering on tho market 
and Wi. can offer the caaieat of term*. 

T\ALLAB ROAD — Superbly built regldenro 
-I-' of 10 room*, hot water heating plant, 
oak floora, •.! bathrooma, ihower bath, etc 
water plped^ Into dreaalng rooms. . power 
vacuum cUancr inalalled. in fact Vivcry 
labor aaving device if found In this home. 
There .-ire unusual bulll-ln features, auch aa 
dressing tables and full Icnctli mirrors The 
panelling effect In \he hall and reucptinn 
rooma la exceptional: s large raceptiun 
rooma, dining room and apacloua entrance 
hall opening Into eneh other, bevldea the 
usual offices an- contained In the ground 
floor. The bedrooma urc well lighted ami 
airy. The baaement la fully Temenlod and 
extenda under nil the kouae. There la 
well hulit garage. The view over the 
HtraltB and Olympic Mountahi* <an never 
be obrtrueird. This huuKo cost |1&,000 lu 
build, when building was roaaooable. Now 
we can uifer the whole property for the 
price of 110,600. It >au bavc boon looking 
for an olaborata BM. »orMot boam you 
have touad It bora. 

ESQUIMALT— On large lot, a modem 4 
room bungalow, built-in buffet, panelled 
hall and llvlna room, linen room, bath and 

a*'^*V\^^} avdea nloely 

load. Owhar leinplac alty, will aaerltloo 
foif %t,Wf , .OB tormA 

room up-to-date aoml-bungalow, nicely 
treed lot. The whole tone of this house Is 
homelike and comfortable; cxueptionaily 
well conatrncted. which mean* economy in 
fuel, and good btealtb for the family. Thla 
la the l aat gba noe to aaoar* a real home 

i^ioa^lijQSrtato «SBa^UlMar|^ 

A^VWin ^'"'^ purebaaa tba acateat and 
W*m\fyjyJ most aiirae^e little home oa 
tho laland; Btbate Juat eutaida cltv limita 
wltb low taxea. Ther* is a smart little re- 
eeption room, tinted and flnlalred In leather- 
ette: two nice bedrooma. kitchen and pantry, 
all smaif and clean aa a n« w pin; front and' 
back veraada. water and uibt In houae. 
gardea to partont a ba ai wliB«ii ktada af 
reaaa. flowortac pHaCa, atrawb*rr««B ami 
vegetablea, and n Bice la|m: well aaaMTBat* 
ed obleken bouars, wood ehed, d^t^rilMB 
eaay roach of tmaaportatlon. 

^..Jit bdUt-ln features, atdeboard. ale.. 


Itt Oblan Bank BalMtac 

5 -ROOM fOlly m6dern bungalow, aplen- 
didly built, large living room fire- 
place, dining room, beamed eelllng. built 
In 1*13, clear title, oaay paymoota. Prioa 

6 -ROOM fully modern bungalow, every- 
thing up to date, buffet, panelled welts, 
fireplace. iiUl cemeat BaaomoML plpod tor 
furnace, larsa lot. Prtoa^ %Hm. 

6 -ROOM Houae, baaement. bath and toilet, 
lot (0x132; 1400 cash, balance ar- 
ranged, prioe for quick aale, |S,40f. 


■ r 

.■r-ROOM Bungalow, 
O buiH,. axtra ii 
fall aISi ,KMnMBt, 


4«« UbWa Bank Bide 

5 -ROOM bouse, completely fumlahel, lot 
62x140, lot of flae fruit treea, aeven 
yeara old, full b^ment, toilet down aad 
toilet and bath up. welUQaUhed houae, a 
little way OBt Imt «laaa to car aad achool, 
lovely place t« Mva, Olaa* to wbter, gardoa 
Is all planted: immadlata poaaaaalaa> Prteo 
13,000 OB vary aood torou, latoraal'" V Bar 


Real Eatate and Finance 
403 Union Baak. BiaidlnB 

**>OfkA— 4 roomp, open fireplace, hath. 
V'—OVvr toilet, etc.: between Fort aad 
Oak Hay rnrllncn; J.loo cash, balance month- 
ly. Kxcluslvely. Wterans' Realty (over ISc 

#4>)<VI|| for t-roomed houae, corner lot. 
^^mJ\f\J part cecnent baaamant. bath, 
hot and cold water, electric, light, facing 
Ka; iTon cash, balance aa rent. Apply 
owner, 1694 .Carden Htreet. Baqulmalt. oloae 
to Na vy T ard, 

' ' ' ' " ' ' 1* I 


1114 Broad Streot . TeMphoaa 741 

-pVUBPIBMyr-ftVaiy-eoaairaotod a«v*n- 
■a- taamid Boml-buapalow, cloo* to 

_ .^^^ oar aad aea. Oa tbo (roond 
^JOftft Baar aro entrance bdl. llvlas 
VMmV iBom with- opea Broplaee of 
CtaaltA dlalag room with hand- 
aame bullt-la buffet; opening 
off the 'back ball are two beau- 
tiful "bedrooma with large cup- 
boarda aad cheval mirror, beta- 
room wltb fitted medicine cabi- 
net: tbo kitchen la all that oao 
could deolre. being fliied with 
the very lateot improvements. 
I'pataira ar* two additional 
bodrobau and Bleeping porch, 
tailet and waabbaaM, Tbo la- 
terlor flaiah of tbia boum la of 
tbo very beat, aad the floora are 
of edge grain fir — as gooil ax 
new. The house In heated by 
hot air furnace, and the lot — 
•0 ft. X I3t ft.— la all tn lawn 
and garden. Fln'e garage for 

'DUBNSIOB — An elegant eix-roopte^ bouoe 
In a high location aad cloae to 
canine. On the drat floor aro 
four fine rooma all well Bnlahod 
and having all modern convenl- 
cnrea: upstairs are two flne bed- 
rooma. bath aad toilet. The 
bonaa haa full oamont baae- 
aMat. laundry tuba, and bot- 
alr toraace. The lot le tt ft. x 
IN ft and Is all laid out In 
orchard, amall fruits and car- 
den truck. Larca chicken houae. 
1-ow taxaa. Terma arranccd. 
The beautiful furnlshlnca would 
aloo be sold cheap. 


TKKJRT STREET (Just offl. One of th 
^ most roomy bungalows you wll 



galowH you will 
llBd, situated in a choice loca- 
tion facing the Jubilee MoaplMl 

?ri^bnda. Large living and din- 
na rooma each with fireptaea 
and heavy oak overmantel, two 
good bedrooms with r.upboarda, 
bright kitchen and pantry; 
toilet and bathro'hm down- 
Bialra, wbUo on the half floor 
•bavo^ara two mora badrooma 
and box- room. Full eement 
basement and new hot air fur- 
nace. Th» lot Is «• ft X nr. ft. 
and there arc cement walka, 
garaaa aad chicken houae. 
Terma can ba 


1-BTOBT, lorooiA bouaa far «Bld, atoetrte 
Ugbt. talepboaa, Bood.aliM IM» madern 
convoalaaean^ oua bloofc aaat of Mttiii Btroot. 
fi.lM. |«M flaabV Apply Bog tMt, Coloalat. 

'7-R(X>M modern aemi- buagalow, cement 
I baaament, piped for furnace, kitchen 
with all hullt-lh fixtures, laundr>- tuba, 
dining and living room, paoellod walia and 
beamed celling, bulli-ln buffet and open 
fireplace, handsome electric light fltUnsa, 
4 bedrooma, all with closets; bathrtrnm aad 
toilet: full alao lot,- good gardea, «ioae to 
1 ami ear^ asBrtaea bHoc^ tl^Mir 

fOQIVV— S-rooBt modern bunaalow, Holly- 
**jU^J wood diatrlct. cloae to aea and 
mr. comant baaement. piped for furnace, 
oiton flraplaeg- and all built-ln conveniencea. 
Tbia la a charmina little home and la very 
cheap at .fS.tOO. 

^-ROOM buagalow. baaement. kitchen and 
paatry llTlaa room aad 3 bedrooma. 
I. $37t — 


■WAIM * PATBtOt i 


A'nCAA— The cholreat buy la the Falr- 
VaMSrV field today. A ccven-roonied 
beaatlfuUy flnUhed, strictly 
madiam boma. Mtuated to tba 
blab pan cloee to the aea. 

yet full?- protect. -d from 
>tlnd». Large Mrvnda, hall 
beam ed and paneiie,i, Uviua 
Mt 'iBrBt windowl ami 
ro open fireplace. ,lln- 
room besm*«d uttd pan* 
aUo built In luiffet. 
rooms have solid oak 
floora. Nice breakfaat ruont 
aad »*ery altraollve kttch.>n. 
VpatairB there are thrc.- ^-oixl 
aiaed bright bedroiuH and 
bathroom. Each bedroom with 
a ia tb aa cloaet. The baaomont 
U full clM, haa cement floor, 
flrat riaaa healing plsni uiul 
stationary tubs. There Is In- 
otiMled all electric fixturoe. 
BOW, aspaaalvo bUnda, curtain 
roda, and linoleum. The lot la 
full slae, with well k«Bt IbWB 
. and garden. Hplendtd" Batagat 

Tenna . arranged. 

ST^nO''^'**''* *'* many people look- 
VIVvV ing for a modern aeml-bun- 
galow in Oak Hay, and we 
are pleaaed tOf-announce that 
Wo have lor dUa ono of tha 
best, situated cloae to the 
Oak Ray hotel on a paved 
and boulevarded atre.nt. .v 
home Of aeven rooms, whl( h 
has hardwood floors, 
water heat, Iteamnd ceilings, 
panrlle.l walls and nny num- 
t)'r uf bulll-ln feature*. The 
bedrooms, kitchen and pantry 
are flitlahed In whlin enamel. 
1|;he baaomrnt la fully ce- 
mented, baa laundry trayiu 
bina. etc. TOrma arranged. 

|~The man looking for a home 
of bungalow design with eight 
large bright rooms, will be 
Interested In thla. " Nearly 
three-qnarters of an acre of 
beautifully laid nut sroanda, 
comprising large lawn, flower 
beds, rock garden, vegelacta 
garden, twelve full bearing 
fruit trees. hedgeji. shrub- 
ber>'. and ornamenta) 
trees. Close to the street car, 
and within ten minutea of the 
centre of the city. Terma ar- 

^ _ <3> A« BTRICKT.AND 


113 PembertoB.BnildiBc PhOBa 



down, balance lit per month. 

3-room cottage,' 


$1700^with » -acre of choice laad, 

all IB sardOB. all kinda ' of fmiu to fuir 
boartag. oblokan kouaoa, |l.7««. 

to* Ualon Baak Buildtog Pbone ait 

1 Q Minutea from Poat«in«a. T-raamad 



•QJ.ftO'"*"'**'**" bungalow. excellent 
VA^WV condition, good location. Im- 
mediate poaaeaalon. Baay terma, 

Mcpherson * pvllbrton oRon. 

PhoBO nil i}0 Central uidg. 

OAK BAT bungalows 

7 ROOMS (on one floort, hot wiiter heal- 
ing, cement bao^mcni, ^^ umIi lubM, )Hrg.> 
di^awlng and dining room, deu. threo largo 
bedrooma, very artlatlcally dooorated, oleo- 
tric fixturea. The lot la tM feet doap, wttb 
fruit trtca. all planted. 

' PRICE ItttM 

atBatBt at 

tiia IMPERIAL CANAiSuN IftlSff^ 

•11 Vlaw itraai 

PboBO IMi 

^><«•e4 MoiidlaB 


QNAP— Wall>b«Nt 4-reom eottaga. mm 
*J Mocha from eiiy holl; for oaMt aalik eaah. PHoae 447fL after ■(*. 

mBBBB SO ago » ».rw 
X Band tot% aaah %xm 
anee ao tdBi, Owva Maa 

MB bow 
1. MM e 
tn, ovor 

•a^ wMb 

-vroo oBa fat laa bBWa yo« waat tnm 
A tba biaai Bat af tbo Owwn Rooh* 

BMK|e|b--Mlle Flrr«e. « rOema pant nr. 
V«MiM,Pir hatbroom, modem, fail base. 
m«a*; isa* caaA. balanrv monthly. Bsria- 
mntf. VaforoN^ Realty fover ISe Blare*. 

tonao OB 
>Brb BL. 


OMfe BC 

a MfBo 

wiaab 8l«« 


•«• Part tt 


- PaM^VlBtrltt 

6 -ROOM ieml-buagalow with antrane* 
halt, living room with flreplaee. dining 
room, large kitchen with bullt-la fea- 
tures, bathroom ftolohod in white enamel 
three bedrooma, tbraa Btotbaa olaaata, am 
one linen doaau Tho full baaemoat haa 
cement floor, laundry traya and gas Is 
installed In the furnace as well aa In the 
kitchen. The lot la large, with plenty of 
room for garden, aa well aa clilekah houaea. 
Thla houoa la an excellent buy, balag la 
the beat of eoadltton oatalda aa wall aa 
inaide. Prlco fBgdoMMa, Tvoaa osB 
arranged. t ^ 


WB bar* f aeraa of the flaeat land la 
thla famous alrawberry aeetloo 10* 
fruit treea, currants and other small 
frultB. The houae contalna » roomA 
Splendid garden. BUbllng for > 
up-to-daU poultry buHdlnsa. Nover-fall* 
ing apring with i% h.p. gaaollne engine. 
Thla property Is as repreaented, and a roa- 
Bonabie Josh payment will bandit. Balgnca 
on eaay lanBC, . «o lBf< 


7 BOOMS <on on* floor), full cemant 
ment, fumade, waah tuba, hardwood 
floora, very fine panelling, large bnllt-ln 
buffet, den with flrnplacc. Dutch kUchrii. 
cooler, large combined living and dlnlnc 
room, two bedrooms, and maid's room or 
nursery off the kitohen, .Thla bunaaleiw la 
very attra«ttlve la apjpearaai?^ and ha* » 
.torgo Toranda at lb* (roat and aid*. Tsxaa 
are very low. 



Ill PembM-toa Blank 


CLIENT requires good house, 3 bedrooms, 
fully tnodern, and fairly new, facing 
Bouth or weet. aro'ind t7,soa,- Half oadh. 

nU tKPBBIAt.^4^ttU» TMUBT 



4-ROOMBD eotuso And U-aera of aao« 
tottd OB Oiaacow Btfaat, e|Ma to Yoi- 

,mto AVdMtok Owaar 


EIOHT-Roomed, fully modem houae oa 
Fairfield Road. elaaa to Cook street, 
fine location. Coatama drawiaa room, din- 

lna room with ^>an fireplace, 
Chen, four good bedrooma, full 

den. klt- 

with oemoat floor, furaaoo, otc I,iot la 
»ixm. Tbt* to oftoiwd tadaa* aa 
aad to B iMBdlk Bt tBa prtoa «i 


BXAUTIFVLLT Floiabad home of olCbt 
room* on Pleaaaat Atronoe, Oak Bay. 
Centala* •verythiag to bo doaired for eom< 
fort aad eoovenience. Kxpof»tlonally flaa 
Interior flnlah; oak floora; excelleat b 
water beaUag lyatMBi big garaga. 

NO ntPOBiiATioM oivnr bt piicM 




•?l9fMlr-'^'*" • •'•ad^rful bar. 

WO^Anf saHL^T-roomed new aad nmdora 
boum Wttb orory 0OBV*ale»ee. toeludtag 


North Hampahire Road. n\%. 
4^J>aVJVF roomed, new and modara bun- 
calow. astro bto tot to fr«M awd Bardoa: 

Krage: Immfdtoto BdmMHaBt alaaa to Oak 
y iram. 

#A9iW|--Oak Bay. Ht. Pairtefc gt.. 
^PB*»W roomed modern Iningalow, bolll- 
Itt featurea. panelled and beomM. furaar*. 



Id. panetl* 
iwba ._aafa 


kaamed. panelled, open flrKplaeo. 

of llM«e 


•QAA/b— OOROE- ao-»d 

^mUUV cbIow. ; )>«4r«neaa. »»e. bath. 

baota. oaaMBt baiamiBti 

•dAAfl— DROUallTONBBtraat, t-roomed 
jrtVUV houae, oloatT Royal Vl«tarla 
Theatre, between Btoaabard aad Onadra 

Streeta. Terms. 

•1 1 AA CAHH—Slma Avenue, five-room 
^-l~l-VV nH>dera houae, altuata oa aood 
lot; a bargain. 

•fOTrOV-EAST TERMS. Baak street, 
Vt» • *W roomed modem houae, oemoat 
baaement, fumM«^^|t*mge, cblckoB kouaoa. 

nice lot. 40 ft. by 

Mom SM«dt. I.rwtm 
modem bungatoK ., iMMllod. 
beam ceilings, with basement. oB Mna lot. 
Tbl* la a very well-built heue*. 


isn LanCloy Btroot^ 


bona* aad 4 antra targe lota with 
_ frait trooa, *te. t;atberiae ami 
Mary Btrootot Tietona Wo*L Lota aearBB* 

g«iA2^rto£f^..'*w*» frwu ta^A 

&^flc:£%ru*^ ussr 

bwngnlow, fully iMg. 

0(X>0 UOM 

•aroo-trwHR apaa arvpiaea, tortlt 

la bBf tot. pasolied. traBa aM boamod aan. 
toda. TMara to alaa a tor**! atiir wMeh 
emrid be divtdod Into two extra bedrooma 
Fun baaem* • 

Mtuatlon: %>>i 

and aood lot: nlea nigb 
(rttuatlon; caab wilt haad||» tMa. 

roontod aemi-bMiaalaw with 
dinlna room, porlor. kitchen, 
pantrf aad t bedrooma with Rtothee elooeia. 
Oae open flreplaee. hot and cold water, batb 
and toilet. Full cement lra*am«ai. fi 
•tc. Oood lot with aaraae aadB 
of fmit troea. On i*rma. I 
MMItil— ("(v^n*^ modara A 
with open flraplaM). I 
cold water, bath and tollei. Fvll 
baaement; good lot. TMa hou*.} 
reolly alee appearance. On tennc. 

Phone IS** 

R. MAMItTON A ffotf 



#2XUU frwli treea. ebleBoa boue*. 

witir 4 


Ir 4 par cent la'aroat; Hooe 'Ootm 
A cStabolm. 317 BaVwr; wST 



~ STBTBtl of 

What have you 7 Rrltiah Amerloaa SOBB 

Corporation Ltd., 723 Fort Street. 



fanaa at 

af VaBoouTor totoad 
lowaat prIoeA CaawB 

COUNTRT Home on main road Metcho- 
ala. near atore. Price 11,10* coah. Hlx- 
roomed houae. ahinaled, and one aoTW 
ground In large and amall fralta. Will ba 
cloae to C N. R. flog atatlon. Fine progogli 
tioa for thrifty maa. 

313 Cantrai BIdg. TeL ttfl 

Note— We have two acrea garden aoll git 
Momt Tatorto for |I,N<. tBaay toroM.) 



I^NBtBTINO of about im aoroA mosill^ 
v<> nil oleared. excelleat ooil, bearing or« 
chord aad a q«a«tlty of Mnall frulta. 

(tomtortabto bouae of eix or reven rooms. 
S opoB dr a ptoo oA water laid on. Barn with 
otalla for a doaen cows, loose boxes, etc 
ITp-to-dato PMltry houaea to aoooinmodata 
3.4«« MfdA Abuadant aad aovar-lalllaB 
water aappiy. 

The boaao to In b abaltoca« BdalttoB 
overiooktoB ,B boaBUfat bay: IbM Mibpta 
gradaaily dows to tbo aaa«f baaaftTjw 
high biutfa 

Praperty la fn the midst of a welt-**ttM4 
dialrUL About a three-boar Journey fram 
Vielorla. School, atoroi BaalaBoa BBllii 

Pii^ oaly f 


SMidB Bto4l iavBr Ita 

to arebaro and garooa*. 7« 
iMMd bouoe, watortroat, oB 
tlotor repair *hop llaooaao 
-,...II3-I»>i prtoato wbarfi ooaaeotloB 


FIVB aer* af ahataa aaHlTBtod iuMf 
arabard af treoa Jbm aamtag to 
baa rt ai. JMd to good order, all tito 
BfBl— l . BOBH of • rooma. In good ro- 

tor part If 
tBd Part M. 

a; Bridge. 

Bato — 3<4 aetoa^ aoar PanaB'a 
C Btraot. >f4» AlbtoB Btradt. 

TMB Bata * •* aerea timber U«d tt 
A: fram Vletorto. oo maia Moteiioato 

It^Uo from salt water and o« C*ni 
Kortbora Railway. Cntiaas l*m to itm 
aera. Will eell toad and timber, or 
oalr. Apply il«t LUllon Road. 


t^OdlTV ParBw-^mproo*B aas 

It ««**^-i;t«ABd farahsoe Bt 
K BVtoA Raoaona for 

rock bottom 

tBVfo t«w-Bta*r 
(tootodiBB batbri 
apita dl dly bam. aood auvaiion. aboot 

with rtty woler 
I. (elepbooe. aropleoee. 
od sural ion. aboot • 
large elooeta aad ooarsalaBl to traaa 
aad acbool <St oewto r*4Bm faro to •ItyL 
wHMn toar ipftoa af CHy Halt 9% aero* of 



om toaB fatotoMo 

I MO > MdM Ui atfa 


toB—ti iiloo), 
r IH 

. a aato. «6wB*T e rp ae to to 
evoBtaallr.^ to^jjgyiga^ 

1 ■ 

tovaijr fl«w< 

/SOBDOVA BAT »r*o«n«<l n«w 

•ca b» M« 7*«l «Im»: •«,»••■ ^ 
■VORTll QUAD&A— It acf^fc 

■ItuBttoo. prscUMlly all f W .fywwr*' 
tiML elir watar, on »»v«d r«M} . 

GORDON HBAD— i-roimaaa. fclrtr 
bouM. acraa l« firflt tTMa Mdajl 

W ««||tbt(ul alluallMifrwMII Am ■M4f 
bMCb, apUiMlId little hartHV, t* ■.C; 

trsm atatla* At BAAaicbtra, !• 
Mil. fl.SM. 

1ACMM ABd ■•raaoMd m*A«n 
wmku Ial4 in hons«, on B.C. 
Mag. flMM to Victoria; ft.iQA. 

NV't - - - 


flKOean M«Ad rmit rarma— Wa 


you oaa or iha boat pr«4aeara 

With »o«arn bouao aa« Mtdlii«ai »aia« 
eonearn, tt.f par aara. 8aa twr llat af 
up-ti>-«Ata fruit fanaa. • 

COWICHAN Di«trtet— «• Aena. all «oad 
laad. It aaraa widar mItfirAtiaa. II 
Acraa pArtir claArad aa« itailMA. ■«■• seod 
bottom imnt. Wall buUt ••mMbM bawa. 
unfalllAg waUr mipply. foil baarinc fruit 
trMo aad amall fniiti runolnK atraam. 
barm for • baad, antbniidlBc*, I7,»*«. 




Xi<OB 8aJ 

tar. alMi). r. <X 

lot. IB- 


aad poaltry 

all — <>r e«IUl«M«ai a baoaaia 


aua»UaAU7 wAU MaAtaA AOtf A 
«Mar. Mm l«.aMu. 

4[A ACllBft~AbMV»f uAdar eultivatlaa. 
OV balAaaa la i|pUM«i All fi>^»»» 
•oU. Moat or th« laM «aa ^ — ^ 
■•rar fallinc aprluaA A 

SMtwar fUttoA. pii gj B 


SKAWNIOAM lOa 11 aaraa, « 
ealUvataO, It aaraa ataibad And raadr 
for aaadlnc^awn. Tbe <UlllVAte« land la 
firat claaa attAWbarrr lands alao aoraa vood 
bottom land, rirat-claaa al « r aa w d aaml- 
buif^law, larsa bam, abad aad eblofeaa 
boaaa t oaw*. bana, and honaa furnlaAad, 
tAcludlait plABO, Offarad for tbe fIrat tlm« 
M AiiAMOlBta sift at ft.lM, on tarma. 


' tti-M SAjrward BIdc. 

Prtaa t(.«M. 
Talapbaaa •■. 

/^IpXMO CiaaaiB 11 mllat from Vietoria. 

gMC ligfll 4# Anna aadar ealtirattoa, 
about M mora Baartir readr. Property all 
rrarad. BaTao-roora modarn bouae, dairy 
banaa, baraa. poultry houaaa; aoma larfa 
aad amall rrult; abnndAat aoppty of aood 
WAlar: « oowa X b«ll^ «• abaep aad lamba, 
(aAM ot horaat. aa8iA_pld> AOd- fibJoliBBik- 
wa«ena, busfla^ all biBda of ■uoblaary 
ABd UaplamabU, tl*.*M balow aoat. priaa 
faif Mt.**'. ooaaputa. Oaod tarsA 

GOBDON HEAi> WaMrfroataco— MadroAA 
Poultry rann. U\k aoraa af blgblr pro- 
dMttva Uad baaBtlfmly altnAtaa an Aal« 

tarad bAV. (t* aMlaa mm VIotoHa. Tba 
DOAltrr plant la (ally madara. with Ineu- 
batarA braodam for* birdA Well built 
(wslaBMd hoaaa of flve roomA with bath, 
Mid cold water; alao two-rooined Cblna- 
mAB'a oottAfa and large (arase. About 3 'ik 
MToa all IB orebard, logaAbai i laa aad aa- 
■AragvA Priee, lacl«ila( l.S«« lAyarn aU 
tbla aaaaan'a youna atook, taon^, cow and 
imptamaata*. Ml,tM. Or would aall about 
7 aaraa, wblab iDClndaa all poultry plaAt. 

kaaaa, BAvasa and orchard for fl.TtS par 
•ora: U wltb atock. exua. S«e r. U. 
Tba jAAWI on the premtaea or aay acanL 

(VMAbUabod KM) 

aeraA * Aoroa In striwbarrlaA > mora 
raady to plant; new bouaa with batb. hot 
aad eold watar. poiUtrr boBaoa far Mt Mrda, 


ELK I^KB^lS^acre ranch, all under cul- 
UTAUoa: fMd BtVAWbarry pAtoh ABd daa 
yamur orobaird : aall la rod loam nrttb Bodth* 
ora alapo: ••roeat taaae, barn, bay abad. 

poultry bOBBMS 9U. 

ROYAi< OAK— Vaa iMiia af aplaBdM lABd 
wttlr Boatham alopa. and frontlnc on 
, pavad road; land ia .all cultivated and i* 
nalBly planted to loKaabarrtaa; biaUdlnxa 
ua all modarn aad recently aomalatad, and 
eoBMat of t>room buasalow wltb buUt>|n 
featurea, bath, tallat um WBab bAaln. cement 
ba^eat and jSMan jB|B»^ jAb Bj >^ty wa*ar 
ia laid OA a^tbjMBWMWwadygt^al^^ 


VICTOKIA DISTRICT, within' 3 mllea. > 
Aaraa of jrood laad. all claArad and cul> 
tmiMl aad teaaad; '>o«aa o( fl r fw m*. bars 
Bwf^nr: tbraa.tralla aad Muwlas Btraam 
•B property. 

/ . For farther parttOAlara aad ta view apply 
' At our oAoa. 

^Kl/ ACAES—About H OAdar -^•m»•' 
"072 ilea, !• aerea IB paMara, bAlAaaa 
ttaabor. All sood aoll. excalleat water 

ACRB9— »«hi under 
balaaee aeaded to pasture. Boll 
ftrat-eUae; no rock: all fancad. Bood watar 
aupply from aprlnf. A boaaa af five rooma 
with water laid oa Bata Ae«am«odAtlOB 
for u tone of food ABd « kaad at atock. 
poaitry bouaaa tm |M .bladB. gni"!*'^ 
la Btflaly attwMi, -BatT A b«V (ar 

rnWO acreatof Hna aoll, moatly cleared, 
X well-ballt banaa. I roamA weU iaaoad. 

101 Union Bank Bolldln* 


HILBB out. with waUrfroBt. • aaraa 

i acrea cleared, fnrtt traaa and anal 

frnitA Houaaa for 1.IH eblflkaaa: darada, 
bara. Modern hoaae. • faaMMk M» B»d 

- ■ iL |4,»0«. 

No phone iBtormatlaa 

Attar May l, llM X>BBslaa Street 

ACBBA near Bumatda BeAd: real bar 
gain, |liaca. Sea- Crowa Realty, ever 
Imperial Baak. 

\C\ ACKM, tood laad. l)b mlloa Cobble 



101 Ualoa 



ACRBB— Fronting ' «b dellfbtfnl bay 
. and fine bAlMll* beach. • acrat 
under cultlvAtlon, bAlAnoe nMrly 
olearad. 110 toll bBArtB«, fralt 
treea. Good modem betiaa and 
bam, chicken honaea (coat tl.^'O 
to build), piB heoaea, etc. The 
whole ta wire fanaad and eroaa 
(anoad. I^toAttaa Abaut to mllaa 
(fttai VIetarlA. Prfea ff.M«i 

ACRB8— AdjaiBlns railway, moatly 
iBBBad off and goad aaallly lAad, 
trout etraAm. Twaatr ■Hee from 
Viet«rta> Prtaai to abll. fS.Ut, 

AORBi^A complete farm wHIi bit 
Impladianta and teola. Oood 
houae, and barn 43x30 feet, and 
new outbuildlosa, chicken houaea, 
etA. all very eoaiplata. SO. aerea 
Improved. bAlABo* MaMMfOd. Ia>- 
plemaau InelUda t ptdwa^ bar. 


borae ' mke 

't, carpenter 


aa Strait' 

Pbene Mi 

cou|fniT Lira 

BB t|Ota»i«>AfMr,<lpi«Mr aald tba 
arty for tta.llO. tba owaer haa re- 
aained "poxaeaalOB and la laavtnt for Bac- 
laad for aa Indeflntte time: 111 aerea In all, 
aoraa ataared, ll uadar eultlvatk>n: am- 
aif WAtar, aa toad caad, oloae to aebool and 
iaitWAy BtatloBi, aaw ntodera bfafTAlow; 
T-roomed boaai»^aiM MMk 'JSballd. 
etc. For a llmlU4^M«7mA nO.IIO. 

Sir! ACRKS poultry and email fraltA 
with Bood buna a lew aad bVlldlACA >n a 
•aad diatrlct and I mllea from city. Oood 
ataca and Jitney aervlca. Salllns aa a boIab 

<<eaeern with all ntock and Implemanta 
valued at over SI, 100. Tbe bulldlnfa are 

baMlia tba wbalA Oood raaaaa m BatUag. 

/"lOUNTIlT Btere In ffrowlnv diatrlct — 
Oaaeral atAre btwtnaaa In good farminv 
aad . p a b dab BB diatrlat. alaaa to vietoria. 

adfalalas ataMea. good baildlasA aae acre 
of laad. ateraae for 3 narlaade of 

niocK ai valuation, nailing aa a going 
n. Owner baa asoellent faaaoa for 
;. An opportmuty (or prosraailra nan. 
|l,OIO, oa tenaa Wo eadaot give 

aterage for 3 narlaade of mrrchan 
diae. Turnover t^.OOO prr month. Bxponaca 
light. Block at valuation. Balling aa a going 

concern. ' 

MMnSiaM ii^aHaatiBB. 

STBAWBBMlT aait totaabanry land— 10 
-B«i«a la all, • mimb b( baamt fruit 
tradA remaiadar ba* Ad Hibt clearing. 
J«W ottaayad^road aad aboat T atllOB from 
tBwa. Price !«•« par a4re. 

FINB HOMBBITB of I aeraA all olearad 
•ad ntoatly aadar oaitlVatlaa. eandy and 
daillbMiaiaall. lHaUlafrom B.C. Hle«trtc 
atAUon. Taxea aboat 111. Price tl.lio. 

A N. Railway will raa a dally aarvlee 
to Oaartaaay May It Beat, tboreby 

abawiag tbelr^^ooafldenea la tbla rapidly 
gtawing diatrict. 

_J5i'.^^I5 *J*f«* "■t'^ •< iBiBwwl aad 
MdM^taMiavad fanaa la 1Mb nUlay. eali 
fiolflBa ba Abaat Uaat 

Baal BMata, Jaaaraacei NalartBa Pabllo 
WbMOl SdlNMs MO fWrt Street 


< ILroDBRN bangalew, I ar I roomA Raw 
iliAn la aM» daNBM-M awea,'''w:tl 


imATSlb IH atllaa from Ooartenay, 10 
I Aerfa of goad black loam, cleared bad 
lar cnltlvatloa; creak runa through Bfaa> 
>t new modera I -roomed bouae. Imaa 
I with open Breplaca and baMweal 
I reoeptlon boll T ft. x i« fi.: iiami 

bay lalt a^: poultry boueee wiih 
ilty for TOO Mrda; large ruAA wire 
...r— d; I amall ahede; I eoloay beuaea. 
I.OOOotallaa redwood watar tank witb 9" 

dmK^ atuaauy* uttla ^ - 

fowaunt A 


ra, cultlvatora, 

iwiag maohlne, eart, < 

toolB and mnny extra*., inclod 
Ms Wtebor aad ablnglea on 
sntttd. Abundance of good 

CBB t p l e t o eoaatry 
• iMks' la tba Saaaleh district. 

madara 0<«oom btmaalaw. vary 
■ Attracttvir daalga. opaa Ovaii^aaA 
every convenience; AMlSbtfai 
gardea, roaca, fiowcrA fruitA 
-cement walka, lawna and abrub- 
bary. A moat charming homo in 
dalli^tfal aarrouadlagA Prtea tor 
quiok aala. IMi*** 

6ACRB8— Laval Ibdi. gM« Well 
bttllt baaaa. S fiawit eblokaa 
baaaai alirroBA BBb»,- |3.ioo. 


tOl VaioB 

o. c. Rowau* 


ACRB8, II In trait, •with good boaaa 
aad outbttlidlnga, aloaa to Vietoria: 

eheayea t bay an Vaaaaavar MaaS, UMlOt 
tena» C|iawi|. «aaRy. adir layiybl BaaiL 


ACRBS of laad. part olearad aad 
bAlABoe baraed Aad eaay to oIoat 
u|k Oa good raadL and eloae t* P. O., 
aebool «aA .ahareh. Vary good eavaa r ooaia d 

I4b«ral diaeaaat far 


111 PiBibartea Qlds. 




ALAMO Hllrnt Electric Ughtlag Planta, 
for farma. logging and mining i^mps. 
bOAia, eir.. etv. Auteaiattc and alleat. Full 
1,110 watt generator. For partlculara write 
1 Water HI reel, Vaaoouver, B. C. 

FARM of eighty aerea In Soatb Baanleh, 
part ander erop, rcoMladBr sao< pas- 
ture land. Tata la lor mat aa aapditlon 
that you bay twaaty aaraa 

BoK 711*. 

nya Reat— Aboot 10 aaioa af atoarad laad 
X Jto paatara, wlUt or wtlbaat baaoih ala* 

l*BOA*Kirrk WANTM 

aa ebolea 


baaia la a«ai ya« aa« ai'raaga aa* 
PAyataatA Uavo lata In HUletda aad Oorao 
dfimaUt alao aaaf /ubUea Boapiui. er 
aroald bolld oa reur owa loc Oroea ~ 
bar Co.. Teaaa Av«w 

ART lets In Poitit Qrey, vielalty Kar> 
riadala. or acreage near Vancouver, 
esabaasa proposition. . Bos IITI Coloatst. 

HOTEL p nupppr mT 


1~kBLUI HOTBL— Under new mai 
Bsdraama and Ught . boaaei 



Tun acraa M 
aM« tead tm atrawbo m o A 
"\ Hind for geaeral aaltl 
ibaaraisiy modom elx-re 

iJC^i^le? p»i 

and epea 
piped «o h<vi 
aad mnaiag ati 
0. Tbla wobid 

ebleben lad 

rrtblag goes for l<.m maTitttr 





aoia^ talaa Street, faw doen 
. mraaaaal Strooti l aa u n at e d 

flrel' iSSSllaata ^S? S.*"* iSoSai 


Nica iirol tot. H a 1H> SJaber 
Moaad IMml*. Wbal aaab offer 
Viae atroat. ClfeaadaiA 



tarred. daLBT * Oa 

dtotrlat pr*. 

Tba ▼toMHa-aoABlch Beacbea and rarlai 

cwSitiaa ^^^^^11^%^^^,;^;^^^^'^^ 

Soagtoa ^bvfc. U tbo vUdnlty of tbe jSmI 
tloB a( Asb aad Oadar aill Roads, (er thia 
year. Full pfOpdBltlOBa from partlea Inter- 
•oted wUl ba reaalvod by the undersigned up 
ta • pan. * WIlBy, April Sith; 





Shorts Take VURInflie of Ad- 
verse Influences ta Hammer 
Quotations— 4Som0 ffolattle 
nocessfons nre necoraeo 

Tbe Connell ot tba Corparatlon ot the IMa> 

»et af Baaalebr are jproparad to receiva An 
er or tbrso aaMB or laad (ar a sMo f ar tba 

''■aanleb War Memorial Health OMtre." 
Tcadera to b« aubinltted to the unde r slg a e d 
aot lAtar tban noon. MAy Itb. 1131. 

aaovoK a oowpbr, 

C II Ge 

BflBBt Oak P.O. 


Tenders, sealed, endorsed and addreaeed 
to tbe undersigned will be received np to 
I a.m.. OB Moaday, May trd, i»zo, for the 
paiattag ot exterior of the Home for Aged 
and InTirm aa per a p B O l S Ba Uan A eapy of 
which can ba abtalaBd iram tba Btttfdiag 

lawaaL ar aay- tender, net necea- 

sarlty Bdeeptad. 

Purchasing Agent. 
City Hall, Vietoria, O.C.. April 31, 1*20. 



sarruDiaifT board 

Toadata ara inyJisd for the purcbaae of 
tba tdltowing dea«rtbed land, namely. Lot 

Two (3) In a certain eubdivieien of Beetlon 
Beventern 7) Kake Dlatrlrt. aa ahown en 
a map or plan of aald aubdlvlaion deposited 
1n TBI tAfKT RegtR(r)- Omne at vrclorla, 
B.C., and there numbered two lhouaai>d 
one hundred and twenty-ttarroo (2133), the 
aald let Matalains by admeaaBremeat four 
( 4 > acres. 

There are on the property the following 

Dwelling House, tlxSO, five rooms 
Barn, 30x11 
Pilgery. 11x30 
Cow Stable, 11x11 
Woodabad. ItxtO 
Varioaa Oatbaildlasa 

At I - - 

* >t V. MeOtTTRB, 
OlBtrlot SaparMtehdeni. 
SMdl^r'SattlMMnt Boar 


S«MI awasmy Mat 

Lot IL Baaaimalt OiatrtttT^dcaowa aa Lot 
4. Map fl). 

PROOF having been filed In my olBce of 
the loss or the Certtncate of Title No. 1III.A 
to the above mentioned landa In the Bame 
of Jamas Blsaett. and bearing date the titb 
day of Asm 1114 I hereby give notice of 
aU ISMMlaa at tbe oxplmUon of one rai- 
andar ttoatb from the llrat publication 
"baroof to taetle a fresfi Certtncate of Title 
In lieu of auch lost Certtncate. ' 

Any person having any Information with 
reference to such lost Certincata la requeat- 
ed ta eommnnicate with the undetaigncd. 

Datad at the t>«nd Regiatry Office, Vie- 
torlB, B.O.. thia Hat day of April If 21. 


aasbnnr<'qa«ital^at TIUoa 


NEW TORK, April St.— In Hp aallaat 
aapecu taSays atook market waa a fopHaa 
o< the praeadlns day. heavy aetlfng of a 
profeaaioaal charAotar, toaMber vltti aa* 

^Tba aaite idhaaOoM that bA«a Vilaatlr 
^varad tba abort lataroat ware acata at* 
faotlve. Theea loeladod tight mOaey. aa> 

aettled Induatrial conditions and signs of 
further drastic tax legislation. Stocks were 
nrast acutely diaglMBd In the latter part 
of the seaalon. -follawing an annaaaee- 
mrnt of (he IntroduoMon of a reeolutiaa In 
fongreoa restraining oorporatlons from dla- 
trtbotlng enrpiu* war proflti Acoumulat4id 
during (ho last alx yeara. 
. Weatorn hanks reported addttlonai ad- 
J**^ «lpnpat -latee. an«:^ tta looal 
aap^ or tain ittido. aven for AdH dateA 
was negligible. Moat of the day'a call 
money was placed at S per cent, but be- 
lataa borrower! were again obUged to pay 
as much aa ten per cent. 

Oeneral Motors made a net decline of 11 
points to 111: Cmeible yielded Itl: Har- 
vester. 1%: Raadlng. 4; Com* ProdaotA 
3%, and Valtad liialM SiBBl. IM. wMb 
lo.aee of j to t poiata la fltaay allaeat- 
lanaoua apeclaltlea. 

BAlea amovntad to 1.1 SO, 000 shares 
Forolga escbange was the oaly stAble 
I-adaa rata con- 
tlanlBS « baidan. wltb moderate Im- 
provement for several of tba caaUaaatAi 

Lberly iH'a mnde A new low of 15,70 
and the geaeral bond aiarket waa re- 
actionary on moderate offerlnga Total 
P**"^^'"*. aggregated fI0.t76.OO0. Old 
V. B, boado wars uacbaaged on call. 

(Fumlabed by liardlok Brothera, Umlted) 

fitock — 
Akf. Chemtcal 
Allla-Chalmers ..... 
Am. Beet Sugar . . . 

An>. Can Co., com. 

Am. Car Fdy 

Am. Cotton Oil 

Am. In, Corp , 

Am. Locomotive 
Am. Smelt, and Ref 
Am. Rugar Rfg. ... 
Am. T. and Tel. ,, 
^Am,' Kteel Fd*\ . ... 
Am. iium. Tob, 




• 1 



:is 'i 

91 % 



— — 

• ••aa aaa 

• a • • • a • 

• a a » • a a 
*• • a a a a ■ 

• « a a s a 


• -•••«■ a • 

(By F. W. Stevenaoa, ill 

Athabasca Oil . 
B. C. Penaaaeatr 
R. C. ReflAtag . 

Ilowena Copper 

Boundary Bay OU . . . . . 

Canada Copper 

CaaadA Oil And Vaatura 

Cons. M. and S, , 

Cork Provlnco 

Crows Neat Coal 

Drum Lumroon 

BiBpIro OH aad .Oaa . . . 


Great West 
Howe Bound 
Int'i Coal 
t'Ucky Jm 



Pitt Meadoaa 

PacMlc Coaat Fiva 



Silver Crest 

sbartAh on 

BtAndard Laad .......... 

Stewsrt M. and IK 

Stewart l,and . • 

Bualoch Minns 

Barf Inlet 

Trojan Oil 

Wbaiaa Pulp, com. 
Wbatea Pulp, ptd 

• , • 

Pembartaa Bloek) 
SIC' Asked. 


.05 '4 

.00 M ,11% 
27.0* tl.OO 


.12 .15 
.Ob .07 

i, -TS.OO 

• • • 

• « a 












Anglo-French. Is, 

Pan. War Loaa. i»tl 
Dain. War Laaa, tilt , 
Dom. War I,oan. 1117 . 

Victory Loan, 1131 

\1ctory Loan, 1121 ..I 

vietanr Loan, IISI 

Victory Loan. 1I27 ...» 

victory f,oan, IIXI 

victory Loan, 1114 

Victory Loan, 1137 


. . 103 
. . 14 

, 4 11.10 

. »« 
>. »$% 





.01 >/ 



100 H 

• 7 


WINNIPBO. April i»._T»te following are 
tba baak clearings for the principal citlea 
la tba OBmtalOB of Canada' for iha week 
aadias today, aa compared v/ith the cor- 
roapondlBg week laat year: 

lite 1111 
Montreal I1I6.M4.17I $lt4.3II.0*S 



OttftWA •eaaeaaaaaa' 

Oslfftfy aaaat •••••• 

HftnilltOtt aeaaeeaea 
Ml ' , a »• •• • •« 

HalHAd ... •* •« a * a* 

R^Vttlft aaa*a*4««»« 
Rt. Job n eoaaa««.»o 

AUctorl* ^ . 

Um0m Jaw 

Ft. William 

Unibbrldao « 

Medlelao Bat .... 
New Waatw 
Prinea Albert 


1.1 ••,114 
7.278. M6 

0. 15«,SN 

1, >U,I7I 



■ 31.371 



(faiaimia by 


Oaon. High 

• «........« 40,11 40.41 

• •..«..•..• 9d.ll 10.41 

• ..,.*..... IO.II II.M 

• U.U 

Brotban^ tlBilted> 





TiA TUnBa lfk«^ fWae af rctsaa 
fyalchtora afiO«r the Klppon Taaan 
KaahA 8rh«4ttla. atataa that aha will 
artly« ham oti natartejr. nat-la 
har acbadulffd date.' * 

Tha ritibnm Mant brtngB IM taaa 
Off «r*i«hi tsr Vtoiarta. 0«lr aavan 
paaaBiiBars ATa ahStra, ( 
IMS port 

tWB feaiR^ far 

Anaconda Mining ... 



AdantlP Gulf 

Baldwin Ix>oo 

Baltimore and Ohio '. 

Bethlehem Bteel 

Butto Sup. Mining . .. 
Brooklyn Transit . . . 
Canadian Paolfle . . . 

Central Leather 

Cmeible Steel 

Sbeaapeake and Ohio. 
Chtc, Mil. and Bt. P. 
Chic. R. I, an^ Pte.. 
Colo. Fuel and Iron . 

ConA Oaa 

OhiBO Copper 

Cat. Petraleaa> 
Chile Copper 
Corn ProdbOtS 
Distillers Sec. 


Brie, first ptd. 
Oen. Bleetrle , 

Gen. Motor 

Goodrich (B. r.t ... 

Ot. Nor. Ore. 

Ot. Nortbem, pfd. ... 

Inspiration Cop 

Infl Nickel " 

IntI Mer, Marine 
Int'l Mer. Marine, 
Kennaeott Copper 

Lehigb valley 

Maxwell Motor 

Mtdvale Steel 

Mex. Petroleum ... 
Miami Copper 

MIseourl Psolfo 

National Lead ....... 

New York Central " .' 
Northern Pacific 
Pennaylvanio H. R." ] ' 

reopie'B Oaa 

Pierce Oil 

Pre«,ed Steel Car 

Ry. steel Spring"::::: 

Ray CoBA Mining 

Rapubllc Sleel .... : 

Sin. on 

Bouttiern Paolfle 
Southern Hy., com. 
Btudebaker Corp 
Sioaa Shefrieid 
The Texaa Co^ 
Tob. Prod. ..... 

Union Pacific ... 
Utah Copper ... 

f: i sS*te--:::: r.^ 
virilntrrJher- .::••• 'Ill 

Weatern Union JfS 
Wlllye-Overland ... ^ 
weatlnghouae Biec. 4b 
Royal Dutch laau 
Pan American 

Retail giores .., Jfj 
Cuba Cane Mug. , ;: 
Cera do Paaco* .:!: t? 

Pierce Arrow I II « 

Shell Transport 
Texas Paeitia 
V^Sbdntia .... 





74 V4 










30 H 
35 H 



...«., 15% 



* ■ a a a tta « 






1 09 'i 
23 \k 










13 U 


















92 \^ 


35 '4 

Si- '4 



88 Vi 









18% .„ 
«•% • 411 
lot 147% 







224 % 

















• 1% 









• 4% 








• 1« 


WINNIPEO. April 2» —There m. . , . 

demand for oata t..,.i„.. "T* ^'aa a fair 
local rash m^kot t^Z ""^^'^^ «■ 

The flax market IIT '^ "fferlnga. 
buyera 'ScloT ««t oT", he'maVLTf" 
rioaed 1% «nts'iower f^r MVy"-,^ °»'! 
'Inwn for Jal« ■lui i "ay. m f.^^ 
OctolM.- B.t?.!. .^IT «■•"» lower for 

October. Barley closed Vli 
May ond 1 % oen* #'*'"f '"^^ '«"■ 

lowerfor July. «y. closeTT^J ^w^ 



LONDON. Apetl ••. 
owace. Money 4% per _ 
Short bills i%«o per eaatt thna 
bllla !%••% per coat. 

NEW TORK. April SI.— Bar oBTar fS'l*- 
Maxlcan dollara II %e. 

Sterling exchange rirm at 13.81% fur to- 
day bllla and at |8.I4% for daasaad, Caaa- 
Maa dallarA M.M; BelgUa ttaaoA T.4I: 
ttrncb fraaas. I.ll; ItalUn Urs, I.M. 

OuUdata, daaMad tl%: oablaa 

MarkA demaad 1.71: eablea 1.71. 

Oov«ra«aat baada aad ralliaad baaia Ir- 
rasuiar. 7^ 

Ttasa laaaa atroag. unchanged. 

Call aMMy attaac: bigb ll; low •: rui- 
aa lAta •: tUttnt bM I; offarad at ll: 
laal loaa lO. Bank acoeptaaeaa $, 


NBW TORK. April ••.— Copper qalati 
electrolytic, apot aad aaarbr, lliy91l%; 
May, June aad July, I9%#ti%; iiaft firai. 

«o. 1 Nartbara, 141; Ma • Martham f4^- 
o. S Sotttbera |4S: tin firmer, epot III.IO 
April, May, 111; antimony tio.31. 

MalAl Bsohanga auotoe: Lead quiet; spot 
Offorod at |l, May tl l7%: sine quiet; Bast 
St. Louis delivery, spot. |7.I0 bid, |8 asked 
At London — Spot eeppar 1101. 17s, Id 
futures 1104, ta. Id; oiaetrolytle, spat, {115 
futures lilt: tlA apot (341, lie; tuturea 
1144, ITa. <d; lead, spot 1411 futwaa 143. 
la; Bino, apot 147: futarea ftl. Is. 



Financial Issue af Canadian 
Picture Corporation Has Me 
Witli Considerable Success 
in Private Circulation 

In connection with the Issue of $4,- 
000,000 elffht per cent cumulative first 
preferred aharea ot Famous Players 
Canadian Corporation, public issue of 
which by Royal Securities Corpora- 
tion was made on April 28. it is stated 
that the distribution of the shares at- 
tained during the period ot private 
offering: has been unusually satisfac- 
tory. Shareholders In the corporation 
alread]% number over sawn hundretl 
aad W Ctyt aJt al al that would see m to 
Indicate thai the Securities are meet- 
ing with a ready and popular reocp- 


The purpose ot the issue is the 
flnancin? of an extensive progrd.mme 
ot construction and acquisition ot the- 
atres, which, when completed, will 
place under operation by the corpor 
atlon a system of more than thirty 
motion picture theatres, located In 
the principal cities of the Dominion, 
a distribution of hoiisea that will af* 
tord a wide and profitable market la 
Canada for the productions of Fam> 
ouB Playera-Loaky Corporati&i of 
New York.- with which the new' cor- 
poration la werkias to qIom BSMola 

Adolph Zukor. president ot Fam 
OUB Players-LABky Corporation, is 
president ot the Famous Players 
Canadian Company, hts organisation 
providing the new obrpomtloU not 
only with technical expert dlrectioUt 
but with franchise for Urst^nMi of 
ParamounteAvtomft llteis in Canada. 
Control of file Ofthddwn Corporation 
> ^Is In Canadian hands; on Ita board 
~are repreaentatlves of strong Cana- 
dian flnancial interests in the persons 
of Sir Herbert Holt, president. Royal 
Bank ot Canada; W. J. Sheppard, 
director. Royal Bank of Canada; W 
D. Roes, director. Bank of Nova Sco- 
Ua; J. P. Bickell. president. Mclntyre 
Porcupine Mines, Limited; J. B. Tud- 
hope. of Orlllla; Bad 1. W. KUlam. 
president. Royml 0eeuiiittea Corpont- 

Thftt the sixteen thmtres At present 

operated are shiarlng fully in the 
prosperity of the motion picture in- 
dustry iB indicated by the statement 
that earninga from them alone, with 
out the productive results of the in 
vestment of any part of the new pre 
ferred iBSue, are running at tlie'ratd 
of over $150,000 a year, aa ^Itwwit 
. tnore than sulBclent to lOBet dMiM 
requirements on the a«tr Isstta. it Is 
expected ttiat trtldn derel^lnent 
ptaas are completed earn in ga will be 
to Mccess of ten per «ent on the com 
mon iriiBr«B»- 

The public oCTering of so large an 
iBBUe ot motion picture securimbs may 
be regarded as somethinaL opa land- 
mark in the histery ot nMpfn plcttire 
development in Canada^KhU would 
seem to indicate the f^nfldence of 
isrge Canadian flnanelai liftttasta aad 
the subilltjr aad fAure of the indus- 

ti» first prsfsrred sharM af the 

new corporation will be offered at lOO 
and accrued dividend, with bonus of 
S5 per «eat in twmmon. Both Drst 
preferred and common shares will be 
listed on the Moatreal aa« twomto 
stock exchangee. 


Drop ll VictMT M Pirkes (Empt 1934) 

Yo«r Opportuaity to 

ttM, at MMii to 
. liti, at 99y«, l«K fr«e, to jMd 5.80% 
19M» at 97, wnrhaogwi. 


tl4e and S0«e Bood Monaaer. R. T. Clara Til Fort tilr»et 

""f^ jifli- jsru.^'""^ 

Sr:::::;::::'!."* » 5 "l^ "'^ 

:::::::::: i^H mit \Vm^ i**^ 

May ........... t1t\t iiiu aae ... 

"'^ M% m 

feed 116%: track ll||!*' * ***%t » 

Barley— t ew, ll7T44t t ^ 
114 H: track iiin. * »«N feed 


Rrs— s «y. tt l, 


(Furnlahed by BuMIek 

Ames Holden, pfd 
Ball Telephoao . .' 

Can. Cement, oom. . 
Can. B, H., eom. .. 
CIvIo lav. aad Tad. ' 

Cons. M. and a 

Detroit United 

Dom. Brld«e 

Dom. Testlle 

u of Woods Mii; :::: 

Laurenflde Ca 

Penmaas Ud. 


Spanish Riv. Pulp "* 
Spanlali Blv. p«ip,. .'fV 

— • er oia, 

«^ilB .... 

iJf- <^Ioee. 







)*44| 111 

45 U 




• i'i 






Local banka yeaterdar quoted sterllna aa 
follows: Buyins at *i.:»<A: aellinc at 

mONTREiL wtomicE 

MONTRBAt.. A*H1 M.-^Ubbs and pota- 

toea unchsnced; butter quiet: cheeaa UB- 

irheeae — Finest Baatema, IToatfttB 
Mutter— <;-hoiceat creamery, ttC^nike. 
BBSS — fresh, lie. 

T>otAtoea-~Per Sag, eer let% H 9H.n. 

' WfflELgSS tePORT ^ 

(By Oovemment Wirelefls) 
• p.m. 

Point Orey — Clear; calm; Zt.lB; At; 
sea amboth. 

Cape Liaso — Clear; 
29.85; 4t; sea amooth. 

Pacheaa — . Clea4Ur; 
St.74; IS; litht swaa 

B.K., light; 
&B-. llgHt: 





11 H 


" 7T% 




»r ^gd*»> ■';ethers. Umlted) 

T....^...™ ."ts; 

z — - IM 111% Ilia 

■•»«-. IM IIIH 111^ iiJJ 

■w ••.......« tt% iiK f|u 

*— '-y*^ —% mS 17* tT« 


Hm B.C. pera 
•any, hanrtaf ren 

Pd | iai t iadal> will aass^c iriigLL of 
Mt» dellsr aai «pt»aris^ an «MMi la> 
— «f 4% »er " 


" Alert Bay— 4:tear; eahn; $t; 

sea smooth. 

Trlangle-'Clottdy: S.Bi.: 29.««; 48; 
aea moderate. 2:4S p.m. — Spoke 88. 
Pajona Maru, aoon. lat. 50: 1< N.; 
long. 1S4:49 W., tobevBd. 1:19 pjn. 
— «poke MIL Atlaa. off #arkiaa Fatat. 

Dead Vtm 
4$.lti 4T; asa 

Ifcada BiBr--Clfltidy: 0.«.. figiie. 

Prince Rupert— Cloudy; R.W., light; 
St.flS; 4d; sea smooth. Spoke lis 
Prinea Albert. t:SO p.m.. northbound 

Oaean Palls — Clear; oalm; St.Ot; 
tt; ,g«a soioeth. 


HONOLI7LI7, T.R.. ApHI St.— p. 
C. UdOat m gla. ehalnaaa of the 
transportation committee of tha 
Honolulu Chamlw of Cammeroe. 
anno«nc«»d today that the eommltte* 
will leuneh immediatelr An inveatlga- 
tien m locreAsed steamahlp rates be- 
tween Ilawall and Saa Fraaslsea. 

Mrds fsmc la 
a bablf ar 


Home-Made Enflith 



(Ndst to QoldBtrdftm Ptna • 

Produce Still) 

lOe Each , 

Tkasa Are Meat PeMuouB 

Home-Mtde Buttersiootth. This 
is particularly nice, aad ll both 
pure and wholesome. 

Home-Made Apple Pies, Seed, 
Sultana and Madeira Cakes, Gin-' 
gcrbread, Prutt Cake a«d a irar> 
iety of small cakes. 


Owiag U a caalmiially in- 
creaslag basiaaai, raeultiag in 
lack af spar* tioia. 1 Bnd it 
neceasary to dkpoaa of my slock 
of pura^kreA New I 

of fan _ 
dees wilk litters. 

B. C. Babbitries 


PHONE 2116 


SEATTL-E, April rST^Xf rived: 
Stearoera Klaniatii, Governor, San 
Francisco; West Jciter. Kobe; Kn- 
dicott, Manila. Sailed: Steamers 
Admiral Dewey, San Diego, via San 
Fraaolseo; Alameda, anchorage and 
SoutbwSstern Alaska; leohiti^i, Ma- 

BAN FRANCISCO, April 29.— Ar- 
rived; Steamers F. 8. Loop, Everett; 
Frank D., Stout. Brookings. Sailed: 
Steamers Nanking, Hongkong: Mo- 
hukus. HoBOluiui Patsy Putnam, 

TACOMA, April 29.— Arrived: La 
Prlmera, Antotagasta. Sailed: Steam- 
er La Primera, Dupont. 

PORTLAND, April 29.— Arrived: 
Steamers Rose City. San Francisco; 
Elastern Dawn. Seattle; Oleum, Port 
Ban Luis, flailed: flteameirs Olty of 
Topeka,* Coos f^y; Dalsf,, Wtpama. 
Ban Fraaeisco. 

(V^fll ITSW Toik 
Now Tork. Charbedrg. Plynouth. Sonth- 

ampton April tt 

Adrlallr. Oherbourn. B'hampton. .. .April 14 
St. Paul. Ctrerboura. Plymouth, South- 
ampton «.•••>••••• May 1 

Kroonland, Houthamptoa,- Aat ^ B T p .May 1 

Manchurl^ Hamburs May 

Uaplaad, Boathampton, An t warp i... May 

Canoplo, NaploA Uenoa May It 

Philadelphia, Cherbours. Plymouth. 

Southampton May ID 

Finland. SottthantBton, Antwerp ....May 16 
Celtic. Uveraaol May 15 

Mew York, Caarba afg, Pl yaw f tt tlb South- 
• amptoB '..■•.a,..,,,, 

BbIUa Uvarpoer 

MoasollB, Haaiburg . 

Cretic, NaalaA Oaaoa May 29 

St. Paul, ObarboBTg. Plyaoath. Bouth- 
amptOB ..., May II 


We own aa<! olter, subject: 

ProYiiice of British 

. |j»Hliii Ji»> IfM 

Interest and Principal payable In 
Canadian and New Yorli funds. 

to yield 

British Aaericaii Bond 


For the benefit of inyestors who 

desire an unbiased and reliable 
opinion on the pretegt 


prepared a summary InHeaflet 
form, kIvIhk the most recent 
facts concerning the principal 
companies in the field, and out- 
lining conditions generally. 

The information collected has 
been secured by our own repre- 
sentatives after personal iiivestl- 
fations, and shoald be «( value 
to those speculatively interested. 

Leaflet forwarded to 
any address, free of 

6 o i t or e H lg a Mon . It 

being part of our 
service to lavestori. 


Sladi, •owl and b« 



Lvev, T s aeewTeB, a.o. 

.. ▼lotorla, a.C. 


• ■.*«.*•... May 3 S 

>^.. M*^ " 

....... ....a May 3 2 

Adrtatic. BoutbaniBtoa May si 

(PiiiiadalpUa to Uvarpool) 

Uaverford May 11 

(From at. Joka ta X4TarpooI> 
Veaaal Date 

Ulnnedoaa April 21 

Metasaraa April 34 

Vassal Wnm- ■ Date 

Mallta. UvacpDol Aprti M 

(Prom Boatoa) 

Winifred. Urerpool April 21 

„. . . (N'w Tork to Uvarpool) 
victoria .t.^.a^a..;.. AarU IT 
tttvMpaai m Qaaksa> 
steamer. DatA 

Victorian April IS 

Bmpreaa o{ rraaoa May 1 

Victorian JaSo 11 

vSSSS^ fteaae »,,,. jraaa si 

J^ WWalp> • •oo#ooeeeeaaeaoooeeeee« JVljT 1€ 

maSMM Of Pranee ialy 14 

<Q«ebaa to Liverpool.) 

vletarlAa ...a^.. May t 

vJ"«"T** '*essa May l« 

victorlaa June 4 

Bmpreaa ol mass June 11 

J»'j2'2*e«""j^«"«.e. ..•«.. ....... July a 

■maraBi ec naaBs ................. juiy i 

vimBeiaa .......... *...........^.. July SI 

<Uva r pael to MaatmaL) 
Coreieaa April si 

MeUtA ^a . ..........t« Aprll M 

B*"SBaesa ....................... May 14 

MMasaBM ..<•.................... May 11 

Mellta a a a a , Julf $ 

.a ........ *IS^ 

. (Maatnal to UvelpeBl* 

Si*^*** .•....••^■iBg • 

MOUtA a a • ..*..*. ......... ..a. aHH^ ' IS 

........... ....... Majt II 

a a ......... .. Jaao S 

.......M.. ............. ^aaa IS 

Syje '« »».»».«.....».»«..«...»«« Jsap II 

IHaaaaaaa i.iiMii.4,.«i;...., jvty s 

Matagama ..........i... ......... . ^luia I 

CanWSa ...•..•••....a.aa.a....aa JUly It 

Meuto jaly ii 

(OUMWIW to WpllNat) 
SMIlaa a a.. ............ I.... ., . May 1 

l*f etiwiaa May ii 

MolUaa ...a .. ..........i.. Jaaa I 

Pretarlaa ....... ...... ........... Jaao IS 

T •••...» Smr is 

Tiwianaa m*»"»»'*m»*m»*»u*0»«ttmt oiay 1 1 

ClioatMi to OiMMwi 

Wollt&n • .« 


SIClllAtt eeeaoeeeeeeaeeeaeeeeeaeasa JUSO ^$ 
PratOrlMI •••••aea*aaea««aee«e«e«aa JlUlT f 
^llMI seeseeeeBesoeoaoeoo.aoosaoa Jttljr %$ 

VhP§0pMA •eeseasaoaa. a J^^T 4 

TWMMAB a eoaaa oaeaee««aaeaeeea«aaa MAJT 11 

SCOtJan •aaaaoeaaaaaa«aeaa*«ae»s»«, J UU% 1 

TttttlMftA •»oaaeee«ae«**Bae«aea»«g« SW^9 M 

BcMlAB ••#e/ee»aeasaaeeea«ao»osa« ' JmIV Ifl 

(MealSMl to Aatwarp) *" 

OfABMlBa ........ a... .aa. MBy St 

Tiudalaa ..a.... ........ a May II 

SCOtlaa •.•••aaaa.aa..,aaaa.«a...,, JUOO 1| 

TvaialAA .A' jaly i 

acoUaa ...a. Jaijr SB 

(Antwerp to Maatraal* via BoaUuuaptaa) 
pcotlaa «.... *..»»<......... ...... ApiSI H 

•••n^lBavlM ....a......^.. ..«««. a Jug li 

OtamMaa 4aao I 

seaaeiaaviaa .................... Jaae sS 

Oratnplaii . ^Bly 11 

Scaadinaviaa .^...f.. , Jaly II 

(MootMBl to iairie aaa hiiimi 

SoOttftn ••e»aaee*e»a««#e««eaa«*ea* 
ftcandlBA viM eeaaa^asaeageaaaaaa* 
Of AinjPlMI «ele«a«a«gaea«teaaeaaeep 

scar It 

f • * e a » a • • • • ef^ TJL'^* 94a*. 

(laSsa a Si 



Em a r a aa of Aata 

■ •eoaoeoooeea 
• oeoaea eesAaaa 

••^••BleAaaaeesea . 


aae ea# 

^h i ^ 9i0^ MlVV ••••eaa^eaoaaaaaaaa A) 

• •«e*e*««t.«ra#aalBee 

Raid am 

BBATTUB. Apra St.-^Aatiat aadar 
direct ord#rs of Majrar Hasii M. 
Caldsrell. paMea lau iast aight; raUsI 
the •Verrlae Ohito" kare. arristad 
twenty asve a maa ma4 aetoed auauti- 
ttea itf poker chips and carda, da- 
ctared to hSTe b4Nrn used in gamb- 
iiag. Mayor CaldweU peraonalty took 
eharve of booking tbe men st police 
headauarters. ordering tare of ttoero. 
VVaak Hall aad Rtt AHea. heM 
aader bond aa'cha r gee ef eon- 

daetfac a jtambllag eatabUahmeat. 
•ai -tflaaMv the ociiars wh6^ isa 
bail eaefe. farattare la tha raadss wss 


City of Fort mniam, 

6% Bonds 

Due a«HetaiMR> 1, IfM 

Oeneminatlon fl.OSf 

PayaAle New TOrk, Ijonflen and 

The oHy'B strong ilnanclal 
position iB avidaneed by the 
fact that the nat debenture 
debt ia leaa than flO par capita 

and le«H t'han 'iJt per cent of 
the a«aea«ed value for taxa- 

ijH Price S4.73 and intareiit, 
yielding S^O par oant. 

Orders may be t&ephoned or 
talegraphed at our expanse. 




Special Valae in 
, fyraitara 

AH sets reduced 10% o(f 
off regular price. 

Dining Tablea, $22.50, re- 
duced to 919.00 

Etght-Pi«ce Jacobean Set, in 

solid o«k 

Job S. Barthokmiew. Jr. 

waw ruaMiTDM 

734 Fort Street 



WARSAW. April 2». — A atate of 
Hif^f has been declared In I'oien as 
a result <»f fighting between polios 
aai strikers. Aa vneenflrlasl report 
aars a number ef parsbag havebaan 
killed or woanJadi < 

The railway workers struck Bat. 
urday for higher wages, and Sunday 
afternoon the strikers hoM manifaa- 
tatlona In tbe streets, stopping tram* 
#ay trattlo aad brsafclnic glass tn 
aioasii, oljlMP^ *bat aavatiM, «««« 
miriilfet aiiaaa arofakai tha mm<. 

The dlapatebee say that tha ermrda 
cheered Ocrmany Mid that Oarmatt 
flags W0T4 flown. 

BRBSLAU, April 29 —The Germaa 
avthodUee announeo the dUeoverir 
ef aa alleged PaUsh plan for the mil- 
lUry oeoapatlah aC VTpMr flleffteaBd 
Qeraaaa territory to tha rm^. 
aaii •( that dlatftat. 


TORONTO. A^^»9, <lsgHiteha«. 
iiaa's baai Mmm of •ii,ff«.«af« 
arhkh was awabiaA fhaslay b» A. S. 
AaMa * osaapaar, DatolMaa ha eu rt* 
tlee Corporation, T<»ronto, and Ral- 
aey, Stuart Company, ChUsmfy, wflt 
be offered In the United Sutea In 
a few days, it is axpected that the 
4>onda will be avAllable to United 
at samathlag ever 7 

" iO'a^iii.i.i 

PEMnROKB. Ont.. April Zt.—' 
Hergeant-Majer Pllntar and bin two 
little Bona, aged abeUt |b . And Iff 
years, wars aaaatharad la iaath' tm 
their bade asa taaall df.a fWp 
whteh es c a rr ed at tJM 

fsabelU Hi«at "last ajdi^ — 

tails are known as'te bow fh# flm 
startad. the f*iber aad 

- < 

riPrtI aW f WiiMMiU 


Storr Hours — a.m. to 6 p.m. Wetlnetdty 
».m. to 1 p.m. 


CMcfrens Ready-to-Wear 


Just a 

Few of the Many Good 
/Offered in Won^n s 
: Whitewear 

White and Pink Muslin 

Nighiirowjis of Pink Mull^ in slip-over 
styles; very dainty. At, each, $2.25. 

Ni,qtitgowns of White Nainsook, in slip- 
over and button front styles. At, each, 


Nightgowns of line White Nainsoolc, 
lace and embroidery trimmed; in many 
stytel; At, eaibh; ^2.90. 

Underslcirts of t^e^t quality White Cot- 
ton, made \vith wijie bounces and 
trimmed with lace and embroidery. 
Very special value at, each, $1.90. 

Underskirts of - White Cotton and 
Nainsook, with wide flounces, of Swiss 
embrpidery. At> each, i3.9o. 

Silk Underwear at 
Special Prices 

Envelope Chemises in Silk and Wash 
Satins, made ia many pretty styles and 
trimmed with lace and satin ribbons. 
Values to $5.75, selling at, each, 


Underskirts, made from heavy Wash 
Satins, Silk and Crepe de Chine, in 
m^^ny styles; trimmed ^wtb- hand-em-^- 
feroidery, lace and hemstitching. At 
prices ranging from $4.75 to $9.75. 
Camisoles of Silk, Satin and Crepe de 
Chine, embroidered and lace trimmed. 
Values to $4.75. At, each, $2.90. ' 

Capiisoles' of good quality Wash 
Satins, trimmed with inse{tion and lace. 
Special at, each, i 1.75. ' 

Women's Morning I 
and Aprons Priced 

Bungalow Dresses, made from strong and serviceable prints, designed with front 
and fide fastenings, and neatly trimmed with white braid. Special at, each, $1.50. 
Bungalow Aprons, made in light and dark prints, at, each, 85c and $1.00. 

Kitchen Aprons, made from best quality print and gingham. A splendid value at, 
each, 5oc and 65c. 

Tea Aprons, made from white lawn, in many styles. Special at 35c, 50c and 75c. 
Waitresses'^ Aprons, made from best white cotton, with or without bib, at, each, 
$1.25 tnd $1.50. t Whitewear, 1st Floor— Phone ii94 

Featuring Special* Values in 

Royal Worcester 

—Royal Worcester Corsets 
are recognized wherever worn 
as superior in style, durability 

aud^Lomfori. For two days we 
will offer many special values 
in Royal Worcesters, includ- 
ing the following: 

Odd lines in Royal Worcesters, 
suitable for the medium figure-^ 
made in pink and white, with me- 
diui^ and low bust, medium skirt, 
and fitted with Hhour hose sup- 
porters. Sp:ien(l|j( values at $2.79 

'aBa$2v39v" '(^^ z: ■ ' 

Royal Worcester Corsets, fiir'^e slender figure, 

made in medium-weight coiitil, with low bust, li^jitly 
bonea, free, long hi0, long skii^^fitff ouf" 
porters. At, each $3.50. ■ . • ^ 

Royal Worcester Corsets, for the medium figure, in 
medium-vii'e^in coutil, wiih low bust, long slurt. and 
semi-free long hip; neatly triihhied M the t<|ti>.: ' Very 
special value at $3.50. 

Royal Worcester Corsets, for the stout figure; made 
from strong white coutil, with long skirt, medium 
btat, heavy boning, graduated front steels, and four 
hose supports. , Special at $4.00. 

•M::k>tr«ipi«, ttt fl00r--nionfl tl94 

• ■) 



Pull-Over Sweaters, aH wool, made in 
plain and fancy weave, with large 
sailor collar and scarfs add finished with 
pompon. Shown lii shtdes of rose, 
saxe, green iuid castor: Size$ to fit 4 
to 12 years, at $6.75. 

All-Wool Coats for Children, made in 
fancy weaves, with sailor collar, scarf 
and pockets; in colors of cardinal and 
. carnation trimmed with Hunter's green, 
Spring green, peacock and gold. Sizes 
tb fit flic ages of 4 to 12 years, at, each, 
$5 .50 to $ 5 .9 0. J J 

Kilted Skirts, in Cotton Gaberdine, 
pleated from the waist with white ; cot- 
ton bodice attached. Sizes to tit 10 
to 15 years, at $3.35. 

Silk Sweaters, madPe in coat style, with' 
sailor collar, belt and pockets; colors, 
saxe, rose, yellow and .white. Sizes for 
3 to 7 years at, eacn, $7.50. . 

New White Jean Middies, with sailor 
collar, laced in front and trimmed with 
n^arrow braid, at $2.25. 

White Middies, with collars of navy, 
saxe and red, trimmed with two rows, 
of narrow white braid;' with or without 
belt. Sizes for the ages of 6 to 14 

years, at $3.00 to $2.50. 

Colored Wash Dresses, in Ginghams, 
Prints and Plain Chambrays, in pink, 
blue and gr^y. All the newest styles, 
t rfawm e d witft belt and:f«lelEets of con* 
trasting shades— dresses in pretty 
shades of green, old rose and pink, in 
juniper style. fit the ages of 2 to 
14 years, at, e|ll)i;1fkl.50 to $6.75. 

Children's Sweatei^/ivSill^coat styles* 
with turn-down daliars,:#;^jt .the ages 
of 4 to 7 years, at, cjie)iiite#5p, 

--^Wldren't S<?c(<^itt^2^ 6S96 

r.,'4" •■ 



inty Qresses for Infants 
fflcf, plains and Yc|^ 

Short^Dresses, in best quality ^4^16^116 Silk, trimmed with 8meciu^?i^^iM 

broidery, at $4.75 and $5.75. " 

Dresses of "All-Over" Embroidery, made in high waist-line effect,, and trimmed, 
wmi tine lace and ribbon. Special at, each, $4.75. v 

Dresses of Pine White MusUn, dllhtlly trimmed with kce and rifeUfdt: ' ^ieacli, 
$3.50 and $3.75. *. 

Fine Voile Dresses, neatly hand-embroidereit 'flCftdhteidy to njake tip. Special 
values, each, $3.50, $3.75 and $4.75. — infants' Section, tst floor 


Thousands of Pairs to Sell at Away Below the Regular Prices 


■ • ■ > ^ .... ' t 

—Having purcliased a dealer's entire stock of Footwear at i fraction of its present value, we are in a position to offer you these surprising values as listed 

Women s Colored Top 
Boots at $7.65 

Boob' of grey kid, brown kid, combination 
colors in brown and fawn kid, cloth top- 
boots, in splendid qualities. Values to' 
$12.50, at, a pair, $7.65. 

Women s Boots 
at $6.95 


strong and stylish Boots of brown and black 
calfskin, with leather and NeoUa soles and 
military and low heels. Values to $9.00, 
for $0.50. 

1, ^ 

, Women 's Boots 
at $4.95 

Glased Kid Boots, in "common-sense" 
style, with plain toe and low beds. Regulat 
^$7.50, at, a pair, $4.95. • 

Women s Shoes 
at $5.95 

Including Brown Calf Boots, Patent Leather 
Oxfords, Brown Calf Welted Oxfords, and 
Brown Kid Oxfords. Regular vMttti §7.00. 
at, a pair; $,5.95. 

Misses' Boots 
at $4.95 

Misses' Neolin Sole Boots, in black aiH 
brown calf; Patent Leather Bqots with white 
kid tops, and "KorkeP* Bdx ' Calf Boots. 
Slaes n to 2. Vatnes fiod^at t'jMiir, 

Women 's Shoes 
at $3.95 

Glazed Kid Oxfords, with low, medium or 
F r tench hee l s. . S t ylish ' sftbes. Re|;u l kr 
vahies $5.00, at, a pair, $3.95. 

Women's Boots 

at $2.95 

Consisting of broken sizes in various styles, 
in patent leather or kid with cloth tops. 
Special value at, a pair, $2.95. 

, Women's Oxfords 
' at $6.95 

A great variety of stylish Low Shoes, In 
patent, glazed kid, and brown Oxfords and 
Pumps. Vahies to $16.00^ at, a p^, $6.95. 

Women's White^Caivas 
Shoes at, a Pair, $2.65 

WMte Canvas Oxfords and Pumps, with 
leatikisr soles and high or low heels. Spe-/ 
dal value at, a pair, $2.65. 

WcMnen's hfouse Slippers 
at $1.95 ^ 

Cloth Strap House Slippers, with leather 
soles and heels, also ktd efattic-front slip- , 
pen. Splendid value at,, a pair, $1.95. 

— -Womtii^s Skoci, ut Ploo»i hwm 6t9i 

Girls' Boots 

at $3.95 

[eh*s Boots 
at $8.90 

Misses' and Children's Box Calf, 
High-Cot Lace Boots; Patent Button 
Boots, and White Kid Top Patent 
Boots. Values to $6.o6, at, a pair, 

High-grad«-Glazed Kid Boots, in black and 
dark brown; straight last Browrt Calf 
Boots with,' smart narrow toes. Leather- 
lined Boots in brown and black calf, with 
dduble soles. At, a pair, $8.90. 

Men 's Bo(Ha, Values to 
" $10.00 at $6.90 

Brown and Black Calf Boots, with Neoiin 
or leather soles; pointed or round toes. 
Ptaln-toe Boots W glaisea idd. Box Calf 
Boots with elastic sides.^ Claaed Kid Bobtf 
with NeoHn soles. At, a pair, $6.90. 

Men s Boots at, a Pair 
/ • $4.90 

Box Calf Booti with leather lining, plain toe; 
Kid Boots, tfunmetal and Box Calf Btuchers 
with welted soles; and stout Grain Leather 
Work Boots. Regular to $7.50 values, st, 
a pair, $4.90. / , 

Boys Box Calf Blucher 

fiooH with white kid tops and patent . With %oiid leather soles and lieels. Sizes 1 
leather vamps. Values $6loo, at, a- to 5>^. at $443. Sm^ W t3>4 at, a 
Pafr. »4.45. ,^ pair, $3.ii. < 

. .Mioses' Slippers 

at $2:95 

Including F'atent Strap SUppers, in 
sizes n to 2. "Pillow Welted"' 
Patent Slippers, in sizes 5 to Jyi, 
Special at, a pair, $2.95. 

.Children -s Boots 

at $ 1 .95 

Glazed Kid and Patent Turn Sole 
Boots, in button or lace styles. 
Patent Ankle Strap and Brown Kid 
Strap Slippers. Sizes 4 to fyii A 
;speciaj value at $t.95. 
: - , 

' Giris' Boots 

at $4.45 

Men's Boots • 
at $7.90 

Goody e ar W e l te d B e ob^ wi t h w a t er j i ro o f — 
uppers and double soles; Neolin-fOle Booti, 
Blucher or Balmoral style, in. black ca(f. 
Regttlar to $ 10.00, at, a pair, $7.9o/ 

Men s Boots 
at $10.90 

'leckle's" Leather-lined Boots, with double 
soles through to the heel; Brown Calf Dress 
Boots of highest frad^. In aH shapei of 
toes. Regular tb $15.00 values, at, a pair, 

Boys' "Lepkie" Bqois 

at $5<0Q r r 

Boa Calf Blocber S^le Boots, and Water- 
proof ^loeiiiri, wtth extra elump soles. A 
^pleiidfd raloe at, »i^, $5.00. 


Boys' "karker" 

fa box calf, lace styles, in sizes 11 to 2, at, 
a pair, $4.45., Siaes $ to ioyi, at. a pair, 


CmmIs PMi ■oirtf Licence Na* 10-4097